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Wedding Wednesday: The Marriage of Phebe Cordelia Brown & Charles Wallace Rhodes, Jan 1896 Sacramento, CA

My great grandfather's sister PHEBE CORDELIA BROWN (born April 12 1868 Sacramento, CA) married CHARLES WALLACE RHODES Jan 1896 in Sacramento, CA.  

CHARLES was from a prominent pioneer family in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  I have no idea how they met, or what brought CHARLES to Sacramento.  

PHEBE lived in Victoria, BC Canada for the rest of her life, and had two daughters, ETHEL RHODES and MABEL RHODES.  ETHEL became a nurse, and later a nanny for the Tupper family; apparently she married a DOVEY and adopted two children. MABEL married FRANCIS MIDDLETON STERRY, who was born in England, and had two children with him, both born in Canada.  MABEL died Aug 31, 1930, and FRANCIS MIDDLETON STERRY returned to England with the two children, and raised them there. I believe the children and their descendants are still living in England. 

Source of article:  Sacramento Daily Record-Union, from the California Newspaper Digital Collection (CNDC website), from UC Riverside.

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I am sure it crossed your mind to trace and find your family in England.