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My Grandmother's Adventures: A Summer Trip to Tilton, New Hampshire in 1912

Grandmother RUBY BOLTON BROWN with unknown cousin or beau, 1912 New Hampshire (?)

No doubt about it, my grandmother RUBY BOLTON BROWN led quite an adventurous life, at least during her childhood and young adult years before marriage.  She was born July 17, 1893 in Alameda, California, but her family had lived on Unga Island in Alaska since 1888, when her father FRANK R BROWN built & managed the Apollo gold & silver mine for the Alaska Commercial Company.  The family sailed on schooners between Unga and San Francisco numerous times during RUBY's childhood, and later on travelled via the mail steamers "Dora" and "Admiral Sampson" when that mode of transport became more prevalent.

In 1904, when the Apollo mine closed, RUBY and her family returned to San Francisco.  But FRANK R BROWN continued to travel back to his house on Unga Island every summer until his death in 1933, and his daughter RUBY accompanied him many times.

A few years ago, after my mother died,  I found in her things a small, old photo album.  Some of the photos were of RUBY's 1913 trip to the Grand Canyon, which was already a well-loved part of our family lexicon. But the other photos were of a very large house, and a group of young people at a 4th of July picnic. Only one of the photos was marked: "Tilton, New Hampshire".

Just recently I discovered that the large house in the photos was the summer home of GEORGE GALE BROWN of Bristol & Tilton New Hampshire.  GEORGE was born Oct 20, 1837 Northfield, Rockingham Co New Hampshire, and died May 19, 1919 Tilton, Belknap Co New Hampshire, the son of BENJAMIN BUTLER BROWN & PHEBE GALE of Sanbornton.  GEORGE GALE BROWN was the uncle of my great grandfather FRANK R BROWN, and thus the great uncle of my grandmother RUBY BOLTON BROWN.

Unidentified woman on porch of GEORGE GALE BROWN summer house, 1912 Tilton, New Hampshire

These photos of RUBY's visit to Tilton are the only indication we have that FRANK R BROWN ever corresponded with the New England family of his father HENRY "New Hampshire" BROWN (H.N.H. BROWN b 1825 Sanbornton New Hampshire, died 1894 Sacramento, California).  FRANK was not in any of the photos of the Tilton trip, so one must surmise that RUBY travelled there by herself!

Unidentified woman, Tilton, New Hampshire 1912

4th of July picnic, unidentified group, Tilton, New Hampshire 1912.  Two of the women might be either of RUBY's 2nd cousins:  MYLA BROWN CAVIS who married WILBUR KIRKLAND DORAN, or  MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS who married ABBOTT ALFRED CLARK.

Unidentified group, Tilton, New Hampshire 1912

Tilton, New Hampshire 1912 (?)

Unidentified women, Tilton, New Hampshire 1912

Unidentified house, Tilton, New Hampshire 1912

Unidentified school or camp group, summer 1912, Tilton, New Hampshire. My grandmother RUBY BOLTON BROWN, is on far right, back row, wearing a white hat and dark coat. 

If anyone can identify any of the individuals or locations in these photos, please contact me.  All photos are originals from my collection.  I have several more which I have not posted & would be willing to share.

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