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A Friend of Friends Friday: African American Slaves Named in the 1783 will of CHARLES CHRISTIAN II of Goochland Co VA

In the name of God amen. I, CHARLES CHRISTIAN of Goochland County, being
in perfect sence and memory do ordain this my last will & testament. It
is my desire that all my just debts should be paid after my decease.
--Item. I give unto my son WILLIAM CHRISTIAN four hundred Acres of land lying in Amherst County the said land I bought of John Warrin, but if my Son WM. CHRISTIAN should die without Ishew lawfully begotten of his body the said land to be equally divided between my Son WALTER CHRISTIAN and my Son GEORGE CHRISTIAN.
--Item. I give unto my Son WALTER CHRISTIAN two hundred and Fifty Acres of land lying in Amherst County the said land I bought of James London and one Negro Man named WILL.  I give unto him and his Heirs and assigns forever. I like wise do give him one feather bed and furniture and two Cows and Calves forever.
--Item. I give unto my son GEORGE CHRISTIAN the land whereon I now live one Negro Woman named SUCK and her increase from the time forward likewise a Negro Girl named HANNAH one feather bed and furniture, and two Cows and Calves forever.
--Item. I give unto my daughter MORNING CHRISTIAN half the land whereon Benjamin Lacy now lives, to be equally divided, I further give to my said Daughter MORNING one Negro woman named FANNY, one Negro boy named BEN, and a Negro Girl named JUDITH;  one feather bed and furniture, two Cows and Calves forever.
--Item. I give unto JUDITH WOODSON DANIELL, one Shilling Sterling and no more as she hath had her portion likewise before.
--Item. I give the remainder of my Estate after my Just debts be paid, to CHARLES CHRISTIAN, JOHN CHRISTIAN, ELIJAH CHRISTIAN, TURNER CHRISTIAN, WM. CHRISTIAN, WALTER CHRISTIAN, and GEORGE CHRISTIAN, ELIZABETH HUMBER, MARY GRISHAM, JUDY LACY and MORNING CHRISTIAN to be equally divided among them, and I do appoint TURNER CHRISTIAN, WALTER CHRISTIAN, & GEORGE CHRISTIAN, Executors to this my last Will and Testament, in Witness here of I do Sett my hand and Seal the 18th day of Sept. 1783,

Test:William Turner Charles Christian Seal
Josiah Leak and Lucy Leak.
Proved Feb.16, 1784, Recorded in D.B. No. 13, p359

CHARLES CHRISTIAN II, the son of CHARLES CHRISTIAN I and ELIZABETH HUNT,  was born around 1727 in Charles City Co VA, and died Feb 16, 1784 in Goochland Co VA.  He was married 1st) to JUDITH WOODSON, who before her death in 1738  bore him two daughters JUDITH & LUCY; and 2nd) to MARY LEAKE, who was the mother of most of his children.

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