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Court Records Mr RANDOLPH MILLER of Lancaster County, Virginia 1695-1706

Court Records for RANDOLPH MILLER 1695-1706 Lancaster Co Virginia.  He was my great X 4 grandfather.

--March 12, 1695 Court Record; RANDOLPH MILLER supenaed to court as witness on behalf of ALEXANDER ENGLISH against Mr. WILLIAM BALL and Mr. RICHARD BALL, executors of Last Will & Testament of Capt. WILLIAM BALL, decd. After five days, Court ruled against ALEXANDER ENGLISH, payment with costs ordered.

--May 11, 1698 Court ordered Nathaniel Carpenter discharged from office of Constable, and RANDOLPH MILLER ordered to succeed him.

--May 11, 1698 Court determined WILLIAM HAUGHY, servant to RANDOLPH MILLER adjudged to be fifteen years of age, ordered to serve his master nine years from this day.

--Sept 14, 1698 Estate of TIMOTHY STAMP, wife MARGARET administratrix; JOHN MOTT, THOMAS PARFITT, RANDOLPH MILLER & GEORGE FINCH ordered to apprise the estate.

--Nov 11, 1698  RANDOLPH MILLER being arrested to this Court at the suit of WILLIAM MAN for (illegible) pounds of tobacco, and he not appearing and the sheriffe not taking security according to the Act is therefore granted against the Sheriffe upon whose Petition attachment is granted against RANDOLPH MILLER.

--June 14, 1699 JOHN HEGOE, servant to RANDOLPH MILLER, being brought to this court for judgement; Court does adjudge him seventeen years old and ordered him to serve seventeen years from this date.

--July 13, 1699 Estate of THOMAS CHATTIN, administration granted to JOHN MOTT (both sons-in-law of Randolph Miller).  JOB HILL, WILLIAM RODGERS, ROBERT YOUNG and RANDOLPH MILLER or any three of them to apprise the is further orderd that  Apprisers do divie the estate and deliver on moiety thereof unto JOHN CHATTIN, eldest son of the deceased.

--May 8, 1700 RANDOLPH MILLER, list of Grand Jurors

--Oct 9, 1700 ELIZABETH STRATTON late widow of NICHOLAS GEORGE, deceased, to deliver a true & perfect Inventory of the decedent’s estate upon oath unto NICHOLAS GEORGE, on behalf of BENJAMIN GEORGE, the youngest son and executor of the will; THOMAS SAMPSON, THOMAS PARFITT, GEORGE FINCH, RANDOLPH MILLER and FRANCISCO FRIZELL, or any four of them, ordered to apprise the estate. 

--Dec 10, 1701  Estate of ALEXANDER DUSE, deceased, was presented by ANN MOTT, it appearing that the right of administration of the decedent’s estate to her did belong, and it is ordered that WILLIAM ROGERS, RANDOLPH MILLER, GEORGE FINCH, FRANCIS FRIZELL and ROBERT MITCHELL or any four of them, apprise the estate. 

--March 5, 1701  MARGRETT JONES, servant to Mr. RANDOLPH MILLER, coming into this court and confessing she had a base born child born of her body is ordered to serve for the same according to Act as also for her fine being one whole year and one half after her time by Indenture or Custom is expired and pay costs of court.

--April 8, 1702  CARNEGIE vs ROGERS The action brought to this court by JOHN CARNEGIE, clerk, plaintiff, and WILLIAM ROGERS & RANDOLPH MILLER, Churchwardens of White Chapel Parish, is dismissed, neither appearing.

--July 9, 1702 CARNEGIE vs MILLER, et al; The action brought to this court by JOHN CARNEGIE, clerk, against RANDOLPH MILLER & WILLIAM ROGERS, churchwardens of White Chapel Parish, is dismissed, neither appearing.

--Jan 13, 1702  WILLIAM MILLER, having exhibited information to this court against WILLIAM KELLY for the unlawfull killing of one sow belonging to RANDOLPH MILLER, and under his proper marke, prayed for the penalty contained in the Act, in that case made and provided might be awarded him.  Dismissed without costs.

--April 14, 1703 The action brought to this court by JOHN CARNEGIE, plaintiff,  against WILLIAM ROGERS & RANDOLPH MILLER, Churchwardens of White Chapel Parish in this county is referred at the prayer of the defendants.

--April 14, 1703  ROGERS vs SWAN The action brought to this court by WILLIAM ROGERS & RANDOLPH MILLER against Capt ALEXANDER SWAN is referred.

--May 12, 1703 CARNEGIE vs Churchwardens; Judgement granted unto JOHN CARNEGIE, Clerk, Minister of White Chapel Parish, against RANDOLPH MILLER and WILLIAM ROGERS, Churchwardens of the parish, for the sum of twelve hundred pounds tobacco due upon balance of an Order of Vestry for sixteen thousand pounds of tobacco which is ordered to be forthwith paid with costs.

--May 12, 1703  Churchwardens vs SWAN; RANDOLPH MILLER & WILLIAM ROGERS, having brought suit to this court against Capt ALEXANDER SWAN, and not appearing to prosecute, nonsuite is therefore granted against them with costs.

--July 14, 1703 Estate of THOMAS TAYLOR, deceased, is granted unto MARY his eldest daughter.  Mr RANDOLPH MILLER, Mr FRANCISCO FRIZELL, Mr GILES ROBINSON, and Mr GEORGE FINCH or any three of them, ordered to apprise the estate. 

--August 11, 1703  Estate of JOHN SNELLING, deceased, is granted unto ABRAHAM BUSH as next of kin. Ordered that Mr RANDOLPH MILLER, Mr GILES ROBINSON, Mr ROBERT YOUNG and Mr HENERY (illegible) or any three of them, apprise the estate.

--Dec 9, 1703 Churchwardens vs SWAN; ALEXANDER SWAN, late Sheriff of this county, being arrested to this court at the suit of WILLIAM ROGERS & RANDOLPH MILLER, late churchwardens of the Parish of St Mary’s White Chapel, for the sum of forty one thousand, one hundred twenty pounds of tobacco, and not appearing.   Order is therefore granted against the Sheriff, upon whose Petition Attachment is granted against ALEXANDER SWAN, returnable to next Court.

--June 14, 1704  GEORGE, a negro slave, imported, belonging to RANDOLPH MILLER, was adjudged to be nine years old.

--Sept 15, 1704  ROGERS et al vs SWAN; At this court RANDOLPH MILLER & WILLIAM ROGERS, late churchwardens of St Mary’s White Chapel Parish in the county aforesaid, brought suit against ALEXANDER SWAN of this county & parish aforesaid, late Sheriff of this county, for that the defendant stands justly bound and indebted to the plaintiffs aforesaid in the sum of forty one thousand, one hundred twenty pounds of tobacco and casque, which to the plaintiffs he owes by bond, etc, and whereupon the Defendant by his attorney entering several pleas in abatement, which were in court read and heard, all which were by the Court overruled, order was given to the defentdant in a further Plea, whereupon the Defendant comes and defends....and for Plea saith that the plaintiffs have declared upon a bond which the Defendent to them passed, bearing date 16th day of December 1701, the the sum (above), and the Defendant sayeth that he at that time never passed such a bond to the Plaintiffs, and of this he puts himself upon the county for trial. Whereupon command was given to the Sheriff to impanel twelve good and able men of his Bailiwick, being Freeholders, as a jury...and went forth to consider thereof and by their Foreman, they being all agreed, delivered their Verdict: (lists names of jurors):  in these words:  We of the Jury find for the Defendant.  Ordered that Plaintiffs pay all costs of the suit.

--March 14, 1705  MILLER vs NORRIS; The action brought to this Court by RANDOLPH MILLER against WILLIAM NORRIS is dismissed, neither appearing.

--June 13, 1705  Estate of JOSEPH DUKESHALL, deceased; Administration granted to his widow, MARTHA, and Mr THOMAS PARFITT, guardian to MARY, the daughter of the deceased (MARY was his granddaughter, MARTHA being his daughter). Ordered that Mr. FRANCISO FRIZELL, Mr GEORGE FINCH, Mr RANDOLPH MILLER, Mr. WILLIAM GOODRIDGE, and Mr. JOHN MOTT, or any four of them, appraise the estate. 

SOURCE:  Court Orders Book(s) of Lancaster Co Virginia 1695-1706 by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, published 1998.  Information in parentheses are my notes. Spelling & grammar corrected by me for clarity, in some records.

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