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Children of ROBERT SCOTT b 1750 & wife GRACE of Pulaski Co Kentucky and Fayette Co Indiana

So to continue the story of ROBERT SCOTT & his wife GRACE, here are their known children & grandchildren, as per census & other records. Some are still speculative.

--JAMES SCOTT (speculative) born about 1778, married JANE unknown; died May 1836 Lincoln Co Tennessee. His will dated March 24, 1836 Lincoln Co Tennessee names wife JANE, children ELIZABETH JOBE,  ISABELLA TURLEY,  MARY FERGUESON,  ROSETTA McDONALD, NANCY MITCHELL,  RACHEL SCOTT,  JOHN SCOTT,  WILLIAM SCOTT.

--THOMAS SCOTT Sr born about 1780, died 1849 Scott Spring, Greene Co Missouri; married ELIZABETH JONES March 3, 1802 Pulaski Co Kentucky. Lived Pulaski Co Kentucky until 1808; Rutherford Co Tennessee 1810; Lincoln Co Tennessee 1820; McNairy Co Tennessee 1830-1845; Greene Co Missouri 1845-1849. Children as per " A Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region" by Goodspeed:

  • THOMAS SCOTT Jr born 1803 Pulaski Co Kentucky; died before 1840 McNairy Co Tennessee; married unknown; one son migrated to Missouri?
  • ELIZABETH BETSY ANN SCOTT born 1804 Pulaski Co Kentucky, no further info
  • MARGARET ANN SCOTT born 1805 Pulaski Co Kentucky, no further info
  • JAMES SCOTT born June 23, 1807 Pulaski Co Kentucky or Tennessee; m SARAH WILLIAMS about 1828 McNairy Co Tennessee; died Jan 16, 1897 Adamsville, McNairy Co Tennessee. Living next door to THOMAS SCOTT Sr in 1830 and 1840 McNairy Co Tennessee census.
  • WILLIAM WARD SCOTT born Dec 21, 1809 Memphis, Shelby Co Tennessee (birthplace unverified), married 1st) FRANCES SLATE, 2nd) MARY JANE HAGUE; lived Taney Co Missouri 1850; Carroll Co Arkansas 1860; Christian Co Missouri 1870 to 1894, when he died. 
  • LAVINA SCOTT born 1815 Rutherford Co Tennessee; married THOMAS BRUTON 1838 in McNairy Co Tennessee; lived McNairy Co Tennessee 1840; Finley, Greene Co Missouri 1850; Christian Co Missouri 1860-1880. Died Nov 29, 1880, Sparta, Christian Co Missouri.
  • DICA DICEY ANN SCOTT born 1816 Rutherford Co Tennessee, no further info
  • LUCINDA SCOTT born 1817 Rutherford Co Tennessee, married Rev ABRAHAM B JONES Nov 1, 1838 McNairy Co Tennessee; lived McNairy Co Tennessee until her death sometime after 1880. They lived next door to THOMAS SCOTT Sr in 1840 McNairy Co Tennessee census.

--JOHN SCOTT born about 1785 probably Fayette Co Kentucky; married SUSANNA GREEN Feb 15, 1811 Pulaski Co Kentucky; lived Pulaski Co Kentucky until 1816 or 1817, when they migrated to Fayette & Rush Co Indiana, where they lived 1820-1840; died about 1845 Fayette Co Indiana.

  • ASENATH SCOTT born Feb 13, 1813 Pulaski Co Kentucky; married GEORGE WASHINGTON SAILORS; lived Wabash Co Indiana 1850-1860; lived Richardson Co Nebraska 1870-until her death in 1899
  • JOHN SCOTT Jr born 1815 Pulaski Co Kentucky; died Indiana; no further info
  • MARY SCOTT born Feb 29, 1816 Pulaski Co Kentucky; married ELBANARD SIDNEY SUTTON;  died Jan 11, 1873 Wabash Co Indiana
  • THOMAS GREEN SCOTT born 1817 Fayette Co Indiana; married JANE unknown; died before 1880 Liberty, Wabash Co Indiana.
  • JAMES ALLEN SCOTT born 1818 Fayette Co Indiana; married RACHEL ANN SMITH Oct 28, 1850 Rush Co Indiana; died before 1900 Wabash Co Indiana.
  • ANN SCOTT born 1820 Fayette Co Indiana; no further info
  • SUSANNA SCOTT born 1822 Fayette Co Indiana; married ANDREW JACKSON WILLIAMS Jan 28, 1840 Rush Co Indiana; died about 1870 Whiteside Co Illinois
  • ELIZABETH BETSY ANN SCOTT born 1825 Fayette Co Indiana; married ANDREW JACKSON THOMPSON Nov 26, 1840 Rush Co Indiana; lived Liberty, Wabash Co Indiana, and died about 1900 Starke Co Indiana.

--ANNE NANCY SCOTT born about 1786 probably Fayette Co Kentucky; married THOMAS WOLVERTON / WOOLVERTON Sr  on Jan 31, 1804 Pulaski Co Kentucky. She died before 1850 in Daviess Co Missouri.  Her husband was a Baptist minister.  I have not yet fully traced this family prior to 1850.

  • THOMAS WOOLVERTON Jr born 1810 Pulaski Co Kentucky; in 1850 Daviess Co Missouri census with his father, unmarried, also a Baptist minister.
  • UNKNOWN DAUGHTER WOOLVERTON b 1812 Pulaski Co Kentucky, no further info
  • WILLIAM WOOLVERTON born 1814 Pulaski Co Kentucky; married MARTHA REED or REID on May 24, 1849 Daviess Co Missouri; lived Anderson Co Texas by 1860. 

--RUBIN/REUBEN SCOTT (speculative) born about 1787 probably Fayette Co Kentucky; in  Pulaski Co Kentucky tax list 1808-1810 next to ROBERT SCOTT on Pitman Creek; no further information.

--MOSES SCOTT (speculative) born about 1788; married JANE WEBB Oct 28, 1808 Rutherford Co Tennessee; lived Smith Co Tennessee and Washington Co Missouri; widowed wife with children there in 1850 census.

--ALLEN/ALLIN SCOTT born about 1790 probably Fayette Co Kentucky; 1814-1815 Pulaski Co Kentucky tax list shows him living in household of ROBERT SCOTT on Pitman Creek, but not owning land. No further info.

--RACHEL SCOTT born about 1794 probably Fayette Co Kentucky; married WILLIAM WOOLVERTON Jan 2, 1808 Pulaski Co Kentucky; moved to Maury Co Tennessee by 1817; died there 1825. Husband remarried twice afterwards. ( I now have two DNA matches with descendants of this couple)

  • THOMAS WILLIAM WOOLVERTON born Oct 9, 1809 Pulaski Co Kentucky; married MARGARETTE WOOD; died before 1850 Hickman Co Tennessee (wife listed as widow with children in 1850 census).
  • JOSEPHINE WOOLVERTON born 1811 Pulaski Co Kentucky; no further info
  • LUCY WOOLVERTON born 1812 Pulaski Co Kentucky; married ZACHARIAH JUSTICE Oct 24, 1827 Maury Co Tennessee; died Hardeman Co Tennessee
  • JAMES T WOOLVERTON born 1813 Pulaski Co Kentucky; died 1878 McNairy Co Tennessee; no further info
  • ALLEN WOOLVERTON born 1816 Pulaski Co Kentucky or Maury Co Tennessee; married MARY ANN STONE, date unknown; lived 1850 Lafayette Co Mississippi; 1860 Hardeman Co Tennessee; no further info.
  • JOHN WOOLVERTON born Oct 20, 1817 Maury Co Tennessee; married JUDA /JUDITH/JULY KEMP  on May 14, 1843 Alcorn Co Mississippi; lived Hardin Co Tennessee 1850; McNairy Co Tennessee 1860; Logan Co Arkansas by 1880.
  • ELLEN WOOLVERTON born 1819 Maury Co Tennessee; no further info
  • ROBERT JUDSON WOOLVERTON born Oct 26, 1820 Maury Co Tennessee; no further info
  • ROSETTA WOOLVERTON born 1822 Maury Co Tennessee; married unknown GROVES. No further info
  • RENA WOOLVERTON born 1823 Maury Co Tennessee; married ALEXANDER MOORE. No further info.

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ROBERT SCOTT b 1750 & wife GRACE of Pulaski Co Kentucky and Fayette Co Indiana

After fifteen years of research, I now have sufficient evidence to be reasonably certain that ROBERT SCOTT b about 1750 Pennsylvania or Virginia & GRACE his wife, of Pulaski Co Kentucky (1799-1816) were the parents of my great x 3 grandfather THOMAS SCOTT who married ELIZABETH JONES on March 3, 1802 in Pulaski Co Kentucky.

For years, the only documentation I had suggesting ROBERT SCOTT as the father of THOMAS SCOTT was a marriage record, which shows ROBERT SCOTT as surety, and ELIZABETH's parents, NICHOLAS & MARTHA PATSY (MOORE) JONES noting that "their daughter was of age". Another source for this marriage shows that Rev THOMAS HILL, the 1st pastor of the White Oak Baptist Church, presided.

Tax lists also showed that ROBERT SCOTT, as well as the bride's father NICHOLAS JONES, & the bride's grandfather ARTHUR MOORE were all living in Pulaski Co Kentucky in 1800.  But I had no way of knowing at the time whether ROBERT SCOTT was THOMAS'  father, uncle or brother.

Now, many years later, I have finally found more detailed records which clarify the relationship.

Location, Location, Location:  Pitman Creek

--Beginning in 1799, ROBERT SCOTT is on the tax lists of Pulaski Co Kentucky, living on 200 acres Pitman Creek.  It is likely that he was living in Fayette Co Kentucky previous to 1799.

--In 1801, THOMAS SCOTT is listed in ROBERT's household on 200 acres on Pitman Creek, but not taxed on land (meaning THOMAS was over age 21, but still living at home, with no land of his own yet)

--In 1802,  THOMAS SCOTT & JOHN SCOTT are listed in ROBERT's household on 200 acres on Pitman Creek, but neither were taxed on land.

--In 1803-1807, JOHN SCOTT is listed as living in ROBERT's household on 160 acres on Pitman Creek, but not taxed.  THOMAS SCOTT was living next door on 50 acres on Pitman Creek and taxed on this land. THOMAS SCOTT left Pulaski Co Kentucky for Rutherford Co Tennessee in about 1808, with his father-in-law NICHOLAS JONES, and wife's grandfather ARTHUR MOORE.

--In 1808-1815, ROBERT SCOTT was still living on 100-160 acres on Pitman Creek; son JOHN SCOTT eventually was taxed on his own land.

--On June 6, 1800, NICHOLAS JONES received a land grant:  "Surveyed for Nicholas Jones 150 acres of Second Rate land, by virtue of a certificate No 420 Removed from a Military Survey according to law, lying and being in the county of Pulaski and on the waters of Pitman Creek."

--ARTHUR MOORE, ELIZABETH JONES' grandfather, also likely settled in this area.  His son-in-law, LINDSEY HARTGROVE, also received a land grant July 26, 1802 in Pulaski Co Kentucky, on Pitman Creek.

--ANDREW WOOLVERTON/WOLVERTON, the father of THOMAS & WILLIAM WOOLVERTON, two brothers who married two of ROBERT & GRACE SCOTT's daughters (see below), also lived on Pitman Creek 1798-1803, as per tax lists,  before moving to Maury Co Tennessee.

The White Oak Baptist Church

ROBERT SCOTT was one of the founding members of the White Oak Baptist Church, in Nancy, Pulaski Co Kentucky, along with Rev THOMAS HILL, NATHANIEL SHREWSBURY, THOMAS HANSFORD, & ELIJAH BARNES. On July 17, 1801, they established this church with 35 members.

Rev THOMAS HILL was the first pastor.  He also presided over several of the weddings of ROBERT SCOTT's children:


--ANNE NANCY SCOTT & THOMAS WOOLVERTON/WOLVERTON Jan 31, 1804 (daughter of ROBERT & GRACE SCOTT, according to the marriage record)

--RACHEL SCOTT & WILLIAM WOOLVERTON/WOLVERTON Jan 2, 1808 ( I now have two DNA matches to descendants of this couple)

--JOHN SCOTT & SUSANNA GREEN, daughter of Capt THOMAS GREEN   Feb 15, 1811

--ROBERT SCOTT likely had two other sons:  RUBIN/REUBEN SCOTT b about 1787, and ALLEN/ALLIN SCOTT born about 1790. They are in tax lists with ROBERT, but are not in marriage records for Pulaski Co Kentucky.

(Rev THOMAS HILL also presided over the weddings of two of ARTHUR MOORE's four youngest children; the two others were married by THOMAS HANSFORD. So the MOOREs were apparently also members of the White Oak Baptist Church)

To Fayette County Indiana after 1816

In the spring of 1816, ROBERT SCOTT & his wife GRACE sold all of their land on Pitman Creek in Pulaski Co Kentucky; here are abstracts of the deeds:

--April 15,1816 Pulaski Co KY; land deed ROBERT SCOTT & wife GRACE to AARON DOSS; 50 ac on Pitman Creek of the Cumberland River; wife GRACE relinquishes her dower rights.
--April 15, 1816 Pulaski Co KY; land deed ROBERT SCOTT & wife GRACE to JOHN LANGDON; 70 ac on Pitman Creek; wife GRACE relinquishes her dower rights.
--April 15, 1816 Pulaski Co KY; land deed ROBERT SCOTT & wife GRACE to ASA DODSON; 80 ac on Pitman Creek; wife GRACE relinquishes her dower right.

Shortly thereafter, ROBERT SCOTT & GRACE migrated to Indiana, along with their son JOHN SCOTT and his wife SUSANNA (GREEN) SCOTT. 

SUSANNA's father Capt THOMAS GREEN also moved to Indiana, and died there Feb 1838, having drowned in the Driftwood River in Bartholomew County, Indiana, according to several accounts.

ROBERT & GRACE and son JOHN SCOTT settled before 1820 in the vicinity of Connersville, Fayette Co Indiana. 

Rev THOMAS HILL also migrated to Indiana at this time, and died in Coffee Creek, Jennings Co Indiana, a short distance south of Connersville.

In the 1820 Fayette Co Indiana census, ROBERT SCOTT (male over 45,  woman age 26-44 & 2 young girls under 15 in household) was living next door to JOHN SCOTT. Wife GRACE must have died before this census was taken.

In the 1830 Fayette Co Indiana census ROBERT SCOTT age 70-80, with a woman age 30-39 in household, was living next door to JOHN SCOTT.

ROBERT SCOTT & GRACE his wife are buried in the Connersville City Cemetery in Connersville, Fayette Co Indiana.  Unfortunately there are no dates on their gravestones, which appear to have been   erected long after their deaths (Grace died before 1820, Robert after 1830). They are buried in the same plot as the family of their son JOHN SCOTT.

Thanks very much to Ellen Radford, who this past summer shared with me the Pulaski County Kentucky tax lists 1799-1875 for this SCOTT family.  The information in those tax lists really started the ball rolling, and led me to even more information.

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