Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Discovering the Y-DNA Haplogroup for JACOB HUBER Sr (died 1803) of Berlin, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Recently, I was able to obtain a Y-DNA test for a male from my paternal HUBER family. There are very few males with this surname still living in my father's family, so this was, in many ways, a small miracle!

According to 23andMe,  my male HUBER ancestors have the Y-DNA haplogroup I2b1*  (which appears to have been renamed I2a2a recently--but that change has not yet appeared on 23andMe or Family Tree DNA websites).

This was somewhat of a shock to me, as I fully expected a Northern European Y-DNA haplogroup of R1a or some variation of that.

Then came the questions:

--Is there anyone out there researching HUBER or HOOVER lineages with Y-DNA haplogroup I2b1*  aka  I2a2a??    

--What Y haplogroups are most common for surname HUBER or HOOVER?

--Is I2b1* aka I2a2a  a really rare haplogroup for Northern Europeans?  

23andMe has posted information on Y haplogroup I2b1* ,  but the page indicates that the haplogroup is most prominent in Southern Europe, Sardinia & the Balkans.

This is somewhat confusing, since my HUBER family clearly had roots in Germany, and  most likely lived in Switzerland before Germany.

Other online information & maps show that Ib21* aka I2a2a did exist in Germany, Denmark & other Northern European areas.

To make things even more confusing, my own Ancestry Composition on 23andMe shows a small percentage of Italian ancestry, plus a small percentage of unidentified Southern European.

Family Tree DNA website shows ancestry of 0.5% Romanian--which I can't figure out at all!  I have a fairly complete family tree, accurate back to 5 generations, and I can see no connection to Southern Europe or Romania whatsoever in any part of my tree within 5 generations. Very curious!

At any rate, here are my male HUBER ancestral lineage (starting with my paternal grandfather) bearing the Y-DNA Haplogroup Ib21* aka I2a2a:

ALONZO COX HUBER b Dec 25, 1871 Thorntown Boone Co IN d 1951 Marshalltown, Iowa;  m MINTTIE MAY BRUTON
ELIJAH HUBER b 1808 Colerain twp, Ross Co  Ohio, died June 7, 1857 Darlington, Sugar Creek twp, Montgomery Co IN m CATHERINE SHRIVER
WILLIAM/WILHELM HUBER b June 22. 1776 Hagarstown, Washington Co MD or VA, died 1836 Salt Creek twp, Hocking Co OH,  m ANNA ELIZABETH KEFFER in Berlin, Somerset PA
JACOB HUBER Sr b abt 1750; died Oct 8, 1803 Berlin, Somerset Co PA m MAGDALENA unknown.

Your comments appreciated!

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