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A Friend of Friends Friday: African American Slaves Named in Deeds Spartanburg SC 1785-1827 Book S

Note: "A Friend of Friends" was a password used on the Underground Railway

A few months ago I purchased a resource book of deed abstracts from Spartanburg, South Carolina circa 1785-1827 by Albert Bruce Pruitt.  I obtained the book in order to research my colonial BRUTON/BREWTON and WOFFORD families,  who lived in that area.

As I searched through the book, I discovered that it contained much more than land deeds, although they are the majority.  Also included were deeds for estates and their dispersal, for the sale of horses & other livestock, for the dispersal of all household goods & furniture, such as when individuals were leaving for another area (usually Georgia) and some deeds  pertaining to the sale of slaves. 

Here are  deed abstracts that I found in book S  that name African American slaves:

Book S 1822-1825

p 34-35 April 3, 1822 MUSE TOLLESON (Spartanburg) to RICHARD KIRBY (same) to secure $1217.54 that Muse owes Richard mortgages 14 Negroes: NED and wife LUCY and their children MARY, JACK and ALEXANDER; COOPER and wife POLL; JEFF; JURE (?) and wife CATY and son DARE and daughter ELIZA; SAM and BIG BEN; etc, etc. Witness William Trimmier and james Quinn. Signed MUSE TOLLESON. Witness oath April 12, 1822 William Trimmier to E Bomar. Received April 12, 1822.

p 38-39 Jan 2, 1822 MUSE TOLLESON (Spartanburg) to JAMES McDOWELL (Charleston SC) to secure $6032 Muse owes James mortgages Negroes : WALTER, CLOE, DANIEL and wife SARAH; EPHRAIM and wife MARY; JOE ARCHIBALD; REUBEN, MILL, BLACK SARAH, LITTLE BICE LUCINDA, TELL, CALO and CHARLES, etc etc. Witness William Trimmier and James Hutcheson. Signed MUSE TOLLESON. Witness oath April 15, 1822 William Trimmier to E Bomar. Received April 22, 1822.

p 41 Feb 10, 1822 MUSE TOLLEMAN received from BERRYMAN S HOLDER $800 full payment for a Negro STEPHEN, etc etc. Witness Samuel White and Rolan Dare. Signed MUSE TOLLESON. Witness oath April 10, 1822 Rolan Dare to W Hunt. Received April 23, 1822.

p 41 (date omitted) 1822 JOHN LINDER (Spartanburg) to daughter TILITHA WEBSTER for (not given) give a Negro boy CHARLES during her lifetime and at her death to her two sons Noah Webster and Ezekiel Webster. Witness Lee Linder and Polly Linder. Signed JOHN LINDER. Witness oath April 23, 1822 Lee Linder to E Bomar. Received April 23, 1822.

p 44-45 April (date omitted) 1822 ELIZABETH FOSTER (Spartanburg) to son WILLIAM FOSTER (same) for love and affection give a Negro RACHAEL and her two children ALFORD and HANNER (Hannah?). Witness James Polls, Tumpy Brown, and Jane Jones. Signed ELIZABETH FOSTER's mark. Witness oath May 20, 1822 Jane Jones to E Bomar. Received May 20, 1822.

p 55 May 7, 1821 JOHN LINDER (Spartanburg) to son ABRAHAM LINDER for (omitted) give a Negro boy LUKE. Witness Thomas Linder and Nathaniel Linder. Signed JOHN LINDER. Witness oath June 3, 1822 Thomas Linder to Lee Linder. Received June 3, 1822.

p 65-66 July 10, 1822 FREDERICK HICKEY (Spartanburg) one of the devisees of will of Joseph Hoover, deceased (Orangeburgh district SC) to FORTUNATUS H LEGG (Spartanburg) for $1000 sold 4 Negroes: CHARITY about 20 years old; PAUL about 13 years old; NANCY or ANNA about 4 years old; and JOE about 3 years old. Negroes belonged to Joseph Hoover , deceased, and Orangeburgh district court appointed FREDERICK HICKEY as the Negroes 'guardian". Witness Abel Lancaster and James Hunt. Signed FREDERICK HICKEY's mark. Witness oath July 10, 1822 Abel Lancaster to E Bomar. Received July 1, 1822.

p 69-70 April 23, 1822 NATHANIEL LINDER (Spartanburg) to JACOB LINDER for "standing security" for Nathaniel for $350 Nathaniel owed to Amos Coper, payable in 1823, mortgages a Negro boy GARY and Nathaniel's rights to estate of Aaron Templeman, deceased. Condition: Sale void if Nathaniel pays debt. Witness Lee Linder and Patrick Saunders. Signed NATHANIEL LINDER. Witness oath April 23, 1822 Patrick Saunders to Lee Linder. Received July 19, 1822.

p 85-86 Aug 16, 1822 STEPHEN TOLLESON (Spartanburg) to JOHN ISON (same) for $2600 mortgages all Stephen Tolleson's property real and personal; etc etc; 8 Negroes--CONKOE, DAYSOE, OLD TOM, DILSE and three children; etc etc. Witness Capt Abraham Lancaster, James Gossett and Zealy Stone. Signed STEPHEN TOLLESON. Witness oath Sept 2, 1822 Abraham Lancaster to Caleb Jones. Received Sept 2, 1822.

p 88 May 30, 1821 JOHN N CREASE (Spartanburg) to JAMES BURNETT Jr (same) for $200 sold  a Negro Woman AILSA, 27 years old. Witness Woodson Burnett. Signed JOHN N CREASE's mark. Witness oath Sept 2, 1822 Woodson Burnett to W Bennett.  Received Sept 2, 1822.

p 98-99 Oct 31, 1821 AGRIPPA COOPER (Spartanburg) to JAMES HUNT (same) for $1000 sold Negroes: fellow named BUCK or WILL; woman MILLY and her child ELVIRA; and a girl child MARY about 10 or 11 years old. Witness Elisha Bomar and William Trimmier. Signed A COOPER. Witness oath Oct 8, 1822 Elisha Bomar to James E Henry. Recieved Oct 8, 1822.

p 106-107 April 2, 1821 WILLIAM CLEMENT (Spartanburg) to JOHN CLEMENT (same) for $1226 sold a Negro boy KIAH; a Negro girl MATILDY, etc etc etc. Witness George Wolk and John Wolf.  Signed WILLIAM CLEMENT. Witness oath Oct 14, 1822 John Wolf to W Bennett. Received Oct 14, 1822.

p 161-162 Feb 11, 1823 JAMES TURNER (Spartanburg) to SAMEUL TURNER and JAMES FOSTER (same) for love and affection of daughter ELIZABETH MARTIN give a Negro girl ONEY about 10 or 12 years old and her increase, etc etc etc. Witness John T Earle and C H Moore. Signed JAMES TURNER. Witness oath Feb 12, 1823 John T Earle to E Bomar. Received March 5, 1823.

p 169-170 March 26, 1823 ELIAS PALMER (Spartanburg) to HERVEY PALMER (same); for discharging the following eleven debts (lists names & amounts owed, and indicates which land should be sold). If land is not "sufficient according to the contract between Elias and Hervey Palmer",  Elias is to sell Hervey personal property: a Negro ADAM; a Negro HUMPHRY; Negro woman SILVY and her 3 sons: ALEXANDER, JOHNSON and TITUS; Negro boy TONEY; boy SAMUEL; boy STEPHEN; etc etc (names a long list of household goods). Witness John Bullington and Daniel White Jr. Signed ELIAS PALMER. Witness oath March 26, 1823 John Bullington to D White. Received  April 4, 1823.

p 174-175 Sept 27, 1822 JAMES POOLE (Spartanburg) to JOSEPH HARDY, a free man of colour (same) for $100 sold 60 acres on Mire Branch on south side of Pacolatge River; border Joseph Hardy; part of 1000 acre grant to Solomon Crocker. Witness Elisha Poole and James Crocker. Signed JAMES POOLE. Witness oath Oct 2, 1822 James Crocker to William Reid. Received March 20, 1823. Dower renounced Oct 28, 1822 Rebecca Poole to William Reid.

p 193-194 Jan 28, 1823 WILLIAM SMITH (Union District SC) to REUBEN DANIEL (Spartanburg) for $1500 sold five Negroes: a woman MILLY and her four children-- JAMES, HANNAH, DAVID and PETER, etc etc. Witness Martha Daniel. Signed WILLIAM SMITH. Witness oath Feb 20, 1823 Martha Daniel to E Bomar. Received May 2, 1823.

p 197 July 28, 1820 THOMAS MILES (Spartanburg) to daughter SALLY MARTINDALE; for love and affection and $1 give a Negro girl CLARY (or CLARA) about 13 years old. Witness Thomas M Bragg and James E Henry. Signed THOMAS MILES. Witness oath may 20, 1823 James E Henry to E Bomar. Received May 20, 1823.

p 276 Oct 2, 1820 (Gwinnett Co GA) DENNIS TIPPINS to JOHN HUDSON; for $600 sold a Negro woman CONANN and her child GREEN (or GRUN). Witness Benjamin Tippins. Signed DENNIS TIPPINS. Witness oath Nov 25, 1823 (Greenville district SC) Benjamin Tippins to Wm Mason. Received Jan 4, 1824.

p 297 Sept 9, 1823 ROBERT JAMISON to JAMES VERNON and JOHN RODDY  (Spartanburg) to secure debt of $1350 to S Foster, Commissioner of Spartanburg Equity Court, with James Vernon and John Roddy as security sold (lists land) and sold a Negro girl PHEBE and a Negro boy DAVID. Witness John Nance and Alexr Roddy Jr. Signed ROBERT JAMISON. Witness oath Febg 22, 1824 Alexr Roddy Jr to John Burns. Received Feb 27, 1824.

p 314 March 13, 1824 JAMES TURNER (Spartanburg) to son SAMUEL TURNER and son-in-law JAMES FOSTER (same) for love and affection of daughter TAMER BROWN give SAMUEL TURNER and JAMES FOSTER in trust for TAMER BROWN a Negro girl CHARITY, 9 years old and her increase, etc etc etc. Witness E Roddy and Memory N Chapman. Signed JAMES TURNER. Witness oath March 13, 1824 Memory N Chapman to W Hunt.  Received March 15, 1824.

p 324-325 Feb 26, 1823 WILSON NESBETT to ABNER BENSON, ANDREW S MOORE, EPHRAIM RODDY and executor or THOMAS MOORE; to secure grantees from paying bond from Bank of South Carolina (bond for benefit of Wilson Nesbett) sold Negroes: SIMON about 40 years old; JACOB about 35 years old; JACK about 25 years old; LANDON about 25 years old; SAUL about 40 years old; NURY about 45 years old; and WILL about 20 years old. Condition: sale void if Wilson pays debt; if Negroes are sold, money above amount of bond goes to Wilson Nesbett. Witness Elisha Bomar and James E Henry. Signed WILSON NESBETT. Witness oath March 18,1824 Elisha Bomar to J W Farrow. Received March 18, 1824.

p 326-327 March 31, 1824 JOHN EISON Sr (Spartanburg) to daughter ELIZABETH POOLE (same) for love and affection give a Negro girl SILBE and her increase. Witness Hiram White. Signed JOHN EISON. Witness oath march 31, 1824 Hiram White to J P Thomson. Received April 4, 1824.

p 389-390  Aug 7, 1824 WILLIAM GRANT (Spartanburg) to daughter RACHEL CLARK, wife of JOHN CLARK (Same) for good causes give a (ink blotch) colored boy BRIANT, etc etc etc. Witness William Posey and James Powers. Signed WM GRANT. Witness oath Sept 6, 1824 James Posey to John Brewton. Received Sept 6, 1824.

p 404 Oct 9, 1824 JOHN LINDER Sr (Spartanburg) to son JOHN LINDER Jr for (omitted) give a Negro girl VINEY after JOHN LINDER Sr dies. Witness Samuel Linder and Reuben Bowden. Signed JOHN LINDER. Witness oath Oct 9, 1824 Samuel Linder to Lee Linder. Received Oct 11, 1824.

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