Monday, April 23, 2018

Orphaned Photographs

These are not photos of my ancestors, but are antique photographs which were thrown in a box and donated to the thrift store where I volunteer. Fortunately these photos have names inscribed on the backs. Many in the box did not.

My aim is to find  descendants and return these photos to their families!

This is RICHARD CARLISLE ZEILINGER born about 1907, on left & in center, and his sister MARGARET INEZ ZEILINGER on right. The inscription on front of photos shows they were taken at the studio of H L Boston, in David City, Nebraska.

Here are photos of MARJORIE JEANNETTE HUSTON (left) and her brother LOWELL LYNN HUSTON (right) who was born March 28, 1922.  The inscription on LOWELL's photo shows it was taken at Gibson Studios Anaheim/Riverside/Santa Ana, California.

Next we have RUSSELL BALLARD (top left), his brother WALTER BALLARD (bottom left) and Mis HELEN STEVENSON (right), who might be a relation.  This family was from the vicinity of Winterset, Madison County, Iowa.

And finally, here are a collection of single photos with names on the back. Clockwise from top left: ALYSE MORRISON from College Spring, photo taken Clarinda, Iowa; EDD HILL from Shausburgh, Iowa, photo taken Clarinda, Iowa; WILLA S LATH (I think) no location; ESSIE & ADAH WHITTAKER, bottom left, Loveland, Colorado;  MARION McFERRIS, Boise city, Idaho.

I have already found several of these individuals in online trees at and will be contacting descendants. If you have any further information, please let me know!

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