Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Easy Method for Figuring out Kinship or Cousinship

Here's a easy way to figure out how you are related to someone!

--If you share the same parents--you are siblings

--If you share the same grandparents--you are first cousins

--If you share the same great grandparents--you are second cousins

--If you share the same great great grandparents--you are third cousins

--If you share the same great x 3 grandparents--you are fourth cousins

--If you share the same great x 4 grandparents--you are fifth cousins

And so on, and so forth.

So how to figure out the dreaded " first/second/third cousin removed" part?

Here's an example.

My first cousin "B" and I share the same grandparents, Alonzo Cox Huber & Minttie May Bruton.  "B" got married and had three children.  Her three children and I are  first cousins 1 x removed.

Several of "B"s children have had children, so they are my first cousins 2 x removed.

If I had had children, they would have been 2nd cousins to "B"'s children, sharing the same great grandparents (Alonzo Cox Huber & Minttie May Bruton).

Or to show it another way:


My father                                                          His sister      (siblings)
|                                                                         |
Me                                                                  "B"                 (first cousins)
                                                                        "B"s  children (first cousins 1x removed)

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