Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Missing Link: Betty's Royal Roots??

Recent evidence was uncovered Thursday indicating that Betty of Betty's Boneyard Genealogy Blog may have stumbled upon a relative with royal roots:  Dame Edna Everage.  Anecdotal evidence includes an uncanny physical resemblance and an obsessive love of the color purple-- although no ancestors with mauve hair have yet been found in Betty's family tree.  However, Betty has been known to shout, "Hello, Possums!"  and in her own words,  has "aged tragically".  Dame Edna may well be Betty's 24th cousin seventeen times removed (very very removed).  On the other hand, Betty does not appear to have inherited Dame Edna's expertise in the art of make-up, nor does she have any relations currently living in Australia. So much research remains to be done.  For further information please refer to the following YouTube video.

And have a great day (April Fool's!)