Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Timeline of my Earliest American Colonial Ancestors 1608-1630

Recently I decided that it might be fun to make a timeline of my earliest immigrant ancestors to the American colonies.  Fun indeed!  It has turned into a much bigger project than I imagined!

The website Pilgrim Ship Lists by Date , by Anne at Packrat Productions,  was very helpful in assembling my list.  If you have the time & inclination, she needs volunteers to transcribe ship's lists!

Here is my timeline 1608-1630 so far (and far from complete I might add), beginning with my earliest known ancestor.  For each immigrant, I have tried to add the name of the ship if known, and where they eventually settled. ORANGE is my maternal line; BLUE is my paternal line, and PURPLE is both.

1608  EDWARD GURGANEY “Phoenix” Jamestown VA
1610  CECILY REYNOLDS age 10? possibly relative or servant of William Pierce ?;  “Swan”; she married Thomas    Bailey, Samuel Silas Jordan (possibly her cousin)  & William Farrar in  Jamestown, VA.
1611  Capt THOMAS HARRIS  “Prosperous” Jamestown VA; married Adria Gurganey; she came later on the         “Marmaduke”
1619  THOMAS OTWELL, “Bona Nova” Jamestown (sons went to Maryland)
   Dr JOHN WOODSON & wife SARAH WINSTON “George” Jamestown VA
1620  JOHN HOWLAND, Pilgrim, “Mayflower”  Plymouth MA
ELIZABETH TILLEY, Pilgrim “Mayflower” Plymouth MA
WILLIAM HANCOCK ship?, Berkeley Hundred, Jamestown VA
THOMAS SHIPPEY, “Supply”, Berkeley Hundred, Jamestown VA
RANDALL/RANDOLPH HOLT Sr ; “George” indentured servant to Dr John Potts & his wife Elizabeth; Surry Co VA
1621 HENRY WATKINS I b Wales; “George”  settled Eastern Shore, which later became Henrico Co VA  
EDWARD BOMPASSE/BUMPAS “Fortune” Plymouth to Marshfield MA
WILLIAM PALMER  & son WILLIAM “Fortune” Plymouth MA (later CT)
ADRIA (GURGANEY) HARRIS “Marmaduke” Jamestown VA
1622  JOHN SEAWARD/SEWARD “Gift” Isle of Wight Co VA
    THOMAS CRISPE “Warwick” Easten Shore (Henrico Co VA)
1623 JOHN BROWNE & wife MARGARET HAYWARD ship ?  Pemaquid, Maine
   THOMAS HEATH “Safety” Jamestown, VA (unverified ancestor)
1624   JORIS JANSEN de RAPALJE &  wife CATALYNTJE TRICO “de Eendract” New Netherlands

1625 HANS HANSEN BERGEN; bef 1625; ship? New Amsterdam
1626 RICHARD WEBB Sr Ship? Cambridge MA to Norwalk, CT
   Capt RICHARD NORMAN Ship? Salem, MA
1627 LAMBERT HUYBERTSEN MOLL ship? New Amsterdam
1629 SIMON HOYT/HOYTE Higginson Fleet “Lyon’s Whelp” ; MA, later CT

1630 Gov THOMAS DUDLEY & wife DOROTHY YORK & chl Winthrop Fleet“Arbella” MA
JOHN DAGGETT/DOGGETT Winthrop Fleet “Arbella” Martha’s Vineyard
NICHOLAS KNAPP Winthrop Fleet “Arbella” Stamford, CT
JEREMIAH JAGGER Winthrop Fleet “Arbella” Stamford CT-Barbados
ABRAHAM FINCH Winthrop Fleet Ship? MA to Stamford CT
EDMUND LOCKWOOD Sr & wife ELIZABETH & son  Winthrop Fleet, ship? Cambridge MA to Stamford CT
ROBERT LOCKWOOD, bro of Edmund, Winthrop Fleet, ship? Watertown MA to Stamford CT
Gov THOMAS WIGGIN Winthrop Fleet, ship ?; 1st Gov NH
GARRETT/JARRETT HADDON  Winthrop Fleet ship ? Salisbury MA
ISAAC MORRILL Winthrop Fleet “Lyon”  Roxbury MA
JOHN PERKINS  & wife JUDITH GATER & chl Winthrop Fleet “Lyon” Salisbury MA
Gov THOMAS MAYHEW Winthrop Fleet ship? Watertown MA to Martha’s Vineyard
ROBERT SEELEY Winthrop Fleet Ship? CT to Huntington Long Island NY
ANTHONY COLBY Winthrop Fleet Ship?  Salisbury MA
GARRETT CHURCH Winthrop Fleet Ship? Watertown, MA
JOHN SAYLES, wife PHILLIPA, daughter PHOEBE Winthrop Fleet ship?MA, then New Amsterdam after 1632
THOMAS LOMBARD & wife REBECCA  & chl Winthrop Fleet  “Mary & John”  Dorchester MA to Barnstable MA
JOHN GREENAWAY & wife MARY Winthrop Fleet “Mary & John” Dorchester MA
BRANT PEELEN VAN NIERKIRKE May 24; “de Eendracht” New Amsterdam
GOOSEN GERRITSEN Van SCHAICK ship? New Netherlands
Deacon HENRY COBB; Pilgrim; emigrated from Leyden Holland; ship? Plymouth
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© Betty Tartas  2011


Geolover said...

I love your idea and how you have shown it.

Just one little question - how did Henrico County devolve from the Eastern Shore (as implied in a couple of your entries)?

The Eastern Shore counties are Accomack and Northampton, which were not parent Counties to Henrico. I have not found anything indicating that either was ever considered to be part of Henrico County, nor were they connected in any Parish organization scenario that I have found. I would be most interested to learn more.

Are we thinking of 2 different ideas of "Eastern Shore"?

Betty said...

Thanks very much for pointing this out. I suspect they started out on the Eastern shore, then moved to Henrico Co VA later. I'll continue to research this...

Betty T

Anonymous said...

Is the "Thomas Crispe" on your website that of the same who causes havoc with the Cornish and Nevell bloodlines in Virginia Colony in 1626?