Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day! My Patrilineal Line HUBER


ALONZO COX HUBER  Dec 25, 1871 Thornton, Boone Co Indiana --1951 Marshalltown, Iowa

PHILLIP LUTHER HUBER Oct 31, 1844 Circleville, Ohio--Jan 5, 1915 Nashville, Tennessee

ELIJAH HUBER 1808 Ohio--June 7, 1857 Darlington, Montgomery Co Indiana
(sadly, no photos)

WILLIAM/WILHELM HUBER  June 22, 1776 Berlin, Somerset Co Pennsylvania--Sept 17, 1835 Hocking Co Ohio
(notice the curious 'H's shaped like '8's in his signature!)

JACOB HUBER Sr 1750 unknown--Oct 8, 1803 Berlin, Somerset Co Pennsylvania
 (again with the curious 'H's shaped like '8's)

JACOB HUBER Sr's brick house in Berlin, Somerset Co Pennsylvania, built circa 1793. 

JACOB has been very difficult to trace.  I believe he was in Hagerstown, Maryland in 1776, but his whereabouts  between 1776-1793 are unknown--although I suspect in may have been in Virginia.

This HUBER Y-DNA line belongs to the haplogroup i2b1 (recently renamed i2a2a )

Happy Father's Day!


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Unknown said...

We are on the same search. The Hubers from Ohio and key are my husbands family. I'm back to where you are, pa brick house with Hubers roaming from pants Maryland and back and then heading west, my husband says they are from Alsace-Lorraine area. Love how you've clarified this line. Chris Huber (I'm open in ancestry)