Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Betty's Boneyard Genealogy!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Multiple Lines of Descent in My New England Immigrant Families

This past month I have been focusing on my New England immigrant ancestors.  I have been collecting sources and documentation, and getting to know them in a way that I have not done previously.

One thing that struck me is the fact that I have several New England immigrant ancestors from whom I have multiple lines of descent.  This is especially true for those families who settled in Stamford, Fairfield Co Connecticut.

And here they are. All of these were immigrants from England to New England.

--I have three lines of descent from EDMUND LOCKWOOD I who had two wives, both married in England, one unknown, the other ELIZABETH MASTERS.  He died in Cambridge, Middlesex Co Massachusetts.  Two of my lines are through his daughter ELINOR LOCKWOOD who married NICHOLAS KNAPP, and one through his son EDMUND LOCKWOOD II, who married HANNAH SCOTT.

--I also have one line of descent from EDMUND's brother ROBERT LOCKWOOD, who died in Fairfield, Fairfield Co Connecticut, and married SUSANNA NORMAN. My line is  through their son GERSHOM LOCKWOOD.

--So, in total,  four lines of descent from the LOCKWOOD family of Combs, Suffolk, England.

--I have three lines of descent from DANIEL SCOFIELD,  who married SARAH (YOUNGS?) and died in Stamford, Fairfield Co Connecticut. One line is through daughter SARAH SCOFIELD who married JOHN PETTIT II, and two are through son JOHN SCOFIELD who married HANNAH MEAD.

--I have three lines of descent from WILLIAM MEAD, who married, in England,  PHILIPPA, and died in Stamford, Fairfield Co Connecticut. Two lines are through his son JOHN MEAD who married HANNAH POTTER, and one line through is through his son JOSEPH MEAD who married MARY BROWN.

--I have three lines of descent from NATHANIEL PIPER who married SARAH EDWARDS and died in Ipswich, Essex Co Massachusetts.  One line is through his son SAMUEL PIPER who married ABIGAIL CHURCH, and two lines are through his son THOMAS PIPER who married GRACE HAWLEY.

I have many more ancestors with two lines of descent, but that will have to wait for another blog post!

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