Saturday, November 27, 2010

Surname Saturday: Cruisin' Down the mtDNA Highway

Lately I've been thinking about mitochondrial DNA quite a lot , and thus have decided to explore each woman's story in my direct maternal line.   Some I have been able to find out a lot about, others still remain a  mystery.  This is going to be an ongoing project! 

Starting with my maternal grandmother, here is my direct maternal lineage (maternal haplogroup H1a1):

RUBY BOLTON BROWN born July 17, 1892 Alameda Co CA, died June 1967 Seattle WA. Was raised on Unga Island, Alaska.  I have written about her several times on this blog.
MARY ETTA KENNEDY born March 2, 1858 Portland, Cumberland Co ME; died April 19, 1907 San Francisco, CA.  Wife of FRANK RICARD BROWN.Her father, Thomas Kennedy, was born Windsor, Hants Co, Nova Scotia, Canada.  I have written about her before on this blog. 
SARAH JANE BOLTON born between 1825-1835  probably Westbrook, Cumberland Co ME; died March 1858 Portland, Cumberland Co ME,  in childbirth, at the birth of her third daughter MARY ETTA.  Wife of THOMAS KENNEDY. Married young, died young. A very short life.
THANKFUL MORTON born about 1794 Standish, Cumberland Co ME; died after 1870 Portland, Cumberland Co ME. Wife of DANIEL BOLTON
SUSANNAH IRISH born Oct  22, 1760  Gorham, Cumberland Co ME; died before 1820? Standish, Cumberland Co ME. Wife of EBENEZER  MORTON
DELIVERANCE SKILLINGS born Oct 15, 1741 Gorham, Cumberland Co ME; died Sept 25, 1821 Gorham, Cumberland Co ME. Wife of THOMAS IRISH
MARY PRIDE born April 30, 1716 Gloucester, Essex Co MA; died after 1763 Gorham, Cumberland Co ME. Wife of BENJAMIN SKILLINGS, one of the first settlers of Gorham, Cumberland Co ME. 
ELIZABETH BOND born Feb 28, 1693 Beverly, Essex Co MA; died May 8, 1716 Gloucester, Essex Co MA of child bed fever. Wife of JOSEPH PRIDE of Gloucester, Essex Co MA who moved to Falmouth (now Portland), Cumberland Co  ME.
EMMA  "AMY" GRAVES born June 20, 1659 Andover, Essex Co MA; died after May 1710 Gloucester, Essex Co MA.  Andover, Essex Co birth record shows her name as "Amy" and her mother's name as "Elizabeth", although other records show her name as "Emma" and mother's name as "Amy".  Wife of JOHN BOND II and 2nd) BENJAMIN HASKELL. 
AMY (or ELIZABETH?) maiden name unknown, born about 1622 MA, died Feb 20, 1665 Andover, Essex Co MA. Wife of MARK GRAVES of Lynn Essex Co MA. I have two lines of descent from this couple.  In her Andover Essex Co MA death record, she is listed as "Amy", with the name "Elizabeth" written in the margin.

If you have any further information on any of these women, I would love to hear from you!

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Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Betty, I found Amy Graves in my family tree. I am descended of her grandfather, Samuel Graves through his son Thomas Graves. Amy's father was Mark Graves, his brother. I'm interested in her husband, Benjamin Haskell. I'm a descendant of William Haskell of Gloucester, so Benjamin must be a cousin.