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My Brick Walls: CORNELIUS PAYNTER DRYDEN and SARAH SHEPHERD of Maine Prairie, Solano Co California; San Francisco, California; and Seattle, Washington


CORNELIUS PAYNTER DRYDEN was born about 1825 in Pennsylvania, according to census. He appears in California voter's lists as early as 1866, in Maine Prairie, Solano Co California.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out much about his life prior to 1866. Here's what I've been able to glean so far:

--CORNELIUS PAYNTER DRYDEN possibly had a younger brother WILLIAM SYLVESTER DRYDEN b about 1835 Delaware, who also migrated to California, and can be found in records both in Solano Co and in Alameda, California, where he died.

--Both "Cornelius Paynter" and "William Sylvester" were well-known men who lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland or Delaware. "William Sylvester" was a Quaker, which makes me wonder if CORNELIUS' parents were Quakers. It was very common in the 1800s for Quakers to name their children after respected members of the church--even though not related.  There was a colonial Quaker DRYDEN family in Maryland. However, so far I have not found a connection between the DRYDENs and the families of CORNELIUS PAYNTER or WILLIAM SYLVESTER.

--CORNELIUS PAYNTER DRYDEN married, about 1863, SARAH SHEPHERD born about 1843 New York, both her parents immigrants from England, as per census (more on this later).  CORNELIUS was much older than SARAH, and likely had been married previously.  I have not been able to find a marriage record for them.  It is possible they married in the midwest, before coming to California, but I have no proof.

--California Voter's registration lists Maine Prairie, Solano Co California show CORNELIUS P. DRYDEN in 1866 & 1867; Military service in 1867 (National Guard, Maine Prairie Rifles, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division); 1870 Census record Maine Prairie, Solano Co California, with wife SARAH & 3 young children, and a land grant Oct 14, 1871 in Solano Co California for 252 acres (BLM website).  By the end of 1871, CORNELIUS P DRYDEN  (occupation lumberman with Asa Simpson Co)  and his wife and family were  living in the city of San Francisco (city directory).  The address was 131 ½ Dora Street.

--Apparently CORNELIUS P DRYDEN died about 1873. He disappears off city directory records, but his wife & children remained at the same address in San Francisco. 


--GEORGE WILLIAM HENRY DRYDEN born 1864 Solano Co CA; married MARY ANN TOHER; became Deputy Court Clerk of Supreme Court; lived San Francisco all his life, dying there Jan 9, 1920. He had one child, a son JOSEPH BURTON DRYDEN who married GLADYS ADELINE BROWN--my grandmother's sister.

--ELIZABETH DRYDEN born 1866 Solano Co California; married EDWARD W DIECKHOFF, two girls OLGA DIECKHOFF born 1889 San Francisco, and LULU DIECKHOFF born 1896 Seattle;  the family was living in Seattle, King Co Washington by 1892, and ELIZABETH died there before 1940 census.

--KATHERINE "KATE" DRYDEN born 1870 Solano Co California, was listed as a 5 month old infant in 1870 census. No further records found.

--LULU DRYDEN born 1874 San Francisco, California;  never married; lived with her mother, step father & sister ELIZABETH DRYDEN DIECKHOFF & family 1920-1930 census Seattle, King Co Washington.  LULU died March 31, 1937 in Seattle, Washington.

SARAH SHEPHERD was born about 1843 in New York.  All census records found indicate that her parents were both born England. 

--I have found census records for  a GEORGE SHEPHERD born 1798 England, who died in Lee Co Iowa.  His wife was PHEBE, also born England, and they did have a daughter SARAH  SHEPHERD who was born 1843.  I have found them in the 1850 through 1880 Lee Co Iowa census. 
SARAH was listed in household 1850 & 1860.  While I have no proof,  this may well be the correct SARAH SHEPHERD.  It is entirely possible that SARAH SHEPHERD & CORNELIUS P DRYDEN married in Iowa. Further research definitely needed!

--After the death of CORNELIUS P DRYDEN,  SARAH married before 1880 to JOSEPH BOGART,  born Nov 1851 in Maine.  In the 1880 San Francisco directory, JOSEPH BOGART & his stepson GEORGE WILLIAM HENRY DRYDEN are listed in same household,  same address at 131 ½ Dora Street. 

--JOSEPH BOGART was employed as a foreman for the San Francisco Bridge Company.  By 1891, he & his wife SARAH and her two daughters LULU DRYDEN and ELIZABETH DRYDEN DIECKHOFF had all moved to Seattle, Washington. JOSEPH was still employed by San Francisco Bridge company while in Seattle, building bridges & wharves (Seattle city directories).  Apparently JOSEPH & SARAH never had any children of their own.  They lived with SARAH's daughters, son-in-law and grandchildren until their deaths.

SARAH (SHEPHERD) (DRYDEN) BOGART died April 1, 1918 in Seattle, King Co Washington, as per her death certificate.  

JOSEPH BOGART died after 1930 in Seattle, King Co Washington. He was age 79 in the 1930 census.

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