Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Easter Memories

I don't seem to  have any special, momentous Easter memories from my childhood.

I remember that we always dyed eggs and then our Mom (aka the Easter Bunny) would hide them for us to find.  Each of us always found a special basket of sweet treats, left just for us by said Bunny.  I don't remember my family going to church together for Easter, although I think we probably did, until later years, when we didn't. We probably had a special dinner, no doubt at Grandma Ruby's, until she moved into town when I was in first grade.

The thing I remember most were the matching dresses that my mother always made for me and my sister. Mom was a pretty good seamstress, and made a lot of our clothes.  But in our early years, especially for Easter, we seemed to always have matching dresses, as if we were twins!  Later one of us spoke up (my sister probably), pointed out that we weren't really twins, so shouldn't have completely matching dresses.  So after that Mom got creative, making us each the same dress,  but with a different colored sash, or the same dress in the same fabric pattern, in a different color.
Easter 1957 and our matching dresses that Mom made for us. Betty age 2 1/2, Grandma Ruby, 
Debbie age 3 1/2; outside our house in Maple Valley, WA

Easter 1961;  Betty age 7 1/2, our friend Diane looking very uncomfortable in her Easter dress & bonnet, sister Debbie age 8 1/2; Renton, WA. We had the same dresses, but the sashes were different colors.

Happy Easter, one and all.  Have a great day!


One of my favorite Easter postcards, circa 1910, Germany. 


Amanda said...

Betty, my sister and I were "Irish twins" (born less than a year apart) which may be why we had identical dresses our early years. I'm very impressed with the dresses in the photos; your mom was quite a good seamstress.

Betty said...

I noticed this morning while browsing around several Sentimental Sunday blogposts that several others had the "identical Easter dress" experience. Must have been a 1950s-1960s phenomenon. I did love the dresses Mom made for us. Wish I still had them.

my Heritage Happens said...

Cute pictures and dresses! Hope you had a great Easter!