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Wordless Wednesday: PEARL BRUTON, wife of Dr JAMES WILLIAM BRUTON, circa 1910 Ozark, Christian Co MO

Pearl (Davidson) Bruton, wife of Dr James William Bruton, who was the nephew of my great grandfather, Benjamin Benton Bruton. Photo was taken around 1910 in Ozark, Christian Co, Missouri.
Photo:  copy of original, sent to me by Dr Jim Workman

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Black Sheep Sunday: Great Great Grandfather JAMES MONROE WHITECOTTON b 1825 AL, 1857 Court Case, Bradley Co TN

This  week's Black Sheep,  JAMES MONROE WHITECOTTON (born Oct 1825 AL, died bet 1900-1908 Jackson Co AL), was the spouse of last week's Black Sheep, SARAH THOMPSON,  who was thrown in jail in 1856 Bradley Co TN for either having a wild party or running a bawdy house, depending on one's interpretation of the court documents (and it's important to note that the sheriff & deputy of Bradley Co TN at that time threw people in jail for such heinous crimes as "obstructing a road" and "making noise outside a church window",  according to the court records I saw).

Great great grandfather MONROE, as he was known,  first lived with SARAH THOMPSON's sister,  MALINDA THOMPSON, in Bradley Co TN and had three children with her without benefit of marriage:  MARYLINE THOMPSON born 1846,  DANIEL JACKSON THOMPSON b 1847 and GEORGE WILLIAM THOMPSON b 1848. This is according to the THOMPSON oral family history from Christian Co MO, which was written down in the 1980s by ALTA THOMPSON STEWART and LELA HALL--who was a descendant of MARYLINE THOMPSON & JAMES HALL.

(The family legend was that JAMES MONROE WHITECOTTON was a Cherokee, but that has since been disproved.  His mother, HAPPY RIDDLE WHITECOTTON, was the descendant of Melungeons from Virginia & North Carolina)

Records from the Mexican-American war of 1846-1848 show that MONROE WHITECOTTON enlisted Nov 9, 1847 at Athens, McMinn Co TN, and served in the 5th Tennessee Volunteers (foot soldiers), Company C under Col George B McClellan (of later Civil War fame). His name was spelled White Cotten on the records. His birthdate was listed as Oct 1825, and later in life he received a pension for his service.

Whether or not it was because of his going off to war,  the relationship with MALINDA THOMPSON did not work out.  MONROE then married MALINDA's sister, SARAH THOMPSON, who bore him three children, SILOAMA K WHITECOTTON, my great grandmother,   born 1848-1849 TN;  JAMES JOSEPH THOMPSON born 1850 probably Morgan Co AL, and who probably died young; and SOPHRONIA WHITECOTTON born 1854 AL? TN?.

The family is listed in the 1850 Decatur, Morgan Co AL census, near MONROE's mother, HAPPY WHITECOTTON, wife of MOSES WHITECOTTON (who died before 1840)  and the rest of her children.

MONROE WHITECOTTON and SARAH THOMPSON must have separated sometime between 1854 and 1856, when SARAH was thrown in jail in Bradley Co TN.

In 1857, MONROE WHITECOTTON also had a run-in with the law in Bradley Co TN, as per the following court record:

Offence: Stealing pistols from Harden Woody, Aug 1857

State of Tennesse, Bradley County: to any lawful officer to execute and return: Harden Woody having given information to me on oath that MONROWE (sic) WHITECOTTON on the 17th day of Aug, 1857, in the county of aforesaid did unlawfully steal take & carry away out of the possession of the complainant two self cocker pistols. Therefore (illegible) you in the name of the State to take the body of said MONROWE WHITECOTTON and bring him forthwith before me as (illegible) acting Justice of the peace for said county to answer the said charge and be dealt with as the law directs. This 18th day of August, 1857, J K Brown, Frank Holt, Wm J Campbell.

The State of Tennessee vs MONROE WHITECOTTON
It is considered by me after hearing the evidence that the defendant is guilty as charged in the warrant and that he be committed to the jail of Bradley county unless he will enter into recognizance with sufficient security to (illegible) the the next term of the circuit Court for said county on the first monday in Sept next; to be further dealt with as the law directs this 18th day of Aug 1857 Wm J Campbell, J P Forbes

No. 636 The State vs MONROE WHITECOTTON  executed by arresting the body of said MONROE WHITECOTTON and retunred for trial on the 18th day of Auygust , 1857, before me J K Brown, Deputy Sheriff.
Trial Aug 20th , 1857 J H Payne clerk.

State of Tennessee, Bradley County: To any lawful officer to execute and return: Summons Mary Romines and Stephen Davis, to appear before me instantly at my office in Cleveland to testify & give evidence in the case the State of Tennessee vs. MONROWE  (sic) WHITECOTTON, on behalf of the defendant.This 18th day of August, 1857 Wm J Campbell, J P Forbes
(Note: Stephen Davis may be related to MONROE; his aunt Sarah Whitecotton married James Davis and lived in Madison Co AL)

State of Tennessee, Circuit Court, Bradley County: September 7, 1856
The Grand Jurors on behalf of the state of Tennessee elected, empannelled (sic), sworn and charged to inquire after the body of the county of Bradley county Tennessee from their oath present that a certain MONROE WHITECOTTON, late of said county, on the 17th day of August 1857 with force and arms in the county aforesaid unlawfully and feloniously did steal, take and carry away from and out of the possession of Harden Woody two pistols of the value of seven dollars good and lawful money, the property of Harden Woody then and there being formed; contrary to the form of the Statute in said case made and provided and against the peace and dignity of the state.
George W Bridges, Attorney General

State of Tennessee, Bradley County:
The State of Tennessee vs MONROE WHITECOTTON. The State Dr to John K Brown, jailor of Bradley County, to boarding defendent in jail from the 18th of August 1857 to the 10th of Sept 1857, in all 24 days at 40 cents each total $9.60 (rest of this is very illegible--an accounting of the costs of keeping Monroe in jail for 24 days???)

There is no indication from the documents what the outcome of this trial was--but I suspect gg grandpa MONROE WHITECOTTON  did jail time for his crime. This court case does place him in Bradley Co TN in 1857,  just a few years before the Civil War.

During the Civil War, on May 26, 1864, he was  captured & imprisoned as a POW, the assumption being that he was a Confederate bushwacker, but was acquitted & released at trial (his cousins were bushwackers in Alabama). Notes on the record indicate his rank was "citizen" and he was from Jackson Co Alabama.

Apparently he returned to Jackson and/or Madison Co AL (where his grandmother, aunts & uncles lived) after his jail time in Nashville; he lived mostly in Jackson Co AL from 1870 until his death, which occurred sometime between 1900 & 1908.

According to census & marriage records, JAMES MONROE WHITECOTTON was married three more times after SARAH THOMPSON:
He married MRS. SELINA SMITH on Dec 13, 1869 in Jackson Co AL.
He married ADELINE BARNES Dec 31, 1879 in Jackson Co AL.
He married MRS NANCY E CLOUSE, a much younger woman with children, on Sept 14, 1896 in Jackson Co AL.

Corroborating census records show that this particular JAMES MONROE WHITECOTTON was born in 1825, which matches the Mexican War Pension record. Apparently he did not have any children with his later wives.

MRS NANCY E CLOUSE was age 46 at the time of their marriage and MONROE was age 70.  NANCY had children from her previous marriage that were listed as MONROE's step children in the 1900 census.

NANCY (CLOUSE) WHITECOTTON can be found in Jackson Co AL census in 1910 and 1920, a widow with children. She died Nov 8, 1926 in Pisgah, Jackson Co AL, and is buried in the Friendship Cemetery.

It is unlikely that JAMES MONROE WHITECOTTON ever had any contact with his children by the THOMPSON sisters.  Nearly the entire THOMPSON family moved to Carroll Co AR in 1858, and after the Civil War to Taney & Christian Co MO.

There is no evidence that JAMES MONROE WHITECOTTON ever left Jackson Co AL during  the rest of his lifetime.  And so far, I have not found any indication that he was ever again charged with a crime (although his uncle JAMES "JIM" WHITECOTTON (b 1811 KY) was put in prison for murder...but that's a story for another day).

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Surname Saturday: MARTINE of Westchester Co NY, Rockland Co NY, Monroe Co NY, Racine Co WI and more

The surname MARTINE,  of French Huguenot origin, is my grandfather's surname.

The immigrant ancestor for the entire MARTINE family in the United States was JEAN MARTINE (sometimes spelled MARTIN) b 1642 St Nazarre, Saintonge, Loire France , who with his wife ANNE emigrated to Massachusetts in 1687, and died Dec 1701 in New Rochelle, Westchester Co NY.

"JEAN MARTIN was a native of Saint Nazaire in Saintonge, and appears to have first fled to England, and then came to America by way of Boston, settling in Oxford, Massachusetts in 1687. He was a laborer and his wife was Annie. Upon the abandonment of the Oxford settlement, he was among those who came to New Rochelle in the year 1696. His name appears in the census of New Rochelle, 1698, as aged fifty-two years and his wife forty-two, and three children. Two of these were born at the Oxford settlement. He signed the oath of allegiance at New Rochelle, pursuant to the order of January 1698. He purchased land in New Rochelle in the West Division from Marie Guespin (widow of Josias La Vilain), on March 11, 1697. He made his will Oct 5, 1700, which was recorded in the Town Record book on Dec 27, 1701, he there called himself "Ploughman". His wife survived him. This name has been corrupted to Martine."

Note: I would have to disagree with the last line of this biography. I believe the original French name was MARTINE, and was corrupted to MARTIN.  Comments appreciated.

" Our aid be in God, who has made the sky, and the earth, Amen, at New Rochelle, Manor of Pelham, in the province of New York, in America, the fifth day of October, One Thousand seven hundred, I, JEAN MARTIN, Ploughman, living in the said town of New Rochelle, being for the present by the Grace of Geod, sound of mind and judgement, though afflicted of sickness, knowing of nothing more certain than death, though the hour of it is most uncertian, have had written this present act of deed , which is my testament and declaration of my last will, in the following form.

In the first place-- I commend my Soul to God, Creator & Saviour of the world,; imploring Him to receive me in His favour through the merits of the precious blood of Our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Secondly, I ask of my wife, ANNE MARTIN, if she survives me, to bury my body in suitable simplicity.

Thirdly, I declare as absolute truth that my said wife and myself, arriving in this place of New Rochelle, desitute, and having nothing but our hands to earn our bread, we have worked by the sweat of our brow to establish and erect the hourse in which we now live, and plough and enclose the lands which belong to it and acquire the little stock of cattle and other movable goods which belong to us. That is why I think it just and reasonable and it is my testament and declaration of my last will that when it will have pleased the Lord to take me unto Him, my said wife, ANNE MARTIN , shall enter in full and entire posession and shall be absolute and undisturbed mistress of all that which belongs to me--the house, tilled and untilled lands, goods and cattle of all kinds which are in this said place of New Rochelle, as well as in the place of New Oxford, where we previously lived, in New England. Giving full power to my said wife, by these presents, as guardian and trustee of my children, who, at my death, will still be young, and praying my said children to obey and assist her as it is their duty. In testimony of faith I have had the above written in presence of witnesses undersigned the day and year above mentioned.."
Signed and sealed with my seal (P) Mark of JEAN MARTIN
X seat of the said witnesses J. B. Dutuffeau, Jacques Prevot, Pierre Ladone

Children of JEAN MARTINE/MARTIN and his wife ANNE (my lineage highlighted in blue):

  • JOHN MARTINE b. abt 1690 New Oxford, MA d Haverstraw Orange/Rockland Co NY m Eva Affie Afje Mabie
  • Francois Martine b. 1693 New Oxford MA
  • Betty Martine b. 1694 New Oxford MA


  • Elizabeth Martine b. 1717 m. Matthys Buckhout
  • John Martine (Rev War) b. 1718 m. Rachel Vail
  • Daniel Martine (Rev War) b. 1725 m. Deborah Ryker abt 1749
  • Eva Affie Aefje Martine b. 1725 m. Johannes Snedeker
  • Hannah Martine b ? m ?
  • JEREMIAH MARTINE (Rev War)  b. 1734 Westchester Co NY, d Haverstraw Orange/Rockland Co NY m. Rachel Baree

  • John Martine b. 1762 m. Maria Stevenson
  • Susannah Martine b. 1763 m. Johannes Vanderbilt
  • Daniel Martine b. 1764 m.??
  • ISAAC MARTINE b. Aug 26, 1766 Clarkstown, Rockland Co NY; d abt 1813 NY? m. Geertje Charity Campbell
  • Rachel Martine b. 1767 m.??
  • Eva Martine b. 1769 m. ??
  • Jeremiah Jr. Martine b. 1774 m. ??
  • Abraham Martine b. 1776 m. Sarah Vanderbilt

  • Rachel Martine b. abt 1799 Clarkstown, Rockland Co NY (no records)
  • ALBERT MARTINE b. Dec 28 1800 Clarkstown Rockland Co NY m Mary Edson (maiden name unverified, but likely) 

    Children of ALBERT MARTINE and MARY EDSON (maiden name unverified):
    • Rachel Martine b. abt 1820 NY Listed in the 1840 and 1850 Monroe Co NY Census Ogden Twp., no record afterwards
    • Isaac Martine b. abt 1824 NY m. Amy Close 1850?; Elizabeth Ann Werring on April 21, 1866. Died April 10, 1897 in Sleepy Eye, Brown Co Minnesota
    • Maria B Martine b abt 1829 Spencerport, Monroe Co NY m George Tarbox, died April 22. 1858 Spencerport, Monroe Co NY. They had one child, Maria J Tarbox, who died in childhood. She and her grandmother, Charity "Geertje" (Campbell) Martine, are both buried in the Tarbox family plot, Fairfield Cemetery, Ogden twp, Monroe Co NY.
    • JOHN F. MARTINE b. June 15, 1831 Spencerport, Ogden Twp, Monroe Co NY m. Mary Ann Scofield on April 21, 1851 Yorkville Racine Co WI.


    • CHARLES ALBERT MARTINE  b. April 12, 1854 Yorkville, Racine Co WI m. Alice Miller abt 1880 in Missouri. Charles was named for his two grandfathers: Charles Scofield b.1809 NYC and Albert Martine b. 1801 Rockland Co NY. 
    • Ida Kate Martine b. June 24, 1857 Yorkville Racine Co WI d. May 25, 1899 Chillicothe, Livingston Co  MO; married James Asa Myers b 1854 Chillicothe, died 1905. 
    • Minnie L. Martine b. August 16,1869 Hardin co Iowa married William Clifton in Missouri.  Then in 1907 she married Joseph Rainford and they lived Everson, Whatcom Co WA.
    • John Edson Martine b. January 10, 1875 probably Kansas City MO  married Pearl unknown late in life, no children; lived Everson, Whatcom Co  WA and possibly other places in WA state.


    • Frederick Earl Martine b. April 29, 1881 Chillicothe, MO m. Mabel Ronald
    • Walter Lloyd Martine b. March 9, 1884 Alburqurque NM m. Ella Adams
    • Lizzie May Martine b.Sept. 30, 1886 Wyandott, KA m. Robert "Nick" Nichols
    • RANDOLPH BENJAMIN "Rolla" MARTINE  b Dec. 26, 1888 Kansas City MO died 1974 Everett, Snohomish Co WA m. Ruby Bolton Brown.
    • Nina Miller Martine Feb 7, 1893 North Yamhill, OR (near Portland) never married, died 1989 Lane Co OR

    Charles Albert Martine, Alice Miller Martine and their children, abt 1900 Seattle WA. 
    Copy of original, my collection

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    Friday, September 24, 2010

    A Friend of Friends Friday: African American Slaves Named in the 1721 Lancaster Co VA Will of RANDOLPH MILLER, Plus the Mystery of ELIZABETH JONES

    Note: "A Friend of Friends" was a password used on the Underground Railroad.

    RANDOLPH MILLER of Lancaster Co VA was the earliest known ancestor of my great grandmother ALICE MILLER born 1858 Livingston Co MO who married CHARLES ALBERT MARTINE.

    Over the years I have collected several records for RANDOLPH and his family in Lancaster Co VA. Recently, a fellow researcher sent me a copy of RANDOLPH's original 1721 will (but sadly, not the entire inventory), as I had only an abstract of the will that simply named his children & grandchildren.

    I transcribed the will in its entirety on my Betty's Boneyard website. Here is a copy of the transcription, with African American slave names highlighted in red:

    WILL OF RANDOLPH MILLER 1721 LANCASTER CO VA Will Book 10 page 347 transcribed by me from a copy of the original

    "In the name of God, Amen. I, RANDOLPH MILLER, of the county of Lancaster in the Colony of Virginia being (illegible) in years and indisposed in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks to Almighty God, do make this my last will and testament, dated the 31st day of Jany, Anno Dom: 1720/21, that is to say first of all I bequeath my soul to God and my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian manner after the directions of my Exors after named and my estate disposed of in manner following:

    Viz: I will and bequeath all that parsol of land and the appurtenances that lyeth between the line of land that was my son JOHN MILLER's when alive, and EDWIN CONWAYs, and the great road to EDWIN CONWAY and his heirs forever, provided he give up or causes to be give up a bond that my son WM MILLER passed to him when alive.

    Item: I give and bequeath to my grandson JOHN MILLER, son of WILLIAM MILLER, a Negro boy named BOB which I now have,  to him and his heirs forever after the death of my wife.

    Item: I give and bequeath the plantation whereon I now live with appurtances & after the death of my wife....

    Item: I give and bequeath the plantation whereon I now live with appurtenances, etc, after the death of my wife one moiety to WILLIAM MILLER the son of JOHN MILLER, and the heirs of his body and if any of them dies without issue then the survivor shall have his moiety to him and all to his heirs of his body....and if both die without issue then one moiety shall go to HENRY MILLER the son of JOHN MILLER and his heirs forever and the other to another grandson, viz: RANDOLPH MOTT, the son of my daughter KATHERINE. My will is also this: THOS. CHATTIN & JOHN MOTT my two sons in law, to have the care of the aforesaid plantation & my two grandsons aforesaid to whom the land is first given and the Negro boy given to JOHN after the death of my wife, my wish is RANDOLPH MOTT shall have his land to him and his heirs forever as the other hath his moiety just before him.

    Item: I give and bequeath to my grandson PETER MILLER, the son of PETER MILLER a Negro boy named ANTHONY, to him and his heirs forever.

    Item: I give and bequeath to his brothers STEPHEN & GEO MILLER each of them five hundred lbs of Tob (tobacco?) apiece, when of age.

    Item I give and bequeath to my daughter in law MARGARET MILLER a Negro man named KITT during the term of one year from the date hereof and after to her daughter JEAN MILLER for the term of two years, that is to say she shall have the tobacco he makes and her mother aforesaid the corn and other like priviledges, and my will is that afterward her brother JOHN MILLER shall have him & his heirs forever.

    Item: I give and bequeath to my grandaughter ANNE MILLER a bed and furniture at the death of my wife or the day of marriage of sd. ANNE.

    Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter KATHERINE MOTT a Negro lad called DICK to her and her heirs forever.

    Item I give and bequeath to my daughter MARGARET CHATTON a Negro girl called HAGAR to her and her heirs forever.

    Item: I give and bequeath to my two granddaughters KATHERINE and MARY MILLER, daughters of JOHN MILLER, an Negro girl named .... (illegible) to them and their heirs forever and they shall equal profit in the ...... of said negro. My will is also that their brother HENRY MILLER and their sister SARAH MILLER have both of them two hundred lbs of Tob. at the death of my wife.

    Item : I give and bequeath the use and occupation of all the rest of my personal estate & also three Negroes a man called ROBIN and another called POMPEY  & a woman AMBO  to KATHERINE my well beloved wife during her life and afterward to be appraised and their value as well as the rest of my estate to be divided between my children and the issue of my other children and that of the children belonging to same parents have but one share among them all and I do hereby (constitute?) my beloved wife aforesaid and my afore'sd sons in law JNO MOTT and THO CHATTON joint excrs. of this my last will and testament hereby ratifying, etc, this and revoking all others. In testimony whereof I hereunto affix my seal the day and year above written.
    Signed RANDOLPH --R M-- MILLER (seal)

    These words (aford'sd to who land is first given) underlined (?) before publication, and the word (afordsaid) a little below--
    Test: Geo Murdock
    Jno (X) Hogan
    Eliz (X) Jones (see below)

    The Estate Inventory of RANDOLPH MILLER is several pages long, and lists hundred of bolts of various types of cloth, suggesting that he may have been a cloth merchant.

    ELIZABETH JONES, who witnessed the 1721 will of RANDOLPH MILLER, is something of a mystery. I found the following information on the website
    Items in parentheses are my notes:

    --ELIZABETH JONES, (English or Welsh indentured servant ? Mulatto? free African American? who witnessed the above will of RANDOLPH MILLER) born say 1788 (must be 1688, she couldn't be born after her children), was the servant of RANDOLPH MILLER when she confessed to the Lancaster County court that she had an illegitimate "mulatoe" child in April 1716. She was ordered to pay 15 pounds currency or be sold for five years. 

    On 10 March 1719/20 she confessed to having another "Mullatto" child in Saint Mary's Whitechapel Parish. 

    She was the servant of JOHN MOTT (son in law of RANDOLPH MILLER) of Lancaster County when she confessed to having a third "Molotto" child about 1 May 1721 [Lancaster County VA Orders 1713-21, 140, 311, 346, 354; 1721-9, 2]. i.

    While it is difficult to know without further records, I am guessing that ELIZABETH JONES may have been an English or Welsh indentured servant who married a free African American or was the consort of a slave from the household of RANDOLPH MILLER. 

    According to Paul Heinnegg in his excellent book, "Free African Americans of North Carolina & Virginia": 

    • Most (Melungeon) families were the descendants of white servant women who had children by slaves or free African Americans.

    • Families like GowenCumbo, and Driggers who were free in the mid-seventeenth century had several hundred members before the end of the colonial period. They were descended from slaves who were freed before the 1723 Virginia Law which required legislative approval for manumissions.

    • Very few families descended from white slave owners who had children by their slaves, perhaps as low as 1% of the total.

    • Many free African American families in colonial North Carolina and Virginia were landowners.

    • The light-skinned descendants of these families formed the tri-racial isolate communities of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Louisiana.

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    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Wednesday Wrap Up: What I'm Working on This Week

    This week I am doing several look-ups and searches for some of my "DNA cousins" from 23andMe.  I also was able to break down one of my own brick walls in the WHITECOTTON family.

    One of my DNA cousins,  DG, is a descendant of BENONI / BENONA FRAZEE or FRAZER b Nov 19, 1794 Sullivan Co NY, died March 7, 1883 Omaha, Nebraska,  surname also spelled FRAZIER or FRAISIER in records.  She has been researching him for several years, and has not yet been able to connect him with any FRAZEE or FRAZER families in colonial NY or NJ.

    I was able to find a few more census records, but did not find any clues to BENONI's parents or grandparents. Any help or comments greatly appreciated.


    While I do have  FRAZIER ancestors (Quakers in Guilford NC),  my DNA ancestor-in-common with DG is more likely from the BROWN,  MORRILL, GILL, or CLEMENT family of  Essex Co MA in the 1600s-1700s.

    I have also  been  researching the surnames HALE, EICHHORN and ANDERSON for a second DNA cousin, RE, and was able to find census records for him.

    His HALE family originated in MA, migrated to NH, and ended up in Chicago & Evanston,  Cook Co IL and Covington, Kenton Co KY; his EICHHORN family immigrated from Germany to Chicago, and his ANDERSON family was from Harrison Co & Bracken Co KY.

    His great grandfather GEORGE S HALE b abt 1841 NH, died Evanston, Cook Co IL likely descended from the immigrant THOMAS HALE from Hertfordshire, England who emigrated in the 1600s to MA with wife THOMASINE DOWCETT--of whom I am also a descendant.  But I don't think that is our DNA ancestor-in-common, as we have an exact DNA match with a third person, whose entire family came from VA, KY & GA.  So it is more likely that our DNA ancestor-in-common came --somehow--from the family of WILLIAM  W ANDERSON b abt 1816 KY & MARTHA  unknown  of Bracken Co KY (1850 census).

    Children of WILLIAM W ANDERSON & MARTHA  unknown (1850 Bracken Co KY census, 1860 Marion Co IN, city of Indianapolis, 1880 Marion Co IN, Wayne twp)

    • Anne E Anderson b abt 1840 KY
    • Benjamin Anderson b abt 1842 KY
    • Mary E Anderson b abt 1844 KY
    • Miranda / Maranda "Randie" Anderson b  1846 Marysville (now Clayville) Harrison Co KY
    • Sophia Anderson b abt 1849 KY
    • John W Anderson b abt 1851 KY
    • Sarah Anderson b abt 1854 KY
    • Emma Anderson b abt 1857 IN

    Children of GEORGE S HALE b abt 1841 NH & MARANDA / MIRANDA "RANDIE" ANDERSON (1870 Cook Co IL census, 1880 Kenton Co KY census)

    • Charles Hale b abt 1855 NH (brother or cousin? not son? as per 1870 Cook Co IL census)
    • John P Hale b abt 1870 IL
    • William E Hale b abt 1873 KY 
    • Mary E Hale b abt 1876 IN m Grover
    • Robert A Hale b 1870s IL
    • Grace Hale b 1870s IL m Fisher

    Children of WILLIAM E HALE & PAULINE "NANNIE" OLSON (1900 Chicago Cook Co IL, 1910 Aurora, Kane Co IL)
    • Gladys Hale b 1894 IL
    • George W Hale b 1896 IL
    • Astrid Hale b abt 1902 IL 
    • Sybil Floretta Hale b abt 1903 IL m Charles Eichhorn
    • Ed Hale b 1904 IL 
    • M F (female) Hale b 1905 IL 
    • Elmer Hale b 1909 IL

    Any help or comments greatly appreciated!

    And finally this week I was able to find SOPHRONA / SOPHRONIA / FRONA  WHITECOTTON HOPPER b 1854 TN? AL? in census records in Des Moines, Polk Co Iowa, up until 1930.  In 1930 she was elderly and living with an unmarried grandson, ROBERT JAMES LOFTUS.

    SOPHRONA was the only sister of my great grandmother SILOAMA WHITECOTTON BRUTON of Christian Co MO.

    SOPHRONA appears  twice in the 1880 census with the extended THOMPSON family,  first in Christian Co MO with her uncle JAMES MOWERY and aunt MELVINA PRISCILLA "Siller" (THOMPSON) MOWERY, and also later that same year with her uncle DAVID HIGHBARGER and aunt MARTHA (THOMPSON) HIGHBARGER in Douglas Co MO.  Both records shows her with her elderly maternal grandfather JOSEPH THOMPSON.

    After that, SOPHRONA's life gets pretty obscure. Oral family stories indicated that she was the the common law wife of a HOPPER and that she had a daughter PEARL and possibly other children, and that she eventually moved to Montana (not true!).

    Finally, after years of searching, I found court records and birth records in Missouri that shed more light on her life.

    SOPHRONA WHITECOTTON  was married (or not?) to TILFORD / TELFORD L HOPPER, the son of THOMAS HOPPER & ELIZA SIMMONS of Douglas Co MO.

    TILFORD L HOPPER was apparently quite a gambler and somewhat of an outlaw.  According to Christian Co MO court records, he was eventually charged with four counts of grand larceny in 1890. He was likely sent to prison, leaving SOPHRONA pregnant with their youngest son and left to raise the children on her own.  I found her in the 1910 Jasper Co MO census with her youngest son Earnest Hopper, but with no others.  By 1917 they were living in Des Moines, Polk Co Iowa.

    According to MO birth records, SOPHRONA WHITECOTTON & TILFORD L HOPPER had at least six children together:

    • PEARL HOPPER b abt 1884 MO
    • KEZIAH HOPPER b 1880s MO
    • two unknown HOPPERSs, all born 1880s in MO  
    • one unknown male HOPPER born June 29, 1886 Benton twp, Douglas Co MO
    • EARNEST O. HOPPER born 1891 MO. 

    I only have been able to trace two of them in census & other records.

    • PEARL HOPPER b abt 1884 MO m 1st) unknown LOFTUS; 2nd) unknown FLANAGAN; one son ROBERT JAMES LOFTUS; died bet 1925-1930 Des Moines, Polk Co Iowa
    • EARNEST OTTO HOPPER b 1891 MO m BERTHA unknown; died 1972 Tulsa, OK; one son JOHN M HOPPER b abt 1916  Des Moines Iowa, abt  died 1989 Tulsa OK married WILLA B "BILLIE" RANSOM. 

    Any help or comments on these families greatly appreciated.

    Have a great day!


    © Betty Tartas  2010

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    Amanuensis Monday: 1855 Letter ANN M (FRAZIER) WAY to MATILDA (FRAZIER) CORSBIE

    ANN M. (FRAZIER) WAY was the eldest sister of my Quaker great great grandfather, ELI BRANSON FRAZIER. They were the children of HENRY FRAZER & MARY "POLLY" OTWELL, who were married in Guilford NC, and migrated north to Indiana. They ultimately settled in Iowa.

    ANN was a prolific writer, turning her hand to letters, journals, poetry and more.  She  enriched the lives of all descendants in our Frazier family by writing about her life, her siblings and her roots in Guilford, NC.

    This summer, my 4th cousin Lorraine wrote a blog (with many wonderful photos) called ANN'S DIARY 1867, as she and some cousins re-traced a journey made by the Way family in the summer of 1867 that Ann documented in a journal.

    Here is a transcription of an 1855 letter written by ANN M. (Frazier) WAY, shortly after the death of her mother, MARY "POLLY" OTWELL.

    Level Lawn, Iowa
    2nd day (night), 11th mo. 1855

    Dear brother and sister,

    It has been your turn to receive a letter from me for some time; but the recent loss and anxiety amongst us has deranged our plans, and caused us to write as we could without much order, only to direct them to such of you as would be apt to get them quick. We received Elzena's (Elzena Frazier Cox) doubly welcome letter, written a week ago today, last 6th day evening, with throbbing hearts of mingled hope and fear to hear the contents, and with what anxiety it was sketched over till we saw an account that Matilda was not only still living, but mending. Most assuredly do I believe that the "prayer of faith still saves the sick" as it did in the days of James. For I doubt not many fervent tho' feeble prayers were put up for her restoration; not only for John's sake, but that your tender little lambs might not be scattered.
    And now dear sister if thou art still better, do not repine and wish thou hadst been taken, but rejoice that thou art still counted a comfort to thy family. There may yet for ought I know be something for thee to do in the church militant, that thou mayst be better prepared to join the church triumphant; --and flinch not , that thou mayest have to be a judge or a counselor, for truly there is need of those rightly qualified.
    We are scarcely less uneasy about Jerusha (Jerusha Frazier Gossett, Ann's sister) than we were about Matilda, as she had the flux when Elzena wrote and is so weakly in other ways. A breach has been made in our family circle, and it may be ere long that many of our once happy company may be numbered with those that were but are not. Phebe (Phebe Hixson Frazier, wife of Lotan Frazier, Ann's brother)has a return of the chills, and is quite unwell, tho' not entirely confined. She has been to meeting but twice since she got here. She is quite dissatisfied and feels the loss of Mother more than any of us. William & Nancy (William Millis & Nancy Otwell Millis, Mary Otwell Frazer's sister) have gone up the country, and she feels like she was left nearly alone. Tho' I think she, as well as father and the boys, feels better since they got moved to themselves. The rest of them are mending, as they were gathering corn at Thomas Saint's today.
    Abi (Abi Frazier Elliot, Ann's sister) stayed here with her children last week and went yesterday from meeting to father's to help Phebe this week. We have not heard from George (George Elliot, Abi's husband) since he started on the cars a week ago tonight. Abi begins to think the time long. Alson's (Alson Gray Frazier, Ann's brother) are in common health. Mary (Mary Hockett Frazier, Alson's wife) is not stout. Eli Gossett and his wife were to be baptized in Skunk River yesterday, tho' I do not believe he is a convert to the doctrine, only to accommodate his father and mother-in-law. Henry (Henry Way, Ann's husband) went to Burlington last 5th day to take the Irish woman and her children, whose husband died at Payton Wilson's just before Mother died. She wanted to go on the cars to her relations in Ohio. We bought 2 pair of bedsteads for father and Lotan at 3 dollars, 87and a half cents, a pair of quite nice ones. They got an old pair of old-fashioned ones of Edward Hockett at 75 cents. Gideon Frazer is mending.
    Our monthly meeting at Cedar Creek was opened the 2nd, 7th day in last month. It was attended by Seneca and Persis Hazard, a man and his wife, both ministers from New York. And at our monthly meeting last 7th day, I had the honor of signing returning certificates for Bridget Haight, a minister, and her companions Jane Cronk and Peter Doyle from Canada. There is not much sickness that I know of now except some on the creek and river. John D. Hockett, if alive, is very low with flux. He lives up the country, but he and his wife are down on a visit to her father's. Jane Hockett has got so she can walk and was at meeting and at our house yesterday, with her father and Margaret. Tryphena (Way) is at work at Jesse Hockett's at 50 cents a week. Huldah stayed at Samuel Wilson's last week at a dollar. Girl's wages are not quite as high here as there....Mary M. stayed a week with Abi helping her to get ready to move. We sorted out some of the best of Mother's clothing to send in there to you girls, but George started so early next morning that we had no chance of getting them packed up. Perhaps they can be sent some other time and do as well. Father wanted me to have her bonnet as the rest of you all wear white ones.
    (At this point there is a lengthy poem composed by Ann Frazier Way on her mother's death, but sadly not included in the transcription by Manly Frazier's son. A few years after receiving this,  4th cousin, Lorraine Fritch emailed me a copy of the poem )
    I will send a lock of Mother's hair that was taken off after she expired. There was a satchel with some scraps in it and a pin cushion or two that likely were sent to somebody out here, but Phebe nor the rest of them could tell nothing about them. One of the pin cushions was pieced up out of little scraps like James Brown's girls dresses, and perhaps a piece or two like Ruth's. It they were sent by them or any of the rest of you we should like to know it, as we feel much at a loss to know how to dispose of such things. So write very often if you are well enough. Fanny (Ann's sister, Fanny Frazier White) I should like to have an answer to my letter to thee and Peter, and from Jerusha too if she is living and well enough to write. Heber (Ann's brother Heber Frazier) if thou only knew how proud I should be of a letter from thee; I do believe thou lost enough respect for me to gratify me. Branson (Eli Branson Frazier, my gg grandfather, who lived in Thorntown, Boone Co IN at that time) and Elzena have been pretty good to write. Tell Ruth Brown we read her interesting letters over and over. One of the big apples rotted. Phebe cut the other in two between Anna and Alson. Tell her that Alson has got to wear pantaloons and is as fat and hearty as need be. Wm. Hammars folks are well as usual and all her other relations out here. Old Rachel Osborn (Suple Dick's widow) goes to our meeting and looks quite well. She lives with her son William. This last is to Ruth Brown. John and Matilda share the rest.

    Affectionately, Ann M. Way

    My gg grandfather, Eli Branson Frazier

    Ann Millis Frazier born Jan 28 1817 Guilford NC married Henry Way; died CA
    Jerusha Reynolds Frazier born Oct 10 1819 Guilford NC married Thomas Gossett; she was likely named after Jerusha Reynolds, who married Thomas Frazier, son of John Frazier & Marjorie Stanley, Quakers, of Guilford NC.
    Fanny L. Frazier born Aug 8 1822 possibly Randolph NC married Frank White
    Alson Gray Frazier born Apr 8 1824 Guilford NC married Hannah Reese, Mary Hockett
    Eli Branson Frazier born Jan 17 1826 Guilford NC died 1871 Bangor Iowa m. Nancy Van Arsdale. He was named after Eli Branson, a Quaker of Guilford NC.
    Matilda Frazier born Jan 5 1828 Guilford NC married John McDill Crosby/Corsbie
    Abi Erwin Frazier (Female) born Feb 26 1830 Randolph Co IN married George Elliot
    Loton Smith Frazier born April 17 1832 Randolph Co IN married Emily Bunch, Phebe Hixson
    Heber Ellis Frazier born May 3 1834 Randolph Co IN married Keziah Hixson
    Elzena Davis Frazier born April 4 1838 Randolph Co IN married Jeremiah Cox
    Curtis Otwell Frazier born Nov 19 1840 Thornton, Boone Co IN married Jane Hockett; he was named after his maternal great grandfather, Curtis Otwell.

    Have a great day!


    © Betty Tartas  2010

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Black Sheep Sunday: Great great Grandmother SARAH THOMPSON WHITECOTTON, 1856 Court Case, Bradley Co TN

    Offence: "maintaining a house where men and women of evil name fame and conversation came together for drinking, fiddling, whooping, hallowing, cursing, swearing, blackguarding and whoring and otherwise misbehaving themselves." 

    May-Sept 1856
    To the Sheriff of Bradley Co--Greetings. We command you to summon:
    Sarah "Sally" Whitecotton
    Mark Hinkle
    Thos Renfrow
    Allen Marlowe
    Jesse Wooden
    William Wooden
    Henry Wooden
    James Wooden
    Josiah Thompson (Sarah's brother)
    John Thompson (Sarah's brother)
    David Thompson (Sarah's nephew, son of Avery)
    instantly to be and appear before the Judge of our Circuit court at a court now sitting for this county of Bradley at the courthouse in the town of Cleveland, to testify, and the truth to depose, in a cause depending in said court, wherein the state is the Plaintiff and Sarah "Sally" Whitecotton is defendent, on behalf of the state of TN, and this they shall not omit under the lawful penalty. Witness: J H Payne, clerk of our said court at office in Cleveland, the 1st Monday of May, 1856 (it was noted in a later document that some of those summoned could not be found).
    ( It is not clear from the documents whether SARAH THOMPSON WHITECOTTON was really maintaining a bawdy house, or if they were just having a wild party! But this is for sure my gg grandmother, just two years after the birth of her youngest child, and after the disappearance of her husband, James Monroe Whitecotton. There are in total 4 cases that I have found so far against the Thompsons & Whitecottons in Bradley Co TN for this time period. This may be in part why most of the family moved on to AR & MO. Interesting to note that so far no court cases have been found in Christian Co MO against Sarah or the rest of her family in later years. Which make me wonder if sheriff J H Kuhn or deputy J K Brown had a grudge against certain families?? Sarah's sister Malinda Thompson (Whitecotton, Riddle) was also brought up on charges of "Lewd Behavior" and "Cohabitation" in a separate case from about the same time period. She was living with William Riddle, who was a Melungeon,  at the time. )

    The grandjurors on behalf of the state of Tennessee elected (illegible) charged to (illegible) for the body of the county of Bradley aforesaid upon their oath (illegible) that a certain Sarah Whitecotton, late of said county on the first day of Sept, 1856 and on divers other days and times before that day with (illegible) in the county of Bradley aforesaid, unlawfully and willfully did keep and maintain a certain common illgoverned and disorderly house, situated as being in the county of Bradley aforesaid, and in the said house, for the lucre (money) and gain of her, the said Sarah Whitecotton, certain persons (illegible) men and women, of evil name, fame and dishonest conversation, then (illegible) at other said days and times, there unlawfully, willfully and willingly did come to frequent and come together and the said men and women in the said house of her, the said Sarah Whitecotton, at unlawful times and in the night and as in the day, as in the other days and times, there to be as (illegible) drinking, fiddling, whooping hallowing, cursing, swearing, blackguarding, and whoring and otherwise misbehaving themselves, unlawfully and willfully did permit and still yet do permit, to the great damage and common nuisance of all persons living, being in, residing, passing and repassing to the evil example of all others in like case offending, as is against the peace and dignity of the state.
    George W Bridge, Attorney General for the third Judicial Circuit

    for Keeping a Bawdy House
    Williamson Parks, Prosecutor
    B F Stout
    Thos Rains
    Allen Marlowe
    Jesse Wooten (Wooden)
    Henry Wooten (Wooden)
    Josiah Thompson (crossed out, he must not have testified against his sister)
    J E Walker (crossed out, must not have testified)
    witnesses on behalf of the State, sworn & sent before the Grand Jury, Sept 5, 1856
    Documents indicate that Sarah was charged a fine of $33.95 for her crimes, and when she could not pay the fine, was put in jail.

    AFFIDAVIT FROM SARAH WHITECOTTON (written for her, she could not read or write)
    Mr George W Bridges, Attorney General for the third Judicial Circuit of the State of Tennessee: Please take notice that I will on the 20th day of this instant, September 1856, at the jail of Bradley County, Tennessee, take the oath of insolvency to the discharge from my imprisonment for fines and costs for which I am now imprisoned in the case of the State of Tennessee against me for keeping a Bawdy House, when and where you can attend if you see proper. Sept 10, 1856
    Sarah Whitecotton, her X

    I, Sarah Whitecotton, in the presence of Almighty God, solemnly swear, that the schedule now delivered and by me substantiated, doth contain to best of my knowledge and rememberance a full, just, true and perfect account and discovery(?) of all the estate, goods and effects unto me (illegible) belonging, and said debts as are to me owing unto my person in trust for me, and of all securities and contracts whereby any money may hereafter become payable, as any benefit or advantage accrue to me, or to my use, unto any other person or persons in trust for me, and that I, or any other person or persons in trust for me have not land, money or stock, or any other estate real or personal, in (illegible) of the value of the debt or debts with which I am not charged in execution, and that I have not directly or indirectly sold, (illegible) or otherwise dispersed of in trust, or concealed well in any part of my lands, moneys, goods, stocks, debts, securities, contracts, or estates, whereby to secure the same to (illegible) or expect any profit or advantage thereby, or to defraud or deceive any creditor or creditors to which I am indebted in way howsoever. So help me God.
    Sarah Whitecotton her X
    Sworn to sentencing before me Sept 20, 1856
    Janus Donohoo
    County Judge

    (So it appears that my great great grandmother SARAH THOMPSON WHITECOTTON spent a few months in prison, to pay off the debt which she could not pay, which is most likely why her children were living with their grandparents Joseph & Jane Thompson, and with their Aunt Melvina Priscilla "Siller" (Thompson) Mowery & Uncle James Mowery in Arkansas. Sarah Whitecotton is listed in the 1860 Hamilton Co TN census living in the household of Thomas and Mary (Thompson) Goodwin. Mary was Sarah's older sister.)

    Have a great day!


    © Betty Tartas  2010 (revised 2023)

    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    Genetic Genealogy & Me: Part Four

    I have been playing catch-up with my Relative Finder contacts from 23andMe, after returning from summer holidays a week ago.

    My current 23andMe stats are:

    I have 414 possible contacts in Relative Finder.

    Of those 414 contacts, 48 have accepted from Relative Finder, and 3 more I have found on my own, making a total of 51 contacts accepted. Most have agreed to share genomes at the basic level, making it possible to compare chromosomes with other contacts.

    This has been the most fascinating aspect of genetic genealogy, in my opinion.  If several people match me on the same chromosome at the same location, that means we all received DNA from the same common ancestor. I have four such instances that I am working on & researching right now.

    However, I am finding that in many cases my RF contacts don't have any info on their families whatsoever, or else they don't have the time or inclination to follow up.  In many cases, my DNA cousins never even attempt to contact me after they agree to share & compare genomes!!

    Of my 52 RF contacts, I have been able to verify an ancestor-in-common with 12 contacts via regular genealogical methods--i.e. a paper trail.

    Seven individuals have declined contact completely. They may be interested in the health risk portion of 23andMe only.  Or they may have privacy issues. All but one  of my declines are male.

    My biggest frustration has been the excruciatingly slow rate of response once I send out invitations. I know I am not alone in my frustration--this is apparent from the forums on 23andMe.

    Right now I have 170 DNA cousins pending contact from invitations that I have sent. Most of them I sent out before the end of June. So in most cases it's been nearly three months. This includes most of the contacts from my first page on Relative Finder, which are the closest match, DNA wise.

    I am not sure why so many people would agree to be tested and then never follow through to find their relatives on 23andMe.  Perhaps some were only interested in learning about their health risks, but purchased during the $100 DNA sale, which was both health and family tree.

    So generally, my experience with 23andMe has been immensely interesting, but also immensely frustrating, as a genealogist.  Not sure what the company could do to make it any better, however....

    Have a great day!


    © Betty Tartas  2010

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Wordless Wednesday: Joseph Tartas 1930 Gloucester MA

    My late father-in-law, JOSEPH TARTAS, Gloucester MA waterfront. 
    Copy of original, my collection.

    Have a great day!


    © Betty Tartas  2010

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Talented Tuesday: Morris Tartas

    Morris Tartas was my husband's great uncle, born 1888 in Amsterdam. Most of the Tartas family emigrated from Holland to the US in around 1889, so Morris was just a baby when he came to America.

    Unlike his father, who was a cigarmaker, Morris became a professional musician. He played viola with the  New York City Symphony, and the New York Philharmonic Orchaestra.  Also, he worked in the pit orchaestras on Broadway,  and in various orchaestras in Boston as well.

    In 1930 Morris went on a European tour with the New York Philharmonic. Arturo Toscanini was the conductor for that tour. Apparently the tour was a big success, and brought the New York Philharmonic a great deal of fame.

    In the early 1980s, Morris Tartas was recognized by the New York Philharmonic Orchaestra as their oldest living member.

    Morris lived to age 94.  He died in Gloucester, MA.

    Have a great day!


    © Betty Tartas  2010

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Sentimental Sunday: Home at Last, from a Summer Spent in Canada

    Walsh Cove Sunrise, Desolation Sound, BC Canada. Photo by Betty Tartas Aug  2010

    It was a wonderful summer!

    In honor of our 30th anniversary, my husband & I took our Fisher 37 motorsailer "Mary Vance" north across the border to Desolation Sound Provincial Marine Park in British Columbia, Canada. Talk about sentimental.  We have been visiting this area by boat nearly every year since 1981, when we purchased our first sailboat.  Unfortunately, for the last four years we were not able to take our annual northward migration.  So this summer we were very happy to return at last.

    Desolation Sound Marine Park is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, in my humble opinion, and I am certain thousands of other boaters feel the same way about it.

    So what does my summer trip to Desolation Sound have to do with genealogy, you might ask?

    The ancestors of my maternal grandmother, Ruby Bolton Brown,  had deep roots in Nova Scotia, Canada from the 1750s-1830s.  Her ancestors eventually moved south across the border to Portland, Maine in the 1830s.  They were shipwrights, spar-makers, fishermen, and sea-farers, all of them.   I suspect I have inherited my fascination with ships, boats & sailing from that branch of my family tree.

    Ruby's father, Frank R Brown, had a  sister Phebe Brown, who was born 1868 in Folsom, CA. She married a Canadian, Charles Wallace Rhodes, the son of a prominent pioneer family from England that were early settlers in Victoria, British Columbia.

    Phebe Brown Rhodes lived her entire adult life in Canada. My maternal grandmother visited her aunt Phebe  with her parents & sisters several times, as they sailed  between Unga Island, Alaska and San Francisco.

    Phebe Brown Rhodes is buried in Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria. My mother and I made a trip to Victoria in 2002 to find Phebe's grave.  It was one of the most memorable trips we took together before she passed away.

    Have a great day!


    © Betty Tartas  2010