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Tombstone Tuesday: John F Martine, Civil War Veteran

My great great grandfather, JOHN F MARTINE, is buried at the Old Soldier's Cemetery in Orting, Pierce Co WA.  He was a veteran of the Civil War.

JOHN began his life on June 15, 1831 in Spencerport, Monroe Co NY.  He was the son of ALBERT MARTINE born Dec 28, 1800 Clarkstown, Rockland Co NY, and MARY born  abt 1800 NY, possibly daughter of JOHN EDSON of Genessee Co NY.  His grandparents were ISAAC MARTINE born Aug 26, 1766 Clarkstown, Rockland Co NY and GEERTJE "CHARITY" CAMPBELL born Jan 17, 1776 Clarkstown, Rockland Co NY.

ALBERT & MARY MARTINE had three children:  ISAAC MARTINE born 1824; MARIA B MARTINE b 1829 who married GEORGE TARBOX and died before 1860; and JOHN F MARTINE. Another daughter, RACHEL MARTINE born 1820, may have been the child of ALBERT's first marriage.

JOHN's father ALBERT MARTINE and grandfather ISAAC MARTINE both passed away before the  1840 Spencerport, Monroe Co NY census, leaving his grandmother CHARITY MARTINE as head of household, with another younger woman (MARY) and two children (MARIA & JOHN) living there. The eldest sibling ISAAC MARTINE b 1824 may have already moved to Racine Co Wisconsin with his first wife AMY CLOSE.

In around 1850, JOHN left Spencerport NY and  went to Yorkville, Racine Co Wisconsin to join his brother and sister-in-law, ISAAC & AMY (CLOSE) MARTINE.  A year later, JOHN  married MARY ANN SCOFIELD on April 21, 1851 at Yorkville.

On Dec 17, 1861 JOHN F. MARTINE joined the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry, company G, as Corporal. His brother ISAAC MARTINE also joined the Union Army at nearly the same time.  ISAAC served in the 2nd WI Volunteer Infantry, company F, rank of Sergeant, and was at the Battle of Bull Run. He suffered a gunshot wound to his arm while on guard duty, and received a medal for valor.
While in the 2nd WI Cavalry, JOHN became physically ill, was deemed disabled and was discharged May 1862 in Jefferson City MO. Pension records note that he was 5 feet 8 inches tall with blue eyes and light hair and complexion.
When JOHN returned to Yorkville, WI,  he was no longer physically able to work on his farm.  By 1864 the family was living in Rochester MN and JOHN was working as a salesman. By 1870 the family was living in Hardin Co Iowa, near the town of Eldora (where my father's family, the Hubers and Fraziers lived). JOHN F MARTINE was incorrectly listed as "Morten" in the census, and his occupation was listed as drayman. CHARLES ALBERT MARTINE, his son, and my great grandfather, was 16 and working as a laborer.
Sometime between 1870 and 1880,  JOHN and his family moved to Chillicothe, Livingston Co MO. They were there for the 1880 census, and JOHN was working as a grocer with his son-in-law JAMES A. MYERS who married daughter IDA MARTINE. The two families lived next door to each other. Son CHARLES A and new wife ALICE MILLER MARTINE lived in a different part of town, but I suspect that Charles worked in the family grocery business as he is also listed as a grocer.
When JOHN first applied for his pension in 1890, the family was living in Independence, Jackson Co MO. Seven years later in 1897 the family was living in Kansas City, Jackson Co MO, and JOHN applied for his pension again. Around 1899 he was working as a traveling salesman for Swain, Earle & Co in Kansas City, MO. 
John F Martine, abt 1890s

According to an application for the Old Soldier's home in Orting WA, JOHN F. MARTINE and wife MARY ANN left Missouri and came to WA state in 1899. They apparently lived at Everson, Whatcom Co WA, probably with their youngest son JOHN EDSON MARTINE or daughter MINNIE MARTINE RAINFORD. 
JOHN  first made application to the Old Soldier's home in Orting, Pierce Co WA on Dec 1905, and was admitted on Dec 26, 1905. He was released from the home Jan 27, 1906 so only stayed one month.
According to discharge papers from the old Soldier's home, JOHN F & MARY ANN MARTINE moved to 1309 Bay St,  Bellingham, Whatcom Co WA (A strange coincidence: During my college years, I lived at 1316 Bay street , which was right across the street from 1309--however, that building had been gone for years and today there is just a parking lot. And of course at that time I did not even know my gg grandfather's name--much less that he ever lived in Bellingham!).
JOHN F. MARTINE re-entered the Old Soldier's home in Orting, Pierce Co  WA four months later on May 15, 1906 because of complete debility, including paralysis of the right side of the body (stroke?). His reason, in his own words, was sadly " I am not well and have no money." He died January 30, 1907. 

Isaac Martine, John's brother, taken before his death in 1897,  Sleepy Eye, Brown Co MN

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Lori H said...

Great story and photos. How amazing that you were living so close to where he had lived.
Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Poole said...

Betty, some of your people were in the same counties as mine, like: Genesee Co., NY, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY and the state of Wisconsin, so maybe their paths crossed.