Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow Friday: Betty's Online Source of the Week: Huguenots of Manakin Society Webpage

If you are researching Huguenot (French Protestant) ancestors in colonial Virginia, then I suggest that you check out the website  Huguenots of Manakin Society

According to the website, French Huguenot settlers came to Virginia  as early as 1620, but in 1700 a larger group came, in four ships, and settled at an abandoned Indian village called Manakin. Several of my ancestors were among this group.

This is an excellent website with information on history, resources, books and more. It maintains a list of Virginia surnames that have been proven to be of Huguenot origin. This is worth checking out if you had any ancestors in colonial Virginia, as many of the French surnames were changed or anglicized down through the generations.

Huguenot surnames in my Virginia ancestry: Guerrant/Guerin, Trabue, Verreuil, L'Orange, Macon, and Prodhomme.

For more information, see my Rootsweb online family tree Moseley, Miller and Related Families of Colonial Virginia

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