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Several Unplaced THOMAS SANDERS or SAUNDERS 1700s-1800s Virginia and Tennessee

Recently I have been collaborating with two other SANDERS/ SAUNDERS researchers, trying to sort out the many branches in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and beyond.

I have run into the following unplaced THOMAS SANDERS/SAUNDERS, and I'm hoping that others can provide comments and documentation and help us solve some of these mysteries.

1) THOMAS SANDERS b Oct 15, 1742 who married MARY PULLIAM, daughter of JOSEPH PULLIAM, on Oct 11, 1765 in Halifax Co VA.  The marriage bond was secured by ADAMS SANDERS, likely brother of THOMAS; they were both probably the sons of THOMAS SANDERS & ANNE ADAMS of New Kent Co>Henrico Co>Goochland Co>Albemarle Co>Buckingham Co VA.

What I would really like to know is what happened to this couple after their marriage.  They apparently did not remain in Halifax Co VA.  I have not been able to find any trace of them in VA, NC or TN records, or any mention in other people's online family trees. Isn't anyone researching them?  Did they not have children?

2) THOMAS SANDERS & wife MARY of Madison Co TN.  I have not been able to figure out exactly who this THOMAS might be.  I know he is NOT the son of FRANCIS & ALETHIA SAUNDERS/SANDERS, who also settled in Madison Co TN; their son was THOMAS F SANDERS and he married ELIZABETH KIRBY; after his death, she moved to Spencer Co IN.

Anyway, here is an abstract of the will of THOMAS SANDERS, probated Jan 7, 1839 Madison Co TN

--Will of THOMAS SANDERS, Madison Co., Tenn. Two tracts of land, 203 acres, divided equally between JOHN M. SANDERS and WILLIAM S. H. SANDERS. A tract of land, 100 acres, where he lived to JOSHUA SANDERS. To MARY A. SANDERS negro woman Mariah. MELISA ELIZABETH a negro girl Louisa. Wife MARY SANDERS $300. Dau TABITHA THOMAS, wife of RANSON THOMAS $1. Proceeds from sale of perishable property to be divided among JOHN M. SANDERS, WILLIAM S. H. SANDERS, JOSHUA J. SANDERS, MARY LOUISA JANE SANDERS, MELISA ELIZABETH SANDERS and wife MARY SANDERS. Signed with an "x" mark. No exec named. Wits John Welsh, P. M. Johnson.
10-11. Inventory of Sanders property, January 26, 1839.
365-366. Settlement report of Sanders property, February 11, 1841.

MCCM 4, page 568. Will probated January 7, 1839.

3) THOMAS SANDERS of Bedford Co TN.  I would like to find out his wife's name, his children's names and where he ended up after 1830.  He is listed in the 1820 & 1830 census in Bedford Co TN, with several children.  The 1830 census looks like an older man with a wife 10-20 years younger, some very young children, some older children.

Here are deeds for THOMAS SANDERS from Bedford Co TN:

--THOMAS SANDERS, Bedford Co., Tenn. "give and bequeath" to WILLIAM RAGSDALE, MARY EDWARD, NANCY RAGSDALE, hrs of CLABOURN J. RAGSDALE, living in the Western District of Tenn., featherbeds, livestock, being the property "I" bought at the "sail" of Edward Ragsdale. March 10, 1822. Reg June 11, 1823. Wits F. D. Ragsdale, Henry Booth.

--THOMAS SANDERS to JAMES EDDE Bill Sale.  Know all men by these presents that I THOMAS SANDERS of the County of Bedford And State of Tennessee For and in Consideration of the sum of six hundred dollars have this day sold to James Edde of the said county a negro girl named VOSSEY (?) aged about eighteen years and I hereby warrant to the said Edde the claims and title to the said slave against the claims of all persons whatsoever I likewise warrent the said girl to be of sound body and mind and a slave for life. Witness my hand and seal this 20th day of November 1826

 Can anyone shed any light on this individual & his family?

Your comments appreciated.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

A Friend of Friends Friday: Will of JAMES SANDERS / SAUNDERS Sr May 1776 Orange Co NC

Note: "A Friend of Friends" was a password used on the Underground Railway

JAMES SANDERS/SAUNDERS Sr was my great X 5 grandfather.  In the next few weeks, I will be posting some newly discovered information about his family.  Information in parentheses within the will are my notes.

--In the name of God, Amen.  I, JAMES SANDERS Senior of the County of Orange and Province of North Carolina, being sick and weak, but of sound disposing mind and memory, thanks be to Almighty God for it, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say.

--First, I commend my soul to almighty God who gave it me hoping through the merits of my blessed Savior Jesus Christ to attain eternal Life and my body to be decently buried in such manner as my Executors herein after named shall appoint, and as to my worldly estate and effects, I devise and bequeath in manner and form following (to wit)

--Item. I leave and bequeath to my son (Col) JAMES SANDERS the tract of land agreed upon together with the plantation he now lives on, also BACUS a negro man, and BECK a negro wench and all her issue, said BACUS' wife, likewise JESSE, JENNY and HARRY, three negroes together with the stock of all kinds and nature so ever.

--Item. I leave and bequeath to my daughter SARAH, wife of WILLIAM TRIGG a proportionable or equal share of such goods and effects as I have reserved for the use of me and my wife during our lives, and also leave and bequeath to the said SARAH TRIGG the negro wench NANN and her issue, and the negro boy DANIEL now in her the said SARAH's possession, and all the other effects I gave her at the time of her marriage.

--Item.  I leave and bequeath to my daughter SUSANNAH wife of ROBERT TERRY the negro wench called BETT together with the mare, bed and cattle I gave her at the time of marriage.

--Item. I leave and bequeath to my daughter FANNY wife of WILLIAM SANDERS the elder a negro wench named JANE and her issue; a horse and saddle, bed and six head of cattle.

--Item. I leave and bequeath to my daughter CASANDRA's eldest daughter a negro girl named LILLY.

--Item.  I leave and bequeath to my son (Major) RICHARD SANDERS a piece of tract of land beginning at the upper end of my plantation, and to come as low down as a Locust Bush on the river bank cross to the spring branch to an Ash, down the edge of the low ground to a spring, from that spring south to the back line; also a negro man called BOB and a negro girl named SHADE, also a negro boy called MAJOR together with a horse, a sorrell mare and six head of cattle.

--Item. I leave and bequeath to my son (Capt) WILLIAM SANDERS a piece or tract of land beginning at my son JAMES' and ending at my son RICHARD'S tract together with a negro lad called CHARLES, and a negro girl called DELEH and a negro boy called RANDALL also a horse and a gray mare with six head of cattle. (Capt WILLIAM SANDERS was the father of ROMULUS MITCHELL SAUNDERS)

--Item.  I leave and bequeath to my grandson JEREMIAH TERRY son my daughter SUSANNAH a negro boy named TIM.

--Item.  I leave and bequeath the mill stones and utinsils thereunto belonging, also the still to be for the use of my son JAMES' plantation and the plantaion whereon I live, and likewise the wagon for the use of the plantation whereon I now dwell.

--Item.  It is my will that all the goods and effects I die possessed of except the Bequests and Legacies herein mentioned, shall be equally divided between my daughters SARAH, SUSANNAH, FANNY, and CASSANDRA.

--Item.  It is my will that the stock of hoggs (sic) shall at the time  of division be equally divided between my sons RICHARD and WILLIAM SANDERS.

--In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, acknowledging this to be my last Will and Testament, this 28th day of February in the year of our Lord Christ, one thousand seven hundred and seventy six 1776 and I appoint my son JAMES SANDERS, RICHARD SANDERS and WILLIAM TRIGG my executors of this my last Will and Testament


Signed, sealed & delivered in presence of us

May court 1776   The execution of the within will was duly proved in open court by the oath of JAMES SANDERS one of the subscribing witnessed thereto and ordered to be recorded.
F.  Nash  C C (clerk of the court)

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