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My Great Grandparents FRANK R BROWN & MARY ETTA KENNEDY: An Archive of Photos from the Apollo Mine, Unga Island, Alaska PART TWO

 Here is a continuation of my archive of photos from the Apollo Mine, Unga Island, Alaska. This part of the collection is circa 1904-1920s. Some originals are in my possession, but some are copies of postcards.

Tea Party, Mine Superintendant's house, before 1904. Participants identified on back of photo, left to right: Mrs Otto Carlson,  Mrs Hastings, Mrs George Mahon Sr,  Mrs Kyle the doctor's wife; Mrs George Mahon Jr; standing behind: my great grandmother MARY ETTA KENNEDY BROWN, and sitting in front, Mabel Hawthorne Cowell, MARY ETTA' niece from California.  My grandmother RUBY grew up in this house.

 The Apollo & Sitka Mines, circa 1905; postcard, photo possibly by Thwaites? The large white house on left was the mine Superintendent's house.

Village of Unga, on Delaroff Harbor. postcard, photo by Thwaites.

The Steamship "DORA" which brought mail & supplies to Unga Island and many other ports on the Westward Run.  John E Thwaites worked on board and took hundreds of photographs of Alaska and its inhabitants. My great grandparents & grandparents knew him. My grandparents, RUBY BOLTON BROWN & R B MARTINE,  who was working as an appraiser, first met on board the "DORA" in 1913. They were married in California in 1915. In my collection, source unknown.

Schooner "Alice" owned by Pete Larsen.  Thwaites postcard, copy of original. 1905-1910

Delaroff Development Company 1914. FRANK R BROWN (standing far right) and partners leased the Apollo Mine in order to work the tailings. While the endeavor looked promising for a few years, the company had difficulty finding male workers in 1917 because of WWI, and they went out of business. Others in photo are unidentified. Original in my collection

Picnic on Agate Beach, Unga Island, 1917. FRANK R BROWN on far left; all others are unidentified. Original in my collection.

The Sloop "GLADYS", owned by Capt ZIMERO MOORE. In 1913, my grandmother RUBY sailed with Capt MOORE, a Mr PARR and her father FRANK R BROWN on a cruise along the Alaska Peninsula. The men were prospecting and conducting cyanide tests. It was the last time my grandmother ever visited Unga Island, as she was married in 1915.

This is the last photo I have of great grandfather FRANK R BROWN, late in life,  at the Apollo Mine on Unga Island. I believe it was taken in the late 1920s or early 1930s.  I do have other photos taken in Seattle and California, but no others in Alaska.

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