Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: The California Newspaper Digital Archive

If you are researching your family in California 1850 to 1900s, you may want to take a look at the California Newspaper Digital Archive,  a free online database from UC Riverside.

This database contains early newspapers from Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and more.  The search function is easy to use, and the website even gives you the ability to "clip" only the article that you want, then download or print it!

While Ancestry.com does have some California newspapers, this website has a MUCH better search engine, directs you right to the object of your search with yellow highlighting,  and is MUCH more user friendly.  No more searching through an entire page of old newspaper to find what you are looking for!

I found nearly a dozen articles about my ancestors in Sacramento and San Francisco, all of which I had never seen before, and some of which provided me with some fascinating new info!! Also, I was able to find an obituary in Sacramento for my gg grandfathe HENRY "NEW HAMPSHIRE" (HNH) BROWN, which I needed to complete my (now-approved!) application to the Society of Mayflower Descendants!

Have a great day!


PS Thanks to Lynne Roberts, the lookup volunteer from Sacramento Genealogical Society, who referred me to the CNDC website!!

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Michelle Goodrum said...

Thank you Betty. I need to do some California newspaper research. Particularly in the Los Angeles area. I tried some searches and they are easy to do. Hopefully I'll get some hits!

Frank's Daughter said...

Thanks Betty!
I spent the whole evening checking out our early Hollywood/LA families. Found a lot of fun stuff!
Thanks again...I hadn't heard of this site!