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Follow Friday: Ann's Journey 1867 (Ann M. Frazier Way)

This summer, my 5th cousin Lorraine Fritch will be blogging about an incredible journey.

In 1867 her Quaker great great grandparents HENRY O. WAY &  ANN M. (FRAZIER) WAY made their way from Green Plains, Iowa to Boone Co Indiana.  Apparently ANN kept a diary of the journey, and this summer Lorraine Fritch and several cousins will be following the path laid out in the diary, visiting the places noted therein.

Three years after ANN's journey, in 1870, my Quaker great great grandparents ELI BRANSON FRAZIER  & NANCY (VAN ARSDALE) FRAZIER would follow a similar path in reverse: from Thorntown, Boone Co Indiana to Bangor, Marshall Co Iowa.

My gg grandfather ELI & ANN were siblings, the children of HENRY FRAZER and MARY "POLLY" (OTWELL) FRAZER, who made another earlier migration, with many other Quaker families, from Guilford & Randolph Co, North Carolina to Hamilton, then Boone Co Indiana.

ANN M. FRAZIER WAY was a prolific & accomplished writer, leaving letters, poetry & journals for her descendants and all members of the extended (very extended!) FRAZIER family to enjoy. Her writings were some of the first that I encountered which combined both a writer's voice and priceless genealogical information. Here is a link to a transcribed 1855 letter by Ann M. Frazier Way.

Lorraine's blog site is called  Ann's Journey 1867.

The journey begins June 28, 2010; until then Lorraine is posting photos of ANN and background information.

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