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Did the Quaker JOHN HUTTON Born 1715 Ireland & His Wife ANN HARRY Attend Warrington Quaker Monthly Meeting In York Co Pennsylvania?

The answer to this question is....NO.

Albert Cook Myers, in his book "The Immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania 1682-1750" (published 1902),  indicated on page 331 that  JOHN HUTTON, son of immigrant Irish Quakers JOSEPH HUTTON & MARY MILLER, was " b 6 mo, 31, 1715, married 3 mo, 6, 1741 London Grove MM, ANN HARRY, and removed to Warrington, York Co Pennsylvania about 1753".

After carefully perusing the actual Warrington & other Quaker Monthly Meeting records, I now have records proving that this last bit is incorrect.  JOHN HUTTON b 1715 and wife ANN HARRY did not move to York Co Pennsylvania, and did not attend Warrington Monthly Meeting. It was in fact a different, younger couple named JOHN HUTTON Jr & wife ANN.

Albert Cook Myers based his assumption on records from New Garden Women's Meeting showing that ANN HUTTON requested a certificate of removal from New Garden MM in Chester Co PA to Warrington MM in York Co PA. The date of the request was Dec 30, 1752.  On same day, Dec 30, 1752, JOHN HUTTON Junior and his wife requested a certificate of removal from New Garden MM to Warrington MM in York Co PA. Their certificate was approved by New Garden MM in Jan of 1753.

The fact that the person requesting the certificate was named "JOHN HUTTON Junior" is extremely important.  JOHN HUTTON b 1715 who married ANN HARRY was the son of JOSEPH HUTTON & MARY MILLER, and was not considered "Junior".

Also important is the fact that the couple JOHN HUTTON Jr & ANN requested a certificate to Warrington MM for only themselves. The couple moving to Warrington MM did not have children in 1752.

JOHN HUTTON born 1715 & ANN HARRY were married 1741 New Garden MM Chester Co PA, and according to the information that I have, they had five children before 1752 (I have only been able to completely verify one of these children with records):

JAMES HUTTON b 1742 unverified
MARGARET HUTTON b 1743 unverified
ELEANOR HUTTON b 1744 unverified
MARY HUTTON b 1745 unverified
PHEBE HUTTON b 1746 see records below
ANN HUTTON b bf 1755, m WILLIAM REYNOLDS II of Guilford Co NC (Note: some researchers have cited evidence that ANN HUTTON who married WILLIAM REYNOLDS II was actually NANCY HOLTON, daughter of LEWIS HOLTON/HOTTON  of Guilford Co NC. I have only just started researching this line of inquiry. Likely this will be the subject of a future blogpost!)

I believe the following children have been incorrectly attributed to JOHN HUTTON born 1715 & ANN HARRY:

JOHN HUTTON II born 1752
HANNAH HUTTON b 1760 m JOHN MORTON in Menallen, York Co PA
ANN HUTTON b Aug 26, 1761 Warrington MM records, York Co PA
PHEBE HUTTON b abt 1662

All these younger children (except PHEBE) are listed in a later Certificate of Removal from Kennett MM in Chester Co PA to New Garden MM granted in 1771 to JOHN HUTTON & ANN his wife.

The assumption has always been that this was JOHN HUTTON b 1715 & ANN HARRY, and that these were their youngest children--especially PHEBE, who is not listed here. This is because ANN HARRY HUTTON's mother, ELIZABETH (UNDERWOOD) (HARRY) WEBSTER named her daughter "ANN HUTTON" and granddaughter "PHEBE HUTTON " in her 1766 Chester Co will.

But as it turns out, records show that the PHEBE HUTTON who was the granddaughter of ELIZABETH (UNDERWOOD) (HARRY) WEBSTER was actually born about 1746--not 1762.

In April of 1765, PHEBE HUTTON was granted a certificate of removal from Kennett MM to New Garden MM, where her grandmother ELIZABETH WEBSTER lived. ELIZABETH WEBSTER is actually named in the certificate record!!  

PHEBE would have had to have been of adult age to receive a certificate--at least 18, I believe. She was admitted to New Garden MM in September of 1765.

A few years later, in 1771, PHEBE HUTTON was dismissed  from London Grove Monthly Meeting for being married by a priest. Her married name was McFERSON/McFARSON.

So to sum up:  There were apparently two different JOHN & ANN HUTTON families in Chester Co PA in the 1700s.

The family that moved to Warrington, York Co PA in 1753 was JOHN HUTTON Junior & ANN. They apparently did not stay at Warrington, but removed back to Kennett MM sometime after 1761,  and from there back to New Garden MM in 1771.

The family of JOHN HUTTON b 1715 & ANN HARRY lived in Chester Co Pennsylvania, attending New Garden MM, and possibly Newark MM, Kennett MM & London Grove MM (more research to come, obviously!).

So who was JOHN HUTTON Junior?  I believe he was the son of Irish Quaker immigrant JOHN HUTTON Sr b about 1690 County Carlow, Ireland who married SARAH LIGHTFOOT at New Garden, Chester Co PA, and ended up near the end of his life at Fairfax MM at Broad Creek,  Loudon Co Virginia.  He did indeed have a son named JOHN HUTTON Jr b 1731 who was named in his 1772 will, and remained in Pennsylvania.

As always, this is a work in progress, and comments are appreciated.

Have a great day!


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Finally! Relevant DNA Matches to Descendants of JOSEPH (aka ISAAC JOSEPH) THOMPSON & his wife JANE of Burke Co North Carolina, Bradley Co Tennessee, Carroll Co Arkansas & Christian Co Missouri

Josiah Blair Thompson,  son of Joseph & Jane Thompson, taken about 1920

For years I have been looking for a way to further verify my branch of the THOMPSON family in Burke County, North Carolina.  Like the surname HUBER, there were many different Scotch Irish THOMPSON families in North Carolina, descendants of  Scotch Irish settlers in Pennsylvania, who traveled down the "Great Wagon Road" to Virginia & North Carolina.

And I had hoped that through DNA testing, I might be able to glean more information about the women in this line, as so many still remain anonymous, with no clues as to maiden names or family connections.

 I first tested with 23andMe in 2010.  Since then, I have also tested with Family Tree DNA and DNA.  But matches to my THOMPSON family were practically nonexistent, with only one verified X match that I received in 2013.

This struck me as really odd, since my great x 3 grandparents JOSEPH (aka ISAAC JOSEPH) THOMPSON & his wife JANE had sixteen known children,  and most of them survived to have enormously huge families of their own!

Finally, in the last two weeks, I have had a flurry of new DNA matches from descendants of this family! I suspect this is because DNA testing has become more affordable. Also, Family Tree DNA has recently offered "free" uploads of raw DNA data from 23andMe and  (which actually cost $39 if you want to interact with the matches).

Here are the known children, as per census records, of JOSEPH (aka ISAAC JOSEPH) THOMPSON & JANE his wife, who married in Burke Co North Carolina, migrated in 1838 to Bradley Co Tennessee, migrated again in 1856 to Carroll Co Arkansas, and after the Civil War, moved to Christian, Webster, Greene, Douglas & Taney Co Missouri.

        William Thompson b 1817 NC d aft 1880 Bradley Co TN m Nancy Fisher

David Thompson (unverified son) b 1818 NC, d aft 1900 Bradley Co TN m Amanda "Amy" Goodwin

        Isaac Avery Thompson b 1820 NC d 1892 Christian Co MO, m Jerusha Polly Goodwin

        John M. Thompson b 1822 NC d unknown  m. Nancy Emeline unknown

Melvina Priscilla “Siller” Thompson b 1823 NC d aft 1880 Douglas Co MO, m. James Mowery

Mary "Polly" Lucinda Thompson b 1825 NC d bef 1880 Hamilton Co TN m. Thomas Gaspaway Goodwin

Malinda Thompson b 1828 NC d 1886 Christian Co MO, m. James Monroe Whitecotton, William Riddle

Elizabeth Thompson b 1829 NC d aft 1860 Arkansas,  m. unknown Newman

Sarah "Sallie"  Thompson b 1830 NC d 1889 Christian Co MO, m. James Monroe Whitecotton, Nathan Griffin

Sephrone/Sophronia/Frona Thompson b 1832 NC fate unknown aft 1850 Tennessee

Martha Ann Thompson b Jan 20 1836 NC d 1900 Douglas Co MO, m. David Highbarger

Josiah Blair Thompson b 1838 TN, d 1923 Christian Co MO, m Margaret Hughes, Tabitha Marler

Louisa Thompson b 1839 TN, d 1870 Christian Co MO,  m. Charles Hughes

Emeline Thompson b 1843 Bradley Co TN fate unknown aft 1850 Tennessee

Alexander Thompson b 1845 Bradley Co TN fate unknown after 1860 Arkansas

        Abra/Abrazinna Thompson b 1846 Bradley Co TN fate unknown aft 1850 Tennessee

Here are the DNA matches I have so far from this family:



--Two verified descendants (father/daughter) of ISAAC AVERY THOMPSON & JERUSHA POLLY GOODWIN through son WILLIAM THOMPSON & MARY McANNALLY

--Verified descendant of LOUISA THOMPSON & CHARLES HUGHES, through their son JOSEPH ALEVIS HUGHES (who was orphaned & raised in same household as my great grandmother SILOAMA WHITECOTTON).

--Verified X Chromosome match, descendant of JOSIAH BLAIR THOMPSON & first wife MARGARET HUGHES, through daughter MARY ANN THOMPSON who married JOSEPH GEORGE WASHINGTON SLAPE.  After careful examination of my X chromosome chart,  it appears that this X chromosome was passed down from JANE (maiden name unknown), the wife of JOSEPH THOMPSON, because JOSIAH BLAIR THOMPSON, being a son, only received one X chromosome,  from his mother.

--Verified X Chromosome match, descendant of LOUISA THOMPSON & CHARLES HUGHES, through their son JOSEPH ALEVIS HUGHES. The X chromosome in this case could have come from either JOSEPH or JANE THOMPSON, since LOUISA THOMPSON was their daughter, and females receive two X chromosomes, one from each parent.

Many of these DNA matches, my 4th-5th cousins,  also match each other on the same chromosomal locations. Plus several of them match descendants of a HENNESSEE family from Burke Co North Carolina, which lived next door to JOSEPH THOMPSON's father ISAAC THOMAS THOMPSON.

I am eager to find out more about this  HENNESSEE family of Burke Co North Carolina, as circumstantial evidence suggests intermarriage between the two families.

Have a great day!


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Betty's Veterans of US Wars--Happy Veteran's Day

Here is a list of all my known Veterans of US wars, compiled before 2010 and posted on my original Betty's Boneyard website, which no longer exists.  A similar copy is posted on my current Betty's Boneyard website.

French & Indian Wars 1755
George Whitecotton Jr my great x6 grandfather, b 1729 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co Virginia. Father of James Whitecotton, see Rev War below, father's line. Listed on the size rolle of Capt Harry Woodard's Company of VA Militia, July 13, 1756. Also on Capt Woodard's payroll list Aug 1756, and ranked 4th in command of the company.
Revolutionary War 1776
Mother's line
Jeremiah Martine b 1736 lived Haverstraw, Orange Co New York. Married Rachel BAREE or BARRE. Signed the Association petition against taxation without representation. Supposedly fought in Rev War, but so far no records have been found. Was not present in 1790 census, but his sons were still in Haverstraw, New York. Source: New York Historical Manuscripts: Revolutionary Papers, Volume 1, p 5-7. My great x4 grandfather.
Abraham Brown II b May 8, 1753 Nottingham or Epping, New Hampshire; died March 8, 1824 Northfield, New Hampshire; married on May 27, 1777 in Epping New Hampshire, Mary BUTLER born March 30, 1760 Nottingham, New Hampshire, Mayflower descendant, daughter of Rev Benjamin BUTLER & Dorcas ABBOTT of Andover, Massachusetts & Nottingham, New Hampshire. Abraham Brown II served several terms of duty; defended West Point under Capt. Daniel Gordon in 1780. His widow Mary received his Rev War Pension in 1832; she survived him by over 20 years dying in 1846. Source: Abraham Brown II's Rev War Pension Record (, DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966) & bios/genealogies from "History of Northfield New Hampshire" by Lucy Cross; "History of Town of Canterbury New Hampshire" by James Otis Lyford; "History of the Town of Andover, New Hampshire" by John R Eastman, and more. My great x4 grandfather
Thomas Miller b March 20, 1754, Goochland Co Virginia, d 1819 as per his will. Married Constance MASSIE. Was a prominent and very wealthy landowner, often listed in records as "gentleman". At his death he owned numerous plantations in Goochland, Prince William, and Spotsylvania Co Virginia, according to his will. Was said to have been a Lieutenant in Revolutionary Army. Stlll searching for records. DAR Patriot index (1966) shows only his father William MILLER who married Mary HEATH, and who would have likely been too old to fight in the Rev War. My great x4 grandfather
Capt Charles Woodson b Dec 30, 1759 Cumberland Co Virginia; Capt Charles Woodson was at the battle of Charleston, South Carolina, and apparently was captured and imprisoned. He and 30 of his comrades escaped and walked home to Virginia, an extremely slow and hazardous endeavor. Upon his return home, he married Judith LEAKE, daughter of Josiah Leake below. They settled at "Rosebank": Plantation, Cumberland Co Virginia, a large tract of land given to him by his father "three miles in circuit, skirted by the Willis River". Source: DAR Patriot Index (1966), and "History & Genealogy of the Woodsons" by Henry Morton Woodson, which has a large section on Capt Charles Woodson including several interesting stories & letters. My great X 4 grandfather
Josiah Leake b 1733 Rocky Springs Plantation, Goochland Co Virginia; married 1st) Ann FENTON; 2nd) Ann Minter, 3rd) Mrs Anne Foster. Joined the Virginia Militia, and attained rank of Captain in July 1777. Source: DAR Patriot Index (1966) and "Virginia Militias in the Revolutionary War" by McAllister
Lt Robert Peter Moseley my great x4 grandfather b 1732 prob Henrico Co Virginia. Lived Buckingham Co Virginia, Owned the "Willow Shade" plantation. Married Mary Magdalene GUERRANT. Served as Lt. in the Rev Army along with his two sons Thomas and Capt Arthur Moseley, and his wife's brothers, Jean John Guerrant and Pierre Peter Guerrant. All survived. Source: Moseley family records, and DAR Patriot Index (1966)
Thomas Saunders/Sanders b abt 1727 Virginia lived North Carolina, Buckingham Co Virginia, then Davidson Co Tennessee; m Mary MITCHELL; died Nov 28, 1812 Davidson Co Tennessee as per his will. Related to my Moseley family. Father of Mary "Polly" Saunders b 1774 Virginia who married William Francis Moseley (my great x3 grandparents) DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great X 4 grandfather.
Nathaniel Massie Sr related to my Miller family of Virginia; b Aug 2, 1727 New Kent Co Virginia d 1802 Goochland Co VA; married Elizabeth "Betsey" WATKINS. Served as a Captain in the Goochland Co Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War, alongside his son Nathaniel Massie Jr, who in 1796 founded the town of Chillicothe, Ohio. Source: DAR Patriot Index (1966), The Story of Goochland, by Wight publ 1935; and "A Catalogue of Descendents of Thomas Watkins of Chicohominy" by Francis Watkins. My great X 5 grandfather.
Jonathan Scofield Jr b abt 1748 Stamford, Fairfield Co Connecticut; died Feb 15, 1788 Stamford Fairfield Co Connecticut. Married Jemima FINCH. Was a private in Rev War, Connecticut Militia, under Capt Silvanus Brown, in Col David Waterbury's Regiment. Jonathan Scofield died at age 40, and in 1799 his son Reynolds Finch SCOFIELD chose Selleck SCOFIELD as guardian. Source: Stamford, Fairfield Co Connecticut records, copy of muster rolls ( and "A Scofield History". My great X 4 grandfather.
Jonathan Dibble b abt 1747 Fairfield Co Connecticut; died aft 1820 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co New York. Married Rachel SLASON. Revolutionary War Soldier, private in Poundridge, Westchester Co NY Militia, under Capt Stephen Delavan. Gave an account of the attack on Ward's house by Major Campbell to J.M McDonald, which was subsequently quoted in Bolton's "History of Westchester" and later in Otto Schufeld's "Westchester During the Revolutionary War". Source: copy of muster rolls (; DAR Patriot Index (1966).
Maj Stephen Gale II b 1736 New Hampshire, grandfather of Phebe Gale my great x3 grandmother. Married Mrs Phebe PAGE; 2nd) Mehitable PLUMER . He was one of the first men to scale the walls at Fort Ticonderoga, and was promoted to the rank of Major for his gallantry. Source: DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great X 5 grandfather.
Andrew Jewettb abt 1750 Stratham, Rockingham Co New Hampshire, Married Mary PIPER. He served on the Safety Committee of Sanbornton,  New Hampshire Source: DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966) My great X 5 grandfather
Rev Benjamin Butlerb May 1, 1729 Great Neck, Bristol Co Massachusetts (his great great grandfather Nicholas Butler originally settled at Martha's Vineyard) died New Hampshire: father of Mary BUTLER who married Abraham BROWN listed above. Rev Benjamin Butler was a graduate of Harvard, and was a descendent of John Howland, a Mayflower passenger. He married Dorcas ABBOTT of Andover, Massachusetts. Rev Benjamin Butler signed the Association Test of Nottingham New Hampshire against taxation without representation and was on the committee to hire soldiers for the Revolution. Source: DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966), and "A History of Martha's Vineyard" by Dr Charles Banks. My great X 5 grandfather.
Daniel Bolton Sr b July 1, 1747 Reading, Middlesex Co Massachusetts; died aft 1790 Maine. Fought in Rev War on frontier of Lincoln Co Massachusetts, which later became Lincoln Co Maine. Daniel Bolton married Reliance (Pratt) HOVEY, widow of Ebenezer Hovey who died 1777 in the Revolutionary War. Daniel Bolton was also administrator of the will of Ebenezer Hovey, which was probated 1785 in Hallowell, Lincoln Co Maine (NOTE: I have not completely verified this individual as grandfather of my gg grandmother, Sarah Jane BOLTON of Cumberland Co Maine, but it seems quite likely. Use at your own risk!).
Ebenezer Morton b abt 1758 Gorham, Cumberland Co Maine; died bf 1820 Standish, Cumberland Co Maine, married Susannah IRISH. As per book, "History of Gorham Maine" by McClellan; Served in the Revolutionary Army Capt Jenkins' company, 12th Massachusetts. McClellan notes that when he enlisted, he was little more than a boy. Apparently lived all of his life on Standish Neck.. My great X 4 grandfather
Thomas Irish b Jan 29, 1737 Falmouth, Cumberland Co Maine, died Aug 14, 1832 Gorham, Cumberland Co Maine; married Deliverance SKILLINGS. DAR Patriot Index shows him as a Sgt in Massachusetts, wife Deliverance Skillings. Thomas was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, enlisting in 1775. In 1779 he was a sergeant in Capt. McLellan's Company, Col. Mitchell's Regiment and took part in the Penobscot Expedition.
Albert Campbell b abt 1748 Clarkstown, Rockland Co New York; died aft 1799 New York;  married Catharina VAN HOUTEN. Albert is named on list of enlisted men from Clarkstown Rockland Co New York. Listed as Albert Cammel (Cammel being a common Dutch misspelling of Campbell). Source "History of Rockland Co New York". My great X 4 grandfather.
Eleazer Slauson/Slason/Slosson/Slawson b abt 1728 Stamford, Fairfield Co Connecticut; died abt 1790 Salem, Westchester Co New York; married Sarah RAYMOND. Served in the Westchester Militia, 4th Regiment, during the Rev War, along with his son Eleazer Jr. DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great X 6 grandfather.
Solomon Brown b abt 1746 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co NY; died abt 1821 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co New York; married Sarah SLASON. Revolutionary War Westchester New York Militia, listed in 3rd Regiment. DAR Patriot Index (1966) My great X 5 grandfather.
Father's line
James Whitecotton b 1755 Stafford Co Virginia; m 1st) Unknown wife in Virginia; 2nd)  about 1795 Ruth Newton HUDSPETH in Kentucky; died age 99 years on June 7, 1849 Pleasant Run, Marion Co Kentucky.  Enlisted 1776 in Captain William Fountain's company, which marched to Charlottesville VA to join the regiment commanded by Col Woodford & Lt Col Charles Scott. This unit marched to Williamsburg, Virginia and on to "Long Bridge" where the regiment met & defeated the British. James re-enlisted in 1778. Later was posted at Kaskaskia, Illinois to help defend settlers from Indians, under George Rogers Clark. Lived Hampshire Co Virginia, which part became Hardy Co West Virginia, then later still migrated to Washington, Mercer and Marion Co KY. Source: James' Rev War pension records; DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great x 5 grandfather
Michael Stump II b 1744 Tulpehocken, Lancaster Co Pennsylvania; died 1799Hardy Co Virginia; m Sarah HUGHES . Migrated from Pennsylvania to Hampshire Co Virginia with his father & siblings, was a Lt Col in the Virginia Militia, but resigned this post and was commisioned as Captain in the Continental Army. He raised a company of soldiers and marched them to join the forces fighting Cornwallis. He was in the final battle of Yorktown.  Source: JW Neff Research, DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great x 5 grandfather
Simon Simonse Van Arsdale b April 18, 1726 New York;  died March 17, 1791 Southampton, Bucks Co Pennsylvania; m Elsje KROESEN; no records as yet, but service mentioned in "History of Bucks Co Pennsylvania" by Davis publ 1905 (great grandfather of Nancy Van Arsdale).
Matthias Fenton b 1745 Bucks Co Pennsylvania; m Rachel HARDING; served as private in Southampton, Bucks Co Pennsylvania; by 1779 owned the Red Lion Inn in Bensalem. Source: DAR Patriot Index, which shows wife incorrectly as "Rachel Hardy" (1966) and "History of Bucks Co Pennsylvania" by Davis publ 1905 (great grandfather of Nancy Van Arsdale, my great X 5 grandfather).
Isaac Thomas Thompson b abt 1750 near the Dan River in Virginia (possibly Pittsylvania Co); moved to Rowan Co North Carolina with his family as a very young child.  Isaac fought in Rowan Co North Carolina, which part became Burke Co North Carolina, and lived in the same area all of his life. Spouse as yet unknown, but census shows that he may have had more than one wife, and many children. Rev War pension applied for March 7, 1833 in Burke Co North Carolina, age 79, showing that Isaac was a private in the North Carolina militia. Pension records indicate he died June 1, 1839 in Burke Co North Carolina. "Revolutionary Soldiers of Western North Carolina:Burke Co Volume I" by Emmett White, p 278 indicates birthplace & death date, and that Isaac was living in Rowan Co North Carolina in 1776 at beginning of Rev War; three tours of duty during the Rev War 1) in John Hardin's company of Col Christopher Beekman's regiment from Rowan (later Burke) Co North Carolina. 2) Capt Thomas Lytle's Co of McDowell's Burke Co North Carolina regiment;  3) Capt Thomas Kennedy's company of McDowell's Regiment.
David Bruton Sr b abt 1736 Anson Co North Carolina; died Spartanburg, South Carolina; was said to have fought in the Rev. War in South Carolina, along with his son Major George Bruton who married Sarah Addington. No verification or documentation as yet. David lived in Anson Co North Carolina prior to and at the time of the Revolution; and by 1785 purchased land on the Tyger River, which area became Spartanburg Co South Carolina. Actually it appears he may have been living in the same place all along, and the state/county changed around him. The area in which he settled endured many name changes in the 1700s. My great x 5 grandfather
Robert Scott b abt 1760 Virginia, grandfather of Lavina Scott Bruton, my gg grandmother, as per bio of her brother William W Scott. Robert Scott signed the marriage license of Thomas Scott & Elizabeth Jones (1802 Pulaski Co Kentucky) Fought as private in Virginia.Source: Rev War Pension. (still researching this individual)
Nicholas Jones b abt 1761 Virginia, grandfather of Lavina Scott Bruton, my gg grandmother, as per bio of her brother William W Scott, and marriage license of Thomas Scott & Elizabeth Jones (1802 Pulaski Co Kentucky). Apparently fought in Virginia, married Martha "Patsy" MOORE in Granville North Carolina then lived Caswell Co North Carolina, Madison Co Kentucky, and Pulaski, Rutherford & Lincoln Co Tennessee. Source: numerous records. 
John Wofford Sr b about 1730 Prince Georges Co Maryland, m Eleanor Sarah BUSHROD (maiden name unverified); father of Dorcas WOFFORD who married Enoch BRUTON, my gx4 grandfather b 1766 Spartanburg, South Carolina. .John was said to have served as an enlisted man in the 6th South Carolina Regiment, enlisted June 1, 1778--Sept 11, 1778 in W Henderson's & Capt John Buchanan's Company. Several of his brothers also enlisted. He was called "Stompin' John" because he was a preacher who would stomp his feet to emphasize points from the Bible in his sermon. Source: "History of Spartanburg South Carolina " by Dr. J.B. O Landrum, published 1900, DAR Patriot Index (1966), and website/research of David Foster
Jacob Huber b abt 1750, Pennsylvania; died Oct 8, 1803, Berlin, Somerset Co Pennsylvania; married Magdalena unknown. Lived possibly in Eastern Pennsylvania, Washington Co Maryland and/or Western Virginia prior to 1790; migrated to Berlin, Brother's Valley twp, Bedford/Somerset Co Pennsylvania by 1793, when he begins to show up in Lutheran church records there. Also listed in the 1800 census there. Died Aug 1803. My great x 5 grandfather, father of William/ Wilhelm HUBER b June 22, 1776, baptized July 7, 1776 Hagerstown  Washington Co Maryland. William/Wilhelm HUBER  married Anna Elizabeth KEFFER in Berlin, Somerset Co Pennsylvania. Unverified as yet, no Rev War records so far for JACOB HUBER. My great X 5 grandfather.
Johann Jacob Keffer/Keefer/Keifer b June 3, 1734 Zeselberg, Germany; died May 1802, Berlin, Brother's Valley Twp, Bedford/Somerset Co Pennsylvania; married Anna Maria "Mary" NASS in Germany. Listed in the DAR Patriot Index as "Jacob Keefer" Pvt Pennsylvania (1966 edition). My great X 5 grandfather.
Frederick William Shriver (Friedrich Wilhelm Schreiber) b Feb 8, 1744 prob Anne Arundel Co Maryland; died Feb 27, 1820 , buried St John's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Creagerstown, Frederick Co Maryland. According to land deed records, he was living in York Co Pennsylvania near the time of the Revolution. Later lived at Thurmont, Emmitsburg and possibly Creagerstown, Frederick Co Maryland, as per census, Lutheran church, land and other records. Unverified as yet, no Rev War records, but it seems highly likely, since other siblings in his family did fight in the Revolutionary War. My great X 4 grandfather.
War of 1812
Mother's line

Samuel Brown b April 15, 1773 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co New York; died Oct 5, 1866 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co New York; married Rhuah/Ruahma/Ruhamah UNKNOWN. Source: New York Claims of Soliders of War of 1812. My great X 4 grandfather.
Simeon Dibble b May 10, 1786 Westchester Co New York; died Nov 10, 1868 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co New York; married Mary "Polly" BROWN. Listed as a soldier in War of 1812 Westchester Co New York, Source: War of 1812 Pension Records. My great X 5 grandfather.
Reynolds Finch Scofield b Oct 23, 1783 Darien, Fairfield Co Connecticut; died Feb 6, 1858 Raymond, Racine Co Wisconsin; married Ann PALMER; Served 2nd Regiment, Van Hook's, of the New York Militia. Source: War of 1812 Pension Records. My great X 4 grandfather
Daniel Bolton b abt 1794 Maine; died bf 1850 Portland or Gorham, Cumberland Co Maine: married Thankful MORTON; Served in the War of 1812 while he was living at Windham, Maine; Capt Nathan Goold's Regiment, from Sept 10, 1814 to Sept 24 1814; mustered at Portland, Maine; regiment was only mustered for a very short time, was never under fire and saw no casualties. My great X 3 grandfather.
Col Stephen Gale III born Nov 23, 1770 Sanbornton, Strafford (now Belknap) Co New Hampshire; died Oct 10, 1839 Sanbornton, Strafford/Belknap Co New Hampshire; married Molly JEWETT. Served in the 1st Regiment (Davis') New Hampshire Militia. Was Selectman for the town of Sanbornton (1806-1816), and New Hampshire State Representative from Sanbornton (1816-1819). My great X 4 grandfather.
Father's line
David Bruton b Jan 18, 1790 Spartanburg, South Carolina; died April 4, 1869 Webster Co Missouri. Enlisted as a private in John Hodges Regiment of the South Carolina Volunteers at Greenville, South Carolina, for a term of six months Jan 20 1814, honorably discharged in Georgia July 20 1814. Source: State of Missouri Bounty Land Claim Warrant (Thanks to Barbara Eirich). Married Nancy LANGFORD, many children. David and his family lived in South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and ultimately Missouri. My great x 4 grandfather.
Joseph aka Isaac Joseph Thompson b abt 1794 Burke Co North Carolina, died aft 1880 Christian Co Missouri. Enlisted in Capt Stevilie's 7th regiment, company 1, Burke Co North Carolina Militia, along with his brother-in-law Joseph Baker. No other records as yet. Served sometime between 1812-1814. Joseph married Jane UNKNOWN sometime after 1814 and by late 1838 moved to Bradley Co Tennessee. He is also listed as a soldier in the Cherokee removal of 1838. He may have taken his wife & family with him at that time. Joseph & family lived Bradley Co Tennessee, Carroll Co Arkansas and ultimately Christian Co Missouri. Family says he died 1896 (unverified), and is buried on the John Harvilll farm in Christian Co Missouri. Source: Burke Co North Carolina records, Thompson family. My great x 3 grandfather
Lewis Shriver b 1790 prob Frederick Co Maryland; died 1831 Hocking Co Ohio as per his will; married Susannah LUCKHART. No verification as yet on his service. Related to my Huber/Hoover family of Ohio & Indiana, father of my gg grandmother Catherine (Shriver) Huber b abt 1812. Source: bio of his son -in-law Jacob Huber and daughter Margaret Shriver (Catherine's sister), which indicates that LEWIS fought in the war of 1812. My great x 3 grandfather.
Valentine Keffer b 1777 Somerset Co Pennsylvania, Related to my Huber family. Parents & brothers born Zeselberg, Germany. Valentine moved to Ohio with William & Anna Elizabeth (Keffer) Huber around 1805; rest of the Keffer family moved to Ontario, Canada. Valentine lived in Pickaway Co Ohio from 1810 census until 1850 census. Served in the 1st Regiment, Denny's, Ohio Militia, rank of major. Source: Pickaway Co Ohio records.
Simon Van Arsdale b abt 1790 Bucks Co Pennsylvania; m Nancy WALKER Sept 21, 1814 Corydon, Harrison Co Indiana; died March 1828 as per his will Harrison Co Indiana. Served in the militia in 1812 Harrison Co Indiana. Source: Harrison Co Indiana records. My great X 3 grandfather.

US- Mexican War of 1846-1848
James Monroe Whitecotton b Oct 1825 Jackson Co Alabama; died about 1906 Jackson Co Alabama; served in the 5th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, company C under George B McClellan of later Civil War fame. Enlisted Nov 9, 1847 at Athens, Tennessee; discharged 1848 at Memphis, Tennessee. Source: James' Mex War Pension Records from National Archives. My gg grandfather.

Civil War
Mother's line
John F Martine b June 15, 1831 Spencerport, Monroe Co New York; died Jan 30, 1907 Orting, Pierce Co Washington. Served 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry, Union Army, company G, rank of Corporal. Entered service Dec 1861, discharged May 1862 due to failing health. Buried at the US Soldier's Cemetery, Orting Pierce Co Washington. Source: John's Civil War pension record from National Archive. My gg grandfather.
Isaac Martine b April 1824 New York; died April 10, 1897 Sleepy Eye, Brown Co Minnesota. Brother of John F. Martine. Served 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, company F, Union Army rank of Sergeant. Was at the Battle of Bull Run. Entered service Dec 1861 and was discharged 1862 due to a gunshot wound while on guard duty. Source: Isaac's Civil War Pension record from National Archive.
William Frederick Miller b abt 1820 Buckingham or Cumberland Co Virginia; died 1880 Chillicothe, Livingston Co Missouri. Served 1st Missouri Confederate Militia, rank of Sgt Major, in Gen Sterling Prices' CSA Army of the West. Was captured 1862 at the Elkhorn tavern, during the battle of Pea Ridge Arkansas, and put in Gratiot prison in St Louis, Missouri. Was released in exchange for Union prisoners and banished to Richmond Virginia for the remainder of the war, where he supposedly worked at the Confederate Treasury. He was separated from his wife and children for two years. Sources: Missouri Civil War records, books on Gratiot prison, family letters from the time period. My gg grandfather, who was educated as a lawyer in Virginia; after the war, he was a tutor & headmaster at a private school in Chillicothe, Missouri.
John S Wilson Son in law of Wm F. Miller. He was also a lawyer. Arranged for Wm F Miller's release from Gratiot Prison. Served in the CSA at the end of the war. Later lived Lathrop, Clinton Co Missouri. Sources: Same as above
Dr. Orsino Ayres Williams Son in law of Wm F Miller. Served in the CSA as a surgeon, and was stationed in a Confederate hospital at Springfield, Missouri. Sources: same as above.
Thomas Kennedy b abt 1830 in Windsor, Hants Co, Nova Scotia, Canada, son of John KENNEDY and Elizabeth "Betsey" RINES of Hants Co Nova Scotia Canada. John KENNEDY & most of his children emigrated to US before 1840 census, settling first in Lubec, Washington Co Maine and then Portland, Cumberland Co Maine. Thomas Kennedy married 1st) Sarah Jane BOLTON; 2nd) Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" CORBETT. Thomas likely served in the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Company K, as did his brother & nephew, see below. Still searching for records. In late 1870s Thomas Kennedy moved his wife & daughters to Bodie, Mono Co California. He died before Nov 28, 1898 in San Fransisco, California. My gg grandfather,
Daniel Kennedy b 1824 Windsor, Hants Co Nova Scotia Canada; m Rosalinda RIPLEY. Brother of my gg grandfather, Thomas Kennedy above. Served 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Company K, and died of disease while in service during the Civil War on July 25, 1864, location unknown, as per regimental records.
Jotham J. Kennedy Son of Daniel above, nephew of gg grandfather Thomas Kennedy above, b abt 1846 Maine; m Sarah EICHER. Jotham served in the Union Army, 18th Maine Infantry Regiment, Company K, and in the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment, Company K. He enlisted on Aug 21, 1862 at age of 18, and was discharged June 6, 1865. He received commendation for distinguished service, according to his pension records. He died Feb 17, 1889 at the age of 43 in Biddeford, York Co Maine.
Father's line
Martin Huber brother to my great grandfather Phillip L Huber. Either 10th or 27th Indiana Infantry, possibly both? Union Army. No records as yet. Married Eliza Sappenfield after the war.
Lewis Huber brother to my great grandfather Phillip L Huber. Union Army. No records; may have died in the Civil War? No dates or notation on his tombstone.
William V Huber brother to my great grandfather Phillip L Huber. Regiment unknown; Union Army. Married Margaret J Hemphill after the war. Moved to Cass Co Indiana. Middle name probably Valentine after two of his uncles.
Benjamin Benton Bruton No records; he would have been a very young soldier age 15 and would have probably fought for the Union Army. Source: "A Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region" He joined the Christian Co Missouri Militia in 1866, after the Civil War, at age 19. Enlistment records show him as five foot nine inches tall, black hair, blue eyes and fair complexion. The militia was set up because Missouri remained such a turbulent area even after the war ended. My great grandfather
James J Bruton brother of my great grandfather BB Bruton. Served 4th Missouri State Militia, Company M, Volunteer Cavalry, Union Army, as bugler, age 17. Also served 14th Cavalry Missouri State Militia, Union Army, company D. Some records and his gravestone indicate he served in the CSA, but I have not found any evidence of this, and both the 4th & 14th Missouri State Militia are listed as Union regiments. Enlisted April 7, 1862. His Civil War pension record from National Archive show both the 4th & 14th Cavalry, Missouri State Militia. Source: Bruton family records, Missouri state records,National Archive Civil War Pension records and Civil War Sailors & Soldiers database from the National Parks Service.
William Ward Scott brother of my gg grandmother Lavina Scott Bruton and maternal uncle to my great grandfather B B Bruton. WW Scott was said to have been a guide in Missouri for the Union Army; no records as yet. Source: "A Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region"
Louis Lyons Ross Beamon b 1849 Christian Co Missouri, brother-in-law to BB Bruton, married his sister Nancy Jane Bruton. Served Illinois Infantry, Company D, Union Army.
William T Guthrie b 1840 Missouri, brother-in-law to BB Bruton, married his sister Lucinda Bruton. Served in the 6th Missouri Cavalry, Union Army.
James Monroe Whitecotton b Oct 1825 Jackson Co Alabama; died 1906 Jackson Co Alabama.  Lived Bledsoe Co Tennessee as a child, and Bradley Co Tennessee in the 1840s, but moved back to  Jackson Co Alabama after the war. Enlisted 1861 in the 12th Alabama Confederate Cavalry, CSA, as did his first cousin Valentine Whitecotton, and received a medical discharge in 1862.  May 26, 1864 he was captured & imprisoned as a Confederate bushwacker, but was acquitted & released at trial (his cousins were bushwackers in Alabama). Notes indicate his rank was "citizen" and he was from Jackson Co Alabama. Source CWSS database, Civil War Prisoners of War database on . My gg grandfather.
Isaac M Whitecotton b 1830 Jackson Co Alabama, brother to my gg grandfather James Monroe Whitecotton. Served 8th Tennessee Confederate Cavalry, company H, private. Lived at Chattanooga, Tennessee until 1890s, then joined brother Lindley Whitecotton in Arkansas. Source: Tennessee Civil War records and Whitecotton family records.
Lindley M Whitecotton b 1823 Jackson Co Alabama or Tennessee, brother to my gg grandfather James Monroe Whitecotton. Fought for the 62nd Arkansas Militia company G, CSA until 1862, then switched allegiance and fought for the Union Army 4th Arkansas Cavalry, company A. Was wounded and disabled in 1864. Source: Lindley's Civil War pension records from the National Archives.
Pleasant Whitecotton b 1839 AL brother to my gg grandfather James Monroe Whitecotton. Lived Chattanooga, Tennessee. Served 21st Tennessee Confederate Infantry, company H. Died 1871 Jackson Co Alabama at age 32. Source: Tennessee Civil War records.
Harrison Whitecotton b 1841 Tennessee or Alabama,  brother to my gg grandfather James Monroe Whitecotton. Lived Chattanooga, Tennessee. Served Barry's Tennessee Light Artillery, company C, CSA. Source: Tennessee Civil War records.
Valentine Whitecotton b 1835 Jackson Co Alabama, Served 12th Alabama Confederate Cavalry.. 1st cousin to my gg grandfather James Monroe Whitccotton. Killed during the war 1862 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co, Virginia.
Hiram Whitecotton b 1831 Jackson Co Alabama, 1st cousin to my gg grandfather James Monroe Whitecotton. Married Phebe C Posey. Served in Mead's Confederate Cavalry. Survived the war only to be killed in a gunfight in 1869. Widow & children remained in Jackson Co Alabama.
Isaac Newton "Pete" Whitecotton b 1833 Jackson Co Alabama, 1st cousin to my gg grandfather James Monroe Whitecotton. Served in Young's company, Alabama Nitre & Mining Corps, CSA. Was killed 1863 near the end of the Civil War, killed as a bushwhacker.
Christopher Columbus Burns b 1833 Jackson Co Alabama, 1st cousin to my gg grandfather James Monroe Whitecotton. Served Morgan's Regiment,T exas Cavalry CSA, company I.
Isaac Avery Thompson brother to my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton. He served 8th Tennessee Infantry, company A, then 10th Tennessee Infantry, company D, Union Army. Was in hospital at Nashville from 1862 until 1865 with complications from smallpox. Source: Avery's Civil War Pension records from the National Archives and "Bradley Divided" by Melba Lee Murray .
Timothy Lafayette Thompson Avery's son, nephew to my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton. Served in the 10th Tennessee Infantry, company D Union Army at age 17, then apparently switched allegiance and fought for the 6th Tennessee Cavalry, company K, CSA. Source: "Bradley Divided" by Melba Lee Murray, Lafayette's enlistment records, and his gravestone which indicates his tenure in the CSA.
Josiah Blair Thompson brother of my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton. No records, but prob fought in Arkansas, prob Union Army. Pension record found indicates a Josiah Thompson from Washington Co Arkansas applying in 1873.
Alexander Thompson Brother of my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton. No records, but prob fought in Arkansas, prob Union.
George William Thompson Nephew of my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton, and 1st cousin/half-brother to my great grandmother Siloama K Whitecotton. No records; was said to have been inducted into the Confederate army at age 13. Married Sarah Jackson Bledsoe after the war and lived in Marion twp, Christian Co Missouri.
Daniel Jackson Thompson brother of George, nephew of my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton and 1st cousin/half brother to my great grandmother Siloama K Whitecotton. Was said to have lied about his age to fight for the Union Army. No records as yet. Married Rosa Killough after the war and lived at Alma, Christian Co Missouri by 1880 census.
David Mowery Son of James Mowery & Priscilla Thompson, nephew to my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton, first cousin to my great grandmother Siloama K Whitecotton, who was raised in the Mowery family 1856-1878. No records for David as yet, but would have fought for the Union Army in Arkansas. No records after the Civil War. As per Thompson family stories, he and all of his brothers died during the war.
William Jackson Mowery Son of James Mowery & Priscilla Thompson; nephew to my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton, first cousin to my great grandmother Siloama K Whitecotton, who was raised with the Mowery family from 1856-1878. William was the only Mowery to serve in the Confederate Army. He enlisted at age 17 in the 14th Arkansas Infantry (Powers) CSA on July 13, 1861 at Yellville, Marion Co Arkansas, deserted on July 26 1862 (this may mean that he was just actually separated from his unit), and re-enlisted in Marshalls Light Artillery, CSA in Sept 1862. No records after the Civil War. As per Thompson family stories, he and all of his brothers died during the war.
John A Mowery Son of James Mowery & Priscilla Thompson, nephew to my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton, and first cousin to my great grandmother Siloama K Whitecotton, who was raised in the Mowery family 1856-1878. Lied about his age to join the Union Army at age 13, 4th Arkansas Infantry, company I, enlisting April 9th 1861 at Yellville, Marion Co Arkansas. Was said to be five foot, nine inches tall, eyes hazel, hair and complexion fair. Occupation was indicated as farmer,and the enlistment records shows that he was born in Bradley Co Tennessee. John died in hospital at DeValls, Arkansas on Jan 22, 1864, from wounds sustained from fighting in the war. He was 16 years old.
James Wesley Mowery Son of James Mowery and Priscilla Thompson, nephew to my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton, first cousin to my great grandmother Siloama K Whitecotton, who was raised in the Mowery family from 1856-1878. Like his brother John, James must have lied about his age to enlist in the Union Army. He was only twelve when he enlisted in the 4th Arkansas Infantry, company I. Later he transferred to the 13th Arkansas Infantry, company B. According to an 1864 roster he was listed as "badly wounded". He did not survive the war, dying at age 15.
Joseph Abraham Goodwin Son of Thomas Goodwin & Mary Lucinda Thompson, nephew to my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton; first cousin to my great grandmother Siloama K Whitecotton. Served in the 4th Tennessee Cavalry, company I. Received a pension, as per records.Source: descendents & Civil War Sailors & Soldiers database.
Meredith Isaac (or Isaac Meredith?) Goodwin Son of Thomas Goodwin & Mary Lucinda Thompson, nephew to my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton, first cousin to my great grandmother Siloama K Whitecotton. Served in the 4th Tennessee Cavalry, company I. According to sources, he was incarcerated at Andersonville prison, and evidently died just after the end of the war. Source: CWSS database
Matthew Ford Goodwin Son of Thomas Goodwin & Mary Lucinda Thompson, nephew to my gg grandmother Sarah Thompson Whitecotton, first cousin to my great grandmother Siloama K Whitecotton. Served in the 4th Tennessee Cavalry, company I. Received a pension. Source : CWSS database.

World War I
No ancestors found as yet who fought in WWI
World War II
William Henry Huber b 1922 Union, Hardin Co Iowa, died 2001. Served as an engineer on ships in the Navy, WWII and Korean War.
Alice M Huber b 1921 Seattle, Washington. Died 2004. Served with the Coast Guard as a radioman 1st class in California and Washington.
Isaac "Ike" Dresdon Huber b 1919 Marshall Co Iowa, my paternal uncle.Source: Barb Collins, (my 1st cousin)
Leland Stanford Wren My father's 1st cousin once removed and my 2nd cousin, b 1919 Oklahoma, served Navy in WWII. Related to my Huber line, through the Spake/Wren family. Source: Sarah Wren
Theodore Martine Sr. My maternal uncle, b 1916 Seattle, Washington d. 1985. Was living in Hawaii when Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Served in the Navy in WWII. Source: Theodore Martine Jr (my 1st cousin)
James R. Martine My mother's first cousin, b 1911 Seattle, Washington, died 1973. Served in the Naval Amphibious Corps in the S. Pacific. Source : Lynn Martine Flarherty
Vietnam Conflict
James Jay Huber b 1952 Korea, died 1973. My adopted brother. Served in the Army during the Vietnam conflict.

Have a great Veteran's Day
© Betty Tartas  2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Connections to the Salem Witch Trials

Despite the fact that I have hundreds of ancestors in the lineage of my maternal grandmother RUBY BOLTON BROWN  who lived in Essex Co Massachusetts, only a few families actually lived in Salem, and fewer still were involved in any way with the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

--My great x 8 grandmother REBECCA TOWNE NURSE was the only person in my family tree to be executed as a witch.  Sadly, at age 71, she was confused and unable to speak much during the trial, which fact probably led to her conviction.

--One of the accusers was MERCY LEWIS who was the niece of my great x 8 grandmother MARY LEWIS who married  1st) THOMAS SKILLINGS II.  They were part of a group of very early settlers in Casco Bay, Falmouth, Maine.  Nearly the entire settlement was  wiped out during the Casco Bay Indian Massacre of Aug 11, 1676.  MERCY LEWIS & her two sisters PRISCILLA & ELIZABETH witnessed the massacre, losing their parents, grandparents, several uncles, aunts & cousins.  What few survivors there were escaped to a small island and sent out a note summoning help.  They were rescued and returned to Salem, where the three girls were taken in and raised by Rev GEORGE BURROUGHS.

THOMAS SKILLINGS II & wife MARY LEWIS and one son BENJAMIN SKILLINGS survived the massacre, but THOMAS died in Salem only a few months afterwards. MARY LEWIS SKILLINGS married 2nd) JOTHAM LEWIS (a cousin?) and moved with her young son BENJAMIN to Greenland, Rockingham Co New Hampshire. She married 3rd) to HENRY WILKINS.

Meanwhile back in Salem, MERCY LEWIS was in the employ THOMAS PUTNAM as a servant when she became one of the girls who claimed to be under the spell of witches.  She actually accused Rev GEORGE BURROUGHS, her benefactor, of witchcraft.

After the witch trials, in 1693, MERCY LEWIS left Salem and went to live with her aunt  MARY LEWIS SKILLINGS, then wife of JOTHAM LEWIS,  in Greenland, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

In 1701 Greenland, New Hampshire MERCY LEWIS gave birth to an illegitimate child; CHARLES ALLEN & her aunt MARY LEWIS testified in court on her behalf. CHARLES ALLEN later married MERCY LEWIS, leading to speculation that the child was his.

--WILLIAM BROWN of Salisbury Essex Co Massachusetts was the brother of my great x 8 grandfather DEACON HENRY BROWN.  WILLIAM had married ELIZABETH MURFORD who, according to accounts, was "insane for 30 years".  In 1692, WILLIAM accused a widowed neighbor, SUSANNA NORTH MARTIN of bewitching his wife.  SUSANNA was brought to trial in Salem, and was executed as a witch.  Miraculously, after SUSANNA's execution, WILLIAM's wife ELIZABETH "regained her reason".

Have a Happy Halloween!


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Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Most Bizarre & Misguided Responses from My 23andMe & Family Tree DNA Matches

Well folks, a whole lot of people are now getting their DNA tested for genealogy purposes. That's great!!! But unfortunately, as I attempt to contact my DNA Relatives, it is ever more clear to me from the responses that I've received that many of them don't have a clue what sharing DNA means in terms of genealogy!

Here are some of the typical and frequently bizarre responses I have received:

1)  "We don't share the same haplogroup, so we cannot be related," and conversely, 'We share the same haplogroup, so we must be related".
Haplogroups are incredibly interesting! They allow you to explore your deepest ancient roots-- but usually have very little to do with one's genealogy over the last 500 years.

It is entirely possible to NOT share haplogroups, and yet share ancestors & DNA.  I certainly have first cousins who do not have the same maternal haplogroup as I do--because we all had different mothers!

Paternal Y haplogroups can be helpful in a more recent genealogical sense if you are researching a very common surname in a male line, such as SMITH or JONES. For instance, I have established through my brother's 23andMe test that my male HUBER line has the Y DNA haplogroup i1b2 (now known as i2a2a).  That knowledge could help me eliminate other male HUBERs in colonial Pennsylvania as possible ancestors. There were A LOT of different HUBER families  in colonial Pennsylvania.

2) "I don't see my surnames or locations in your list or on your family tree, so we must not be related" 
The people making this statement usually are matching at 3rd-4th cousin level, but have only listed 2-4 surnames.  They are not taking into consideration that the shared surname & ancestor will most likely be found back 4-5 generations.

I frequently encounter people who don't have a clue about their own genealogy beyond their grandparents. However, most genealogists worth their salt can take the names of someone's grandparents  and can usually find out much more about that person's ancestry.

And then there is the sticky issue of illegitimacy, or a "non-paternal event".

As for locations:  it never fails to amaze me how much people moved around,  from the very beginnings of our country to the present day.  We are all a long way from our original home. One should not discount a DNA match just because the shared ancestor or location is not immediately obvious.

3) "I match YOU, but don't match your brother, sister, etc so we must not be related" and conversely, "You match ME,  but don't match my brother, sister, etc so we must not be related".
Because of completely random nature of recombination,  it is entirely possible for one sibling from a family to match a  3rd-5th cousin who does not match anyone else in the family.    In my own case, my brother & I have both been tested;  in our matches with 3rd-5th cousins, I have found that he may possibly share more DNA than I do with a cousin; the same amount of DNA;  less DNA or no DNA with a cousin.  He can also share on different chromosomal locations than I do with a cousin.

We both have several known 4th cousins with whom we share absolutely no DNA.

Shared DNA amounts decrease exponentially with each recombination, i.e. each generation. Here is a very good chart from 23andMe website, showing the percentages.

4) X Chromosome confusion: "We must match on the mtDNA line! Here's my mother's mother's mother's mother...."
I must admit, shamefacedly, that I was clueless about what the X chromosome means for genealogical research until I was educated by one of my DNA cousins on 23andMe this past summer.

Now I am totally fascinated!  I filled out a fan chart (see previous post) showing who those X chromosome carrying ancestors are in my family tree!! Woo Hoo!! This knowledge can really narrow down the field of possible shared ancestors for those matching on Chromosome X!!

So I contacted all of my X matches on 23andMe, thrilled with the prospect of maybe finding some common ancestors--only to discover that A LOT of them believe that the X Chromosome is the same thing as mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)--which is only partially true. For both men & women, the mitochondrial line will be included with the X carrying ancestors--but they are not the ONLY ancestors that carry the X chromosome.

As you all probably know,  Men receive one X chromosome from their mothers, and one Y chromosome from their fathers.

Women receive two X chromosomes, one from their mothers, and the other from their fathers--which is actually the X chromosome of his mother, their paternal grandmother.

So certain males in your family tree CAN be X chromosome carriers as well as the females. There is a specific pattern of descendancy. See my previous post.  Or this blog post "X Marks the Spot" by Roberta Estes, which has the color-coded fan charts for both men and woman, created by Blaine Bettinger. These clearly show the pattern of descent for your X Chromosomes.

Another thing that most people don't seem to understand is that a match on the X chromosome is definite & specific.  If I match you on the X chromosome, and I send you a chart of my possible X chromosome ancestors, then somewhere, somehow  you MUST be related to one of those ancestors on the chart. They are the ONLY possibilities in my entire family tree. You may be descended from a child or grandchild of one of the individuals on the chart, but that individual will always end up being our "most recent common ancestor" MRCA.

One of my X matching DNA cousins latched onto the surname of one of my male X carrying ancestors, WILLIAM F MILLER b 1814, and claimed that our shared ancestor had to be a female Miller from her family tree who was born 1697.

I tried to explain that no MILLERs previous to WILLIAM b 1814 would qualify as an X chromosome ancestor, because WILLIAM received only a Y chromosome from the MILLER side of the family.  He received his X chromosome from his mother, LUCY ANN WOODSON.

However, if one of WILLIAM F MILLER's children or grandchildren born in the 1850s  were her direct ancestor, then that could work, because our "most common shared ancestor" MRCA could still be WILLIAM F MILLER. But it the child/grandchild were female, there is a 50/50 chance our MRCA could also be WILLIAM F MILLER's wife, ELIZABETH T MOSELEY.

She did not believe me, and continues to think we are related through the Miller born 1697.

This is complicated stuff!

5) "Why are you contacting me?"
This is a surprising response I sometimes get to emails from Family Tree DNA website,  from people who have posted their email addresses, genealogical information and other  info on their profiles.

6) "Hey! We are DNA cousins! I want everything you have on your family! (this from a 23andMe profile with no name on it)"
This is a problem exclusive to the 23andMe website, and it's one of my biggest pet peeves. I have about a dozen DNA cousins on my DNA Relatives list who have never put a name (nickname, pseudonym) on their profile.

If there is no name on a 23andMe profile, the person owning the profile can't be invited to share genomes.  I have had several of these no-name people contact me and request "everything I have."

At first I tactfully request that they add a name/nickname to their profile and why.  Lately I have been adding, "Until you put a name or nickname on your profile, I will not share anything with you."  Harsh, I know--but I think it's incredibly rude to request all my personal information and years of research--while remaining totally anonymous.

I'm sure that some people think that having no name on their 23andMe profile will somehow protect their privacy, but all that it does is make that person completely inaccessible.  No one can find them, no one can invite them.  If that is their intention, then fine.  Just don't expect others to "share everything"!

(23andMe really needs to change this on their website,  and require that every person who gets tested puts some kind of name, nickname or pseudonym on their profile.)

7) "23andMe says we share DNA and are related, but I don't believe it. We don't live in same state, same country, aren't same ethnicity,  etc, etc, and besides no one in my family has ever heard of you or your family!"
Folks, if you share any amount of DNA with someone else,  then you are definitely related.  Somehow, some way.  Matches sharing less than 0.20% may be fairly impossible to document. But as a friend once said, so eloquently: "DNA don't lie"!

Have a great day!


© Betty Tartas  2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mapping My X Chromosome Ancestors for Genetic Genealogy Comparison

A lot has already been written about mapping X Chromosomes, and how an understanding of how the X chromosome is passed down can help you find shared ancestors with your "DNA cousins" from 23andMe and Family Tree DNA autosomal tests.

An excellent 2012 blog post by Roberta Estes entitled "X Marks the Spot" gives a great amount of detail on how to use the X Chromosome for genetic genealogy comparisons.  In the blog post, she published charts created by Blaine Bettinger which can really help you visualize the pattern of X Chromosome descent. By filling in your ancestors' names, you can narrow down the possible carriers of the X chromosome, and the possible ancestors for your X matching DNA cousins!

Here is my filled out X Chromosome ancestor chart.

These are the ONLY possibilities for shared ancestors with my X Chromosome matches on 23andMe and Family Tree DNA:

On my father's side, the only X chromosome carrier was my grandmother MINTTIE MAY BRUTON, and her X lineage includes the WHITECOTTON, THOMPSON, SCOTT, MOORE, JONES & RIDDLE surnames, locations include Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina & Virginia. I was especially glad to find that HAPPY RIDDLE was in my X chromosome list, because of her likely Melungeon background.

On my mother's side, the first X chromosome carrier was my great grandmother ALICE "ALLIE" MILLER, born 1856 Livingston Co Missouri, died 1921 Seattle, Washington,  my grandfather's mother. All of her ancestors, including her parents, were from Virginia. Surnames include MOSELEY, WOODSON, SAUNDERS/SANDERS, MITCHELL, LEAKE, CHRISTIAN, TRABUE, GUERRANT, PATTERSON & FENTON.

The second X chromosome carrier on my mother's side was my great grandfather FRANK RICARD BROWN, through his mother CORDELIA RICKARD born 1829 Kenwyn or Chacewater parish, Cornwall, England,  died 1875 Sacramento, California, USA. All of her ancestors were from Cornwall, England, and surnames include HICKS, VARLEY, GILBERT, JENNINGS & WEARNE.

The third X chromosome carrier on my mother's side was my great grandmother MARY ETTA KENNEDY, through her father THOMAS KENNEDY, and paternal grandmother ELIZABETH "BETSY" RINES, born 1799, Maitland,  Douglas twp, Hants Co, Nova Scotia, Canada, died before 1880 Portland, Cumberland Co Maine, USA.  Surnames include KENNEDY, RINES, McDONALD, McLEAN, TOAL.  This line mostly originated in Scotland and Northern Ireland, migrating to Nova Scotia, Canada, then Maine. 

The fourth X chromosome carrier on my mother's side was my great grandmother MARY ETTA KENNEDY, through her mother SARAH JANE BOLTON born 1837 Gorham, Cumberland Co Maine, died 1858 Portland, Cumberland Co Maine. Surnames include BOLTON, MORTON, IRISH, ELWELL, SKILLINGS, PRIDE, BOND, DENNING, MARINER; locations include Cumberland Co Maine & Essex Co Massachusetts. 

I have not proven the line of SARAH JANE BOLTON's father, DANIEL BOLTON, but if I am correct in my current theory, that line would include ancestors with the surnames PRATT,  CRANE, & LEONARD, also from Maine & Massachusetts.

The SARAH JANE BOLTON line is also my mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) lineage, haplogroup H1a1. 

If you are one of my X matching DNA cousins, please feel free to email me for more information.

Have a great day!


© Betty Tartas  2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Top Ten Genealogical Discoveries--So Far!

After binge watching several episodes of the new season of "Who Do You Think You Are?",  I started thinking of all the genealogical discoveries I've made over the last fifteen years, both big & small.  Which discoveries were the most exciting?   Here is the list I that came up with....

1) Discovering the second life of my paternal great grandfather PHILLIP LUTHER HUBER. Even my grandfather ALONZO COX HUBER did not know what happened to his own father.  PHILLIP simply disappeared without a trace, abandoning my grandfather at a county fair in Iowa in 1882.  PHILLIP was apparently presumed dead. Turns out he ran off, abandoned his wife & three children back in Iowa, went by his middle name, married a much younger woman in Tennessee, and started a second family in Nashville.  While I can't take credit for this discovery (the theory originated with another researcher, and was later proven by DNA testing), this is the big kahuna of genealogical discoveries.  And now one of my newly found  2nd cousins has generously shared a photo of my great grandfather PHILLIP LUTHER HUBER!  So many of my 1st cousins, now in their 80s, have been able to see the face of their great-grandfather for the first time.  Genealogy doesn't get any better than this!

2) Discovering that my paternal grandmother MINTTIE MAY BRUTON was not Cherokee, and in fact not Native American at all.  Neither my brother nor I have any Native American ancestry, according to three different DNA tests (23andMe, Family Tree DNA &  While many from my father's family would argue that the tests must be wrong, and the family stories correct, this is still pretty irrefutable evidence to the contrary. I would love to have more members of my father's side of the family to get tested, but so far no one seems interested or willing.

3) Discovering the maiden name of my great x 3 grandmother HAPPY on an Eastern Cherokee tribal application. In 1906, Grandma MINTTIE MAY, her mother  (my great grandmother) SILOAMA WHITECOTTON BRUTON, and her brother JAMES J BRUTON all applied to the Eastern Cherokee tribe for tribal benefits, as they believed stories from relatives that the WHITECOTTON & STUMP families were Cherokee (their application was denied as this was not true, the WHITECOTTONs & related families were English and the STUMPs were German immigrants--not Cherokee or Native American at all!).

SILOAMA listed her mother HAPPY's maiden name on the tribal application as RIDDLE, and this new information allowed me to connect HAPPY to a RIDDLE family which is known to have Melungeon roots (and lots of women named HAPPY). This may explain the dark complexion and black hair that is so prevalent in my father's side of the family.  However--while many males from known Melungeon lines have Y-DNA that is clearly Sub Saharan African, the RIDDLE males do not.  My brother's DNA admixture shows a tiny amount  > 0.1% of Sub Saharan African ancestry on Chromosome 14--but it does not show up in my admixture.  Hard to know if this is an error, or a reflection of Melungeon ancestry without more relatives testing from my father's side of the family.

4) Discovering my maternal great grandmother MARY ETTA KENNEDY's Canadian roots. Several years ago, a fellow researcher shared a scanned copy of an original 1887 letter written by one of her ancestors HENRY J RINES, who turned out to be the great uncle of my great grandmother,  MARY ETTA KENNEDY.  The letter specifically names MARY ETTA's father THOMAS KENNEDY, son of JOHN KENNEDY & ELIZABETH RINES of Windsor, Hants Co Nova Scotia; Lubec, Washington Co Maine; and Portland, Cumberland Co Maine. The letter also mentioned THOMAS KENNEDY's wife, my great great  grandmother,  SARAH JANE BOLTON.  With the information from this one letter, I was able to trace my KENNEDY & RINES family back several generations in Windsor & Maitland, Hants Co, Nova Scotia.

5) Discovering the identity of the "woman in the picture" found in my mother's treasure trove of family memorabilia.  It took me years to figure out who she was. Only after careful comparison of many family photos did I realize a distinct resemblance to my great aunt, GLADYS BROWN DRYDEN, and a 2nd cousin, GLADYS' granddaughter.

This is my great great grandmother, CORDELIA HICKS RICKARD, who married as her 2nd husband, my great great grandfather HENRY "NEW HAMPSHIRE" (aka H.N.H.) BROWN on June 5, 1857 in Sacramento, California.

She was married previously to HENRY WILLIAM F MYERS, a German immigrant, Jan 29, 1850 in Platteville, Grant Co Wisconsin; they had one daughter EMMA before embarking on an overland journey to California that same year.  Her first husband either died along the way, or they were divorced in California (no records found).  Her brother RICHARD RICKARD, a miner, also made the journey and set up a storefront in the same area as my gg grandfather HENRY "NEW HAMPSHIRE" BROWN.

CORDELIA was born 1829 in Chacewater or Kenwyn Parish, Cornwall, England. She was the daughter of RICHARD RICKARD, a "victualer" who died 1835  at age 57 in Blackwater, Kenwyn Parish, Cornwall, and CORDELIA HICKS, who emigrated to the United States July 1845 on the ship "Henry Clay", a widow with her three youngest children (a 4th son came later). Her five eldest children either died in Cornwall before 1845,  or remained in England with their spouses & families.  CORDELIA , my great x 3 grandmother,  died April 18, 1859 in Dodgeville, Iowa Co Wisconsin.  Her daughter, my great x 2 grandmother CORDELIA, died Jan 23, 1875 in Sacramento, California. 

I have been able to trace the RICKARD & HICKS families back several generations in Cornwall, using the fantastic website Cornwall Online Parish Clerks (OPC)

6) Discovering that my maternal grandmother, RUBY BOLTON BROWN, was a Mayflower descendant.  My immediate family tended to focus on the stories about our ancestors'  unusual adventurous lives in California & Alaska. Apparently no one knew anything about RUBY's extensive New England ancestry--even though we have old photos of RUBY visiting cousins in New Hampshire!  So it was quite a surprise for me to find out  that she was a descendant of JOHN HOWLAND & ELIZABETH TILLEY.  I doubt very much that my grandmother ever knew this herself--she would have definitely mentioned it!  One of my greatest genealogical accomplishments was applying to and having RUBY's pedigree accepted by the Society of Mayflower Descendants in 2011.

7) Discovering that I am a direct descendant of the first female poet in the Massachusetts Colony, ANN DUDLEY BRADSTREET.  Again, this is one of RUBY's ancestors in New England. I was particularly pleased to find this, as I was an English major in college and love poetry!

8) Discovering that my ancestor THOMAS LIGON III of Virginia had royal roots.  THOMAS LIGON was the great x 8 grandfather of my grandfather, RANDOLPH BENJAMIN "ROLLA" MARTINE, through his mother's side of the family; all her ancestors lived in Virginia from the 1600s until the 1840s when her family migrated to northern Missouri.  It was exciting to find a well-documented line from one of my ancestors back to King Edward I of England "Longshanks".  And this was not the only ancestor I found in my family tree with connection to English royalty. For THOMAS LIGON III's pedigree, see "The Royal Descents of 500/600 Immigrants" by Gary Boyd Roberts, or  "Royal Ancestry" Volume III  by Douglas Richardson.

9) Discovering the parentage of my paternal great x 5 grandmother TRYPHENA FISHER who married CURTIS OTWELL.  The Otwells of Maryland have been particularly difficult to research. Records seem few and far between, and the surname is easily misspelled or mis-transcribed  in records.  I am still trying to ascertain whether or not the family was consistently Quaker down through the early generations (in later generations after 1800 they were).

TRYPHENA remained a complete mystery for fifteen years, until I found the 1761 will of her father JOHN PRITCHETT FISHER (mother was REBECCA EDGAR) in Dorchester Co Maryland.  For years I had concentrated on  Somerset Co Maryland, where the Otwells were known to have lived, and later in Sussex Co Delaware.  It was not until I found estate records for CURTIS OTWELL's father in Dorchester Co Maryland, and turned my attention to that county, that I discovered TRYPHENA's family.  Now my burning question is this:  Were the FISHERs and EDGARs Quakers also?

10) Discovering that both my grandfathers had a connection to the earliest Dutch immigrants to New Amsterdam--and that they share ancestors!  This came as a complete surprise. Two men from completely different areas and completely different walks of life.  They were 8th cousins, sharing these immigrant ancestors to New Amsterdam:

What are your top ten genealogical discoveries?

Have a great day!


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