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Did the Quaker JOHN HUTTON Born 1715 Ireland & His Wife ANN HARRY Attend Warrington Quaker Monthly Meeting In York Co Pennsylvania?

The answer to this question is....NO.

Albert Cook Myers, in his book "The Immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania 1682-1750" (published 1902),  indicated on page 331 that  JOHN HUTTON, son of immigrant Irish Quakers JOSEPH HUTTON & MARY MILLER, was " b 6 mo, 31, 1715, married 3 mo, 6, 1741 London Grove MM, ANN HARRY, and removed to Warrington, York Co Pennsylvania about 1753".

After carefully perusing the actual Warrington & other Quaker Monthly Meeting records, I now have records proving that this last bit is incorrect.  JOHN HUTTON b 1715 and wife ANN HARRY did not move to York Co Pennsylvania, and did not attend Warrington Monthly Meeting. It was in fact a different, younger couple named JOHN HUTTON Jr & wife ANN.

Albert Cook Myers based his assumption on records from New Garden Women's Meeting showing that ANN HUTTON requested a certificate of removal from New Garden MM in Chester Co PA to Warrington MM in York Co PA. The date of the request was Dec 30, 1752.  On same day, Dec 30, 1752, JOHN HUTTON Junior and his wife requested a certificate of removal from New Garden MM to Warrington MM in York Co PA. Their certificate was approved by New Garden MM in Jan of 1753.

The fact that the person requesting the certificate was named "JOHN HUTTON Junior" is extremely important.  JOHN HUTTON b 1715 who married ANN HARRY was the son of JOSEPH HUTTON & MARY MILLER, and was not considered "Junior".

Also important is the fact that the couple JOHN HUTTON Jr & ANN requested a certificate to Warrington MM for only themselves. The couple moving to Warrington MM did not have children in 1752.

JOHN HUTTON born 1715 & ANN HARRY were married 1741 New Garden MM Chester Co PA, and according to the information that I have, they had five children before 1752 (I have only been able to completely verify one of these children with records):

JAMES HUTTON b 1742 unverified
MARGARET HUTTON b 1743 unverified
ELEANOR HUTTON b 1744 unverified
MARY HUTTON b 1745 unverified
PHEBE HUTTON b 1746 see records below
ANN HUTTON b bf 1755, m WILLIAM REYNOLDS II of Guilford Co NC (Note: some researchers have cited evidence that ANN HUTTON who married WILLIAM REYNOLDS II was actually NANCY HOLTON, daughter of LEWIS HOLTON/HOTTON  of Guilford Co NC. I have only just started researching this line of inquiry. Likely this will be the subject of a future blogpost!)

I believe the following children have been incorrectly attributed to JOHN HUTTON born 1715 & ANN HARRY:

JOHN HUTTON II born 1752
HANNAH HUTTON b 1760 m JOHN MORTON in Menallen, York Co PA
ANN HUTTON b Aug 26, 1761 Warrington MM records, York Co PA
PHEBE HUTTON b abt 1662

All these younger children (except PHEBE) are listed in a later Certificate of Removal from Kennett MM in Chester Co PA to New Garden MM granted in 1771 to JOHN HUTTON & ANN his wife.

The assumption has always been that this was JOHN HUTTON b 1715 & ANN HARRY, and that these were their youngest children--especially PHEBE, who is not listed here. This is because ANN HARRY HUTTON's mother, ELIZABETH (UNDERWOOD) (HARRY) WEBSTER named her daughter "ANN HUTTON" and granddaughter "PHEBE HUTTON " in her 1766 Chester Co will.

But as it turns out, records show that the PHEBE HUTTON who was the granddaughter of ELIZABETH (UNDERWOOD) (HARRY) WEBSTER was actually born about 1746--not 1762.

In April of 1765, PHEBE HUTTON was granted a certificate of removal from Kennett MM to New Garden MM, where her grandmother ELIZABETH WEBSTER lived. ELIZABETH WEBSTER is actually named in the certificate record!!  

PHEBE would have had to have been of adult age to receive a certificate--at least 18, I believe. She was admitted to New Garden MM in September of 1765.

A few years later, in 1771, PHEBE HUTTON was dismissed  from London Grove Monthly Meeting for being married by a priest. Her married name was McFERSON/McFARSON.

So to sum up:  There were apparently two different JOHN & ANN HUTTON families in Chester Co PA in the 1700s.

The family that moved to Warrington, York Co PA in 1753 was JOHN HUTTON Junior & ANN. They apparently did not stay at Warrington, but removed back to Kennett MM sometime after 1761,  and from there back to New Garden MM in 1771.

The family of JOHN HUTTON b 1715 & ANN HARRY lived in Chester Co Pennsylvania, attending New Garden MM, and possibly Newark MM, Kennett MM & London Grove MM (more research to come, obviously!).

So who was JOHN HUTTON Junior?  I believe he was the son of Irish Quaker immigrant JOHN HUTTON Sr b about 1690 County Carlow, Ireland who married SARAH LIGHTFOOT at New Garden, Chester Co PA, and ended up near the end of his life at Fairfax MM at Broad Creek,  Loudon Co Virginia.  He did indeed have a son named JOHN HUTTON Jr b 1731 who was named in his 1772 will, and remained in Pennsylvania.

As always, this is a work in progress, and comments are appreciated.

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