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Surname Saturday: Another VAN ARSDALE Ancestor! or How My Two Grandfathers Are Related

artists rendition of New Amsterdam, source unknown

Sometimes finding just one piece of genealogical information sets off a whole cascade of unexpected finds!  This was the case when I finally found the names of the parents of one of my maternal grandfather's ancestors, MARIA/MARYTJE WYCKOFF.

MARIA/MARYTJE WYCKOFF was born Dec 11, 1681 Flatbush, Long Island, NY, and married STEPHEN STEPHENS, who was born Sept 6, 1677 (DRC) in what became Brooklyn, NY.  I have not found their marriage record as yet, but by 1731 they were living in Tappan, Rockland Co NY, where they joined the Dutch Reformed Church  on July 19, 1731.

For years I was uncertain where exactly MARIA was born, but a chance search lead me to the names of her parents,  CORNELIUS PIETERSE WYCKOFF & GEERTJE SIMONSE VAN ARSDALE.

I was thrilled to find a VAN ARSDALE in my maternal grandfather's pedigree!  One of my great great grandmothers on my paternal grandfather's side was NANCY VAN ARSDALE, who died Jan 27, 1899 in Marshall Co Iowa,  and of course I had traced her back to the immigrant ancestor SYMON JANSEN VAN ARSDALE, who died Oct 29, 1710 Flatlands, Long Island, NY.  GEERTJE SIMONSE VAN ARSDALE was SYMON's daughter.

So here is a list --so far-- of the shared Dutch immigrant ancestors of my two grandfathers:




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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Surname Saturday: New Information on the Wife of JOHN HUTTON, Quaker, of Lupton, Westmoreland (now Cumbria) Co England, and County Cavan, Ireland

Thanks to several intrepid researchers, including two who found original records in Cumbria Co England, we now have the correct name for the wife of JOHN HUTTON, the Quaker, who migrated in about 1658 from Lupton, Westmoreland Co (now Cumbria Co) England to County Cavan and later possibly County Meath in Ireland, and who was the father of THOMAS HUTTON, also a Quaker, of Rainstown, County Carlow, Ireland.  Several of THOMAS' children emigrated to Chester Co Pennsylvania in the early 1700s.

The go-to source for this family has always been the book, "Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania," by Albert Cook Myers, which was originally published in 1902.  This book has detailed information on THOMAS HUTTON and his family, including genealogical notes, transcribed letters, THOMAS' signature, and more.

For years now, researchers have speculated that the wife of THOMAS' father JOHN HUTTON  was someone named RACHEL LADBURNER.  It is unclear exactly where that information originated, and that surname has proved impossible to research.

Finally with the Lupton Parish records, and Kendal Monthly Meeting records, it is clear that the wife of JOHN HUTTON was named ELIZABETH.

According to the Kendal MM records, JOHN & ELIZABETH had a daughter named SUSANNAH HUTTON born 1st month, 29th day, 1653;   a daughter named MARGARET HUTTON born 7th month, 30th day, 1655, and a son THOMAS HUTTON born 2nd month, 7th day, 1657.

THOMAS & MARGERET's births are also noted in the Lupton parish records.

Many, many thanks to record sleuths Maurice and Tony for locating and copying these, and to Bernice for so kindly sharing them with me!!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Friend of Friends Friday: African American Slaves Named in the 1746 Will of William Massie of New Kent Co VA

In the name of God, amen,  I,  WILLIAM MASSIE of the Parish of St. Peters in the county of New Kent make this my last will and Testament. I resign my Soul to its Creator in all humble hope of its future Happiness (as in the disposal of a Being infinitely Good), and as to what Temporal Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me, I dispose of it as followeth:

Imprimis, I give to my Beloved Wife MARTHA during her Natural Life my Plantation with the Stocks of all kinds thereon, and other the Personal Estate belonging to the same, with three Hundred Acres of Land, be the same more or less, on Powhite Swamp in Hanover County. I allso give my said Wife Eighteen Slaves to wit: NELL, DELPH, and her children, DAVY, FAN, BECK and her children, SARAH, JOYCE, TOM, SQUIRE, PETER, OLD BEN, and at Powhite Plantation JACK, JOE, CUPID, DICK, EDY and her Children, ROSE & SIS, and my Will and desire is that my  Wife may have the Liberty of disposing of the said Slaves at her Death to whichsoever of our two Sons she shall think fit, but in case my said two Sons William and Thomas should die before my Wife's decease then I give the above mentioned Land and Slaves to my said Wife and her Heirs.

Item, I give to my Son WILLIAM  and his Heirs my Tract of land & Plantation on the Branches of the little Bird in Goochland County, containing two thousand acres be the same more or less. I allso give to my said Son William my land and plantation which I purchased of Col WILLIAM MACON commonly called and known by the name of Hardens to him and his Heirs, as allso one half of the low and sunken ground Land which my father purchased of William Allen on Chickshominy swamp to him and his heirs.

Item, I give to my son THOMAS and his Heirs my Tract of Land containing Seven Hundred and ninety Acres be the same more or lam lying on the little Bird in Goochland County, part of which was grantee to me by Patent, the other part I purchased of DAVID MASSIE. I alias give to my Son Thomas and his Heirs my Tract of Land and Plantation where I now live Except the Tract of Land called Hardens which adjoint to the same, and which is given to my son WILLIAM. I allso give to my said Son Thomas and his Heirs the other half of the above mentioned low and sunken ground Land on Chickahominy swamp purchased by my Father of WILLIAM ALLEN as aforesaid.

Item, I give to my son THOMAS and his Heirs my Tract of Land en Black Creek which my Father purchased of Ashcroft, I allso give to my said Son Thomas and his Heirs my tract of land near the mouth of Black Creek containing one Hundred Acres be the same more or lea* which my Father purchased of JOHN FOSTER.

Item, my will and desire is that my wife MARTHA may have the use and Improvement of the Plantation and Houses and Lands belonging to the same where I now dwell during the time my Son Thomas is under the age of Twenty one years, but in case my said son Thomas should die before he arrives to Lawfull age, then I give the said Lands, Houses and Plantation to my said Wife during her Nature 1 Life. I allso give to my said wife Martha all my Household goods and Furniture of what Nature or kind soever and other the Personell Estate where I now live,

Item, my will and desire is that in case my two Sons WILLIAM and THOMAS should both die before they arrive at Lawfull age, then I give to my Wife MARTHA her choice of one third part of the forty three slaves hereafter mentioned as allso one third part of all my Personelt Estate ofwhat nature or kind Boever to her and her heirs.

Item, I give to my two sons WILLIAM and THOMAS the following forty three slaves to wit: GEORGE, SUSAN, POMPEY, WILL, JAMEY, JAMES, CHESTER, NATT, DUKE, CHARLES, DICK, NED, BILL, PAUL, ROBIN, PATRICK, JACK, WILL, LUEY, DOLL, SUE, BETTY, SAUL, TAMER, PHILLIAS, PHILLIS, FEBEE, MOLL', children BEN, MIALL, NEPTUNE, JEMMY belonging to LUCY, MIALL, JEFFREY, NANNY belonging to DOLL, AGGE, HANNAH, ROGER belonging to SUE, SUSANNA, MARTIN belonging to PHILLIS, JOE, FILLIS belonging to TAMER, and JAMES, a Mulatto boy, to be equally divided and their Increase between my said Two sons, when my son WILLIAM arrives at Lawful! age.
 Item, my Will and Desire is that the cattle and hogs on the plantation given to my two sons shall be delivered to them, when they arrive at Lawfull age, to whom I give the same.
Item, I give to my son William my lott and house in New Castle town to him and his heirs.

Item, my Will and Desire is that the Lands and Slaves now under mortgage to me may be Equally divided between my two Sons to whome I give the same and to their heirs, or in case of Redemption, I desire the money may be equally divided between my said sons to whome 1 give the same.

Item, I give my gold watch to my son William.

Item, my will and desire is that the crops of Tobacco made by the slaves hereby Given by this my Will to my two Sons may be ship'd and consign'd to some Merchant in England by my Ex" hereafter named, or part of the said crops as my said Executor shall Judge most for my 2 sons advantage and the other part sold in Virginia, and after my affairs are settled the money due to my Estate I desire may be Equally divided between my sons Willam and Thomas to whome I give the same when my son William arrives at Lawfull age to have the said Money and Produce of the said Crops divided between him and his Brother, and my Will and Desire is that part of the Money that shall be due my Estate, and is hereby given to my Sons as aforesaid, may be put into the Merchant's hands that has the Consignment of the Tobaccos, or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to pay the Bondable Duty and the remainder put out to Interest after the yearly charges are paid ofmaintaining & educating my Sons Cloathing their negroes & supplying their Plantations with necessaryes.

Item, my Will and Desire is that in case either of my two Sons should die before they arrive at Lawfull age or Leave no Lawfull issue, then I desire the Survivor may inherit all the Estate given to my said two sons both real and personal to whome I give the same, and to his Heirs, but in case both my said Sons should die before they arrive at Lawful age or leave no Lawfull Issue then my Will and desire is that what I have hereby given them my Sons by this my Will may be equally divided between or amongst my five kinsmen, Thos. Darrieott, William Massie, son of my Brother Peter, Thomas Massie, son of my brother James, John Pinchback and Joseph Smith, or the survivors of them, to whams I give the same and to their Heirs, and Lastly my desire is that there should be no appraisement of my Estate, and I do hereby appoint my beloved Wife Martha Executrix, Colo William Macon, Capt. John Darricott, Capt. Richard Meaux, and Mr. William Macon Executors of this my Last Will and Testament, in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this 25 day of October, 1749.

Note:  WILLIAM MASSIE was the son of THOMAS MASSIE & MARY WALKER, and grandson of PETER MASSIE, the immigrant.  His wife was MARTHA MACON, the daughter of WILLIAM MACON & MARY HARTWELL. He was the nephew of my ancestor CHARLES MASSIE, who also died in 1749.  

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Happy 4th of July!

**For an updated 2022 version of this list, click here

In honor of all of my ancestors who fought in the American Revolutionary War!

Revolutionary War 1776

Mother's lineage

Jeremiah Martine b 1736 lived Haverstraw, Orange Co NY. Married Rachel BAREE or BARRE. Signed the Association petition against taxation without representation. Supposedly fought in Rev War, but so far no records have been found. Was not present in 1790 census, but his sons were still in Haverstraw, NY. Source: New York Historical Manuscripts: Revolutionary Papers, Volume 1, p 5-7. My great x4 grandfather.
Abraham Brown II b May 8, 1753 Nottingham or Epping, NH; died March 8, 1824 Northfield, NH; married on May 27, 1777 in Epping NH, Mary BUTLER born March 30, 1760 Nottingham, NH, Mayflower descendant, daughter of Rev Benjamin BUTLER & Dorcas ABBOTT of Andover, MA & Nottingham, NH. Abraham Brown II served several terms of duty; defended West Point under Capt. Daniel Gordon in 1780. His widow Mary received his Rev War Pension in 1832; she survived him by over 20 years dying in 1846. Source: Abraham Brown II's Rev War Pension Record (, DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966) & bios/genealogies from "History of Northfield NH" by Lucy Cross; "History of Town of Canterbury NH" by James Otis Lyford; "History of the Town of Andover, NH" by John R Eastman, and more. My great x4 grandfather
Thomas Miller b March 20, 1754, Goochland Co Virginia, d 1819 as per his will. Married Constance MASSIE. Was a prominent and very wealthy landowner, often listed in records as "gentleman". At his death he owned numerous plantations in Goochland, Prince William, and Spotsylvania Co VA, according to his will. Was said to have been a Lieutenant in Revolutionary Army. Stlll searching for records. DAR Patriot index (1966) shows only his father William Miller who married Mary Heath, and who would have likely been too old to fight in the Rev War. My great x4 grandfather
Capt Charles Woodson b Dec 30, 1759 Cumberland Co VA; Capt Charles Woodson was at the battle of Charleston SC, and apparently was captured and imprisoned. He and 30 of his comrades escaped and walked home to Virginia, an extremely slow and hazardous endeavor. Upon his return home, he married Judith LEAKE, daughter of Josiah Leake below. They settled at "Rosebank": Plantation, Cumberland Co VA, a large tract of land given to him by his father "three miles in circuit, skirted by the Willis River". Source: DAR Patriot Index (1966), and "History & Genealogy of the Woodsons" by Henry Morton Woodson, which has a large section on Capt Charles Woodson including several interesting stories & letters. His wife Judith applied for his Rev War pension in 1843.  My great X 4 grandfather
Josiah Leake b 1733 Rocky Springs Plantation, Goochland Co VA; married 1st) Ann FENTON; 2nd) Ann Minter, 3rd) Mrs Anne Foster. Joined the VA Militia, and attained rank of Captain in July 1777. Source: DAR Patriot Index (1966) and "Virginia Militias in the Revolutionary War" by McAllister
Lt Robert Peter Moseley my great x4 grandfather b 1732 prob Henrico Co VA. Lived Buckingham Co VA, Owned the "Willow Shade" plantation. Married Mary Magdalene GUERRANT. Served as Lt. in the Rev Army along with his two sons Thomas and Capt Arthur Moseley, and his wife's brothers, Jean John Guerrant and Pierre Peter Guerrant. All survived. Source: Moseley family records, and DAR Patriot Index (1966)
Thomas Saunders/Sanders b abt 1727 poss Middlesex Co VA or Caswell Co NC? lived Buckingham Co VA, then TN; m Mary MITCHELL; died Nov 28, 1812 Davidson Co TN as per his will. Related to my Moseley family. Father of Mary "Polly" Saunders b 1774 VA who married William Francis Moseley (my great x3 grandparents) DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great X 4 grandfather.
Nathaniel Massie Sr related to my Miller family of VA; b Aug 2, 1727 New Kent Co VA d 1802 Goochland Co VA; married Elizabeth "Betsey" WATKINS. Served as a Captain in the Goochland Co VA Militia in the Revolutionary War, alongside his son Nathaniel Massie Jr, who in 1796 founded the town of Chillicothe, Ohio. Source: DAR Patriot Index (1966), The Story of Goochland, by Wight publ 1935; and "A Catalogue of Descendents of Thomas Watkins of Chicohominy" by Francis Watkins. My great X 5 grandfather.
Jonathan Scofield Jr b abt 1748 Stamford, Fairfield Co CT; died Feb 15, 1788 Stamford Fairfield Co CT. Married Jemima FINCH. Was a private in Rev War, CT Militia, under Capt Silvanus Brown, in Col David Waterbury's Regiment. Jonathan Scofield died at age 40, and in 1799 his son Reynolds Finch SCOFIELD chose Selleck SCOFIELD as guardian. Source: Stamford, Fairfield Co CT records, copy of muster rolls ( and "A Scofield History". My great X 4 grandfather.
Jonathan Dibble b abt 1747 Fairfield Co CT; died aft 1820 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co NY. Married Rachel SLASON. Revolutionary War Soldier, private in Poundridge, Westchester Co NY Militia, under Capt Stephen Delavan. Gave an account of the attack on Ward's house by Major Campbell to J.M McDonald, which was subsequently quoted in Bolton's "History of Westchester" and later in Otto Schufeld's "Westchester During the Revolutionary War". Source: copy of muster rolls (; DAR Patriot Index (1966).
Maj Stephen Gale II b 1736 NH, grandfather of Phebe Gale my great x3 grandmother. Married Mrs Phebe PAGE; 2nd) Mehitable PLUMER . He was one of the first men to scale the walls at Fort Ticonderoga, and was promoted to the rank of Major for his gallantry. Source: DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great X 5 grandfather.
Andrew Jewettb abt 1750 Stratham, Rockingham Co NH, Married Mary PIPER. He served on the Safety Committee of Sanbornton, Belknap Co NH Source: DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966) My great X 5 grandfather
Rev Benjamin Butlerb May 1, 1729 Great Neck, Bristol Co MA (his great great grandfather Nicholas Butler originally settled at Martha's Vineyard) died NH: father of Mary Butler who married Abraham Brown listed above. Rev Benjamin Butler was a graduate of Harvard, and was a descendent of John Howland, a Mayflower passenger. He married Dorcas ABBOTT of Andover MA. Rev Benjamin Butler signed the Association Test of Nottingham NH against taxation without representation and was on the committee to hire soldiers for the Revolution. Source: DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966), and "A History of Martha's Vineyard" by Dr Charles Banks. My great X 5 grandfather.
Daniel Bolton Sr b July 1, 1747 Reading, Middlesex Co MA; died aft 1790 ME. Fought in Rev War on frontier of Lincoln Co MA, which later became Lincoln Co ME. Daniel Bolton married Reliance (Pratt) HOVEY, widow of Ebenezer Hovey who died 1777 in the Revolutionary War. Daniel Bolton was also administrator of the will of Ebenezer Hovey, which was probated 1785 in Hallowell, Lincoln Co ME (NOTE: I have not completely verified this individual as grandfather of my gg grandmother, Sarah Jane Bolton of Cumberland Co ME, but it seems quite likely. Use at your own risk!).
Ebenezer Morton b abt 1758 Gorham, Cumberland Co ME; died bf 1820 Standish, Cumberland Co ME, married Susannah IRISH. As per book, "History of Gorham ME" by McClellan; Served in the Revolutionary Army Capt Jenkins' company, 12th Massachusetts. McClellan notes that when he enlisted, he was little more than a boy. Apparently lived all of his life on Standish Neck.. My great X 4 grandfather
Thomas Irish b Jan 29, 1737 Falmouth, Cumberland Co ME, died Aug 14, 1832 Gorham, Cumberland Co ME; married Deliverance SKILLINGS. DAR Patriot Indexs hows him as a Sgt in MA, wife Deliverance Skillings. Thomas was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, enlisting in 1775. In 1779 he was a sergeant in Capt. McLellan's Company, Col. Mitchell's Regiment and took part in the Penobscot Expedition.
Albert Campbell b abt 1748 Clarkstown, Rockland Co NY; died aft 1799 NY? NJ? married Catharina VAN HOUTEN. Albert is named on list of enlisted men from Clarkstown Rockland Co NY. Listed as Albert Cammel (Cammel being a common Dutch misspelling of Campbell). Source "History of Rockland Co NY". My great X 4 grandfather.
Eleazer Slauson/Slason/Slosson/Slawson b abt 1728 Stamford, Fairfield Co CT; died abt 1790 Salem, Westchester Co NY; married Sarah RAYMOND. Served in the Westchester Militia, 4th Regiment, during the Rev War, along with his son Eleazer Jr. DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great X 6 grandfather.
Solomon Brown b abt 1746 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co NY; died abt 1821 Pound Ridge, Westchester Co NY; married Sarah SLASON. Revolutionary War Westchester NY Militia, listed in 3rd Regiment. DAR Patriot Index (1966) My great X 5 grandfather.

Father's lineage

James Whitecotton b 1755 Stafford Co VA; m Ruth Newton HUDSPETH; died age 99 years on June 7, 1849 Pleasant Run, Marion Co KY. Enlisted 1776 in Captain William Fountain's company, which marched to Charlottesville VA to join the regiment commanded by Col Woodford & Lt Col Charles Scott. This unit marched to Williamsburg VA and on to "Long Bridge" where the regiment met & defeated the British. James re-enlisted in 1778. Later was posted at Kaskaskia IL to help defend settlers from Indians, under George Rogers Clark. Later lived Hampshire Co VA, which part became Hardy Co W VA, then later still migrated to Washington, Mercer and Marion Co KY. Source: James' Rev War pension records; DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great x 5 grandfather
Michael Stump II b 1744 Tulpehocken, Lancaster Co PA; m Sarah HUGHES. Moved to Stafford Co VA, was a Lt Col in the VA Militia, but resigned this post and was commisioned as Captain in the Continental Army. He raised a company of soldiers and marched them to join the forces fighting Cornwallis. He was in the final battle of Yorktown. By 1782 he lived in Hampshire Co VA, which part eventually became Hardy Co West VA. Died 1799 Hardy Co WV. Source: JW Neff Research, DAR records, DAR Patriot Index (1966). My great x 5 grandfather
Simon Simonse Van Arsdale b April 18, 1726 NY? NJ? died March 17, 1791 Southampton, Bucks Co PA; m Elsje KROESEN; no records as yet, but service mentioned in "History of Bucks Co PA" by Davis publ 1905 (great grandfather of Nancy Van Arsdale).
Matthias Fenton b 1740s-1750s PA? m Rachel HARDING; served as private in Southampton, Bucks Co PA; by 1779 owned the Red Lion Inn in Bensalem. Source: DAR Patriot Index, which shows wife incorrectly as "Rachel Hardy" (1966) and "History of Bucks Co PA" by Davis publ 1905 (great grandfather of Nancy Van Arsdale).
Isaac Thomas Thompson b abt 1750 near the Dan River in VA (possibly Pittsylvania Co); moved to Rowan Co NC with his family as a very young child. Isaac is the likely (but unproven) father of my ggg grandfather Joseph Thompson b abt 1797 prob Burkc Co NC. Isaac fought in Rowan Co NC, which part became Burke Co NC, and lived in the same area all of his life. Spouse as yet unknown, but census shows many children. Rev War pension applied for March 7, 1833 in Burke Co NC, age 79, showing that Isaac was a private in the NC militia. Pension records indicate he died June 1, 1839 in Burke Co NC. "Revolutionary Soldiers of Western North Carolina:Burke Co Volume I" by Emmett White, p 278 indicates birthplace & death date, and that Isaac was living in Rowan Co NC in 1776 at beginning of Rev War; three tours of duty during the Rev War 1) in John Hardin's company of Col Christopher Beekman's regiment from Rowan (later Burke) Co NC. 2) Capt Thomas Lytle's Co of McDowell's Burke Co NC regiment;  3) Capt Thomas Kennedy's company of McDowell's Regime.
David Bruton Sr b abt 1736 NC? SC?; died Spartanburg, SC; was said to have fought in the Rev. War in SC, along with his son Major George Bruton who married Sarah Addington. No verification or documentation as yet. David may have lived in Anson Co NC prior to and at the time of the Revolution; and by 1785 purchased land on the Tyger River, which area became Spartanburg Co, SC. Actually it appears he may have been living in the same place all along, and the state/county changed around him. The area in which he settled endured many name changes in the 1700s. My great x 5 grandfather
Robert Scott b abt 1760 VA, grandfather of Lavina Scott Bruton, my gg grandmother, as per bio of her brother William W Scott. Robert Scott signed the marriage license of Thomas Scott & Elizabeth Jones (1802 Pulaski Co KY) Fought as private in Virginia.Source: Rev War Pension. (still researching this individual)
Nicholas Jones b abt 1761 VA, grandfather of Lavina Scott Bruton, my gg grandmother, as per bio of her brother William W Scott, and marriage license of Thomas Scott & Elizabeth Jones (1802 Pulaski Co KY). Apparently fought in Virginia, married Martha "Patsy" MOORE in Granville Co NC then lived KY and TN. Source: Moore family records (still researching this individual)
John Wofford Sr b 1730 MD, m Eleanor Sarah BUSHROD; father of Dorcas Wofford who married Enoch Bruton, my gx4 grandfather b 1766 SC. .John was said to have served as an enlisted man in the 6th Carolina Regiment, enlisted June 1, 1778--Sept 11, 1778 in W Henderson's & Capt John Buchanan's Company. Several of his brothers also enlisted. He was called "Stompin' John" because he was a preacher who would stomp his feet to emphasize points from the Bible in his sermon. Source: "History of Spartanburg SC " by Dr. J.B. O Landrum, published 1900, DAR Patriot Index (1966), and website/research of David Foster
Jacob Huber b abt 1750, PA? Germany? died Oct 8, 1803, Berlin, Somerset Co PA; married Magdalena unknown. Lived possibly in Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland or Western Virginia prior to 1790; migrated to Berlin, Brother's Valley twp, Bedford/Somerset Co PA by 1793, when he begins to show up in Lutheran church records there. Also listed in the 1800 census there. Died Aug 1803. My great x 5 grandfather, father of William Huber b abt 1779-1780 Hampshire Co VA who married Anna Elizabeth Keffer in Somerset co PA. Unverified as yet, no Rev War records.
Johann Jacob Keffer/Keefer/Keifer b June 3, 1734 Zeselberg, Germany; died May 1802, Berlin, Brother's Valley Twp, Bedford/Somerset Co PA; married Anna Maria "Mary" NASS in Germany. Listed in the DAR Patriot Index as "Jacob Keefer" Pvt PA (1966 edition). My great X 5 grandfather.
Frederick William Shriver (Friedrich Wilhelm Schreiber) b Feb 8, 1744 prob Anne Arundel Co MD; died Feb 27, 1820 , buried St John's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Creagerstown, Frederick Co MD. According to land deed records, he was living in York Co PA near the time of the Revolution. Later lived at Thurmont, Emmitsburg and possibly Creagerstown, Frederick MD, as per census, Lutheran church, land and other records. Unverified as yet, no Rev War records, but it seems highly likely, since other siblings in his family did fight in the Revolutionary War. My great X 4 grandfather.

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