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Fearless Females: Catalyntje Trico, wife of Joris de Rapalje of New Amsterdam

Thanks to Lisa Alzo of  The Accidental Genealogist blog for providing the writing prompts & inspiration:  Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women's History Month.

Much has already been written about Catalyntje Jeronimus Trico  and her husband, Joris Jansen de Rapalje, who were some of the first settlers in New Netherlands.  And I am certain that many,many people in the United States are descended from this couple.  So I can't claim her as mine solely.  But I do believe that she deserves to be recognized as a true "Fearless Female".  

Catalyntje & her husband Joris were married Jan 21, 1624 in the Walloon Church of Amsterdam, just before emigrating to New Netherlands.  They were from Huguenot families who had  fled from France and settled in the Netherlands. It is difficult to understand how they could be convinced  to leave the safety, cleanliness & religious tolerance of the Netherlands--which was considered one of the most desirable places to live in the 1600s. But despite that, Catalyntje & Joris chose to leave the relative comfort of Amsterdam and emigrate.

After what must have been a grueling voyage  on the ship "Unity" from the Netherlands to the New World, Catalyntje & Joris were first settled at the primitive and remote Fort Orange (now Albany, NY). However, in 1626, the Dutch authorities abandoned Fort Orange (it would be resettled later) and  relocated all Dutch settlers to Fort Amsterdam, on the south end of the island of Manhattan. Catalyntje & Joris built a house on Pearl St, near the fort, and lived there for many years. In 1636 Joris purchased land in what is now Brooklyn, and his son-in-law, Hans Hansen Bergen, secured the parcel next door. Catalyntje & Joris lived in the area that became Brooklyn until their deaths.

Life in New Amsterdam must have been very challenging, especially early on.  It was an incredibly lawless place, full of drunkeness, licentiousness, & criminal activity.  It's difficult to believe that anyone would find it a suitable place to raise a family.  But that is exactly what Catalyntje & Joris  did.  They had eleven children. I descend from two of the daughters:  Sarah, their eldest, who married Hans Hansen Bergen, and Judith who married Pieter Pietersen Van Nest. Both are ancestors of my grandfather Alonzo Cox Huber.

The most amazing thing about Catalyntje Trico de Rapalje is that, in an era  and place where people did not expect to live long, she survived to a ripe old age of 84, and according to depositions of the time, still had a strong mind and heart long into her later years. 

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fearless Females: Brick Walls & Mystery Women in My Family Tree

Thanks to Lisa Alzo of  The Accidental Genealogist blog for providing the writing prompts & inspiration:  Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women's History Month.

There are so many mystery women in family tree.  I wrote  about several of them  in both  2009 and 2010, and--for the most part-- those women have remained mysteries despite all my best efforts. I am constantly searching for clues--any clues whatsoever--that might help me find maiden names, marriage records, parents' names, census records and more. Here is a link to 2010's blog post listing several of them: Fearless Females: Mystery Women in My Family Tree

And here is a list of even more female "brick walls" for 2011:

RACHEL BAREE (aka Barre, Barry, Berry, Baryea, etc). She was born about 1730-1740 in New York (not sure exact location) and married JEREMIAH MARTINE, and they settled in Haverstraw, Orange Co NY.  She may have had a sister Susanna Baree/Barre who married William Felter in Clarkstown, Rockland/Orange Co NY; RACHEL named a daugher Susannah/Susanna. Her father's name may have been "Isaac" or "Abraham" as those two first names did not appear in previous generation of the Martine family.

CHARITY, wife of JAMES PALMER, born April 20, 1731 (birthdate unverified by me) probably New York or Fairfield Co CT.  JAMES PALMER was of Greenwich, Fairfield Co CT, but moved to Dutchess Co NY sometime after 1756. One of their eldest sons was GABRIEL PALMER b abt 1752 who married ABIGAIL LOUNSBURY, my great X 5 grandparents, who named a son HANMER PALMER b abt 1778 Fairfield Co CT. This is the only clue I have been able to glean, so far. Clearly HANMER PALMER was named with the surname of a relative, and it wasn't from his mother ABIGAIL LOUNSBURY's family!  It is possible that CHARITY was somehow descended from GABRIEL LUDLOW b 1697 who married SARAH HANMER, daughter of Rev JOSEPH HANMER of New York. But how? and who? There were no Hanmers or Ludlows living in Fairfield Co CT during the time period. 

MAGDALENA, born about 1750 PA or Germany, the wife of JACOB HUBER Sr.   JACOB died Oct 8, 1803 in Berlin, Brother's Valley twp, Somerset Co PA according to his will. He left his wife well-off, with land, a house in the town,  and household goods. Only one son, WILLIAM/WILHELM HUBER is listed in the will--although baptism records show there were indeed several other children.  I have not been able to trace this couple previous to 1797, when they arrived in Brother's Valley twp, Somerset Co (then Bedford Co), PA (according to church records).  MAGDALENA is a complete mystery. (she is not, by the way, MAGDALENA SCHOLL who married JACOB HUBER of Milford twp, Bucks Co PA. They are a completely different couple). 

TRYPHENA FISHER (aka Trufener, Triffinah, etc) born about 1737 in Ireland? Delaware? Maryland? 
She married CURTIS OTWELL Sr and died in Sussex Co DE.  She was supposedly the daughter of HENRY FISHER, and they were likely Quakers. Ann M Frazier Way, a descendent, wrote a letter in 1898 that listed all children & spouses; the letter indicated that CURTIS OTWELL and his wife TRYPHENA FISHER were from Ireland. But many other sources & records connect CURTIS OTWELL with an Otwell family from England that lived for several generations in Jamestown VA, MD & DE.  TRYPHEN is listed as "Trufener" on her husband's 1779 Sussex Co DE will; children are mentioned but not listed.  At least two of the children of TRYPHENA FISHER & CURTIS OTWELL Sr married Quakers and/or joined the  Quaker church. 

According to Ed Brezenger, TRIFFINAH OTWELL (likely the widowed wife of CURTIS OTWELL) is listed in the 1790 Northwest Fork Hundred, Delaware census. I have not yet seen this record myself. Another source I found indicates that the 1790 Delaware census was destroyed in the war of 1812. So now I am very confused. 

ELIZABETH McLEAN born April 7, 1748 in County Down, Ulster Province, N Ireland; married on June 1, 1762 in N Ireland (exact location unknown) PATRICK McDONALD who was born March 17, 1727/1728 in Invernesshire, Scotland. This couple settled in Douglas twp, Hants Co, Nova Scotia, Canada. The source for this information is the book, "Rawdon & Douglas: Two Loyalist Townships in Nova Scotia" by John V Duncanson. ELIZABETH died Nov 3, 1796, Upper Kennetcook, Hants Co, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have a lot of facts--birth, death, marriage--but no information on her parents.

ELIZABETH TOAL (aka Tole, O'Toole, Toole) born 1730-1740 in probably Ulster Province, N Ireland; married sometime after 1755 JOHN RINES Sr (aka Ranes, Rhines, etc), who was from Corn Hill (Truro), Barnstable Co MA.  JOHN was conscripted in the British Army and was a soldier at the time of the expulsion of the French Acadians from Nova Scotia.  He decided to settle in Hants Co Nova Scotia, rather than return to Massachusetts. The source for this information is the book, "Rawdon & Douglas: Two Loyalist Townships in Nova Scotia" by John V Duncanson, and several other historical references. Unfortunately I have never been able to trace ELIZABETH previous to her marriage to JOHN RINES Sr.

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Awards! One Lovely Blog Received, One Genea-Angel Given

I was very pleased and surprised to receive the "One Lovely Blog" award from Yvonne, author of the blog Swedish Thoughts. Thanks very much, Yvonne!

The Rules for the award are as follows:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who granted the award and their blog link.
2. Pass the award on to 15 other genealogy blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
3. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them  know they have been chosen for this award.

And here are the 15 blog that I have chosen as recipients:

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And I would like to present the Genea-Angel Award to my friend Barbara Poole,  whose blog is called  Life From the Roots, for her kind, supportive comments on my recent Betty's Boneyard  blog post "My Great Great Grandfather Suddenly Has a New Identity..."  I know she has received this award previously, but I believe it is well-deserved! :)

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

John F Martine, My Great Great Grandfather--NOT John Albert Martine who married Mary Buttencarrier

The is my great great grandfather, JOHN F MARTINE born June 15, 1831 Spencerport, Ogden twp, Monroe Co NY, who married Mary Ann Scofield--NOT "John Albert Martine" who married "Mary Buttencarrier", and had a son Jacob Martine who married Margaret Alvina Grandstaff.

Actually the parents of Jacob Martine who married Margaret Alvina Grandstaff were JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE born Nov 30, 1830 Strasbourg, Alsace, France;  and MARIA ANNA (Mary Ann) BORDENKIRCHER born abt 1830 France. JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE died April 17, 1905 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Mary Ann Bordenkircher Martine died March 8, 1875 in Otoe Co, Nebraska.

The above photo of JOHN F MARTINE is a copy of an original that belongs to my family.  As I said in my last blog post, it has been appropriated by someone, given a new identity as John Albert Martine, and added to their public family tree without my consent. So far the person has refused to remove the photo, and has blocked my messages. 

Here is a marriage affidavit from JOHN F MARTINE's Civil War Pension file, showing his wife and all his children. JOHN F MARTINE did not have a son named Jacob Martine.

Here is a birth affidavit from JOHN F MARTINE's Civil War Pension file, upon his application to the Old Soldier's Home in Orting, Pierce Co, WA in 1906. 

Here is the 1860 census for JOHN F MARTINE Yorkville, Racine Co WI. It lists his wife,  and two of his children, Charles Albert Martine & Ida K Martine (bottom of the page). He did not have a son named Jacob Martine born 1856.

In 1860 JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE and his wife MARY ANN BORDENKIRCHER lived in Coshocton Co Ohio.  His surname was mistakenly transcribed as MARTIN. His son JACOB MARTINE who married MARGARET ALVINA GRANDSTAFF is listed on the 2nd page. 

And here is a biography of JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE b Nov 30, 1830 Strasbourg France

From "Portrait and Biographical Album of Otoe and Cass Counties, Nebraska", Volume I, 1889:

Capt. John Martine, who has hosts of friends in Otoe Precinct, is the subject of a very interesting history, and a man who has fought his way through many difficulties to a good position among his fellow-citizens, socially and financially. He owns and operates a good farm of 160 acres, comprising the southwest quarter of section 16. He has distinguished himself as a patriot and a soldier, having ample right to his title as Captain, which was obtained through his military service in the Union Army.

The Martine (formerly La Martine) family is of French descent, and allied to the nobility of fair France. The father of our subject, Adam Martine, was of French birth and ancestry, a native of Alsace, which was then Lorraine; he married Miss Catherine Glodney, who was born in the same Province. They were the parents of nine children, six of whom died in infancy; the living are: Our subject, Michael and George. The parents, in the year 1835, emigrated to America, settling in Philadelphia, and later went to Ohio; there the father was prospered in his labors as an agriculturist, and accumulated a fine property. He rested from his earthly labors in the year 1868, at the age of seventy-six years and five months. The mother survived her husband a period of eight years, her death taking place in 1876, when she was eighty-one years old; she, like her husband, was of noble birth. Our subject's brother, Michael and George, are both residents of Coshocton County, Ohio, and have large families, and are in good circumstances.

Capt. Martine was born near the city of Strasburg, in the Province of Alsace Lorraine, France, Nov. 30, 1830, but when brought to America was too young to have retained any recollection of his native place. He grew up on the farm in Ohio, although he had begun his education in the city schools of Philadelphia. After the removal of the family to Ohio, where they were among the early pioneers, young Martine was obliged to travel three miles through the woods, climbing over logs three or four feet in diameter, through bush and bramble, to reach the temple of learning. Limited as his opportunities were, however, he appreciated them and kept his place at the head of his class. When not in school his services were utilitized around the homestead, where he remained until his marriage, Aug. 30, 1852. The lady who at that time became the wife of our subject was Miss Mary Ann Bordenkarker, who was also of French birth and parentage, and by whom he became the father of six children. They lived upon a farm in Lyndon Township, Coshocton Co., Ohio, until the outbreak of the Civil War. Before his enlistment the Captain went to Corinth, Miss., to take care of a brother-in-law who was dangerously ill, but who died before he could reach him. Immediately upon his return home, his sympathies being now doubly enlisted in the cause of the Union, he assisted in the organization of a company made up mostly from the young men and boys of his own neighborhood, with whom he had previously drilled. This was Company C, and was part of the 80th Ohio Infantry. He went with them to the front, but at Corinth was taken seriously ill, and obliged to accept his honorable discharge. He did not by any means, however, intend to give up the fight, and as soon as his health would permit he left his sick bed and organized Company K of the 1st Ohio Militia, and of which he was elected Captain, receiving a five-years commission from Gov. Todd, then Governor of Ohio. He participated in the efforts made to capture Morgan while on his raid through Ohio, after that did guard duty in different parts of the State, and the regiment was subsequently disbanded.

After the close of the war Capt. Martine removed with his family, in September, 1865, to Brown County, Ill., but staid there only about two years, next crossing the Mississippi and settling in Nebraska City. Here our subject was Superintendent of a section of the Council Bluffs & St. Joseph's Railroad, which was then in process of construction. Later he had the supervision of a company of men working in the Summit cut on the Midland Pacific. In the year 1868 he purchased the land which he now owns and occupies, and thereafter gave his attention to it. Here the wife and mother died, at the age of forty years, March 8, 1875. The six children of this marriage were names respectively: John, Jr.; George, Maria, Jacob, Maude Lena and Ella. John married Miss Rosa Morgan, is farming in the vicinity of Syracuse and is the father of two children; George married Miss L. Anderson, lives on a farm in Otoe Precinct, and has three children -- George, Lena and Joseph; Maria is the wife of Benjamin Griffin, of Buffalo County, and the mother of three children; Maude Lena married James White, of this county, lives on a farm in Russell Precinct, and is the mother of three children; Ella married Otis Brown, is a resident of Otoe Precinct and the mother of three children -- Howard, Dessie and John; Jacob is married, and farming in Custer County, this state.

Capt. Martine, on the 12th of May, 1876, contracted a second marriage, with Miss Lucy Scherrer, a native of Baden, Germany, and who became the mother of three children, only one of whom is living, a daughter, Mary, who resides with her father at home. Mrs. Lucy Martine departed this life at her home in Otoe Precinct, Nov. 8, 1880, aged thirty-seven years. Capt. Martine, Aug. 16, 1883, was married to Mrs. Elizabeth High, nee Schuster, who was born in Prussia, Sept. 17, 1836, and came to the United States in 1882. She is the mother of one child, a daughter, Katie, who is now in school. The captain also has an adopted son, Frank Fuller, now fourteen years of age, and living with them.

The principles of the Democratic party have usually been the exponent of the political opinions of Capt. Martine, although he refuses to be controlled by party lines, and votes for the men whom he considers best qualified for the office. He has never desired official honors, and with the exception of serving as School Director one term, has steadily declined holding office in Nebraska. While a resident of Coshocton County, Ohio, he served as Justice of the Peace and Assessor, and was continuously in office of some kind until entering the army. He prefers now to relegate its duties and responsibilities to other men. Both he and his excellent wife are members in good standing of the Catholic Church at Nebraska City.

Clearly JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE and JOHN F MARTINE are two different people. My great great grandfather JOHN F MARTINE never lived in Ohio or Nebraska.  He did not have a son name Jacob Martine who married Margaret Alvina Grandstaff.  My John F Martine served in the Civil War in the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry, Company G, as per his pension records, and NOT in the 80th Ohio Infantry, Company C, or the 1st Ohio Militia, Company K, as did JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE.

I am posting these records in the hopes that the person who appropriated my gg grandfather's photo will find them, see their mistake, and remove the photo of my gg grandfather JOHN F MARTINE from their public tree.


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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Great Great Grandfather Suddenly Has a New Identity......

This is a photo of my great great grandfather JOHN F MARTINE. The photo is a copy of an original that was sent to me by a relative.

 While browsing public family trees on, I discovered that someone had appropriated this photo of my gg grandfather and had given him a new identity "JOHN ALBERT MARTINE", as well as five wives and numerous children, none of them correct.  They also "borrowed" all of my research including birth and death dates and attached census records.

Clearly the person merged and combined several public family trees,  including mine.   Besides all my attached census records, which are correct for JOHN F MARTINE,  this person has my gg grandfather living in Bromley, Middlesex England in 1861, Cmudu, Glamorganshire, Wales in 1890, and Hillsborough, Somerset Co NJ in 1900.

At this point I don't know whether or not the photo was intentionally attached to the family tree, but the person has so far refused to remove it.  Their only excuse was that they are "new to this", and that I need to "back off". And now they have blocked my emails, so I can't inform them that I actually found their correct ancestor.

Here is a link to the erroneous public family tree:


Note  3/19/2011: The person has removed the photo from his/her online family tree, so I have removed the link.

And here is a link to the "correct" ancestor of the owner of the erroneous public tree.


Using the information on this person's family tree, I found their correct Martine ancestor in about two minutes. If the person had even tried to do some research, they too would have found that my great great  grandfather was not the same person as their ancestor John C Mortine/Martine, who was born in Strasbourg, France.

Here is the correct information for my great great grandfather JOHN F MARTINE, the man in the photo:

Born June 15, 1831 Spencerport, Ogden twp, Monroe Co NY
Died Jan 30, 1907 Old Soldier's Home, Orting, Pierce Co WA

Married April 12, 1851 Racine Co WI to MARY ANN SCOFIELD, as per copy of original marriage record & Civil War Pension Record. MARY ANN SCOFIELD was the daughter of CHARLES SCOFIELD & SALLY ANN HOYT DIBBLE. 

JOHN F MARTINE Fought in Civil War 2nd WI Cavalry Co G, rank Corporal. Disabled & discharged by May 1862,  as per numerous sources, including his Civil War Pension Record.

--CHARLES ALBERT MARTINE born April 12, 1854 Yorkville, Racine Co WI m Alice Miller (my great grandparents)
--IDA K MARTINE born June 24, 1857 Yorkville, Racine Co WI m James Myers
--MINNIE LUCINDA MARTINE b Aug 16, 1869 Hardin Co Iowa m 1st) William Clifton 2nd) Joseph Rainford; died Everson, Whatcom Co WA
--JOHN EDSON MARTINE b Jan 10, 1875 Kansas City, MO m (late in life) Pearl unknown in Everson, Whatcom Co WA

Census records:
--1850 Monroe Co NY Spencerport, Ogden twp census age 19 with his sister Rachel Martine age 34 only (parents both deceased)
--1860 Racine Co WI census with wife Mary Ann and children, near father in law Charles Scofield
--1870 Hardin Co Iowa census, Etna twp, town of Eldora with wife Mary Ann and children, surname incorrectly written listed as "Morten"; occupation, drayman.
--1880 Livingston Co MO census, town of Chillicothe with wife Mary Ann and children, next door to daughter Ida and son in law James Myers.

I have not been able to find JOHN F MARTINE in the 1900 census, but his Civil War Pension record shows that he & his wife were living in Kansas City, MO until the late 1890s, before moving to Whatcom Co WA to be near their daughter Minnie.

Here is a photo of JOHN F MARTINE's tombstone in the Old Soldier's Cemetery, Orting, Pierce Co WA.


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Fearless Females March 4, 2011: Marriage Records for Grandparents & Great Grandparens

Thanks to Lisa Alzo of  The Accidental Genealogist blog for providing the inspiration:  Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women's History Month.

I am fortunate to have marriage records for both sets of grandparents, and for three out of four sets of great grandparents.  While I don't have any stories about the weddings,  I do have a few facts about the couples, gleaned from various sources.

My maternal grandparents RUBY BOLTON BROWN & R B MARTINE were married April 6, 1915 in Seattle WA. They moved to San Francisco CA in 1921, and lived there until the 1950s, when they returned to the Seattle area. I have written many blog posts about my adventurous grandmother Ruby!!

My paternal grandparents MINTTIE MAE BRUTON & ALONZO COX HUBER were married July 6, 1901 in McCracken, Christian Co MO. They moved to Marshall Co Iowa by 1905, raised a family of ten children, and lived in Iowa the rest of their lives.

My maternal great grandparents MARY ETTA KENNEDY & FRANK R BROWN were married July 2, 1878 in Aurora, Esmerelda Co NV.  They were living in Bodie, Mono Co CA, about 15 miles away from the town of Aurora, but at that time, there wasn't a justice of the peace in Bodie. Both are ghost towns now.  By 1887, Frank R Brown was living on remote Unga Island in Alaska.  His wife & daughter joined him in 1888, and the family lived there until 1904, when they moved to San Francisco. Mary Etta died there at age 49, in 1907. The family  lived in San Francisco at the time of the great 1906 earthquake.

My maternal great grandparents ALICE MILLER & CHARLES ALBERT MARTINE are the only couple for whom I don't have an actual marriage record.  However, I do know they were married 1880 in Clinton Co MO, probably at the home of ALICE's sister, MARY ELLIS MILLER who married JOHN WILSON. Alice & Charles lived in the town  of Chillicothe,  Livingston Co MO at the time of the  1880 census. They moved around a great deal during their marriage!  By 1884 they lived in Alburquerque, New Mexico. By 1886 they lived in Wyandott, Kansas. By 1887 They lived in Kansas City, Kansas.  By 1893 they lived in Yamhill  Co, Oregon. By 1897 they lived in Seattle, WA. By 1905 they lived in Stanwood, Snohomish Co WA.  By 1920 they were back in Seattle WA.  All of this moving around could not have been easy on Alice or their five children!!

My paternal great grandparents CAROLINE AMELIA "CRAMELIA" FRAZIER & PHILLIP L HUBER were married Nov 17, 1869 in Thorntown, Boone Co IN.  In the 1870 census, Phillip & Cramelia were living next door to Phillip's mother CATHERINE (SHRIVER) HUBER in Sugar Creek twp, Montgomery Co IN. By 1880 they had moved to Bangor, Marshall Co Iowa, where Cramelia's mother, Nancy (Van Arsdale) Frazier,  lived.  Phillip L Huber disappeared without a trace sometime between 1880 and 1885, leaving Cramelia to raise their three children alone.

My paternal great grandparents SILOAMA K WHITECOTTON & BENJAMIN B BRUTON were married Nov 8, 1875 in Christian Co MO, Rev Jacob Burkhart presiding. Benjamin B Bruton was a newly ordained Baptist minister at the time of their marriage, and would eventually become a school teacher in Christian Co MO.  He also wrote numerous tracts, presided over several congregations and performed over at least twenty marriages in Christian Co MO. Siloama preceded him in death by over twenty years.

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