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Betty's Genealogy Wish List for 2011

Well, 2010 is nearly done and, sad to say, I did not get my genealogy wishes fulfilled--as laid out in my two blog posts from last December:

Betty's Genealogy Wish List for 2010 Part One

Betty's Genealogy Wish List for 2010 Part Two

The "brick walls" outlined in those two posts are still standing.  I have not made one iota of progress on them. They are still as much a mystery as they were last year at this time. So essentially my 2011 wish list is exactly the same as the 2010 wish list.


That is not to say that this has not been an interesting year for my genealogy research. DNA testing has broadened my genealogy horizons.  I made interesting connections, such as discovering that three out of four of my grandparents were related through the Reynolds family.  Through online parish records from Cornwall, England, I was able to expand the pedigree of my maternal gg grandmother CORDELIA RICKARD. And I did find some clues that may help to solve at least two of my most persistant family mysteries.

1) Concerning JACOB HUBER Sr, my great X 5 grandfather who died Oct 8, 1803 in Berlin, Brother's Valley twp, Somerset Co PA:  as I noted in my 2010 wish list blog post, he was not living in Somerset (aka Bedford) Co PA before 1792.  I had long suspected he had migrated from PA to either VA or MD , as so many colonial German immigrants had.

This year  I managed to find a curious German Reformed Church record from Hagerstown, Washington Co MD. On July 7, 1776 Hagerstown, Washington Co MD records show the baptism of three sons of JACOB HUBER and wife (unamed) in the German Reformed church. Children were:

WILHELM HUBER born June 22, 1776
JOHANN ADAM HUBER born April 6, 1773

The children may or may not have been born in Hagerstown, Washington Co MD;  they were all born in different years and all baptized on the same day. If CHRISTOFEL/CHRISTIAN & JOHANN ADAM HUBER were indeed the sons of JACOB HUBER Sr of Berlin, Somerset Co PA,  they were not named in JACOB HUBER Sr's 1803 will (the only adult child mentioned is son WILHELM/WILLIAM).  Nor did they ever live in Berlin, Brother's Valley twp, Somerset Co PA  (aka Brother's Valley twp, Bedford Co PA previous to 1795) according to census & other records.

However, it should be noted that at the 1799 baptism in Berlin, Somerset Co PA of ANNA MARIA HUBER, the daughter of my great X 4 grandparents WILHELM/WILLIAM HUBER & wife ANNA ELIZABETH KEFFER, the witness was CHRISTIAN HUBER--who did not live in Berlin, Somerset Co PA, and is not in any other records besides this one baptismal record from  the Evangelical Lutheran/Evangelical German Reformed Church of Berlin.

2) Ahh. The mystery of LEWIS SHRIVER born 1785-1790 who married SUSANNAH LUCKHART. Turns out there were several with the name "Lewis Shriver" born during this time period, unfortunately. I had been led to believe that "my" LEWIS SHRIVER born 1785-1790 was the son of FREDERICK WILLIAM SHRIVER born 1786 Adams Co PA who died Sept 4, 1820 in Tiffin,  Seneca Co OH (son of LEWIS SHRIVER & MARY SHEETS).  After careful examination of census and other records, it is clear these two "Lewis Shrivers"were completely different men, even though they were born at about the same time.

My great X 5 grandfather LEWIS SHRIVER born 1785-1790 was a miller, and named his son "Frederick William Shriver". He also named a son "Phillip Shriver".  His two other sons Thomas Shriver and John Luckhart Shriver, were named after two brothers of his wife SUSANNAH LUCKHART.

According to census records LEWIS & SUSANNAH (LUCKHART) SHRIVER migrated to Huntingdon Co PA with his wife's Luckhart family, and ended up settling near them in Ross Co OH, in an area which by 1825 became Hocking Co OH.  LEWIS SHRIVER died there in April 1831, according to his will, leaving his mill to his wife SUSANNAH and children.

SUSANNAH LUCKHART was born about 1790 in Washington Co MD, the daughter of CONRAD LUCKHART Sr and his wife ANNA MARIA, who lived in Berks Co PA from 1780-1785, according to tax & church records, and moved to Washington Co MD by the 1790 census. CONRAD LUCKHART Sr lived in Huntingdon Co PA from 1800-1820, and was in  Colerain twp, Ross Co OH by 1830. He apparently married 2nd to a MARGARET, and also died in 1831.

So I decided to start looking in Maryland for clues as to the parents of LEWIS SHRIVER born 1785-1790. This year discovered that he might be the son of FREDERICK WILLIAM SHRIVER born Feb 8, 1744 probably Anne Arundel Co, MD, who died Feb 27, 1820 Creagerstown, Frederick Co MD.

This FREDERICK WILLIAM SHRIVER married first to MARIA ELISABETH BIERLE, had three sons with her as per church & census records; after her death FREDERICK W married ELIZABETH SEESMAN in 1794, and apparently did not have any children with her.

I have found birth records for  two sons by the first wife:

 PHILLIP SHRIVER born Feb 8, 1780
 JACOB SHRIVER born Dec 25, 1783.

Census record of 1790 Frederick Co MD shows a couple, three sons and one slave.  Census record 1800 Emmitsburg, Frederick Co MD shows Frederick W Shriver; older couple 45+;  2 men 16-25;  one boy 10-15 and one slave.

I strongly suspect that the youngest son was my great X 5 grandfather LEWIS SHRIVER born 1785-1790.

And oh yes--this FREDERICK WILLIAM SHRIVER born Feb 8, 1744 was a miller--just as my great X 5 grandfather LEWIS SHRIVER was in Hocking Co OH.

So my online family tree for the SHRIVER family will now require a complete overhaul.  But that's what holidays are for, aren't they? :)

Have a great day!


© Betty Tartas  2010


Anonymous said...

I am looking for Philip Shriver of Adams Co. His family moved to Reistertown MD but I am not sure if he died in PA or MD. His last child was born in 1846 and he was not on the 1850 census. Charlotte Hughes

Anonymous said...

I am looking for Philip Shriver of Adams Co. PA. His family moved to Reisterstown MD. His last child was born in 1846 and he was not on the 1850 census. I am not sure if he died in PA or MD. Charlotte Hughes