Monday, March 15, 2021

Adventures in Genetic Genealogy: That's a Lot of Fraziers!


In 2011,  I received my first autosomal DNA test results from 23andMe. Since then, I have been carefully compiling my matches with descendants of my paternal  FRAZIER family.  Because this family was Quaker,  reliable Monthly Meeting (MM) records exist and many descendants know exactly how they descend from the "patriarch" THOMAS FRAZIER b 1725 Carteret County, North Carolina and MARY PUGH, his wife (click here to read my blog post about why his name is not "GEORGE THOMAS FRAZIER"). 

Still, it's mind-boggling  to see exactly how many Frazier DNA matches I now have , ten years later, to descendants of the children & grandchildren of THOMAS FRAZIER b 1725 and MARY PUGH!

Here's the latest as of  March 15, 2021:

--201 matches to known descendants of my g x 5 grandfather THOMAS FRAZIER b 1725 & MARY PUGH (no matches so far to any PUGH families)

--1 match to known descendants of my great x 4 grandfather ISAAC FRAZIER ( son of THOMAS), and REBECCA SAFERIGHT (not including matches to SAFERIGHT or to ISAAC's only son HENRY; fewer children survived in this family , so fewer descendants stem from this generation)

--35 matches to known descendants of my ggg grandfather HENRY FRAZER ( son of ISAAC),  and MARY POLLY OTWELL (not including matches to OTWELL, or to HENRY's son ELI)

--48 matches to known descendants of  my gg grandfather ELI BRANSON FRAZIER (son of HENRY) & NANCY VAN ARSDALE (not including matches to VAN ARSDALE) 

TOTAL:  285 matches to known descendants of my male FRAZIER line. 

(By "known descendant" I mean a DNA match whose ancestry I have been able to trace to a MRCA (most recent common ancestor) who is one of the male FRAZIERs listed above, plus who is also matching, in triangulation, with other descendants of the same male FRAZIERs on the same chromosomal locations, with the matches being greater than 7 cM.)

As noted above, I also have  DNA matches to descendants of the families of some of the wives: SAFERIGHT, OTWELL & VAN ARSDALE. But the vast majority of my matches are to the male FRAZIERs.

Here is the list that I have been using to keep track of my FRAZIER matches. It isn't complete, of course, and only lists the children & grandchildren with whom  I have a DNA connection,  but it gives me a great overall picture of how many of descendants  of the male FRAZIER line I am actually connected to by DNA! 

The numbers in red are the total number of DNA matches so far  for each couple, gathered from 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, AncestryDNA & Gedmatch.

Now that's a lot of Fraziers! 

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