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Fearless Females March 4, 2011: Marriage Records for Grandparents & Great Grandparens

Thanks to Lisa Alzo of  The Accidental Genealogist blog for providing the inspiration:  Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women's History Month.

I am fortunate to have marriage records for both sets of grandparents, and for three out of four sets of great grandparents.  While I don't have any stories about the weddings,  I do have a few facts about the couples, gleaned from various sources.

My maternal grandparents RUBY BOLTON BROWN & R B MARTINE were married April 6, 1915 in Seattle WA. They moved to San Francisco CA in 1921, and lived there until the 1950s, when they returned to the Seattle area. I have written many blog posts about my adventurous grandmother Ruby!!

My paternal grandparents MINTTIE MAE BRUTON & ALONZO COX HUBER were married July 6, 1901 in McCracken, Christian Co MO. They moved to Marshall Co Iowa by 1905, raised a family of ten children, and lived in Iowa the rest of their lives.

My maternal great grandparents MARY ETTA KENNEDY & FRANK R BROWN were married July 2, 1878 in Aurora, Esmerelda Co NV.  They were living in Bodie, Mono Co CA, about 15 miles away from the town of Aurora, but at that time, there wasn't a justice of the peace in Bodie. Both are ghost towns now.  By 1887, Frank R Brown was living on remote Unga Island in Alaska.  His wife & daughter joined him in 1888, and the family lived there until 1904, when they moved to San Francisco. Mary Etta died there at age 49, in 1907. The family  lived in San Francisco at the time of the great 1906 earthquake.

My maternal great grandparents ALICE MILLER & CHARLES ALBERT MARTINE are the only couple for whom I don't have an actual marriage record.  However, I do know they were married 1880 in Clinton Co MO, probably at the home of ALICE's sister, MARY ELLIS MILLER who married JOHN WILSON. Alice & Charles lived in the town  of Chillicothe,  Livingston Co MO at the time of the  1880 census. They moved around a great deal during their marriage!  By 1884 they lived in Alburquerque, New Mexico. By 1886 they lived in Wyandott, Kansas. By 1887 They lived in Kansas City, Kansas.  By 1893 they lived in Yamhill  Co, Oregon. By 1897 they lived in Seattle, WA. By 1905 they lived in Stanwood, Snohomish Co WA.  By 1920 they were back in Seattle WA.  All of this moving around could not have been easy on Alice or their five children!!

My paternal great grandparents CAROLINE AMELIA "CRAMELIA" FRAZIER & PHILLIP L HUBER were married Nov 17, 1869 in Thorntown, Boone Co IN.  In the 1870 census, Phillip & Cramelia were living next door to Phillip's mother CATHERINE (SHRIVER) HUBER in Sugar Creek twp, Montgomery Co IN. By 1880 they had moved to Bangor, Marshall Co Iowa, where Cramelia's mother, Nancy (Van Arsdale) Frazier,  lived.  Phillip L Huber disappeared without a trace sometime between 1880 and 1885, leaving Cramelia to raise their three children alone.

My paternal great grandparents SILOAMA K WHITECOTTON & BENJAMIN B BRUTON were married Nov 8, 1875 in Christian Co MO, Rev Jacob Burkhart presiding. Benjamin B Bruton was a newly ordained Baptist minister at the time of their marriage, and would eventually become a school teacher in Christian Co MO.  He also wrote numerous tracts, presided over several congregations and performed over at least twenty marriages in Christian Co MO. Siloama preceded him in death by over twenty years.

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Cheri Hopkins aka You Go Genealogy Girl #2 said...

I loved the hand written marriage record of 1875, those are the special ones!

Cheri Hopkins

Marian B. Wood said...

I had the same thought that Cheri had--those hand-written records are very special family treasures.