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CALVIN SMITH & RUTH H. MAYNARD Family of Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Berkshire Co Massachusetts & Ohio

Recently I have spent quite a bit of time researching an interesting SMITH family who migrated from Massachusetts to Ohio in the 1820s, the ancestors of a dear friend & cousin. While I am still searching for more records to document this family, the circumstantial evidence has certainly begun to pile up!

1) CALVIN SMITH I born May 1, 1770 Marlborough, Middlesex Massachusetts married RUTH H. MAYNARD born Sept 9, 1780 Sudbury, Middlesex Massachusetts , on Dec 29, 1803 in Marlborough, Middlesex Co Massachusetts. One published genealogy shows RUTH as “RUTH HAPGOOD MAYNARD”, i.e. as having been named for RUTH HAPGOOD of Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Later records show her as “ANNA”, so it is possible that the “H” stood for HANNAH not HAPGOOD (ANNA frequently being used interchangeably with HANNAH in earlier times).

2) BENJAMIN ROBERTS & LUCINDA E SMITH married Jan 12, 1832 in Butler Co Ohio. They moved after the 1840 census to Carrolton, Carroll Co Kentucky. 1850 Carroll Co KY shows LUCINDA’s place of birth as an “M” with squiggles after it. It has been transcribed on as "Maryland", but looking at the actual record, could actually be an abbreviation for "Massachusetts".

3) BENJAMIN & LUCINDA named a son named CALVIN ROBERTS, born about 1850 in Carroll Co Kentucky, possibly named for LUCINDA’s father. Another son was named JOSEPH H ROBERTS, which may be “JOSEPH HAPGOOD”, possibly named for JOSEPH HAPGOOD of Marlborough, Middlesex MA (there were 3 of them). JOSEPH HAPGOOD III married SUSANNA MAYNARD, sister of RUTH H. MAYNARD. 

4) In 1840  Ross twp, Butler Co Ohio census shows that BENJAMIN & LUCINDA (SMITH) ROBERTS & BENJAMIN’s mother MARTHA ROBERTS were living very near Dr ALANSON SMITH

5) Dr ALANSON SMITH’s 1890 Butler Co Ohio biography provides a wealth of clues. While the bio states that he was born in Standisfield, Berkshire Co Massachusetts, his obituary states he was born New Marlborough, Berkshire Co Massachusetts, and  some census records show him as born in New York! His birthdate was Aug 21, 1806. The bio & obit don’t show the names of his father or mother, but the clues within them help indicate his family origins (see below...). No actual birth record for ALANSON SMITH can be found in any of the locations mentioned in these documents.
(NOTE: There is a slight possibility that ALANSON SMITH was the nephew of CALVIN SMITH & RUTH H. MAYNARD, and thus the 1st cousin of LUCINDA E. SMITH, rather than her brother, but for the time being, I’m going with the theory that they were siblings.)

6) Bio of ALANSON SMITH also indicates that when ALANSON was still an infant, his father (CALVIN?) traded his farm in Berkshire Co MA for 300 acres at the outflow of Cayuga Lake (Finger Lakes), Ithaca, Tompkins Co, New York State, and then the father (CALVIN?) moved back to Marlborough, Middlesex, MA where he taught school. Unknown if the family ever lived on that 300 acres, or at Ithaca, NY.

7) CALVIN SMITH I & RUTH H MAYNARD family were living in Marlborough, Middlesex Co MA in the 1810 census. Census shows a male 45+ (elderly relative?), female 26-44 (RUTH/ANNA), 2 males 26-44 (CALVIN I & ?), 1 male under 10 (CALVIN II? ALANSON?), 3 females under 10 (CAROLINE, REBECCA & SUSANNA).

8) No others by name of CALVIN SMITH (born 1770) appear to have lived in Marlborough Middlesex Co MA after the 1810 census. Other records show  CALVIN SMITH was living in Berkshire Co Massachusetts after 1810. There were actually several of this name who were born after 1770 and lived in Berkshire Co, so further research needed to winnow out exactly who the other younger CALVINs were.

9) Bio of Dr ALANSON SMITH indicates that his father died when ALANSON was age 8 or 9. Death record from Hinsdale, Berkshire Co Massachusetts shows that CALVIN SMITH  died Aug 15, 1816. ALANSON would have been age 10.

10) Bio of Dr ALANSON SMITH indicates that after his father’s death, ALANSON went to live with his “Uncle JABEZ”. RUTH H. (MAYNARD) SMITH had a brother JABEZ MAYNARD born March 5, 1770 Sudbury, Middlesex, MA; JABEZ MAYNARD lived in Bolton, Worcester Co MA after his marriage to BETTY CLARK.

11) After the death of her husband, RUTH H. “ANNA” (MAYNARD) SMITH married 2nd to the Reverend JESSE HARTWELL on Dec 2, 1819 in New Marlborough, Berkshire Co Massachusetts. I have yet to find their actual marriage record, so this needs to be verified.

12) Bio of Dr ALANSON SMITH indicates that at age 15, and while attending the New Marlborough Institute, he was living with his stepbrother LOVELL HARTWELL. LOVELL HARTWELL born 1797 was the son of Rev JESSE HARTWELL and his 1st wife JERUSHA SHEPHERD. LOVELL HARTWELL married JEMIMA THOMPSON and lived all his life in New Marlborough, Berkshire Co MA, according to census & vital records.

13) According to several sources, the Rev JESSE HARTWELL was a Baptist minister in New Marlborough, Berkshire, Massachusetts. In 1827, he was dismissed from the Baptist church (why?), and moved to the town of Perry in Geuga Co (later Lake Co) Ohio. This is in the N. part of Ohio, near Cleveland, on Lake Erie.

14) Bio of Dr ALANSON SMITH indicates that he taught school in Great Barrington, Berkshire, Massachusetts in 1827, and that in 1829 he moved to the town of Perry, in Geuga Co (later Lake Co) Ohio, where he also taught school. He is not listed alone in the 1830 census in Perry, so likely lived with his mother & stepfather, and sure enough.....

15) 1830 Perry, Geuga Co Ohio census shows household of Rev JESSE HARTWELL, a couple age 50-59 (RUTH/ANNA & JESSE), one elderly woman age 70-79 (unknown), 2 males age 20-29 (one of which could be ALANSON SMITH), 2 females age 20-29 (SUSANNA & LUCINDA SMITH), and one son age 10-14 (unknown son of RUTH/ANNA & JESSE?) Since RUTH & JESSE married in 1819, the adult children listed in the census would have to be from their 1st marriage(s).

16) According to the bio, after moving to Perry, Geuga Co (later Lake Co) Ohio, ALANSON SMITH began studying medicine with a Dr WILLARD (possibly a distant relative?) , and also lived for a time in Cincinnati, Ohio, He supposedly attended Van Doren’s Collegiate Institute in Lexington, Kentucky (but since this was a college for young women, I am guessing he was a teacher rather than a student!)

17) According to the bio, by 1831, ALANSON SMITH moved to Hamilton, Butler Co Ohio, where he taught school. Hamilton is now a suburb of Cincinnati, so quite a long way from Perry, Lake Co Ohio.

18) 1840 census shows ALANSON SMITH living in Ross twp, Butler Co Ohio (right next to town of Hamilton), a young couple age 20-29 (he married NANCY McNIEL in 1833), with a daughter under age 5. As I said previously, ALANSON was living very close to BENJAMIN & LUCINDA (SMITH) ROBERTS and BENJAMIN’s mother MARTHA ROBERTS in Ross twp, Butler Co Ohio.

19) Rev JESSE HARTWELL & his wife  “ANNA” remained in Perry, Lake Co Ohio, and can be found in census up until 1860. They both died there, ANNA in 1858, and JESSE in 1860, and are buried in the Perry Township Cemetery (see Find a Grave) 

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J Ehler said...

Betty, Read your review of Smith/Maynard with focus on Dr. Alanson Smith. I have a Dr. Alanson Smith, who I believe is my GGG Grandfather. I found an 1850 census of him in Salt Creek Township, Davis Co., Iowa along with his wife (Mary) and five daughters - Jane (oldest born in 1834), Sylva, Martha, Eliza and Cinderella. He was indicated as a Physician on the census. All daughters born in Ohio except for the youngest, Cinderella, in Iowa. Also an 1840 census in Hudson, Summit Co., Ohio, showing Alanson Smith with the appropriate wife and daughters. A marriage record of he and Mary Bassett from 1833 in Rootstown, Portage Co., Ohio in 1833. Alanson shown born in 1810 in Ct. Mary born in 1812 in Ct. I've found a Dr. Alanson Smith in Hamilton, Ohio who died in 1912 but the obit shows it's not "my" Alanson. I've also found several newspaper references to Dr. Alanson Smith in Iowa but only a name listed. Also a Dr. A Smith in Unionville, MO, in 1868 working out of the same building as his daughter's husband, George Ruth (Roth). I can't seem to find his source info - parents, birth city, etc. I ran across your post from 2015 but this Dr. Smith doesn't appear to be the same man either. Just wondering - in your searches for your Dr. Smith, if you ran across any "other" Dr. Smith's from out east, specifically Connecticut. Thanks for any help or info or insight you might have! Jeff Ehler