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Revisiting My Colonial Ancestors Who Settled in Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York

 Every once in a while, I revisit portions of my family tree in order to check for accuracy and update with new information.  And if I'm lucky, I just might discover a new source that really brings the lives of my ancestors into clearer focus.

This happened recently.  I obtained a new source, "Abstracts of the Land Records of Westchester County New York 1774-1801 by Brendan S Burns.  This book, published in 2019,  was not available when I first started researching my many ancestors who migrated (mostly) from Fairfield County, Connecticut to (mostly) Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York from about the 1740s onward.  

The lineage in question is that of my maternal gg grandmother  MARY ANN (SCOFIELD) MARTINE, who was born 1835 in New York City, and died 3 Dec 1914 in Everson, Whatcom County, Washington.  She married JOHN FELTON MARTINE  (Civil War Veteran) on 21 April 1851 in Yorkville, Racine County, Wisconsin. 

Mary Ann (Scofield) Martine
abt 1907 Whatcom County, Washington

I considered MARY ANN SCOFIELD MARTINE's pedigree fairly complete. Her lineage stretches back to nearly all the original Puritan settlers of Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut who arrived in the 1630s-1640s. Honestly, except for the maiden names of two women who married into the families, I thought I knew everything about this part of my family tree!  

But the discovery of the Brendan Burns book, followed by other sources, changed my mind.  I quickly discovered that: 

--Even though some of my ancestors were migrating to what would become Pound Ridge possibly as early as  the 1740s, records were often recorded & kept in Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut.  The area was referred to in records as above the "eight mile line" or part of  "North Castle" as early as 1718;  there are no solid records or indications as to when Pound Ridge was actually separated  as  distinct from the town of North Castle. 

--"The History of Westchester County Part 1" by Frederic Shonnard & Walter Whipple Spooner, publ 1900 p 225 notes that:  "In 1741 JOSEPH LOCKWOOD, JAMES BROWN, DAVID POTTS, EBENEZER SCOFIELD & others from Stamford made a settlement on the site of the present village (Pound Ridge)". In reality, there were settlers in the area as early as  1717 or 1718: JAMES WHITE, MICHAEL WARING & THOMAS BRUSH, all from Huntington, Long Island, NY.

-- Muster rolls from the French & Indian War (1758) indicate several individuals  from Pound Ridge were in CAPT REUBEN LOCKWOOD's company: NATHANIEL WOOD, DANIEL HILL & BROCKWAY BROWN; all three had been born in Pound Ridge. Click here for a complete list

--1763 was the first tax list available for Pound Ridge, Westchester, New York.

--During the Revolutionary War, on 2 July 1779, Pound Ridge was attacked & raided by British General Banastre Tarleton.  

Clearly, there is much more to learn about the history of Pound Ridge, its connection to Stamford, Connecticut and its role in the Revolutionary War!  With more records & sources in hand, I am hopeful that I will someday be able to discover the maiden names of the two women who are currently the biggest brick walls in my maternal line!

My Pound Ridge ancestors were:

JAMES BROWN I b abt 1700 Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, settled in Pound Ridge about 1741, died Cortlandt, Westchester, New York (not to be confused with James Brown  II b 1661 of Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut who died in Salem Westchester NY and married Rebecca Ruscoe)

ELIPHALET BROWN b abt 1724 married THANKFUL WOOD (marriage record from Darien, Fairfield county, Connecticut shows he was "of North Castle"and she was daughter of ISAAC WOOD of Norwalk)

SOLOMON BROWN b abt 1746 Pound Ridge (Rev War) married SARAH SALLY SLASON/SLAWSON, daughter of THOMAS SLASON & MARY BATES of Stamford.

SAMUEL BROWN b 15 Apr 1773 d 5 Oct 1866 Pound Ridge; married RHEUA/RUHAMAH maiden name unknown.

JONATHAN DIBBLE (Rev War) b abt 1747 Fairfield County, Connecticut; d 27 Jun 1827 Pound Ridge; married RACHEL SLASON/SLAWSON, daughter of ELEAZER SLAWSON SR & SARAH RAYMOND of Stamford and Pound Ridge

SIMEON DIBBLE b 10 May 1786 Pound Ridge; d 10 Nov 1868; married MARY POLLY BROWN, daughter of SAMUEL BROWN & RHEAU/RUHAMAH

SARAH SALLY ANN HOYT DIBBLE b 18 Apr 1815 Pound Ridge; d 12 Feb 1865 Yorkville, Racine, Wisconsin; married CHARLES SCOFIELD, the parents of MARY ANN SCOFIELD MARTINE.

ELEAZER SLASON/SLAWSON SR (Rev War) born 24 Apr 1726 Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut; d aft 1790 Pound Ridge, Westchester, New York; fought in the French & Indian War (1762), and the Revolutionary War; was listed in Westchester Militia, 4th Regiment, under Thaddeus Crane; his son ELEAZER SLASON/SLAWSON JR also in regiment.

Some Sources used:

--Abstracts of the Land Records of Westchester County New York 1774-1801 by Brendan S Burns publ 2019

--God's Country: A History of Pound Ridge, New York by Jay Harris  publ 1971

--History of Westchester New York Part 1 by Frederic Shonnard & Walter Whipple Spooner, publ 1900

--Stamford Town Records Volume I 1641-1723 by Paul R Finch, publ 2011


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Surname Saturday: MARTINE of Westchester Co NY, Rockland Co NY, Monroe Co NY, Racine Co WI and more


The surname MARTINE is of French Huguenot origin, and is my maternal grandfather's surname. 

The immigrant ancestor is JEAN MARTINE (sometimes spelled MARTIN) b 1642 St Nazarre, Saintonge, Loire France , who with his wife ANNE emigrated to Massachusetts in 1687, and died Dec 1701 in New Rochelle, Westchester County, New York.

"JEAN MARTIN was a native of Saint Nazaire in Saintonge, and appears to have first fled to England, and then came to America by way of Boston, settling in Oxford, Massachusetts in 1687. He was a laborer and his wife was Annie. Upon the abandonment of the Oxford settlement, he was among those who came to New Rochelle in the year 1696. His name appears in the census of New Rochelle, 1698, as aged fifty-two years and his wife forty-two, and three children. Two of these were born at the Oxford settlement. He signed the oath of allegiance at New Rochelle, pursuant to the order of January 1698. He purchased land in New Rochelle in the West Division from Marie Guespin (widow of Josias La Vilain), on March 11, 1697. He made his will Oct 5, 1700, which was recorded in the Town Record book on Dec 27, 1701, he there called himself "Ploughman". His wife survived him. This name has been corrupted to Martine."

" Our aid be in God, who has made the sky, and the earth, Amen, at New Rochelle, Manor of Pelham, in the province of New York, in America, the fifth day of October, One Thousand seven hundred, I, JEAN MARTIN, Ploughman, living in the said town of New Rochelle, being for the present by the Grace of Geod, sound of mind and judgement, though afflicted of sickness, knowing of nothing more certain than death, though the hour of it is most uncertian, have had written this present act of deed , which is my testament and declaration of my last will, in the following form.

In the first place-- I commend my Soul to God, Creator & Saviour of the world,; imploring Him to receive me in His favour through the merits of the precious blood of Our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Secondly, I ask of my wife, ANNE MARTIN, if she survives me, to bury my body in suitable simplicity.

Thirdly, I declare as absolute truth that my said wife and myself, arriving in this place of New Rochelle, desitute, and having nothing but our hands to earn our bread, we have worked by the sweat of our brow to establish and erect the hourse in which we now live, and plough and enclose the lands which belong to it and acquire the little stock of cattle and other movable goods which belong to us. That is why I think it just and reasonable and it is my testament and declaration of my last will that when it will have pleased the Lord to take me unto Him, my said wife, ANNE MARTIN , shall enter in full and entire posession and shall be absolute and undisturbed mistress of all that which belongs to me--the house, tilled and untilled lands, goods and cattle of all kinds which are in this said place of New Rochelle, as well as in the place of New Oxford, where we previously lived, in New England. Giving full power to my said wife, by these presents, as guardian and trustee of my children, who, at my death, will still be young, and praying my said children to obey and assist her as it is their duty. In testimony of faith I have had the above written in presence of witnesses undersigned the day and year above mentioned.."
Signed and sealed with my seal (P) Mark of JEAN MARTIN
X seat of the said witnesses J. B. Dutuffeau, Jacques Prevot, Pierre Ladone

Children of JEAN MARTINE/MARTIN and his wife ANNE (my lineage highlighted in blue):
  • Jeanne Martine  b bef 1687 England or France; married Daniel Raveaux in NYC
  • JOHN JEAN MARTINE II b. abt 1690 New Oxford, Worcester County, Massachusetts;  d Haverstraw Orange/Rockland Co NY m Eva Affie Afje Mabie
  • Francois Martine (m) b. 1693 New Oxford, Worcester County, Massachusetts


  • Elizabeth Martine b. 1717 m. Matthys Buckhout
  • John Martine (Rev War) b. 1718 m. Rachel Vail
  • Daniel Martine (Rev War) b. 1725 m. Deborah Ryker abt 1749
  • Eva Affie Aefje Martine b. 1725 m. Johannes Snedeker
  • Hannah Annetje Martine b abt 1732
  • JEREMIAH MARTINE (Rev War)  b. 1734 Tarrytown, Westchester, NY, d Haverstraw Orange/Rockland Co NY m. Rachel Baree/Baret


  • John Martine b. 1762 m. Maria Stevenson
  • Susannah Martine b. 1763 m. Johannes Vanderbilt
  • Daniel Martine b. 1764 m. Grietje Vanderbilt
  • ISAAC MARTINE b. Aug 26, 1766 Clarkstown, Rockland Co NY; d 1811, 8th Ward, NYC m. Geertje Charity Campbell. 
  • Rachel Martine b. 1767 m.??
  • Rebecca Martine b 1767 m Martin Shaw
  • Eva Martine b. 1769 m. Stephen Wood
  • Jeremiah Jr. Martine b. 1774
  • Abraham Martine b. 1776 m. Sarah Vanderbilt


  • Rachel Martine b. abt 1799 Clarkstown, Rockland Co New York; records with her mother can be found in the Greenwich Dutch Reformed Church in NYC before the family moved to Monroe Co NY
  • ALBERT MARTINE b. Dec 28 1800 Clarkstown Rockland Co NY m Mary Edson (maiden name unverified, but likely) died bef 1830 in Monroe Co NY
  • John Martine b 1810 8th Ward, New York City m Mary Snyder in Monroe Co NY
Children of ALBERT MARTINE and MARY EDSON (maiden name unverified):

  • Rachel Martine b. abt 1820 NY Listed in the 1840 and 1850 Monroe Co NY Census Ogden Twp., no record afterwards
  • Isaac Martine b. abt 1824 NY m. Amy Close 1850?; Elizabeth Ann Werring on April 21, 1866. Died April 10, 1897 in Sleepy Eye, Brown Co Minnesota
  • Maria B Martine b abt 1829 Spencerport, Monroe Co NY m George Tarbox, died April 22. 1858 Spencerport, Monroe Co NY. They had one child, Maria J Tarbox, who died in childhood. She and her grandmother, Charity "Geertje" (Campbell) Martine, are both buried in the Tarbox family plot, Fairfield Cemetery, Ogden twp, Monroe Co NY.
  • JOHN F. MARTINE b. June 15, 1831 Spencerport, Ogden Twp, Monroe Co NY m. Mary Ann Scofield on April 21, 1851 Yorkville Racine Co WI.

  • CHARLES ALBERT MARTINE  b. April 12, 1854 Yorkville, Racine Co WI m. Alice Miller abt 1880 in Missouri. Charles was named for his two grandfathers: Charles Scofield b.1809 NYC and Albert Martine b. 1801 Rockland Co NY. 
  • Ida Kate Martine b. June 24, 1857 Yorkville Racine Co WI d. May 25, 1899 Chillicothe, Livingston Co  MO; married James Asa Myers b 1854 Chillicothe, died 1905. 
  • Minnie L. Martine b. August 16,1869 Hardin co Iowa married William Clifton in Missouri.  Then in 1907 she married Joseph Rainford and they lived Everson, Whatcom Co WA.
  • John Edson Martine b. January 10, 1875 probably Kansas City MO  married Pearl unknown late in life, no children; lived Everson, Whatcom Co  WA and possibly other places in WA state.

  • Frederick Earl Martine b. April 29, 1881 Chillicothe, MO m. Mabel Ronald
  • Walter Lloyd Martine b. March 9, 1884 Alburqurque NM m. Ella Adams
  • Lizzie May Martine b.Sept. 30, 1886 Wyandott, KA m. Robert "Nick" Nichols
  • RANDOLPH BENJAMIN "Rolla" MARTINE  b Dec. 26, 1888 Kansas City MO died 1974 Everett, Snohomish Co WA m. Ruby Bolton Brown.
  • Nina Miller Martine Feb 7, 1893 North Yamhill, OR (near Portland) never married, died 1989 Lane Co OR

Charles Albert Martine, Alice Miller Martine and their children, abt 1900 Seattle WA. 
Copy of original, my collection

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HENRY "NEW HAMPSHIRE" HNH BROWN 1825-1897: A New England-Born Pioneer of California

 My great great grandfather HENRY "NEW HAMPSHIRE" BROWN--who signed his name "HNH Brown"--was born  21 Sep 1825 in Sanbornton, Strafford County (later Belknap County) New Hampshire.   His family tree flows  back more than 10 generations in Massachusetts to the very first Puritan and Pilgrim settlers there;  his pedigree includes Mayflower passengers JOHN HOWLAND & ELIZABETH TILLEY;  THOMAS DUDLEY, the 2nd governor of the Colony of Massachusetts and his daughter ANNE DUDLEY BRADSTREET, the first published poet in the Colony of Massachusetts;  the Reverend BENJAMIN BUTLER, a Harvard graduate,  who later settled in Nottingham, New Hampshire, plus several ancestors who fought in the American Revolutionary War (as per DAR Patriot Index).

HENRY HNH BROWN was the son of BENJAMIN BUTLER BROWN born 19 April 1800 in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, and PHEBE GALE born 24 Jan 1802, Sanbornton, Strafford County, New Hampshire. He had five siblings:

-STEPHEN GALE BROWN b 1827 d 1849 Sutter's Fort, California


-MARY ANN BROWN b 1833 (never married)

-CHARLES GALE BROWN b 1835 (never married)


Little is known about HENRY's early education.  However, in 1848, as a young man age 23, he was sent to Hartford, Vermont, to study medicine with his uncle Dr HENRY BUTLER BROWN.  He did not stay with that profession, however, because the lure and adventure of the California Gold Rush captured both his imagination and that of  his brother STEPHEN GALE BROWN.  In 1849 they embarked together on the long and perilous voyage to California, sailing around Cape Horn, and made their way to Sutter's Fort. STEPHEN GALE BROWN died there, shortly after their arrival.

Between 1849 and 1855 there are few records for HENRY HNH BROWN.  It is entirely likely that he tried his hand at panning for gold. It was during these years that he picked up the nickname "New Hampshire", which stuck with him for the rest of his life.   It has been rumored that HENRY worked for LELAND STANFORD, who set up a general store in Michigan Bluff, Placer County, California around 1852, but I have not been able to verify this.  What is known, however, is that with a partner named C.A. PECK, HENRY purchased a mercantile business in about 1852 from CHARLES CROCKER  & DEWITT STANFORD, located in what was known as "Negro Hill" in Sacramento.   

Negro Hill Mining Camp

It was here, in the Negro Hill Mining Camp,  that HENRY first met the woman who was to become his wife, CORDELIA RICKARD MYERS.  

Cordelia H Rickard (Myers) Brown bef 1870

Her brother RICHARD RICKARD also owned a mercantile business at the Negro Hill Mining Camp. CORDELIA and RICHARD were immigrants from Kenwyn Parish, Cornwall, England, the children of CORDELIA HICKS and RICHARD RICKARD Sr.  CORDELIA RICKARD MYERS emigrated with her widowed mother & younger siblings in 1845, on the ship "Henry Clay"; RICHARD  with his brother WILLIAM arrived in 1846 on the ship "Oxford". The family lived first in Platteville, Grant County, Wisconsin, where many other relatives from Cornwall had settled, to work in the lead mines there. WILLIAM RICKARD returned to England before 1851.

CORDELIA married a German immigrant HENRY WILLIAM F MYERS 29 Jan 1850 in Platteville. Their only child, EMMA J MYERS was born in Dec 1850.  Sometime before 1852, the couple decided to make the journey overland to California.  It is highly likely that her brother RICHARD RICKARD accompanied them.  HENRY WILLIAM F MYERS either died on the way overland, or once they reached California. CORDELIA was a widow with an infant daughter when she met HENRY HNH BROWN. They were married 1 Jun 1857 in Sacramento, California. 

By 1858 the BROWN family had moved to Salmon Falls, on Lake Folsom, where HENRY joined the Natoma Freemason's Lodge. That year, HNH BROWN and C.A. PECK agreed to dissolve their partnership in their mercantile business  at Negro Hill Mining Camp, and settled their affairs. According to the 1860 US census, HENRY was working for a cattle rancher in Salmon Falls. 

Shortly after their marriage, HENRY appears to have adopted EMMA J MYERS. The couple had two more children: FRANK RICARD BROWN born 5 Feb 1858, and PHEBE CORDELIA BROWN born 12 April 1868.

During the next few years 1860-1867, HENRY NH BROWN and family lived at Granite Bay on Lake Folsom. He was listed in the local newspapers as a part owner of the Grace Copper mine (location?), and, with three other men, received a mineral rights land patent  for the Pioneer Lode in Mount Diablo, Elko County, Nevada. In 1867 HENRY, who was now secretary of the Natoma Masonic Lodge in Folsom,  wrote a reconciliatory letter to a fellow Masonic Lodge in South Carolina, which included a donation to help with reconstruction after the Civil War.

By the 1870 census, HENRY and his family were living back in Sacramento, where he was working as a clerk for the American Seed Store, owned by W.R. STRONG.  In 1872, he joined his old partner C. A. PECK, and established a building materials and plastering business.  This endeavor appeared to short-lived--despite a large number of advertisements in the local papers! 

In 1873, HENRY NH BROWN was hired as postmaster and Wells Fargo agent for the towns of Cornucopia and Brownsville in Elko County, Nevada.  Leaving his family back in Sacramento, he fulfilled his duties as a Wells Fargo Express Agent, and no doubt sought to profit from the short-lived gold and silver mining boom in the area. (Both Cornucopia and Brownsville are now ghost towns).

While HENRY was living and working in Nevada, tragedy struck. On the 23 of January 1875, his wife CORDELIA died of pneumonia at the age of 45.  Shortly thereafter, HENRY's son FRANK joined him in Nevada, leaving daughter PHEBE CORDELIA BROWN age 6 in the care of her half sister, EMMA J MYERS BROWN and her husband WALTER P EMERY.   HENRY would not return to Sacramento until 1885.

By 1877,  HENRY's son FRANK R BROWN was living in the gold mining town of Bodie. FRANK was working as an assayer, a skill he probably picked up while living with his father in Cornucopia, Nevada.  He was united in marriage to another resident of Bodie, MARY ETTA KENNEDY, whose family had also recently arrived in California from Maine. They were married 2 July 1878 in the town ofAurora, Esmerelda County, Nevada, about 15 miles north east of Bodie (There was no Justice of the Peace in the town at that time). By all accounts, the gold mines in Bodie was booming in the late 1870s, and the town was quite wild and lawless. The elevation at Bodie is 8365 feet, and the winters could be brutal.  FRANK and his wife MARY ETTA would live there until 1887, when FRANK was hired by the Alaska Commercial Company to run their gold and silver mines on Unga Island in Alaska.

Bodie State Historic Park

In March of 1880, it was announced in the Bodie Chronicle newspaper that H N H BROWN, Wells Fargo Agent of Cornucopia, Nevada, had  been appointed Wells Fargo Agent for the Mill Creek mines, in the town of Lundy, about 30 miles south of Bodie, near the town of Lee Vining.  He was 54 years old.

Lundy, California Western Mining History

According to tax records 1880-1884, HENRY NH BROWN owned two properties in the town of Lundy:  his main residence being on N. side of Main Street, bounded by J.H. Page's house and a vacant lot, with the Well's Fargo office within;  and a lot in town of Lundy, bounded S. by Chicago Ave, E. by A. Mill's lot and house, and W. by the Montrose Ox Corral. 

Townsite of Lundy, on Lundy Lake, looking west. Source: Mono County Tourism

Lundy Main Street 1900, looking east across Lundy Lake

Here is an newspaper account  likely from the Bodie Chronicle, describing an incident that occurred at the Wells Fargo office in Lundy on 5 August 1880:

"Last Thursday afternoon WILLIAM SMITH, a prospector, went into Wells Fargo & Co's express office, in an intoxicated condition, and began using very vile and offensive language concerning a man named Crane. Mr BROWN, the agent, who is an old man, requested him to stop talking in that way, as it disturbed his writing, and was disagreeable besides, but SMITH only became more violent. Mr BROWN then informed him that he must either hush or go out doors, but SMITH would do neither, whereupon he was ordered out peremptorily. On again refusing, Mr BROWN caught hold of his shoulder and gave him a slight push out the door. Whirling around, SMITH drew a self-cocking revolver, and shoved the muzzle through the glass in the door, but Mr BROWN was too quick for him, getting into the assay office, which is in the next room of the same building, before his assailant could shoot, closing the door behind him. ELLIS CORINSON, who was in the assay office with FRANK BROWN (HENRY's son), opened the door to see where SMITH was at. The latter had gone around to the opposite end of the housed broken two panes out of the window, and when CORINSON opened the door, raised his pistol and fired, the ball striking the window sash and glancing into the ceiling. CORINSON shut the door, but reopened it immediately, asking SMITH at the same time what he wanted to shoot him (Corinson) for. SMITH raised his weapon to fire again, when the door was closed. Having nothing to defend themselves with, the occupants of the room ran out by the back way up the hillside. After waiting around the office, peeping about to get a shot at someone, SMITH went away, returning , however in a short time, with his hand on his pistol, to say he should not forget the manner in which he had been treated. Mr BROWN, who is one of the most quiet and urbane of gentlemen, was greatly shocked at the attempt on his life, and says he will hereafter take measures to protect his person from the attacks of ruffians..."

In 1884, HENRY NH BROWN left his Wells Fargo post in Lundy, and returned to his family in Sacramento.  He lived at 826 L Street  with his daughter PHEBE, step-daughter EMMA and her husband WALTER P EMERY.  

From 1884 until his death in 1897, HENRY remained active in the Freemason's Lodge in Folsom, and was involved in many civic projects in Sacramento. He appears to have been on the board of directors for several businesses, including the Gurney Cab Company, the Del Norte Mining Company in Mexico, the Hartford Mining Company, and Crown Point Mining Company, to name a few. 

He was a Federal Election Supervisor for 7th precinct in Sacramento in 1892. Later in life, he volunteered as an usher in the Sacramento State Legislature, and wrote many letters, some of which were published in the local newspapers.  This 1890 letter from ex-US Senator from California JOHN CONNESS suggests that HENRY may have been a member of the Society of New England Pioneers of California:

In June 1894, HENRY's stepdaughter EMMA J MYERS BROWN EMERY died suddenly.  Her husband WALTER P EMERY passed away the following year.  

                                              Walter P Emery                                                 Emma J Myers Brown Emery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

His son FRANK RICARD BROWN and family were living on Unga Island, Alaska, where FRANK managed the Apollo Silver and Gold Mine.  They would not return to California until 1904. Descendants live in  Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, Washington State, and Australia.

Frank Ricard Brown

In Jan 1896, HENRY'S daughter PHEBE CORDELIA BROWN married a Canadian, CHARLES WALLACE RHODES, and moved to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where she lived all of her adult life. She had two children ETHEL RHODES DOVEY born 22 Oct 1896, died 1981;  and MABEL RHODES STERRY born 18 Jan 1901, died 1930. MABEL had two children ANN LOUISE STERRY and PETER WASEY STERRY,  who were raised in England by their father FRANK MIDDLETON STERRY and his family after their mother's death.  Descendants live in Canada, the US, the UK and New Zealand.

Phebe Cordelia Brown abt 1885 Sacramento, CA            Charles Wallace Rhodes 

HENRY "New Hampshire" HNH BROWN died 18 March 1897, alone,  at his residence at 1116 7th St in Sacramento (only one block from his previous residence 826 L St). His death certificate indicates that the cause of death was pneumonia. There were several different obituaries and death notices in the Sacramento local papers. 

HENRY "NEW HAMPSHIRE" HNH BROWN was buried in the Masonic Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento, California, alongside his wife, CORDELIA RICKARD

Henry New Hampshire Brown

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Happy Fourth of July 2023! (updated from 2022)

 Here is a list of my 35 Revolutionary War Ancestors, updated  from 2022!

Revolutionary War 1776-1783

Mother's lineage

JEREMIAH MARTINE b 1734 Tarrytown, Westchester Co New York;  died bef 1797 in New Hempstead, Orange Co New York; lived mainly in Haverstraw, Orange Co NY. Married in abt 1760 Rachel BAREE or BARRE. Signed the Association petition against taxation without representation. Supposedly fought in Rev War, but so far no records have been found. Was not present in 1790 census, but his sons were still in Haverstraw, NY. Source: New York Historical Manuscripts: Revolutionary Papers, Volume 1, p 5-7. My great x4 grandfather. ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

ABRAHAM BROWN II b May 8, 1753 Nottingham or Epping, New Hampshire; died March 8, 1824 Northfield, NH; married on May 27, 1777 in Epping NH, Mary BUTLER born March 30, 1760 Nottingham, NH, (Mayflower descendant) daughter of Rev Benjamin BUTLER & Dorcas ABBOTT of Andover, MA & Nottingham, NH. Abraham Brown II served several terms of duty; defended West Point under Capt. Daniel Gordon in 1780. His widow Mary received his Rev War Pension in 1832; she survived him by over 20 years dying in 1846. Source: Abraham Brown II's Rev War Pension Record (, DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966) & bios/genealogies from "History of Northfield NH" by Lucy Cross; "History of Town of Canterbury NH" by James Otis Lyford; "History of the Town of Andover, NH" by John R Eastman, and more. My great x4 grandfather (🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

THOMAS MILLER b March 20, 1754, Goochland Co Virginia, d 1819 LaVallee Plantation, Goochland co Virginia as per his will. Married Constance MASSIE. Was a prominent and very wealthy landowner, often listed in records as "gentleman". At his death he owned numerous plantations in Goochland, Prince William, and Spotsylvania Co VA, according to his will. Over 159 slaves were listed by name in the estate records (see link below). He was said to have been a Lieutenant in Revolutionary Army. Stlll searching for records. DAR Patriot index (1966) shows only his father William Miller who married Mary Heath, and who would have likely been too old to fight in the Rev War. My great x4 grandfather (🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant) 
Slaves named in the estate papers of THOMAS MILLER of LaVallee Plantation, Goochland Co VA

Capt CHARLES WOODSON b Dec 30, 1759 Cumberland Co Virginia; Capt Charles Woodson was at the battle of Charleston SC, and apparently was captured and imprisoned. He and 30 of his comrades escaped and walked home to Virginia, an extremely slow and hazardous endeavor. Upon his return home, he married Judith LEAKE, daughter of Josiah Leake below. They settled at "Rosebank" Plantation, Cumberland Co VA, a large tract of land given to him by his father "three miles in circuit, skirted by the Willis River". He died 1 Dec 1830. Source: DAR Patriot Index (1966), and "History & Genealogy of the Woodsons" by Henry Morton Woodson, which has a large section on Capt Charles Woodson including several interesting stories & letters. His wife Judith applied for his Rev War pension in 1843.  My great X 4 grandfather (🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

JOSIAH LEAKE b March 19 1730  Rocky Springs Plantation, Goochland Co Virginia; died Sept 21, 1795; married 1st) Ann FENTON; 2nd) Ann Minter, 3rd) Mrs Anne Foster. Joined the VA Militia, and attained rank of Captain in July 1777. Source: DAR Patriot Index (1966) and "Virginia Militias in the Revolutionary War" by McAllister. My great x 5 grandfather (🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

Lt ROBERT PETER MOSELEY my great x4 grandfather b 14 Feb 1731  Henrico Co Virginia; died 30 Jan 1804 Willow Lake Plantation, Buckingham Co Virginia. Married Mary Magdalene GUERRANT on 23 Sep 1756. Served as Lt. in the Rev Army along with his two sons Thomas and Capt Arthur Moseley, and his wife's brothers, Jean John Guerrant and Pierre Peter Guerrant. All survived. Source: Moseley family records, and DAR Patriot Index (1966) (🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

THOMAS SAUNDERS/SANDERS b abt 1735 Goochland or Cumberland Co Virginia; lived Buckingham Co Virginia, then late in life moved to Tennessee; married Mary MITCHELL; died Nov 28, 1812 Davidson Co TN as per his will.  Father of Mary "Polly" Saunders b 1774 VA who married William Francis Moseley (my great x3 grandparents) DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great X 4 grandfather. (🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

NATHANIEL MASSIE Sr  b Aug 2, 1727 New Kent Co Virginia d 1802 Goochland Co Virginia; married Elizabeth "Betsey" WATKINS. Served as a Captain in the Goochland Co VA Militia in the Revolutionary War, alongside his son Nathaniel Massie Jr, who in 1796 founded the town of Chillicothe, Ohio. Source: DAR Patriot Index (1966), The Story of Goochland, by Wight publ 1935; and "A Catalogue of Descendents of Thomas Watkins of Chicohominy" by Francis Watkins. My great X 5 grandfather. (🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

JONATHAN SCOFIELD Jr b abt 1748 Stamford, Fairfield Co Connecticut; died Feb 15, 1788 Stamford Fairfield Co Connecticut. Married Jemima FINCH. Was a private in Rev War, Connecticut Militia, under Capt Silvanus Brown, in Col David Waterbury's Regiment. Jonathan Scofield died at age 40, and in 1799 his son Reynolds Finch SCOFIELD chose Selleck SCOFIELD as guardian. Source: Stamford, Fairfield Co CT records, copy of muster rolls ( and "A Scofield History". My great X 4 grandfather. ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

JONATHAN DIBBLE b abt 1747 Fairfield Co Connecticut; died aft 1820 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co New York. Married Rachel SLASON. Revolutionary War Soldier, private in Poundridge, Westchester Co New York Militia, under Capt Stephen Delavan. Gave an account of the attack on Ward's house by Major Campbell to J.M McDonald, which was subsequently quoted in Bolton's "History of Westchester" and later in Otto Schufeld's "Westchester During the Revolutionary War". Source: copy of muster rolls (; DAR Patriot Index (1966). ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

Maj STEPHEN GALE II b 1736 New Hampshire, grandfather of Phebe Gale my great x3 grandmother. Married Mrs Phebe PAGE; 2nd) Mehitable PLUMER . He was one of the first men to scale the walls at Fort Ticonderoga, and was promoted to the rank of Major for his gallantry. Source: DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great X 5 grandfather.

ANDREW JEWETTb abt 1750 Stratham, Rockingham Co New Hampshire, Married Mary PIPER. He served on the Safety Committee of Sanbornton, New Hampshire Source: DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966) My great X 5 grandfather

Rev BENJAMIN BUTLERb 6 Apr 1729 Windham, Connecticut (his great great grandfather Nicholas Butler originally settled at Martha's Vineyard); died 29 Dec 1804 Nottingham, New Hampshire: father of Mary Butler who married Abraham Brown listed above. Rev Benjamin Butler was a graduate of Harvard, and a descendent of John Howland, a Mayflower passenger. He married Dorcas ABBOTT of Andover, Massachusetts. Rev Benjamin Butler signed the Association Test of Nottingham NH against taxation without representation and was on the committee to hire soldiers for the Revolution. Source: DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966), and "A History of Martha's Vineyard" by Dr Charles Banks. My great X 5 grandfather.   ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)
NOT the father of IGNATIUS BUTLER b 1755 Monongalia County, Virginia.

DANIEL BOLTON Sr b July 1, 1747 Reading, Middlesex Co Massachusetts; died aft 1790 Maine. Fought in Rev War on frontier of Lincoln Co Massachusetts, which later became Lincoln Co Maine. Daniel Bolton married Reliance (Pratt) HOVEY, widow of Ebenezer Hovey who died 1777 in the Revolutionary War. Daniel Bolton was also administrator of the will of Ebenezer Hovey, which was probated 1785 in Hallowell, Lincoln Co Maine (NOTE: I have not completely verified this individual as grandfather of my gg grandmother, Sarah Jane Bolton of Cumberland Co Maine, but it seems quite likely. Use at your own risk!).

EBENEZER MORTON b abt 1758 Gorham, Cumberland Co Maine; died before 1820 Standish, Cumberland Co Maine, married Susannah IRISH. As per book, "History of Gorham Maine" by McClellan; Served in the Revolutionary Army Capt Jenkins' company, 12th Massachusetts. McClellan notes that when he enlisted, he was little more than a boy. Apparently lived all of his life on Standish Neck. My great X 4 grandfather ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

THOMAS IRISH b Jan 29, 1737 Falmouth, Cumberland Co Maine, died Aug 14, 1832 Gorham, Cumberland Co Maine; married Deliverance SKILLINGS. DAR Patriot Indexs hows him as a Sgt in Massachusetts, wife Deliverance Skillings. Thomas was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, enlisting in 1775. In 1779 he was a sergeant in Capt. McLellan's Company, Col. Mitchell's Regiment and took part in the Penobscot Expedition. My great x 5 grandfather (🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

ALBERT CAMPBELL b abt 1748 Clarkstown, Rockland Co New York; died aft 1799 Rockland Co, New York; married Catharina VAN HOUTEN. Albert is named on list of enlisted men from Clarkstown, Rockland Co, New York--as were all three of his brothers: WILLIAM, STEPHEN & LUCAS. He was listed as "Albert Cammel "(Cammel being a common Dutch phonetic spelling of Campbell). His brothers were also listed with surname "Cammel". All of them were in Onderdonk's 2nd regiment, Orange County, New York.  Source "History of Rockland Co New York".  NOT to be confused with OLIVER CAMPBELL, a United Empire Loyalist who emigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1783.  My great X 4 grandfather. ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

ELEAZER SLAUSON/Slason/Slosson/Slawson b abt 1728 Stamford, Fairfield Co Connecticut; died abt 1790 Salem, Westchester Co New York; married Sarah RAYMOND. Served in the Westchester Militia, 4th Regiment, during the Rev War, along with his son Eleazer Jr. DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great X 6 grandfather.

SOLOMON BROWN b abt 1746 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co New York; died abt 1821 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co NY; married Sarah SLASON. Revolutionary War Westchester NY Militia, listed in 3rd Regiment. DAR Patriot Index (1966) My great X 5 grandfather.

GABRIEL PALMER  b 1752 Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut; died bef 1800 Dutchess county, New York; married Abigail LOUNSBURY. Unverified as yet by me, but his service was mentioned in later bio of his grandson, SHERWOOD HANMER PALMER.  ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

NATHAN EDSON II  b 14 March 1759  Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts; died 16 Aug 1825 Stockbridge, Madison county, New York; married Mary HALL;   NATHAN EDSON II was a minuteman from Bridgewater at the Lexington Alarm. He served several enlistments as private and sergeant. Source: DAR Patriot Index & records  ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

JOHN FELTON Sr  b 9 Nov 1741  Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts; died 1820 Clarence Hollow, Erie County,  New York; married Persis ROGERS;   moved to Marlborough, New Hampshire and served as Corporal in 1777. Source: SAR Application records, "A Genealogical History  of the Felton Family" by Cyrus Felton  ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

Father's lineage

JAMES WHITECOTTON  b 1755 Stafford Co Virginia; married about 1770 an unknown 1st wife; married 2nd  after 1795 in Kentucky (as per court deposition records)  Ruth Newton HUDSPETH; he died age 99 years on June 7, 1849 Pleasant Run, Marion Co Kentucky. Enlisted 1776 in Captain William Fountain's company, which marched to Charlottesville Virginia to join the regiment commanded by Col Woodford & Lt Col Charles Scott. This unit marched to Williamsburg VA and on to "Long Bridge" where the regiment met & defeated the British. James re-enlisted in 1778. Later was posted at Kaskaskia, Illinois to help defend settlers from Indians, under George Rogers Clark. Later lived Hampshire Co Virginia, which part became Hardy Co West Virginia, then later still migrated to Washington, Mercer and Marion Co Kentucky. Source: James' Rev War pension records; DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great x 5 grandfather ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

MICHAEL STUMP II b 8 April 1744 Tulpehocken, Lancaster Co Pennsylvania;  Moved to Hampshire Co Virginia bef 1763 where he married Sarah HUGHES., was a Lt Col in the VA Militia, but resigned this post and was commissioned as Captain in the Continental Army. He raised a company of soldiers and marched them to join the forces fighting Cornwallis. He was in the final battle of Yorktown. By 1782 he lived in Hampshire Co Virginia, which part eventually became Hardy Co West Virginia. Died 1799 Hardy Co WV. Source: JW Neff Research, DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great x 5 grandfather ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

SIMON SIMONSE VAN ARSDALE b April 18, 1726 New York or New Jersey;  died March 17, 1791 Southampton, Bucks Co Pennsylvania; married Elsje KROESEN; no records as yet, but service mentioned in "History of Bucks Co Pennsylvania" by Davis publ 1905. Great grandfather of Nancy Van Arsdale Frazier. My great x 5 grandfather ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

MATTHIAS FENTON b 1745 Bucks Co Pennsylvania;  married  23 Aug 1770 Rachel HARDING; served as private in Southampton, Bucks Co Pennsylvania; by 1779 owned the Red Lion Inn in Bensalem. Died 10 Dec 1781 Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania. Source: DAR Patriot Index, which shows wife incorrectly as "Rachel Hardy" (1966) and "History of Bucks Co PA" by Davis publ 1905.  Great grandfather of Nancy Van Arsdale Frazier. My great x 5 grandfather.

ISAAC THOMAS THOMPSON b abt 1750 near the Dan River in Virginia (possibly Pittsylvania Co); moved to Rowan (later Burke) Co North Carolina with his family as a very young child. Isaac is the father of my ggg grandfather Joseph Thompson b abt 1797  Burke Co North Carolina, as per recent DNA evidence. Isaac fought in Rowan Co North Carolina which part became Burke Co North Carolina, and lived in the same area all of his life. Several spouses, as yet unknown, but census shows many children. Rev War pension applied for March 7, 1833 in Burke Co NC, age 79, showing that Isaac was a private in the North Carolina militia. Pension records indicate he died June 1, 1839 in Burke Co North Carolina. "Revolutionary Soldiers of Western North Carolina:Burke Co Volume I" by Emmett White, p 278 indicates birthplace & death date, and that Isaac was living in Rowan Co NC in 1776 at beginning of Rev War; three tours of duty during the Rev War 1) in John Hardin's company of Col Christopher Beekman's regiment from Rowan (later Burke) Co NC. 2) Capt Thomas Lytle's Co of McDowell's Burke Co NC regiment;  3) Capt Thomas Kennedy's company of McDowell's Regime. My great x 4 grandfather. ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

JOSEPH BALLEW II; b abt 1756 Buckingham or Albemarle Co Virginia; d 1845 White Co Arkansas; married abt 1771 Elizabeth CONNELLY in Rowan (later Burke) Co North Carolina; served in Burke Co North Carolina; 1780 Capt Thomas Kennedy's company of McDowell's Regiment; summer 1780 Capt James McFarland, McDowell's Regiment, including Battle of Kings Mountain Oct 7, 1780; March 1782  Henry Highland's Co of Col Joseph McDowell's Regiment. Source: his Rev War Pension Application. My great x 5 grandfather ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

DAVID BRUTON Sr b abt 1736 Virginia or North Carolina; died 1816 Spartanburg, South Carolina; married bef 1760 in Anson Co North Carolina a 1st wife, name unknown; married 2nd abt 1770 in Anson Co North Carolina Susannah Unknown, who had been previously married. He was said to have fought in the Rev. War in South Carolina, along with his son Major George Bruton who married Sarah Addington. No verification or documentation as yet. David lived in Anson Co North Carolina prior to and at the time of the Revolution; and by 1785 purchased land on the Tyger River, which area became Spartanburg Co, South Carolina. Actually it appears he may have been living in the same place all along, and the state/county changed around him. The area in which he settled endured many name changes in the 1700s. My great x 5 grandfather ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

ROBERT SCOTT b abt 1760 York Co Pennsylvania or Virginia, died 1835 Connersville, Fayette Co, Indiana. Lived for many years in Fayette and Pulaski Co Kentucky, owning land along Pitman Creek in the latter county. He married Grace, whose maiden name may have been Allen. He was grandfather of Lavina Scott Bruton, my gg grandmother, as per bio of her brother William W Scott. Robert Scott signed the marriage license of Thomas Scott & Elizabeth Jones (1802 Pulaski Co KY) Fought as private in Virginia.Source: Rev War Pension. My great x 4 grandfather. (🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

NICHOLAS JONES b abt 1761 Bertie Co North Carolina, died bef 1830 Lincoln Co Tennessee; married 8 Aug 1782 Martha "Patsy" MOORE in Granville Co North Carolina;  then lived in Caswell Co North Carolina, Madison & Pulaski Co Kentucky, and Rutherford Co Tennessee. He was the  grandfather of Lavina Scott Bruton, my gg grandmother, as per bio of her brother William W Scott, and the marriage license of Thomas Scott & Elizabeth Jones (1802 Pulaski Co Kentucky). Apparently fought in Virginia, unverified by me. Source: Moore family records. My great x 4 grandfather ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

JOHN WOFFORD Sr b 1730 Prince Georges Co Maryland, m Eleanor Sarah BUSHROD (maiden name unverified); settled in Spartanburg, South Carolina; father of Dorcas Wofford who married Enoch Bruton, my gx4 grandfather b 1766 SC. .John was said to have served as an enlisted man in the 6th Carolina Regiment, enlisted June 1, 1778--Sept 11, 1778 in W Henderson's & Capt John Buchanan's Company. Several of his brothers also enlisted. He was called "Stompin' John" because he was a preacher who would stomp his feet to emphasize points from the Bible in his sermon. Source: "History of Spartanburg SC " by Dr. J.B. O Landrum, published 1900, DAR Patriot Index (1966), and website/research of David Foster. My great x 5 grandfather

JACOB HUBER b abt 1750, Pennsylvania or  Germany;  died Oct 8, 1803, Berlin, Somerset Co Pennsylvania; married (possible 2nd wife) Magdalena unknown. Lived possibly in Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland or Western Virginia prior to 1790; migrated to Berlin, Brother's Valley twp, Bedford (later Somerset) Co Pennsylvania by 1793, when he begins to show up in Lutheran church records there. Also listed in the 1800 census there.   Father of William/Wilhelm Huber b abt 1779-1780 Hampshire Co Virginia who married Anna Elizabeth Keffer in Somerset Co Pennsylvania. Unverified as yet, no Rev War records. My great x 4 grandfather  ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant of his son WILLIAM/WILHELM HUBER)

JOHANN JACOB KEFFER/Keefer/Keifer b June 3, 1734 Zeselberg, Germany; died May 1802, Berlin, Brother's Valley Twp, Bedford (later Somerset) Co Pennsylvania; married Anna Maria "Mary" NASS in Germany. Listed in the DAR Patriot Index as "Jacob Keefer" Pvt Pennsylvania (1966 edition). My great X 5 grandfather. ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

FREDERICK WILLIAM SHRIVER (Friedrich Wilhelm Schreiber) b Feb 8, 1744  Anne Arundel Co Maryland; married in 1770 Frederick Co Maryland Maria Elizabeth BIERLE/BEYERLE; died Feb 27, 1820 , buried St John's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Creagerstown, Frederick Co Maryland. According to land deed records, he was living in York Co Pennsylvania near the time of the Revolution. Later lived at Thurmont, Emmitsburg and possibly Creagerstown, Frederick Maryland, as per census, Lutheran church, land and other records. Unverified as yet, no Rev War records, but it seems highly likely, since other siblings in his family did fight in the Revolutionary War. My great X 4 grandfather. ( 🧬 I am a direct DNA descendant)

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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Mystery Man: JOHN RINES b 1730, Immigrant to Maitland, Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada

 There's no doubt about it: my 5th great grandfather JOHN RINES is my most difficult brick wall, and definitely is a mystery man. There are THREE  different "origin stories" from descendants, concerning how he came  to settle in Maitland, Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

(SIDE NOTE HERE:  JOHN RINES was absolutely  NOT the son  of JOHN RAINEY Sr b 1717 & JENNET  STRAYHORN of Scotland & Virginia or their son JOHN RAINEY Jr & ELIZABETH HUNTER of  Caswell  Co North Carolina, as has been erroneously reported in numerous online family trees. That family & their descendants can be traced & documented in Virginia & NC and never set foot in Canada)

ORIGIN STORY # 1: According to several historical sources from Hants County, Nova Scotia,  JOHN RINES or RANES, born about 1730,  was "of Corn Hill in Massachusetts" when he was conscripted into the British Army during the French & Indian War.  According to this origin story, JOHN decided to stay in Canada, and became "the first settler in Maitland Village" in Hants County after the expulsion of the French Acadians. He married, in about 1759, ELIZABETH TOAL/TOWLE (some sources say the marriage took place in Onslow, Colchester County, Nova Scotia). According to these historical sources,  JOHN's home was "on a knoll just this side of the foundry site, built over an old French cellar."

However, there is a problem with the location of Corn Hill, Massachusetts, which is near Truro in Barnstable County, on Cape Cod. There were NO families with the RINES or RANES surname (or any other spelling variations) living in that area during that time period. The only RINES family I have been able to trace settled in the 1690s-early 1700s lived in what would become Maine & New Hampshire. Many of there were mariners.

ORIGIN STORY # 2: HENRY J RINES b 1826 Maitland, Hants, Nova Scotia, a grandson of JOHN RINES & ELIZABETH TOAL of Maitland, died in 1894 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine USA. In 1887  he wrote down the RINES family history as he remembered it in a letter that was requested by his son JOB RINES. Much of what is known about the descendants of JOHN RINES & ELIZABETH TOAL comes from that 1887 letter.  His "Origin Story" was as follows: 

Riten (written) as near as I can remember with notes of the conversations with grandfather (JOHN RINES I) that they originated from Oak Hill in Massachusetts near Boston and that the way he and his wife came to Nova Scotia was that they wanted to get married and neither of there (their) parents would hear to it so they ran away and went to Nova Scotia and there were married and they raised there (their) (illegible) family that I recall to mind. 

He goes on to say that JOHN RINES & ELIZABETH TOAL  were married at "Onsloo", which would be Onslow, Colchester County, Nova Scotia; then lists all the children of this couple. (I have solid DNA matches to many of their descendants, so it appears that this list from HENRY was correct!).

ORIGIN STORY # 3 WILLIAM H RINES,  born abt 1880 Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, was the youngest son of HENRY J RINES by his 2nd wife ISABELLE PHILLIPS.  In the 1887 letter to JOB RINES,  WILLIAM weighed in with this 3rd "Origin Story"

The Rines family originated from Haverhill or Oak Hill in Massachusetts whether they emigrated under that or some other name we no (know) not, or how they came in Nova Scotia we no (know) not as I am of the third generations and all I no (know) we gather from my father (HENRY J RINES), hew (who) is of the second generation and and is the youngest son of the youngest son. But my father says he was either a soldier or in the navy of the (illegible). And was taken prisoner to Halifax and at its close when released, married and settled there in place of returning home. Be this as it may we find ourselves there. But now I find us about all returned to our native soil and seated from Portland.

So what's a genealogist to do? Which is the correct "origin story"--or is there an element of truth to all of them? Clearly according to all three sources, JOHN RINES b 1730 was from "some darned hill" in Massachusetts. But the only RINES family that I've been able to trace in New England is the one that settled in what would become Maine & New Hampshire.

Unfortunately records seem to be scarce for Nova Scotia during the time period in question (1755-1790s)--at least for a researcher living in the US.   I have not yet found where JOHN RINES & ELIZABETH TOAL are buried, or any kind of land grant record or military record that might shed some light on how they ended up in Canada.

Judging from poll tax records for Hants County, JOHN RINES left Maitland late in life, and settled in Kennetcook, Hants County, by 1791, where he lived next to my other 5th great grandfather, PATRICK McDONALD (b 17 Mar 1727 Inverness, Scotland, d aft 26 Nov 1801  Kennetcook). By 1792, his son (my great x 4 grandfather) JOHN RINES II was also listed in the poll tax records, living next door to both his father and his future father-in-law, PATRICK McDONALD. PATRICK's daughter ELIZABETH McDONALD, married JOHN RINES II on 22 Nov 1795 in Rawdon, Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada.

In the poll tax records 1791-1795 , the RINES surname is spelled RYANS, RYAN, and RINES.  

Source for much of what I know about the RINES & McDONALD families: "Rawdon & Douglas: Two Loyalist Townships in Nova Scotia" by John V Duncanson.

Suggestions & Comments greatly appreciated!

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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Filling in the Feltons and the Edsons of New York in my Family Tree


John Felton Martine 
born 15 June 1831 Spencerport, Monroe, New York
died 30 Jan 1907 Orting, Pierce, Washington

My great great grandfather, pictured above,  came from a family that consistently, over several generations, named sons after a maternal grandfather. So when it was discovered that his full name was JOHN FELTON MARTINE, I was hopeful that I could connect his mother MARY EDSON MARTINE, with the family of JOHN FELTON Sr who died about  1820 in Clarence Hollow, Erie County, New York.  My theory was the MARY EDSON MARTINE's mother was likely a daughter of JOHN FELTON Sr who married JOHN EDSON Sr of Genesee County, New York.

I have had great difficulty researching subsequent generations of the FELTON & EDSON families in this area of New York state  because they left few descendants. This is partially due to the fact that both JOHN FELTON Sr and JOHN EDSON Sr and many of their children died during epidemics that spread up into New York state via the Erie Canal. There were several such epidemics, including a devastating Cholera epidemic which swept into the area in 1832. 

So, for many years, I did not add previous generations of either the FELTON or EDSON family to my online tree.  There were just too many unanswered questions. 

Now, however, with the advent of Ancestry's new Sideview feature I have been better able to discern which of matches are maternal. I now have over 36,000 maternal matches.  Recently, I started looking for DNA matches to descendants of both JOHN FELTON Sr and JOHN EDSON Sr, and to  previous generations in their families, knowing that the matches would likely be small in terms of cM, and in the 5th-8th cousin range.

Currently I have found nine DNA matches on AncestryDNA to descendants of JOHN FELTON Sr & his wife PERSIS ROGERS, and also to previous generations of the FELTON family which was originally from Essex County, Massachusetts.   Likewise I have found eight DNA matches to previous generations of the EDSON family, which was originally from Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.  The matches range from 21 cM to 8 cM in length.

These FELTON & EDSON DNA matches are also matching other MARTINE descendants in my maternal AncestryDNA match list, so I am very hopeful that I am on the right track with my theory.  I have yet to find segment data, however, even though I have cross-referenced these FELTON & EDSON  AncestryDNA matches with matches on 23andMe, MyHeritage, FamilyTree DNA and Gedmatch.  I would really like to be able to find segment data so that I can use DNAPainter to verify my theory.

Here is the section of my Ancestry Tree for these families.  I have capitalized the first names of ancestors with whom I have established a DNA connection. 

For more information on my MARTINE, FELTON & EDSON lines,  see my public Ancestry Tree, "Martine of Westchester Co New York and Scofield of Stamford, Fairfield Connecticut"

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