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A Friend of Friends Friday: African American Slaves Named in the 1743 Will of JOHN FRAZIER of Carteret Co NC

Note: "A Friend of Friends" was a password used on the Underground Railway

JOHN FRAZIER may be the father of my ancestor THOMAS FRAZIER (sometimes referred to as GEORGE THOMAS FRAZIER), whose children all married Quakers and were adherents of that faith in Guilford Co NC and after about 1820 in Indiana. Some of the FRAZIERs  were fervent abolitionists and involved in the Underground Railway in Indiana.

WILL OF JOHN FRAZIER written 1743, probated 1744 Carteret Co NC
In the name of God Amen. I, JOHN FRAZIER of Carteret County in the Province of North Carolina, planter, being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and memory, thanks to God for the same, do make my last will and testament in manner and form following ( viz.)

--Imprimis. I will and desire that my beloved wife MARY shall have the use of my plantation during her natural life except she should mary (stet) and then in such case only the use of the third part thereof.

--I give unto my son JOHN and to his heirs and assignes forever, my plantation and land whereon I now dwell after the decease of his mother as aforesaid, I also give to my said son JOHN his heirs and assignes one Negro girl named SARAH.

--I give and bequeath unto my son JAMES his heirs etc. one Negro boy called TOMBY.
--I give and bequeath unto my son THOMAS his heirs etc. one Negro girl called JUDY.
--I give and bequeath unto my son DANIEL to him his heirs etc. one Negro boy called COLE.
--I give and bequeath unto my daughter MARY and her heirs etc. one Negro girl called ROSE.
--My desire is that my wife shall have the labour of my three Negroes (Viz.) CATO, PHILLIS and old ROSE during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided between all my children, and if the Negro woman ROSE should be safely delivered of the child she now goes with, I give that child unto my daughter MARY, her heirs, etc.
--I give and bequeath unto each of my sons one young horse and to my daughter MARY one young mair to be marked or branded in their own mark as soon as can be after my decease.
--I give unto my wife one third part of my other stock; and the old horses and mairs for the use of the plantation, and the remaining two thirds to be equally divided between all my children and to be marked in their own marks.
-My will and desire is that all my household goods be kept together for the use and support of my wife and children during my said wives natural life excepting she should marry and then to be equally divided among all which aforesaid legacys mentioned for the use of my wife to be in lieu of her dower, and if any of my children should die before they are of age, his or her part (so dying) of the personal estate to be equally divided among the survivours of them.
--I will and desire that the sum of one thousand pounds which is in the hands of CARY GODBE be applyed for the schooling of my children.
--My will is that my trustees hereafter named may kill so much out of the male kind of cattle belonging unto my children as may be thought necessary for said children?s provisions.
--I do hereby appoint my beloved wife MARY executrix and my trusty friends ___ THOMAS LOVICK, Mr. DAVID SHEPARD and GEORGE READ trustees of this my last will and testament, making null and void all other will and wills heretofore made by me. In witness wh ereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal this 17th day of February 1743.
--Signed, sealed and delivered JOHN FRAZIER (mark) in presence of Sarah Johnson (mark) William W. Dennis (mark) Thomas Mann
--Carteret County North Carolina June Court 1744 These are to certifie that William Dennis one of the subscribing evidences made oath that he saw JOHN FRAZIER the testator of the within will sign and seal the same and that he also saw Thomas Mann and S arah Johnson the other evidences, evidence the same, and by that court admitted to be recorded Test. Geo. Read, (title, perhaps County Clerk?)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Was LUTHER HUBER Who Died 1915 Nashville TN the Same Person as my Great Grandfather PHILLIP L HUBER who Disappeared 1882 Hardin Co Iowa?

2014 Update:  It has now been proven through DNA testing that PHILLIP L HUBER b Oct 31, 1844 Ohio and LUTHER HUBER who died Jan 5, 1915 Nashville, Tennessee were indeed that same person. Please contact me for more information.

A researcher contacted me recently with a very interesting but completely unproven theory.  Apparently she is doing research for a client or friend, who is a descendant of LUTHER HUBER born Oct 31, 1843 supposedly in Pickaway Co OH, who married IDA HALE in 1891 in Sumner TN.  He was 48 at time of marriage, and she was age 15.

According to this researcher,  LUTHER HUBER is the same person as my great grandfather PHILLIP L HUBER who was born 1844 OH, son of ELIJAH HUBER & CATHERINE SHRIVER.

My great grandfather PHILLIP L HUBER married CAROLINE AMELIA "CRAMELIA" FRAZIER Nov 24, 1869 in Boone Co IN.  They resided 1870 in Montgomery Co IN with his mother, CATHERINE SHRIVER HUBER, and in 1880 in Bangor, Marshall Co Iowa, near his wife's mother NANCY VAN ARSDALE FRAZIER.

According to family members, PHILLIP L HUBER disappeared without trace in 1882, while accompanying his twelve year old son ALONZO HUBER (my grandfather) to a fair in nearby Hardin Co, Iowa (some sources say Marshall Co Iowa fair). No one knows what became of him. I have been unable to find him in any census records after 1880, or any newspaper accounts indicating what happened, or whether his body was ever found. His wife CRAMELIA and children remained in Marshall Co, Iowa; she remarried in 1895 to PETER CLOW.

LUTHER HUBER, according to this researcher, first surfaced in Nashville, TN in 1885 (her source for this is what??). He was married in TN in 1891.  He and wife IDA are listed in the 1900 Davidson Co  TN census, Nashville Ward 1, he age 56 born 1843 OH, she age 24 born 1876 TN.  In 1910 Davidson Co TN census, he is listed as age 61 (born 1849), she as age 34, with their daughters ETTA HUBER born 1903 and DAISY HUBER born 1906. His occupation in both census records is listed as carpenter, building houses.

According to his death certificate, LUTHER HUBER died Jan 5, 1915 of Hodgkin's Disease in Nashville TN.  His birth date on the certificate is listed as Oct 31, 1833, OH.  His mother is listed as "KATIE SHRIVER", but on closer inspection, one sees that it also might also be 'KATIE SHRINER".

Based on that death certificate bearing the mother's name as "SHRIVER", the researcher is now thoroughly convinced that PHILLIP L HUBER and LUTHER HUBER are one and the same.  They might be,  but  I am not entirely convinced.

Here's why:

1) There were an extraordinary number of HUBERs & SHRIVERs in the United States during the time period in question, especially in Ohio. It's especially daunting when you consider all the spelling variations that can be found for both those surnames.  So, to say--with such thin evidence--that the two men are one & the same seems foolhardy without a lot more  intensive research.

2) Even if the name on the death certificate was "Katie Shriver" there is no proof that Katie was the same person as my gg grandmother CATHERINE SHRIVER HUBER--who was never referred to as "Katie" in any record or family correspondence that I have ever found.  Likewise, the name "LUTHER" was never used in my Huber, Shriver or Luckhart family.  It is more likely that my great grandfather's middle name was "LEWIS" or  "LUCKHART", both of which were used again and again as first and middle names.  He may in fact have been named for his grandmother's brother PHILLIP LUCKHART.

2) The researcher has given me no indication how she knows that LUTHER HUBER was born in Pickaway Co OH. While it is true that my great grandfather's parents ELIJAH HUBER & CATHERINE SHRIVER were living in Pickaway Co OH in 1840, according to census, there is no way of knowing if my great grandfather PHILLIP L HUBER was born there in 1844.  This was a family on the move in the 1840s, and according to a bio of ELIJAH's brother JACOB HUBER, they both moved in quick succession through OH to Fountain Co IN,  then to Montgomery Co IN, where they lived for decades. There were, however, other members of this HUBER family who did live in Pickaway Co OH, notably VALENTINE HUBER, who was ELIJAH HUBER's uncle.

3) The death certificate is inconclusive.  The birthdate is seemingly incorrect, according to census records, which show a birthdate of Oct 1843 and Oct 1849, respectively. The mother's name "Katie Shriver" could also be "Katie Shriner".  Also, there are no records that I have found showing that my great grandfather had a birthdate of Oct 31.

I suggested that the researcher have her client or friend obtain an autosomal DNA test from 23andMe so that we can compare DNA.  If we are both descendants of the same great grandfather, we should share a significant amount of DNA.

Already this researcher has added ELIJAH HUBER & CATHERINE SHRIVER as the parents of LUTHER HUBER in her client's family tree. I think that's a bit premature.

Personally, I think a lot more thorough research, documentation and/ or a DNA test are required before we can say for sure whether or not LUTHER HUBER is the same person as PHILLIP L HUBER.

Comments, anyone?

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Friday, November 25, 2011

A Friend of Friends Friday: African American Slaves Named in Early Vital Records of Somerset Co MD 1684-1697

Note: "A Friend of Friends" was a password used on the Underground Railway

A few days ago, while I was researching several of my families in Somerset County Maryland, I stumbled over some vital records on the US Genweb Archives for Somerset Co MD webpage for African American slaves belonging to "Living Denwood" . A quick search of the book, "They Lived in Somerset" by Wilmer O Lankford, shows that "Living Denwood" was actually LEVIN DENWOOD (not one of my ancestors).

Here are the records as they were transcribed on the website :

Six Negroes belonging to Mr. Living Denwood
  --PEGG daughter to BOOBO and TORKES nigroes belonging to Living Denwood was
  borne September one thousand six hundred eighty foure
  --ROSE a nigro daughter to BOOBO & TORKES belonging to Mr. Living Denwood was
  borne August one thousand six hundred eighty six
  --SARAH a nigro daughter to GOLA and NAN belonging to Mr. Living Denwood was
  borne ffebruary one thousand six hundred eighty six
  --DOMINIK a sonn to GOLA and NAN nigroes belonging to Mr. Living Denwood was
  borne May one thousand six hundred eighty six
  --SUE a daughter to TONY and JANE nigroes belonging to Mr. Living Denwood was
  borne May one thousand six hundred ninety
  --SAMPSON a sonn to TOM and GINNY nigroes belonging to Mr. Living Denwood
  was borne June one thousand six hundred ninety

Aprill the 15th 1697
  --MOLL a negro girle belonging to Livin Denwood sew was bore the last of July
  anno Domy 1695
  --JAMES a negro boy belonging to ditto (Livin Denwood) was borne the 10th day of           Feby anno Domy  1696/7
 --WILL a negro boy belonging to ditto (Livin Denwood) was borne the 1st day of Aprill anno Domy 1697

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Honoring My Mayflower Ancestors

Well, it's official.  I am now a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in Washington State. And here, in honor of the holiday, is my ancestral connection to the first Thanksgiving!

1) JOHN HOWLAND & ELIZABETH TILLEY, Mayflower passengers

2) DESIRE HOWLAND b abt 1625 Plymouth MA & Capt JOHN GORHAM

3) DESIRE GORHAM b April 2, 1644 Plymouth MA & JOHN HAWES


5) JEMIMA DAGGETT b 1694 Edgartown, MA (Martha's Vineyard) & MALACHI BUTLER

6) Rev BENJAMIN BUTLER April 6, 1729 Windham CT & DORCAS ABBOTT b Andover MA

7) MARY BUTLER b March 30, 1760 Nottingham, NH & ABRAHAM BROWN Jr

8) BENJAMIN BUTLER BROWN b April 19, 1800 Northfield, NH & PHEBE GALE


10) FRANK R BROWN b Feb 5, 1858 Sacramento, CA & MARY ETTA KENNEDY

11) RUBY BOLTON BROWN b July 17, 1893 Alameda, CA & RANDOLPH B "Rolla" MARTINE (my grandparents)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!


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Sunday, November 20, 2011


After 12 years of researching, I have now come to the conclusion that RACHEL the wife of SOLOMON OTWELL b about 1716 of Somerset Co MD was most likely RACHEL CURTIS, daughter of JAMES CURTIS & SARAH HALL of Annamessex, Somerset Co MD.

Some others have listed her name as "RACHEL SMITH", and I have been laboring under that assumption all this time. But I was never able to connect RACHEL to any of the Smith families in Somerset Co MD.

At one point I suspected that RACHEL SMITH was the daughter of HOLLIDAY/HOLLADAY SMITH of Dorchester Co MD, as he did indeed have a daughter RACHEL, but that has been disproved, because HOLLIDAY SMITH was actually born in 1771, about 60 years after RACHEL who married SOLOMON OTWELL.

Unfortunately, many people have picked up on my previous theory and have added HOLLIDAY SMITH as the father of RACHEL who married SOLOMON OTWELL on their online family trees.


SOLOMON OTWELL died in about 1755 in Somerset Co MD and RACHEL his wife may have possibly married 2nd to a SMITH.

RACHEL CURTIS, who was probably age 10 when her father JAMES CURTIS died in 1721 in Somerset Co MD, received two parcels of land, "Curtis' Lott" and "Curtis' Adventure" in Somerset Co MD.  It would be interesting to see if that land was passed down to any of the children of SOLOMON OTWELL.

If RACHEL was indeed RACHEL CURTIS, that would certainly explain the great number of descendants of SOLOMON & RACHEL OTWELL with the first name "James" and "Curtis" !!!!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Timeline of my Earliest American Colonial Ancestors PART TWO 1631-1640

Here is part two of my timeline of earliest Colonial American Ancestors 1631-1640  (and far from complete I might add).  For each immigrant, I have tried to add the name of the ship if known, and where they eventually settled. ORANGE is my maternal line; BLUE is my paternal line, and PURPLE is both.

1631 Deacon JAMES HURST & wife GERTRUDE BENNISTER & dau PATIENCE; Pilgrims, emigrated from Leyden Holland; ship? Plymouth MA

1632 MATTHIAS ST JOHN ship? Dorchester, MA
        JAMES ROLLINS/RAWLINS; ship? Ipswich MA to NH
1633 ROBERT ELWELL “Recovery” Gloucester, MA
DAVID PHIPPEN “Recovery” Boston, MA
DAVID SELLECK Ship? July 24 Boston MA to Stamford CT
JOHN CORKER bef 1633 James City Co or Surry Co VA
DEACON JOHN DUNHAM bef 1633; ship? Plymouth MA
FREDERICK LUBBERTSEN bef 1633 ship? New Amsterdam
1634 CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD & wife MARGERY “Mary & John” Salisbury MA
HENRY KIMBALL & wife SUSAN & 8 chl “Elizabeth” Wenham, MA
MARTHA WHATLOCK SCOTT “Elizabeth” MA mother of...
RICHARD RAYMOND ship? Salem MA to Norwalk CT
Rev THOMAS LYNDE & wife MARGARET MARTIN & chl by 1st wife; “Griffin” Charlestown MA
1635 Col RICHARD LEE  Ship? York & Northumberland Co VA
JOHN EMERY II  “James” Newbury  MA
THOMAS SMITH “James” Newbury MA
DANIEL SCOFIELD “Susan & Ellen” Stamford, CT
RICHARD LAW Ship? Stamford & Milford CT
ROBERT PENOYER “Hopewell” Stamford CT
ROBERT TITUS & wife HANNAH & chl “Hopewell” Huntington LI NY
MATTHEW MARVIN & wife ELIZABETH GREGORY & ch “Increase” Hartford, CT
WILLIAM RUSCOE & wife REBECCA & chl “Increase” Westchester NY
THOMAS MILLETT & wife MARY GREENAWAY & chl  “Elizabeth” MA
JOHN BRUTON Ship? July1; headright of John Seaward/Seward Surry Co VA
SAMUEL SILAS JORDAN “Sea Venture” m FRANCES MOODY & 2nd) Cecily Reynolds Bailey in Jamestown             (possibly a cousin).
WILLIAM HICKOCK “Plaine Joan” Farmington, CT
ELIZABETH COLES, wife of Wm Hickock, “Batchelor”; she was maidservant to Lyon & Mary Gardner before her marriage to Hickock. Farmington, CT
1636 Col THOMAS LIGON/LYGON ship? Henrico Co VA
RICHARD COCKE of Bremo plantation; bef 1636; ship? Henrico VA
RICHARD FERRIS Ship?  June 2 headright  of Robert Hollom Henrico VA
WILLIAM MEAD Ship? Stamford CT
JOHN GILL  ship? Salisbury MA
EDWARD SAWYER & wife MARY PEASLEY; ship? Ipswich to Rowley MA
1637 PIETER CLAESSEN WYCKOFF “Rennselaerwick” New Netherlands
ROELOF CORNELIS Van HOUTEN  “Rennselaerwick” New Netherlands
WILLIAM CROSS bef 1637, ship? Pequot War, Wethersfield CT
Andover MA
JOHN PRIDE bef 1637 ship? Salem, MA
1638 HENRY SMITH &  wife JUDITH  & chl “Dilligent” MA to CT
GERRIT HENRICKSEN de BLAUBOER (aka Blauvelt) “Kalmar Nykel” Rennselaerwick, New Netherlands
Capt ANDREIS LUYCASZEN of Frederickstadt, Denmark/Norway; “Kalmar Nykel”; listed as upper boatswain on 1638 voyage; later was skipper of his own vessels; New Netherlands
CHRISTOPHER GARLINGTON Sr ship? York to Northumberland Co VA
THOMAS UPSON Ship? Hartford, CT
NICHOLAS BUTLER & wife JOYCE BAKER & chl; “Hercules” Dorchester MA to Martha’s Vineyard
WILLIAM PRIDE & wife SARAH MAYS; bef 1638 ship? Henrico Co VA
1639 DEACON HENRY BROWN bef 1639 Ship? Salisbury MA
CHRISTIAN HIBBERT BROWN mother of Henry bef 1639 Ship? Salisbury MA
ISAAC BUSWELL bef 1639 Ship? Salisbury MA
WILLIAM SARGENT bef 1639 Ship? Salisbury MA
JOHN STEVENS & wife CATHERINE CODMAN bef 1639 Ship? Salisbury MA
JOHN EDWARD SEVERANCE; bef 1639; ship? Salisbury MA
RICHARD AMBLER bef 1630 Ship? Watertown MA to Stamford CT
DEACON SAMUEL EDSON Ship? Bridgewater MA (unverfied ancestor)
WILLIAM DUDLEY Ship? June;  Guilford, CT
JOHN BISHOP Ship? June; Guilford, CT
BENJAMIN TURNEY Ship? MA to Fairfield CT
JOHN PETTIT ship? Roxbury MA to Stamford CT
THOMAS BETTS bef 1639 Guilford CT to Norwalk CT
NICHOLAS HATHAWAY & wife & chl; bef 1639; ship? Braintree to Taunton MA
1640 ROBERT BATES bef 1640 ship? Wethersfield CT to Stamford CT
CLAES CORNELISSEN Van SCHOUWEN bef 1640; Ship? New Amsterdam
GEORGE ABBOTT bef 1640 ship? Andover MA
EDMUND GALE befo 1640 ship? Cambridge MA 
WILLIAM PILLSBURY bef 1640 ship? Newbury MA
MICHAEL BACON III & wife MARY JOBS bef 1640 ship? Woburn MA
GEORGE LITTLE & wife ALICE POOR; ship? Newbury  MA
WILLIAM SAWYER & wife RUTH BITSFIELD; ship? Salem to Newbury MA
MOSES COX/COXE; ship? bef 1640 MA to NH
GEORGE LEWIS & wife ANN AWARDS/HAWARDS & chl; bef 1640 Casco Bay Maine. Most of this family perished in an Indian Massacre Aug 11, 1676. Two granddaughters Priscilla & Mercy Lewis were adopted by Rev George Burroughs, & taken back to Salem; Mercy Lewis was one of the accusers in the Salem Witch trials, and in fact accused Rev George Burroughs,  who had taken them in after the massacre! 

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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Friend of Friends Friday: African American Slaves Named in the 1825 will of Capt JOSEPH WOFFORD Sr of Spartanburg, SC

Note: "A Friend of Friends" was a password used on the Underground Railway

Will of JOSEPH WOFFORD Senr of Spartanburgh District:  Being of sound MARTHY WOFFORD my wife, all my household furniture and stock of every living creature, and the plantation where we now live, and all my negroes; to my son JEREMIAH WOFFORD after his Mother's deceased one Negro boy named MOSES for his natural life or till sd. MOSES is 40 years of age, which the sayd MOSE was twenty two years old last May; to my daughter ANN TUCKER, the tract she now lives on to the Buck Branch, adj. JOSEPH WOFFORD Junr line, adj. SAMUEL TUCKERs line, besides the Negroes I have made her a Deed of gift of... to my daughter REBECKAH the Land and Negro which I have deeded to her; to my son BENJAMIN WOFFORD, after his Mother's deceased, one Negro boy JEMRELL and Negro girl SIDNEY, besides the land I deeded my son JOSEPH WOFFORD, after his Mother's decease, one negro boy DAREN and boy ISAAC which I have made a Deed of gift my daughter MARTHY WHITE, tract which I now live on after her Mother's decease...I leave to my Executor an old Woman named FLOROW and UNO her daughter for him to take Steps to place them in such a situation as he shall deem proper so that they shall not be brought into bondage to any person and to keep them from being chargable to the District & UNO is to have a cow at her Mistress' death...son BENJ. WOFFORD, Exr...25 Aug 1825. JOSEPH WOFFORD (LS), Wit: S. Tucker, William Powell, Nancy Tucker. Prov. 17 March 1828.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Surname Saturday: RASBURY or RASBERRY of Virginia & Chowan/Bertie Co North Carolina

While I have not yet located a direct ancestor with the surname RASBURY/RASBERRY, the family certainly seems to have been deeply connected with my JONES family of Chowan/Bertie Co NC.

The first mention of JOHN RASBURY/RASBERRY & his wife BRIDGET BROWNE of Isle of Wight Co VA in Chowan/Bertie Co NC was in 1711:

1711 Chowan County, North Carolina Deeds, Book W : "Know all men by these presents that I John EARLY of North Carolina living in the County of Albermarle & in the Precinct of Chowan for and in consideration of the sum of half pound current money of Nor th Carolina to me in hand paid by JOHN RASBERRY, hatter, living in the above County & in the Precinct of Chowan at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents wherewith I confess myself to be fully satisfied contended and paid have bargained & sold and by these presents do fully clearly and absolutely bargain & deed unto the said JOHN RASBERRY a certain parcel of land containing two hundred acres of land plantation thereon houses orchard fencing & all that is belonging to the said two hundred acres of land lying upon Chowan River betwixt John Hales land and Thomas Daniel to have and to hold the above said two hundred acres of land all appurtenances belonging thereon to the above said JOHN RASBERRY his heirs ex'ors adm'trs or assigns to him & t hem forever from me my heirs ex'ors adm'trs or assigns and every one of us or whosoever shall come after me & against all people who shall and will warrant acquit and forever defend by these presents given from under my hand and seal the 16th day of April in the Reign of Sovereign Lady Queen Ann Anno Domi 1711. Signed sealed and Delivered in the presence of George Smith and John Hale. Signed (his mark) John Early."

CHARLES JONES Sr & SARAH unknown (his first wife) of Westmoreland Co VA was in Chowan/Bertie Co NC as early as 1713, according to a land deed to George Smithwick; he is also listed in a 1717 Chowan Co tax list. Parts of Chowan Co NC became Bertie Co NC in the 1720s.

In 1725, CHARLES JONES Sr gave 100 acres of land to BRIDGET RASBERRY, the daughter of JOHN RASBERRY & wife BRIDGET BROWNE.

April 23, 1725 CHARLES JONES to BRIGET RASBEARY (Rasberry or Rasbury):
"For love I do bare BRIGET RASBEARY, the daughter of JOHN RASBEARY and BRIDGET his wife.... 100 A at Hors(Horse) Swamp adj. James Howard, Peter West to Cow Hall (Haule). Wit. Thomas Bird, Stephen Williams. May 1725 Thomas Pollock C. Justice" Colonial Bertie County, Vol I, Abstracts, Deed Book A 1720-1725.

CHARLES JONES Sr married 2nd to KATHERINE unknown; he wrote his will in 1739 and it was probated in 1748 in Bertie Co NC. In the will he names CHRISTOPHER HOLLOMAN & WILLIAM RASBARRY (son of JOHN RASBERRY & wife BRIDGET) as overseers/executors of the will.

JOHN RASBERRY died the following year, 1749, but the only mention of CHARLES JONES in JOHN RASBERRY's will is in the location of JOHN's property (they owned adjoining property), which he bequeathed to his son-in-law ARTHUR PINNER.

So what exactly was the relationship between CHARLES JONES Sr & the RASBERRY family?  Were they only close neighbors & nothing more?

I suspected at first that perhaps SARAH, the 1st wife of CHARLES JONES, was a daughter of JOHN RASBERRY of Bertie, but after finding JOHN's will, that appears NOT to be the case. Then I suspected that perhaps CHARLES JONES Sr's mother, the wife of JOHN JONES II of Westmoreland Co VA, may have been a RASBERRY.  But that too has been unprovable.

That the two families were somehow intertwined seems indisputable.  JOHN JONES b 1780-1790 who died after 1850 in Henderson Co TN & married BEATRICE "BEDA" PRESLAR/PRESLEY was a son of my ancestors NICHOLAS JONES & MARTHA "PATSY" MOORE, and great grandson of CHARLES JONES Sr & SARAH unknown.  JOHN JONES named one of his sons RASBERRY JONES b 1828 in TN; another son ARCHIBALD JONES b 1818 named his son RASBERRY JONES also.  And there were several more with the name in descending generations. So clearly there was some kind of connection...but what?

For more information on these families, and my documentation, please check out my Rootsweb online tree "Southern Ancestors of Minttie Mae Bruton".

And as always, your comments are appreciated!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Timeline of my Earliest American Colonial Ancestors 1608-1630

Recently I decided that it might be fun to make a timeline of my earliest immigrant ancestors to the American colonies.  Fun indeed!  It has turned into a much bigger project than I imagined!

The website Pilgrim Ship Lists by Date , by Anne at Packrat Productions,  was very helpful in assembling my list.  If you have the time & inclination, she needs volunteers to transcribe ship's lists!

Here is my timeline 1608-1630 so far (and far from complete I might add), beginning with my earliest known ancestor.  For each immigrant, I have tried to add the name of the ship if known, and where they eventually settled. ORANGE is my maternal line; BLUE is my paternal line, and PURPLE is both.

1608  EDWARD GURGANEY “Phoenix” Jamestown VA
1610  CECILY REYNOLDS age 10? possibly relative or servant of William Pierce ?;  “Swan”; she married Thomas    Bailey, Samuel Silas Jordan (possibly her cousin)  & William Farrar in  Jamestown, VA.
1611  Capt THOMAS HARRIS  “Prosperous” Jamestown VA; married Adria Gurganey; she came later on the         “Marmaduke”
1619  THOMAS OTWELL, “Bona Nova” Jamestown (sons went to Maryland)
   Dr JOHN WOODSON & wife SARAH WINSTON “George” Jamestown VA
1620  JOHN HOWLAND, Pilgrim, “Mayflower”  Plymouth MA
ELIZABETH TILLEY, Pilgrim “Mayflower” Plymouth MA
WILLIAM HANCOCK ship?, Berkeley Hundred, Jamestown VA
THOMAS SHIPPEY, “Supply”, Berkeley Hundred, Jamestown VA
RANDALL/RANDOLPH HOLT Sr ; “George” indentured servant to Dr John Potts & his wife Elizabeth; Surry Co VA
1621 HENRY WATKINS I b Wales; “George”  settled Eastern Shore, which later became Henrico Co VA  
EDWARD BOMPASSE/BUMPAS “Fortune” Plymouth to Marshfield MA
WILLIAM PALMER  & son WILLIAM “Fortune” Plymouth MA (later CT)
ADRIA (GURGANEY) HARRIS “Marmaduke” Jamestown VA
1622  JOHN SEAWARD/SEWARD “Gift” Isle of Wight Co VA
    THOMAS CRISPE “Warwick” Easten Shore (Henrico Co VA)
1623 JOHN BROWNE & wife MARGARET HAYWARD ship ?  Pemaquid, Maine
   THOMAS HEATH “Safety” Jamestown, VA (unverified ancestor)
1624   JORIS JANSEN de RAPALJE &  wife CATALYNTJE TRICO “de Eendract” New Netherlands

1625 HANS HANSEN BERGEN; bef 1625; ship? New Amsterdam
1626 RICHARD WEBB Sr Ship? Cambridge MA to Norwalk, CT
   Capt RICHARD NORMAN Ship? Salem, MA
1627 LAMBERT HUYBERTSEN MOLL ship? New Amsterdam
1629 SIMON HOYT/HOYTE Higginson Fleet “Lyon’s Whelp” ; MA, later CT

1630 Gov THOMAS DUDLEY & wife DOROTHY YORK & chl Winthrop Fleet“Arbella” MA
JOHN DAGGETT/DOGGETT Winthrop Fleet “Arbella” Martha’s Vineyard
NICHOLAS KNAPP Winthrop Fleet “Arbella” Stamford, CT
JEREMIAH JAGGER Winthrop Fleet “Arbella” Stamford CT-Barbados
ABRAHAM FINCH Winthrop Fleet Ship? MA to Stamford CT
EDMUND LOCKWOOD Sr & wife ELIZABETH & son  Winthrop Fleet, ship? Cambridge MA to Stamford CT
ROBERT LOCKWOOD, bro of Edmund, Winthrop Fleet, ship? Watertown MA to Stamford CT
Gov THOMAS WIGGIN Winthrop Fleet, ship ?; 1st Gov NH
GARRETT/JARRETT HADDON  Winthrop Fleet ship ? Salisbury MA
ISAAC MORRILL Winthrop Fleet “Lyon”  Roxbury MA
JOHN PERKINS  & wife JUDITH GATER & chl Winthrop Fleet “Lyon” Salisbury MA
Gov THOMAS MAYHEW Winthrop Fleet ship? Watertown MA to Martha’s Vineyard
ROBERT SEELEY Winthrop Fleet Ship? CT to Huntington Long Island NY
ANTHONY COLBY Winthrop Fleet Ship?  Salisbury MA
GARRETT CHURCH Winthrop Fleet Ship? Watertown, MA
JOHN SAYLES, wife PHILLIPA, daughter PHOEBE Winthrop Fleet ship?MA, then New Amsterdam after 1632
THOMAS LOMBARD & wife REBECCA  & chl Winthrop Fleet  “Mary & John”  Dorchester MA to Barnstable MA
JOHN GREENAWAY & wife MARY Winthrop Fleet “Mary & John” Dorchester MA
BRANT PEELEN VAN NIERKIRKE May 24; “de Eendracht” New Amsterdam
GOOSEN GERRITSEN Van SCHAICK ship? New Netherlands
Deacon HENRY COBB; Pilgrim; emigrated from Leyden Holland; ship? Plymouth
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

My 3rd Blogiversary!

Today is my 3rd Blogiversary!

My first post was on Aug 21, 2008, and was entitled "The Myth of 'George Thomas' Frazier, Born 1725 Inverness, Scotland"

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Marriage of Phebe Cordelia Brown & Charles Wallace Rhodes, Jan 1896 Sacramento, CA

My great grandfather's sister PHEBE CORDELIA BROWN (born April 12 1868 Sacramento, CA) married CHARLES WALLACE RHODES Jan 1896 in Sacramento, CA.  

CHARLES was from a prominent pioneer family in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  I have no idea how they met, or what brought CHARLES to Sacramento.  

PHEBE lived in Victoria, BC Canada for the rest of her life, and had two daughters, ETHEL RHODES and MABEL RHODES.  ETHEL became a nurse, and later a nanny for the Tupper family; apparently she married a DOVEY and adopted two children. MABEL married FRANCIS MIDDLETON STERRY, who was born in England, and had two children with him, both born in Canada.  MABEL died Aug 31, 1930, and FRANCIS MIDDLETON STERRY returned to England with the two children, and raised them there. I believe the children and their descendants are still living in England. 

Source of article:  Sacramento Daily Record-Union, from the California Newspaper Digital Collection (CNDC website), from UC Riverside.

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