Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surname Saturday: Another VAN ARSDALE Ancestor! or How My Two Grandfathers Are Related

artists rendition of New Amsterdam, source unknown

Sometimes finding just one piece of genealogical information sets off a whole cascade of unexpected finds!  This was the case when I finally found the names of the parents of one of my maternal grandfather's ancestors, MARIA/MARYTJE WYCKOFF.

MARIA/MARYTJE WYCKOFF was born Dec 11, 1681 Flatbush, Long Island, NY, and married STEPHEN STEPHENS, who was born Sept 6, 1677 (DRC) in what became Brooklyn, NY.  I have not found their marriage record as yet, but by 1731 they were living in Tappan, Rockland Co NY, where they joined the Dutch Reformed Church  on July 19, 1731.

For years I was uncertain where exactly MARIA was born, but a chance search lead me to the names of her parents,  CORNELIUS PIETERSE WYCKOFF & GEERTJE SIMONSE VAN ARSDALE.

I was thrilled to find a VAN ARSDALE in my maternal grandfather's pedigree!  One of my great great grandmothers on my paternal grandfather's side was NANCY VAN ARSDALE, who died Jan 27, 1899 in Marshall Co Iowa,  and of course I had traced her back to the immigrant ancestor SYMON JANSEN VAN ARSDALE, who died Oct 29, 1710 Flatlands, Long Island, NY.  GEERTJE SIMONSE VAN ARSDALE was SYMON's daughter.

So here is a list --so far-- of the shared Dutch immigrant ancestors of my two grandfathers:




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Barbara Poole said...

Betty, I enjoyed reading this, since we share these lines. Gotta love those Van Arsdale's and Wyckoff's!

Betty said...

Thanks Barb! That's right--we do share New Amsterdam ancestors as well as New England ancestors! But I wasn't aware that you also have WYCKOFF in your family tree. I'll check your Rootsweb tree and see who else we share!


Karen said...


I think we may be related also. Unfortunately at this time I don't have documentation for generations back to Van Arsdale and Wyckoff, but I do have family lore, etc. I have a Cornelius Vanderveer who married Jannetje Wyckoff. I may also be related to Cornelius A Banta VanArsdall. I'll have to do some searching. Thanks for the post. Karen

Marian B. Wood said...

Hi Betty, It's exciting to read about this connection between your grandpas! You've accomplished so much in tracing your family tree. I'm impressed and inspired!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Betty!

I, too, am descended of SYMON JANSEN VAN ARSDALE and PIETERJE VAN SCHOUWEN! My great grandmother was JOAN VAN ARSDALE of Savannah, GA. Her father, RUSSELL VAN ARSDALE, was born in High Falls, NY.

I'm more interested in the Wyckoffs today than I ever have been before because of your post. I also have a Wyckoff, SARA. She was married to DIRCK AMMERMAN and they had a child, DIRCK JANSEN AMMERMAN. DIRCK II married ADELTJE VANDERBEEK and they had MARRETJE AMMERMAN, who married CORNELIUS VAN ARSDALEN, son of SYMON J VAN ARSDALEN and PIETERJE VAN SCHOUWEN.

At first glance, by the way, it seems the Wyckoffs and Ammermans were very fond of each other. VERY fond. This will be interesting research, indeed. :)

I also wanted to let you and your readers know I'm keeping a wordpress site of newspaper articles, stories, works written by Van Arsdales, etc. It's just something I do in my spare time. Once I got to researching the Van Arsdale family I came to understand that these people are really and truly FASCINATING!

As I work I try to match the subject of the article to the tree, list the spouse and children and dates of birth and death to make it easier for people to apply it to their own history. Unfortunately, that's a tricky task in many ways, and a lot of the articles I'll never be able to match up. But they're still great fun to read!

vanarsdalefamilyhistory {dot} wordpress {dot} com. I'm always taking submissions and ideas, too!

Crystal Gross

Betty said...

Thanks Crystal, I will check out your Van Arsdale website! Betty T