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Shared Ancestors with Barbara Poole

One of the great joys of having your family tree posted on the Internet is the contacts that you make with people  who share your ancestors.

Over the last ten years, I have been contacted many, many times by people who are my distant cousins.  Usually these people are related to one person in my family tree, or at the most, one family.

However, Barbara Poole of Life From the Roots takes the prize!  We have at the very least 34 ancestors in common (and counting),  many of them immigrant ancestors to Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Amsterdam. Through these ancestors Barb is related to three out of my four grandparents!

Comparing our family trees will take some time. Barbara Poole's Rootsweb database Trees4u has over 36,000 individuals (not all her direct ancestors), and must be compared with my three separate Rootsweb family trees:

 New England Ancestors of Ruby Bolton Brown with 1630 individuals,

Martine of Westchester NY and Scofield of Stamford Fairfield CT with 1713 individuals, and

Ancestors of Alonzo Cox Huber with 2793 individuals.

Here is the list so far:

Ancestors Shared with Barbara Poole from the lineage of maternal grandmother RUBY BOLTON BROWN:

GOVERNOR THOMAS DUDLEY b 1576 Northhamptonshire England; m DOROTHY YORKE; came to America 1630 with wife & children, accompanying Rev John Winthrop, with the Winthrop Fleet; was one of the original settlers of Cambridge, MA; held many public positions in the colony, and was Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony 1634, 1640, 1645, 1650. . In 1650, as governor, Thomas Dudley signed the original charter founding Harvard College. Biography of Governor Thomas Dudley

GOVERNOR SIMON BRADSTREET b 1602 Horbling, Lincolnshire, England; m ANNE DUDLEY, ( the first published woman poet in the American Colonies), dau of Gov Thomas Dudley. All three came to Massachusetts with Rev John Winthrop with the Winthrop Fleet on the ship "Arbella"; was one of the original settlers of Cambridge, MA; became a Magistrate, and eventually Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1669-1686 and from 1689-1692. He died March 27, 1697. His daughter Hannah BRADSTREET married Andrew WIGGIN.
Click here for Biography of Anne Dudley Bradstreet

Click here for published biography of Governor Simon Bradstreet

WILLIAM SHEPHERD/SHEPHARD b abt 1624 England, settled in Taunton, MA; died 1664 New Haven CT (while away on business there). Married an Unknown HATHAWAY. In his will, WILLIAM indicates John Hathaway as his "brother", who would assume guardianship of his children. John was the son of Nicholas Hathaway, and it is commonly supposed that WILLIAM SHEPHERD's wife was one of Nicholas Hathaway's daughters. William's daughter Elizabeth SHEPHERD married Abraham BROWN of Salisbury, Essex Co MA.

GOVERNOR THOMAS MAYHEW b abt 1593 Tisbury, England; d March 1682 Martha's Vineyard; came to Massachusetts 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet and was made Governor of Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket; m 1st ) Unknown PARKHURST 2nd) JANE GALLION (surname not verified); Published bio available here "History of Martha's Vineyard Vol III" by Dr Charles Banks

JOHN DAGGETT (Doggett) b abt 1590s-1600 Suffolk Co England; died1673 Plymouth, MA m 1st) HEPZIBAH BROTHERTON; came to America in 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet and settled at Watertown, MA; became "a man of note"; moved 1644 to Martha's Vineyard in company of Gov Thomas Mayhew. Married 2nd to Bathsheba Pratt, a widow, on May 29, 1662.Published bio available here: "History of Martha's Vineyard Vol III" by Dr Charles Banks

WILLIAM CHANDLER b abt 1590s Bishops-Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, d Jan 19, 1642 Andover Essex Co MA; m ANNIS BAYFORD, dau of Francis & Joan Bayford.

Ancestors Shared with Barbara Poole from the lineage of maternal grandfather  R B MARTINE:

THOMAS KILBORN / KILBOURNE b abt 1578 Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire, England; died bf Dec 25, 1640 Wethersfield, Hartford Co CT; m FRANCES MOODY. Came to America on the ship "Increase" with his wife and several children; other adult children came with their spouses.

WILLIAM BELDING b abt 1625 Yorkshire, England; died March 27, 1655 Wethersfield, Hartford Co CT; m THOMASINE or TAMSEN SHERWOOD b Nov 3, 1629 England died aft 1651 Stamford, Fairfield Co CT, daughter of Thomas SHERWOOD.

WILLIAM HICKOCK b Dec 10, 1609 Warwickshire, England; died bf 1645 Farmington, Hartford Co CT; m ELIZABETH COLE. One of the first settlers of Farmington, Hartford Co CT.

THOMAS UPSON b abt 1600 England; died July 19, 1655 Farmington, Hartford Co CT; m ELIZABETH FULLER

MATTHEW MARVIN b March 26, 1600 Essex Co England; died 1678 Fairfield Co CT; married 1st) ELIZABETH GREGORY and 2nd) ALICE KELLOGG, widow of John Bouton. Matthew Marvin came to America 1635 on ship "Increase" with 1st wife & five children, settling first at Hartford, CT and then at Norwalk, Fairfield Co CT.

WILLIAM RUSCOE b abt 1593 Essex, England, m REBECCA Unknown.  Emigrated on the ship "Increase" in 1635; his wife Rebecca died shortly thereafter; lived at Cambridge, MA; Hartford, CT and Norwalk, Fairfield Co CT before settling at Jamaica, Long Island, NY.

CORNELIS HENDRICKSE VAN NESS b abt 1600 Nes, Friesland, Netherlands, d abt 1684 Rensselaerywck, New Netherlands (Albany, NY). m MAYCKE VAN DER BURCHGRAEFF, dau of Hendrick Adriense van der Burchgraeff & Annetje Jans; came to America possibly on the ship "den Eychenboon"; occupation was farmer, brewer, councillor of the colony of Rensselaerywck, and magistrate of the court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck.  Appears in both my maternal grandfather's and paternal grandfather's family trees.

Ancestors Shared with Barbara Poole from the lineage of paternal grandfather  ALONZO COX HUBER:

SYMON JANSEN VAN ARSDALEN This individual is thought by most historians & genealogists to be the immigrant ancestor of the entire Van Arsdale family in America (including its many variant spellings Van Artsdalen, Vanarsdall, Vanausdol, Van Orsdol, Vanarsdell, Vanalsdale, Van Alsdale etc, etc). Symon was said to have been born abt 1627-1629 at Arsdalen on Bornholm Island, Denmark. Other researchers indicate he was born at NeuKerke, Flanders in Belgium, and that the family migrated north to Amsterdam (They were most likely Dutch, not Danish). Symon was the son of Jan Paulwelsen VAN AERSDALEN and Geertje Philips HAELTER. Symon was a potter by trade and came to the American colony of New Netherlands (Albany NY) in 1653 (some say 1656) on the ship "Dynasty". to see if a pottery works could be established in the colony to make china. It is commonly believed that Symon had a wife Marretje BALTHUS & two children who remained in Amsterdam, and who died there of the plague, and that Symon learned of their deaths in a letter from his father, received just as he was getting ready to sail back to the Netherlands. He then settled in Flatlands, Kings Co NY (Long Island), and eventually became a magistrate for the county. He married 2nd) to PIETERJE CLAESSEN  VAN SCHOUWEN who was born in New Amsterdam, the daughter of Claes Cornelissen VAN SCHOUWEN & Metje HARPERTS. A letter written 1698 to his brother Joost Jansen VAN ARSDALEN in Amsterdam describes that he had two sons, Cornelis and Jan, and several daughters. Symon died Oct 29, 1710 in Flatlands, Kings Co NY on Long Island.

CLAES CORNELISSEN van SCHOUWEN b abt 1574 possibly Boda, Sweden? Netherlands?? d abt 1674 prob near Flatbush, Long Island, New Amsterdam/New York; married possibly 1st) MARGARET VAN DER GOES (there is some controversy about this 1st wife who died 1631 in the Netherlands) and 2nd) METJE HARPERTS in 1632 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Metje died 1652 in Bergen Co NJ. CLAES CORNELISSEN van SCHOUWEN is possibly the originator of the "Wyckoff" surname in America?? CLAES' nickname was "Mutelaer" (Grumbler), and an island near Long Island was named after him, although it is now known as Bergen Island. My line descends from the 2nd wife Metje HARPERTS & their daughter Pieterje Claessen VAN SCHOUWEN who married SYMON JANSE VAN ARSDALEN. There is an excellent article with full documentation on CLAES CORNELISSEN van SCHOUWEN in the July 1999 edition of The Vanguard, Newsletter of the Van Aersdalen Family Association

JAN GERRITSE STRYKER b abt 1615 Drenthe, Netherlands; d Mar 3, 1693 Flatbush (Long Island) NY; m Lammertje Roelofsen SEUBERING.

HANS HANSEN BERGEN b abt 1600 Bergen, Norway, died 1662 New Amsterdam (NY); m Sarah de RAPALIE b June 7, 1625 Fort Orange, New Netherlands, (Albany, NY), d abt 1685 Brooklyn, NY. (My only Norwegian ancestor). From Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, p.561:3
-- Hans Hansen Bergen, the pioneer ancestor of all the Bergens in the states of New York and New Jersey, was a native of Bergen, Norway, and a ship carpenter by trade. He migrated to the Netherlands while still a very young man, and emigrated to America in 1633, arriving at New Amsterdam in April of that year. He took up his residence in New Amsterdam, now the city of New York, owned and occupied a lot on Pearl street, and had large interests in an extensive plantation elsewhere on the island of Manhattan. His death occurred in 1653. He married, 1639, Sarah, born June 9, 1625. She was the daughter of Jansen de Rapalfe, of French descent, and was said to have been the first white child born of European parents in the Dutch colony of New Netherlands. The children of this couple were: 1. Anneken, born July 22, 1640. 2. Rebecca, born July 27, 1642. 3. Jan Jansen, born April 17, 1644. 4. Michael Hansen, born November 4, 1645. 5. Joris or George, see forward. 6. Maretje, born October 8, 1651. 7. Jacob Hansen, born September 21, 1653. 8. Catherine Hansen, twin of Jacob Hansen.

JORIS JANSEN de RAPALIE b abt 1600 La Rochelle, France; d abt 1662 New Netherlands (Albany, NY) m Catalyntje Trico (Tricault) b abt 1605 France; possibly of Walloon (French-speaking Belgians) or French Huguenot descent?  From The Bergen Family by Teunis G. Bergen, Albany, N.Y., 1876, beginning on page 24:20  [Page 24]
--Joris (George) Jansen de Rapalie, the father of Sarah, and the common ancestor of the Rapalies of this country, is said by some writers to be a proscribed Huguenot, from Rochelle in France, an emigrant in 1623 in the ship "Unity" with Catalyntie Trico, whom he probably married before the voyage (although the ceremony may have been performed after his arrival, having no date of the same), appears to have resided for three years, until in 1626, in Albany, then removed to New Amsterdam, where he remained for more than 22 years (occupying and owning a house and lot on the north side of the present Pearl street, and butting against the south side of the fort, for which he received a patent on the 18th of March, 1647), and until after the birth of his youngest child in 1650.1 During at least a portion of this time he kept a tavern or tap-house, as then styled, his name appearing as late as March 16, 1648, on the records in the book of the burgomasters court of said city, among the inn keepers and tapsters, inhabitants who promised to observe the proclamation of Gov. Stuyvesant of March 10th, 1648, in relation to the regulation of such houses. He probably removed to his Long Island farm as early as 1655, which he probably partially cultivated previously, for April 13th of that year he was appointed one of the magistrates of Brooklyn, in the place of Pieter Cornellisse.  Rapalie figured frequently in numerous suits.

FREDERICK LUBBERTSEN b abt 1606 Amsterdam, Netherlands, died aft 1674 Brooklyn, NY m Tryntje HENDRICKS

CORNELIS HENDRICKSE VAN NESS b abt 1600 Nes, Friesland, Netherlands, d abt 1684 Rensselaerywck, New Netherlands (Albany, NY). m MAYCKE VAN DER BURCHGRAEFF, dau of Hendrick Adriense van der Burchgraeff & Annetje Jans; came to America possibly on the ship "den Eychenboon"; occupation was farmer, brewer, councillor of the colony of Rensselaerywck, and magistrate of the court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck.  Appears in both my maternal grandfather's and paternal grandfather's family trees.

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Barbara Poole said...

Betty, I'm impressed with all the work you did on this. Wow, I like having you as a cousin. Guess now I can leave all the future research to be left in your hands. Many thanks.

Betty said...

You are so welcome, Barbara! My pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Those are quite a few shared ancestors! It is always so much fun to discover cousins; one of the best reasons to blog about genealogy. :)

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

I'm also a descendant of Governor Thomas Mayhew and John Daggett! I share other ancestors with Barbara, too. It's fun to compare our family trees and meet a new cousin!

Betty said...

Hi Heather, I would love to know how our family trees connect--do you have a Rootsweb online family tree? Drop me an email and let's compare notes!