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Surname Saturday: WILSON of Old Rappahannock & Richmond Co VA

I am not descended from this WILSON family, but in researching them for a friend-and-cousin, I discovered a great number of records in Old Rappahannock and Richmond County Virginia (not to be confused with the city of Richmond, which is in Wise Co VA). So I thought I would share them!

1) Looking first at HENRY WILSON or WILLSON  born about 1620 probably England , whose will was proved March 10, 1688 in Farnham Parish, Old Rappahanock Co VA (which part became Richmond Co VA in 1692-- Not the same place as modern day Rappahanock Co, just to make things more confusing).

 HENRY's  will was written March 14, 1686 & probated March 10, 1688, this from book Wills of Rappahanock Co VA 1656-1692 by William Sweeney p 146: 

"Son THOMAS; grandsons WILL & THOMAS JEFFERY, sons of EDWARD JEFFERY & ELIZABETH; four grandchildren WILL, THOMAS, PRUDENCE & ELIZABETH JEFFERY; son-in-law EDWARD JEFFERY, daughter ELIZABETH JEFFERY.  Nephew HENRY WILLSON, son of brother CHARLES WILLSON. Son THOMAS to be executor.  Item:  Give to WILLIAM BRASIER all Chirugeon (surgeon) weights & scales and other instruments belonging to a Chirugeon. Neighbors Capt SAMUEL TRAVERS & Mr GREGORIE GLASCOCKE to be overseers & assist the executor."

The biggest shock  is that HENRY WILLSON / WILSON apparently did not have a son ELIAS WILSON.   I have seen literally hundreds of online trees showing this HENRY WILSON who died March 1688 as father of ELIAS WILSON Sr of Richmond Co VA.  And I can see how one might think that, since ELIAS did have  a son named HENRY.  But unless there is a deed or historical reference proving otherwise, ELIAS WILSON Sr was not the son of HENRY WILSON.  And so far I haven't been able to trace HENRY's son THOMAS WILSON.

2) Fortunately there are more records documenting ELIAS WILSON Sr b abt 1650 & his wife SUSANNA.  

She was not SUSANNA JACOBUS, by the way.  SUSANNA JACOBUS married 1st) ROBERT DAVIS, and 2nd) JOHN DOZIER ("Married Well & Often"  Headley p 103) Anyway, ELIAS' wife SUSANNA, after he died in about 1700married 2nd to Lt Col GEORGE TAYLOR in 1705, Richmond Co VA.

Here is a list of the children of ELIAS WILSON Sr  & SUSANNA unknown, as per his will proved 1699/1700 Sittenburne Parish , Richmond Co VA. (formed from Farnham Parish, old Rappahanock Co VA)


--JAMES WILSON b 1680s m 1st) MARY CRASKE; 2nd) MARTHA unknown

--ELIAS WILSON Jr b 1685  m MARY LANE (widow of ALVIN MOUNTJOY); he died 1707 Richmond Co VA as per his will, naming wife MARY, son ELIAS, bros HENRY & JAMES. His wife MARY married 3rd)  to Dr  JOSEPH BELFIELD in 1708


--MARTHA WILSON b 1680s m EDWARD MORRIS, her son EDWARD MORRIS mentioned in ELIAS Sr's will

--SHEBA/PHEBA WILSON b 1676, died before 1700 m CHARLES SNEAD; her two sons CHARLES & ELIAS SNEAD mentIoned in ELIAS Sr' s will

--***BRIDGETT WILSON b about 1678 died before 1700 (not named in ELIAS Sr's will) married THOMAS NEWMAN Sr ; one son THOMAS NEWMAN. (Married Well & Often, Headley p 262)

--***JOHN WILSON b about 1675 (not named in ELIAS Sr's  will, at least not in the abstracted transcription)  m FRANCES (widow of McMILLION) in 1701, Richmond Co VA.  He died 1709. His will only mentions brothers HENRY & JAMES, wife FRANCES, who was to give two years of schooling to THOMAS NEWMAN (his nephew, apparently), and Major EDWARD MOSELEY.  He was definitely the son of ELIAS WILSON & SUSANNA, as per the very interesting 1676 will of THOMAS BLISSED of Old Rappahanock Cosee below.

Here is a link to the will of ELIAS WILSON Sr who married SUSANNA  from book Wills of Richmond County 1699-1800 by Robert K Headley, available on

Here is a transcription of the interesting will THOMAS BLISSED of Old Rappahanock Co VA, from book Wills of Rappahanock Co VA 1656-1692 by William Sweeney, p 58-60:

Will of THOMAS BLISSED (BLISFED?) written Feb 7, 1676, proved 1676/1677, Old Rappahanock Co VA: 

 "I bequeath unto JOHN WILLSON, sonne of ELIAS WILSON & SUSANNA his wife, to which child I am God-father, 3000 pounds of tobacco to be conveniently laid out for his edification when he shall attain to the age of eight years old, in learning the word of God.  Secondus, I bequeath to PHEBE WILLSON, daughter of said ELIAS WILSON & his wife SUSANNA, 30 shillings or value in tobacco to buy her a ring when she should arrive at age of seventeen years...(bequests to several more women: ELIZABETH JONES, dau-in-law of GEORGE TAYLOR;  Mrs MARY HARPER & dau ELIZABETH BOWLWARE; SARAH HARPER)...but if any legatees should die before the probate of my will, then...all the remaining part of my estate in what sort or kind so ever to be equally divided between them, only my silver tobacco box  to be given to SUSANNA WILLSON, and my signet ring to Mr JAMES MILLER of York..."

3) HENRY WILSON born about 1681, died 1737,   Lunenberg Parish, Richmond Co VA married 1st) to an unknown wife, probably the mother of his children (not "SUSANNA WINIFRED JACOBUS" as so incorrectly listed on so many online trees), and 2nd) late in life, in about 1734 to WINIFRED JACOBUS, widow YEATS, PYCROFT & WILLIAMS (see Married Well & Often by Headley).  The children of HENRY WILSON and his unknown first wife were:

--JOHN WILSON b abt 1710 Lunenberg Parish, Richmond Co VA, m SARAH MAULDIN, d/o RICHARD MAULDIN of Caroline Co VA (much more on them later)

--ELIAS WILSON b 1700-1710 Lunenberg Parish, Richmond Co VA, wife unknown

--GEORGE WILSON  b abt 1708 Lunenberg Parish, Richmond Co VA m ELIZABETH EIDSON; he was bound out as apprentice to learn the trade of joiner, according to HENRY's will

--THOMAS WILSON b 1700-1710 Lunenberg Parish, Richmond Co VA m ANN BRICKEY; Headley indicates THOMAS later moved to Bute Co NC

--SUSAN / SUSANNA WILSON  1700-1710 Lunenberg Parish, Richmond Co VA m EDWARD EIDSON, who recd an indentured servant RICHARD MOSS in HENRY's will; SUSANNA died 1778 in Richmond  Co VA.

--MARTHA ELIZABETH WILSON b abt 1710  m ALEXANDER DONIPHAN KELLY; he died Oct 1754 Lunenberg Parish, Richmond Co VA; wife may have died previously

--SARAH WILSON  b abt 1710 died before 1736, when husband JOHN DOZIER married 2nd) SUSANNA JACOBUS, widow of ROBERT DAVIS.

Here is a link to the will of HENRY WILSON who died 1737 Lunenberg Parish, Richmond Co VA (Headley, p 76-77) 

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Betty Tartas

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