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John F Martine, My Great Great Grandfather--NOT John Albert Martine who married Mary Buttencarrier

The is my great great grandfather, JOHN F MARTINE born June 15, 1831 Spencerport, Ogden twp, Monroe Co NY, who married Mary Ann Scofield--NOT "John Albert Martine" who married "Mary Buttencarrier", and had a son Jacob Martine who married Margaret Alvina Grandstaff.

Actually the parents of Jacob Martine who married Margaret Alvina Grandstaff were JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE born Nov 30, 1830 Strasbourg, Alsace, France;  and MARIA ANNA (Mary Ann) BORDENKIRCHER born abt 1830 France. JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE died April 17, 1905 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Mary Ann Bordenkircher Martine died March 8, 1875 in Otoe Co, Nebraska.

The above photo of JOHN F MARTINE is a copy of an original that belongs to my family.  As I said in my last blog post, it has been appropriated by someone, given a new identity as John Albert Martine, and added to their public family tree without my consent. So far the person has refused to remove the photo, and has blocked my messages. 

Here is a marriage affidavit from JOHN F MARTINE's Civil War Pension file, showing his wife and all his children. JOHN F MARTINE did not have a son named Jacob Martine.

Here is a birth affidavit from JOHN F MARTINE's Civil War Pension file, upon his application to the Old Soldier's Home in Orting, Pierce Co, WA in 1906. 

Here is the 1860 census for JOHN F MARTINE Yorkville, Racine Co WI. It lists his wife,  and two of his children, Charles Albert Martine & Ida K Martine (bottom of the page). He did not have a son named Jacob Martine born 1856.

In 1860 JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE and his wife MARY ANN BORDENKIRCHER lived in Coshocton Co Ohio.  His surname was mistakenly transcribed as MARTIN. His son JACOB MARTINE who married MARGARET ALVINA GRANDSTAFF is listed on the 2nd page. 

And here is a biography of JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE b Nov 30, 1830 Strasbourg France

From "Portrait and Biographical Album of Otoe and Cass Counties, Nebraska", Volume I, 1889:

Capt. John Martine, who has hosts of friends in Otoe Precinct, is the subject of a very interesting history, and a man who has fought his way through many difficulties to a good position among his fellow-citizens, socially and financially. He owns and operates a good farm of 160 acres, comprising the southwest quarter of section 16. He has distinguished himself as a patriot and a soldier, having ample right to his title as Captain, which was obtained through his military service in the Union Army.

The Martine (formerly La Martine) family is of French descent, and allied to the nobility of fair France. The father of our subject, Adam Martine, was of French birth and ancestry, a native of Alsace, which was then Lorraine; he married Miss Catherine Glodney, who was born in the same Province. They were the parents of nine children, six of whom died in infancy; the living are: Our subject, Michael and George. The parents, in the year 1835, emigrated to America, settling in Philadelphia, and later went to Ohio; there the father was prospered in his labors as an agriculturist, and accumulated a fine property. He rested from his earthly labors in the year 1868, at the age of seventy-six years and five months. The mother survived her husband a period of eight years, her death taking place in 1876, when she was eighty-one years old; she, like her husband, was of noble birth. Our subject's brother, Michael and George, are both residents of Coshocton County, Ohio, and have large families, and are in good circumstances.

Capt. Martine was born near the city of Strasburg, in the Province of Alsace Lorraine, France, Nov. 30, 1830, but when brought to America was too young to have retained any recollection of his native place. He grew up on the farm in Ohio, although he had begun his education in the city schools of Philadelphia. After the removal of the family to Ohio, where they were among the early pioneers, young Martine was obliged to travel three miles through the woods, climbing over logs three or four feet in diameter, through bush and bramble, to reach the temple of learning. Limited as his opportunities were, however, he appreciated them and kept his place at the head of his class. When not in school his services were utilitized around the homestead, where he remained until his marriage, Aug. 30, 1852. The lady who at that time became the wife of our subject was Miss Mary Ann Bordenkarker, who was also of French birth and parentage, and by whom he became the father of six children. They lived upon a farm in Lyndon Township, Coshocton Co., Ohio, until the outbreak of the Civil War. Before his enlistment the Captain went to Corinth, Miss., to take care of a brother-in-law who was dangerously ill, but who died before he could reach him. Immediately upon his return home, his sympathies being now doubly enlisted in the cause of the Union, he assisted in the organization of a company made up mostly from the young men and boys of his own neighborhood, with whom he had previously drilled. This was Company C, and was part of the 80th Ohio Infantry. He went with them to the front, but at Corinth was taken seriously ill, and obliged to accept his honorable discharge. He did not by any means, however, intend to give up the fight, and as soon as his health would permit he left his sick bed and organized Company K of the 1st Ohio Militia, and of which he was elected Captain, receiving a five-years commission from Gov. Todd, then Governor of Ohio. He participated in the efforts made to capture Morgan while on his raid through Ohio, after that did guard duty in different parts of the State, and the regiment was subsequently disbanded.

After the close of the war Capt. Martine removed with his family, in September, 1865, to Brown County, Ill., but staid there only about two years, next crossing the Mississippi and settling in Nebraska City. Here our subject was Superintendent of a section of the Council Bluffs & St. Joseph's Railroad, which was then in process of construction. Later he had the supervision of a company of men working in the Summit cut on the Midland Pacific. In the year 1868 he purchased the land which he now owns and occupies, and thereafter gave his attention to it. Here the wife and mother died, at the age of forty years, March 8, 1875. The six children of this marriage were names respectively: John, Jr.; George, Maria, Jacob, Maude Lena and Ella. John married Miss Rosa Morgan, is farming in the vicinity of Syracuse and is the father of two children; George married Miss L. Anderson, lives on a farm in Otoe Precinct, and has three children -- George, Lena and Joseph; Maria is the wife of Benjamin Griffin, of Buffalo County, and the mother of three children; Maude Lena married James White, of this county, lives on a farm in Russell Precinct, and is the mother of three children; Ella married Otis Brown, is a resident of Otoe Precinct and the mother of three children -- Howard, Dessie and John; Jacob is married, and farming in Custer County, this state.

Capt. Martine, on the 12th of May, 1876, contracted a second marriage, with Miss Lucy Scherrer, a native of Baden, Germany, and who became the mother of three children, only one of whom is living, a daughter, Mary, who resides with her father at home. Mrs. Lucy Martine departed this life at her home in Otoe Precinct, Nov. 8, 1880, aged thirty-seven years. Capt. Martine, Aug. 16, 1883, was married to Mrs. Elizabeth High, nee Schuster, who was born in Prussia, Sept. 17, 1836, and came to the United States in 1882. She is the mother of one child, a daughter, Katie, who is now in school. The captain also has an adopted son, Frank Fuller, now fourteen years of age, and living with them.

The principles of the Democratic party have usually been the exponent of the political opinions of Capt. Martine, although he refuses to be controlled by party lines, and votes for the men whom he considers best qualified for the office. He has never desired official honors, and with the exception of serving as School Director one term, has steadily declined holding office in Nebraska. While a resident of Coshocton County, Ohio, he served as Justice of the Peace and Assessor, and was continuously in office of some kind until entering the army. He prefers now to relegate its duties and responsibilities to other men. Both he and his excellent wife are members in good standing of the Catholic Church at Nebraska City.

Clearly JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE and JOHN F MARTINE are two different people. My great great grandfather JOHN F MARTINE never lived in Ohio or Nebraska.  He did not have a son name Jacob Martine who married Margaret Alvina Grandstaff.  My John F Martine served in the Civil War in the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry, Company G, as per his pension records, and NOT in the 80th Ohio Infantry, Company C, or the 1st Ohio Militia, Company K, as did JOHN C MORTINE / MARTINE.

I am posting these records in the hopes that the person who appropriated my gg grandfather's photo will find them, see their mistake, and remove the photo of my gg grandfather JOHN F MARTINE from their public tree.


© Betty Tartas  2011

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