Monday, February 7, 2011

Matrilineal Monday: Cruisin' Down the mtDNA highway: AMY,wife of MARK GRAVES of Andover, Essex Co MA

The earliest matrilineal ancestor that I have been able to research is AMY, the wife of MARK GRAVES of  Ipswich and Andover, Essex Co MA.  She was born about 1627, possibly in Massachusetts, and died Feb 20, 1665 in Andover, Essex Co MA.  Her maiden name is as yet unknown, and if anyone has found any clues, I would be extemely happy to hear it!!

AMY married MARK GRAVES about 1654 in Essex Co MA, and had five known children. I am descended from two of them, but my direct matrilineal line comes through daughter EMMA who married JOHN BOND and BENJAMIN HASKELL.

The five children were:

--DORCAS GRAVES born abt 1655 Andover Essex Co MA married GEORGE ABBOTT (my line)
--HANNAH GRAVES born Oct 14, 1657 Lynn, Essex Co MA married TIMOTHY ABBOTT
--EMMA GRAVES born June 20, 1659 Andover, Essex Co MA married JOHN BOND, BENJAMIN HASKELL (my direct matrilineal line)
--RUTH GRAVES born Jan 16, 1661 Andover Essex Co MA
--MARK GRAVES II born Aug 8, 1664 Andover Essex Co MA; died young?

After AMY's death, MARK GRAVES married 2nd to ELIZABETH KNIGHTS, and had three more children:
--MARK GRAVES II b Feb 16, 1671 Andover, Essex Co MA
--MARGARET GRAVES b Jan 15, 1672 in Andover, Essex Co MA
--THOMAS GRAVES b May 7, 1675 in Andover, Essex Co MA

Alas, I have come to the end of my matrilineal mtDNA journey. For now at least! :)

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