Sunday, March 14, 2010

It Must Be Spring...

For some reason, I had this incredible urge yesterday to shake things up. Must be the spring-like weather that we have been enjoying recently here in the Pac NW.

So I decided to give my genealogy website Betty's Boneyard a whole new look.  Hard to believe, but it has been eight years since I originally designed the website! Gone is the old turquoise background--lately, even I had trouble reading the text over it. While I was at it,  I made sure all the links REALLY DO work, and  added a couple of transcribed letters which I have been meaning to add to the website.

That little project encouraged me to redecorate my genealogy blog, as you might have noticed. I wanted it to be a little brighter, cheerier, and easier to read than it's previous incarnation.  I added several new features, graphics, etc.  I also changed the name of the blog to Betty's Boneyard Genealogy Blog!

It was a good day's work. And a nice break from all the research I have been doing lately.

And by the way,  thanks to all the folks who are now following my blog!  How exciting!!



hummer said...

Well, I like the results of your spring "cleaning". You have a nice blog. Thanks.

Betty said...

Thanks!! I appreciate your comment!! Betty