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June 20, 1819 Bledsoe Co Tennessee; Deed of Lease, Heirs of ROBERT CARTER to WILLIAM RIDDLE

The "Robert Carter, decd" referred to in this deed was apparently ROBERT WORMELY CARTER, born about 1766 Virginia, died by Sept 8, 1817 probably Jefferson Co Kentucky, who married HEBE SMALLWOOD GRAYSON.  

The deed was filed in 1819 in Jefferson Co Kentucky on behalf of his children, but the land in question was actually in Bledsoe Co Tennessee. It sounds as though WILLIAM RIDDLE was living on a tract of land which he had purchased, but part of which was actually owned by the CARTER family, and that they were requesting that he pay a yearly rent of $20 for Lot 10.

The other court deeds from Jefferson Co Kentucky indicate that ROBERT WORMLEY CARTER was dead by 1817, and that his children requested FREDERICK W. S. GRAYSON as their legal guardian. FREDERIC GRAYSON was likely related to their mother. 

--Bledsoe Co Tennessee Register of Deeds Vol D p 57:
--ALFRED G. CARTER, JOHN CARTER, ROBERT CARTER, WILLIAM G CARTER, LANDEN CARTER, and HEBE S. CARTER (f) children and heirs of ROBERT CARTER deceased to WILLIAM RIDDLE of the County of Bledsoe and State of Tennessee, so much of a certain trac of land of about one hundred acres bought by said RIDDLE of JOHN SHROPSHIRE and on which the said RIDDLE resides, as interfered with, or is covered by the clain of the said heirs, to wit: Lot No 10, and which acres adjoins WILLIAM CHRISTY, JAMES ROBERSON and JAMES FOSTER, to have and to hold the premises aforesaid to the said WILLIAM RIDDLE for and during the term of three years from the date hereof, the said RIDDLE rendering as rent therefore at the end of every year during the said term the sum of twenty dollars. Witness the hand and seals of the parties this twentienth day of June, 1819 signed WILLIAM RIDDLE (his mark); F.W.S. GRAYSON, (guardian for the Carters listed above); ISAAC H TYLER, test.
--State of Kentucky, Jefferson County, July 20, 1819; At a county Court begun and held for Jefferson County in the state aforesaid at the court house in the town of Lewisville on the 8th day of Sept 1817, ALFRED G. CARTER, JOHN CARTER, ROBERT CARTER, WILLIAM G CARTER, LANDEN CARTER, and HEBE S. CARTER infant orphans of ROBERT CARTER deceased, being above the age of fourteen years came into the court and severally made choice of FREDERIC W. S. GRAYSON as their guardian, wherefore, the said FREDERIC together with ROBERT GRAYSON and DAVID S. WORD his securities entered into and acknowledged there five several bonds in the penalty of ten thousand dollars each with the conditions required by law.
--In testomony whereof, I , the clerk os the said county court do hereby certify tht said FREDERIC W GRAYSON and WILLIAM RIDDLE personally appeared before me in my office on this day, and acknowledged and delivered the foregoing deed of lease as and for their act and deed, the said GRAYSON as guardian (to the sons of ROBERT CARTER). I further certify that the said JOHN CARTER personally appeared before me in my office on this day and acknowledged and delivered the same as and for his act and deed, and that JOHN BELL Esq is the presiding Justice of the said County Court.
--In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the said county, this 20th day of July 1819, and in the 28th year of the Commonwealth. WORDEN POPE, Clerk.

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