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Amanuensis Monday: 1855 Letter from DAVID BRUTON (b 1790) Green Co MO to his Brother BENJAMIN BRUTON in Texas

My great X 3 grandfather, DAVID BRUTON, was born Jan 18, 1790 in Spartanburg SC, and died April 4, 1869 Webster Co MO. He was the son of ENOCH BRUTON & DORCAS WOFFORD, and lived in SC, McNairy Co TN and Tishomingo Co MS before migrating to Missouri.  

His brother BENJAMIN BRUTON was born June 20, 1788 Spartanburg SC and married GEMINA/JEMIMA, who was previously married to a LANGFORD, and had a son LECIL B LANGFORD.  He may have been named after LECIL BRUTON of Spartanburg, a cousin of BENJAMIN & DAVID,  but I am not sure exactly why.  They all moved to Texas by 1850. 

In this case I am not the amanuensis, but the recipient of this transcription which was made by Shirly Ford, who kindly sent it to me.  A few days ago she also sent me a scanned copy of the original.  Many thanks to Shirly for taking the time to send this letter to me!  I'm certain there are many other Bruton researchers who will be interested in seeing it.

Here is a copy of Shirly's transcription.  I have added punctuation as there was none in the original, have capitalized names, and added my notes in red.

Transcription of letter to Benjamin Bruton from David Bruton.  
As written, including capitals/spelling 
Greey Cty (Green County)., MO   May the 15th A.D 1855
Well, brother & Sister & family All LEICEL B LANGFORD & SALLY & family
I take my pen in had to wright you a few lines & can inform you Something of the health of myself and my old wife.  We are Enjoying tollerable health for old people but are geting tolerable frail not able to Do very much. But we Should be thankful that we are blest with Common health.  Some of our Children is enjoying bad health  EDIA Which Maried EDMUND CARDWELL she has too children the youngest one is something like six years old & She (Edia) has never been Able to set up or walk to Do any good  Since she was put to bed with her last one. ELIZABETH has enjoyd bad health for four or five years though is geting some stouter at this time.  Both their Complaints are Chronic nervous affections  My Son HIRAM Died of A Chronic Disease left  A and wife & one Child.  my Children are all Married & enjoying Common health through the kind merceys of god  except the too Above Named ones. they are all a living in this part of the Country Except BENJAMIN  he is living in Mississippi & all a geting A Long tolerable well  I hope through the kind mercey of god when these lines comes to hand they may find you all well & Doing well.  Times is tolerable hard in this part of the Country at this time.  Money Scarce & provisions high & Scarce. Crops was very light with us last season & if it don’t rain shortly here it will be impossible for us to make much grain.  This Season there has Not been rain. Enough where I live to wet the ground three inces Deep.  This spring though in Some parts of the Country good rains lately. there has been no rise of water this Spring here.  A great Many Springs gone Dry. property is low here except work Cattle are high and ready Sale. there has been A good deal of sickness in Brother Jesseys family this Spring & winter. past the winter found Sister Annis Died of the winter fever in march.  Brother Jesse is living in Wright County forty Miles east of me. (Turn to the left    town over  excuse my aucardness Note: I did not see this part in the scanned copy of original. )
I moved to Crafford (Crawford) County, Arkansas the winter that LEICEL moved to texas .expecting to go on to texas in the fall but we was all taken down sick in the Summer.  the last one of us Down in the fall.  we got so we could travel & we moved back to Mo, green County.  I never have been as well Satisfyd in Mo, As I would wish to be.  it is a good farming Country but verry rough & rocky  only in the prararies there it is Scarce of timber & water verry Cold in the winter by Spells & not verry healthy.  I believe there is better Countreys than Mo. But I am too old to hunt them out.  I want you to give me All the information you can About yoursel & family and Country that you Can by letter.  I want you to write to me as soon as you get this letter without fail & let me know the times in your Country & how Land Can be got there & whether there is good land there to take up by entry yet or not.  there is A great Stir in our Country About the gold mines near the head of the Arkansas river.  A great many of our people has gone to search for it, it is thought they will have to Combat verry heavily with the idians to get at it. if it is found that there is plenty of gold there Southwest Mo, will be Almost deserted.  I write this letter you and LEICEL both I can not express my desire and wish to see you all & Converse with you face to face & will State again write to me soon and often and I will Answer all your letters as well  Direct your letters to Dallas, PO, green Cty, Mo  I will Close my stamering letter by Subscribing myself your affectionate Brother till Death so no more
DAVID BRUTON                                                                      BENJAMIN BRUTON
                                                                                        & JAMIMAH
my childrens

Have a great day!


© Betty Tartas  2011

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