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Surname Saturday: WHITECOTTON Origins, Part Two

To continue on with the colonial WHITECOTTON origins:

1) GEORGE WHITECOTTON Sr, born about 1707-1710 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA, married BRIDGET sometime before 1730.  They had  at least two children and possibly as many as four children (unverified by me). They were:

--JOHN JAMES WHITECOTTON born about 1735 (unverified by me)

--ELIZABETH WHITECOTTON born 1730s (unverified by me)

--MARY WHITECOTTON born Jan 20, 1739 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA as per parish records

--GEORGE WHITECOTTON II born 1730s died aft 1775 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA (my ancestor)

GEORGE WHITECOTTON Sr died March 23, 1744 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA. While no actual will seems to exist (he may have died suddenly), there is an estate inventory:

 April 10, 1744 Obedience to this order of Court: A true Inventory of the Estate:
6 head of hoggs, 1 cow and yearling 4.0.0
1 cow and yearling, 1 steer and heifer 4.5.0
1 cow and calf, 1 young horse 6.0.0
1 saddle and bridle and bell 0.12.6
1 feather bed and furniture 4.0.0
1 bed and furniture 1.10.0
1 pair of shoes and knee buckles 0.1.3
1 small trunk and chest 0.6.0
2 old hats, 3 old shirts, 1 pair breeches 0.8.0
1 gunpowder cotton charge boc and 2 sides leather 0.10.0
2 slater hides, 1 wheel and cards 0.10.10
1 stool of old iron, harness and traces 0.7.0
Cash 1/3, a pair of studs 1/9 0.3.0
1 pale and piggin, 1cyder cask and tar tubb 0.10.0
2 old dishes, 3 basons, 19 spoons 0.12,.6
8 knives, 10 forks, frying pan, 2 sifters 0.5.0
2 milkspans, 2 bottles, 1 jug 0.2.0
1 pot and skillet, some old cloathes, shoes and stockings 1.3.0
1 meal bag, 1 plow 0.5.0
1 young mare1.6/, cash 17/6 2.3.6
To 1127 lb tobacco 27.13.9

GEORGE WHITECOTTON's widow, Bridgett Whitecotton, signed for the estate on April 9, 1745. 

According to parish records, BRIDGET remarried 2nd) to WILLIAM McCONCHIE, and 3rd) to STEPHEN PILCHER. She had children with all three men;  in 1775, at the time of the death of her 3rd husband STEPHEN PILCHER, she was "with child".  Because of this, I suspect that BRIDGET must have been considerably younger than her first husband GEORGE WHITECOTTON Sr. I have never been able to find her maiden name in records.

2) GEORGE WHITECOTTON II born 1730s Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co VA, married MARY HARRIS.  Her maiden name is unverified by me, but seems likely--although I have not been able to trace her origins.  GEORGE WHITECOTTON II fought in French & Indian War,  serving in Capt Harry Woodard's company of VA Militia; his name can be found on a  list dated July 13, 1756, and on a on payroll list Aug 1756. He  ranked 4th in the company. The children of GEORGE WHITECOTTON II and MARY HARRIS were:

--AXTON WHITECOTTON b Feb 3, 1742 Stafford Co VA, died 1833 Henry Co VA; Rev War Pensioner; not sure if this is a son or brother of GEORGE WHITECOTTON II

--JAMES WHITECOTTON b March 14, 1750 Stafford Co VA; died June 7, 1849 Pleasant Run, Marion Co KY; married 1st) UNKNOWN 1st wife who died before 1795, 2nd) RUTH NEWTON HUDSPETH who in her 1840 deposition Marion Co Kentucky for the Rev War Pension application of MARY MILES, wife of MICHAEL MILES, stated she was 75 years old and came to Kentucky in 1780 with her father's family (her family did not live in Hampshire/Hardy Co Virginia, and was much younger than JAMES, so could not have been mother of his children born before 1795); Rev War Pensioner (my ancestor)

--MEALEY WHITECOTTON b abt 1752 Stafford Co VA (unverified by me)

--ELIZABETH WHITECOTTON b abt 1755 Stafford Co VA, married ROBERT ELLIS


--HARRIS WHITECOTTON b abt 1769 Stafford Co VA, died abt 1815 Fayette Co PA; married MARGARET "PEGGY" SHUMATE

--NANCY WHITECOTTON born about 1770 Stafford Co VA, died bf 1820 Mason Co KY; married THOMAS PAYTON

JAMES WHITECOTTON born March 14, 1750 fought in the Revolutionary War.  I will be writing more about him next week, as I explore many of the veterans in my family tree in honor of Memorial Day.

For more information on my Whitecotton family, please see my Rootsweb Family tree, "Southern Ancestors of Minttie Mae Bruton". 

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