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Andrew Davidson, Christina Davidson & John Carlson, and Anna Carlson: Sweden to Stanton, Nebraska

And here is the third of the three rescued antique photo albums (see post from 4/22/17).

There was very little information inside this album to help in my search for descendants.

The inscription from the front of the album says "Present to ANNIE CARLSON from her uncle ANDREW DAVIDSON, 1898".  Some of the photographs were taken in studios in Lehigh, Schulyer, Norfolk & Stanton, Nebraska. One of the photos shows a young man in a band uniform with his instrument wearing a pouch or satchel that says "The Stanton Band"!

Three carte de visite photos were taken 1883 in Sweden.

I started searching in the 1900 census in Stanton, Nebraska and hit the jackpot! ANDREW DAVIDSON & his two nieces AMELIE & ANNA CARLSON were living in the town of Butterfly in Stanton County in 1900. On same page, a few houses away,  ANDREW's brother OTTO DAVIDSON and sister CHRISTINA (DAVIDSON) CARLSON are listed

While I did not have the time to further trace these families in later census records, I did find ANDREW DAVIDSON on Find-a-Grave.

The entry indicates that ANDREW was born July 16, 1865 in Sweden, and died May 20, 1953 in Stanton, Nebraska; his sister was CHRISTINA DAVIDSON who married JOHN CARLSON (parents of ALBERT CARLSON, ELLEN CARLSON, ELMER CARLSON, AMELIE CARLSON & ANNA CARLSON in the census above). ANDREW had a brother OTTO DAVIDSON who also immigrated from Sweden in 1884.

ANDREW DAVIDSON, OTTO DAVIDSON, CHRISTINA DAVIDSON CARLSON & JOHN CARLSON, and their son ELMER CARLSON born 1897 Stanton, Nebraska,  are all buried in the Stanton cemetery.

The man in center portrait and bottom right is likely ANDREW DAVIDSON, and I suspect he is the seated man in the carte de visite upper right.  The dark haired man on left I was unable to identify. The three small carte de visite were taken in Sweden (Vimmerby, Stockholm & Halmstad) in 1883. ANDREW DAVIDSON & his brother OTTO DAVIDSON emigrated to the United States in 1884.

This is the first photograph in the album, and judging from the family resemblance to ANDREW, this lovely lady  is either CHRISTINA (DAVIDSON) CARLSON or her daughter ANNA CARLSON.

If you have any further information, please contact me.  I will be attempting to reunite these photos with descendants.

NOTE 4/5/17: This album has been reunited with descendants!  My work here is done!

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