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Matrilineal Monday: Cruisin' Down the mtDNA highway: MARY PRIDE

MARY PRIDE was by great X 7 grandmother. She was born April 30, 1716 in Gloucester, Essex Co MA, the daughter of JOSEPH PRIDE & ELIZABETH BOND, who were both born in Beverly, Essex Co Massachusetts. Both were the grandchildren of immigrants from England, who settled in various places in Essex Co Massachusetts.

ELIZABETH BOND died in Gloucester, shortly after giving birth to MARY.  I have not been able to discern whether or not MARY's father JOSEPH PRIDE remarried. Some sources indicate he had a second wife, SARAH.  At any rate, JOSEPH PRIDE became one of the first settlers of Falmouth, Maine, arriving there in around 1728.  It appears that some of his children, including MARY, accompanied him to Maine.

MARY was  married to BENJAMIN SKILLINGS II on March 16, 1740 in Falmouth, York/Cumberland County, Maine.  They settled in Gorham, Cumberland Co Maine, and  had nine children, all born Gorham:

Deliverance Skillings born Oct 15, 1741, died Sept 25, 1821; married Thomas Irish
Isaac Skillings born Jan 22, 1744, died Oct 1779; married Susanna Watson
Susanna Skillings twin of Isaac, born Jan 22, 1744, died 1843; married Benjamin Frost, Lemuel Hicks
John Skillings born March 2, 1746
Thomas Skillings born May 8, 1748, died May 12, 1810; married Mary Burnell
Abigail Skillings born March 30, 1753, died Oct 8, 1744; married Moses Whitney, Caleb Kimball
Anna Skillings born May 2, 1755; married Benjamin Cates
Martha Skillings born March 2, 1750
Benjamin Skillings III born April 2, 1763; married Elizabeth Silla

As with most of my early colonial maternal ancestors, I don't know much about the life of MARY PRIDE, beyond what I have written here. She died sometime after 1763 in Gorham, Cumberland Co, Maine.

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