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A Friend of Friends Friday: African American Slaves Named in the 1788 Will of DRURY WOODSON of Cumberland Co VA

Note: "A Friend of Friends" was a password used on the Underground Railway

DRURY WOODSON was my great X 5 grandfather. He was born about 1722 in Cumberland Co VA, the son of WILLIAM WOODSON (died June 27, 1785) and his wife SARAH ALLEN.

His grandparents, BENJAMIN WOODSON & SARAH PORTER, had been Quakers in Henrico Co VA. But apparently DRURY's father WILLIAM did not adhere to that religion. By the time DRURY died in 1788, he owned many slaves. (Note:  BENJAMIN WOODSON & SARAH PORTER are ancestors of the outlaws JESSE WOODSON JAMES and his brother FRANK JAMES)

DRURY WOODSON married LUCY CHRISTIAN of Goochland Co VA. His will was written May 7, 1788, and probated Nov 24, 1788 in Cumberland Co VA.

Will of DRURY WOODSON, Cumberland Co VA; Lend to wife LUCY WOODSON six negroes viz: DANIEL, SAMPSON, SAM, HANNAH, EASTER and ISAAC and the land whereon I now live with all estate both real & personal not hereafter particularly given by Legacy to my children to have and to hold and peaceably enjoy the term of her life; then the negroes above mentioned to be equally divided among all my children and the Rest of Estate to be equally divided among all my children except JUDITH JOHNSON and CHARLES WOODSON, after my wife's deceased. To daughter JUDITH JOHNSON negro boy named JOE for the term of my wife's life and said negro boy after her decease to the said JUDITH JOHNSON. To son CHARLES WOODSON five shillings sterling. To daughter MARY WOODSON two negroes ROSE and PEYTON. To daughter NANCY KING two negroes NED and JANE. To son DRURY WOODSON three negroes BEN, SAL and JAMES and land whereon I now live, after my wife's decease. To daughter ELIZABETH WOODSON two negroes JACOB and FANNY. To daughter MARTHA WOODSON two negroes MIMI and DAVID. All of which Legacies to be received as the children come of age except the land which is left to my wife the term of her life and then given to my son DRURY WOODSON. Wife LUCY WOODSON and son CHARLES WOODSON Executors. Dated May 7, 1788. Witnesses: Jesse Tally, Agness Tally, Susana Foster. Proved Nov. 24, 1788. Ibid. p.442.

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