Monday, January 24, 2011

Matrilineal Monday: Cruisin' Down the mtDNA highway: EMMA GRAVES

My great X 9 grandmother was EMMA GRAVES born June 20, 1659 at Andover, Essex Co MA, the daughter of MARK GRAVES Sr and his first wife AMY of Lynn, Ipswich and Andover, Essex Co MA.

EMMA (who is sometimes listed as "Amy" in records) married 1st) JOHN BOND II on Nov 21, 1681 in Beverly, Essex Co MA. All of their three children were born in Beverly, according to town birth records:

ELIZABETH BOND born Feb 28, 1683 married JOSEPH PRIDE (my great X 8 grandparents)
MARTHA BOND born Aug 26, 1686 married ?
EDWARD BOND born March 4, 1688 married ELIZABETH COY

On April 16, 1694, JOHN BOND II died in Beverly Essex Co MA.  EMMA then married BENJAMIN HASKELL  on June 10, 1698 in Gloucester, Essex Co MA.

At this point in my research, I have not discovered whether EMMA had children with BENJAMIN HASKELL, or whether she lived in Gloucester for the remainder of her life and died there. I am hoping in the coming months to discover more about my ancestor EMMA GRAVES.

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Heather Rojo said...

Benjamin Haskell was previously married to Mary Riggs in 1677. When he married Amy/Emma she was about 40 years old. I doubt they had children, and there are none listed in Gloucester.