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Amanuensis Monday: Transcribed Letters From the Civil War Pension Record of ISAAC AVERY THOMPSON of Bradley Co TN

ISAAC AVERY THOMPSON b 1820 NC, of Bradley Co TN & later  of Christian Co MO,  is not my direct ancestor. However,  his sister SARAH THOMPSON b abt 1822 was my great great grandmother. She married 1st) JAMES MONROE WHITECOTTON and 2nd) NATHAN GRIFFIN.

A few years back, I obtained the Civil War Pension Record for Avery.  I ordered  the documents partly to see if I could find out anything more about his parents JOSEPH & JANE THOMPSON, and partly to help out some of Avery's descendants.  After transcribing the document, I sent the copy of the original that I had obtained from the State of Tennessee to one of those descendants who could not afford to order it herself. I did, however, keep copies of the letters that were included in the pension file.

ISAAC AVERY THOMPSON married JERUSHA "POLLY" GOODWIN in Bradley Co TN. He contracted Smallpox during the Civil War and suffered from the consequences of that disease for the rest of his life.

Notes in Italics are mine.

Nashville, Tenn April 21st, 1865
This is to certify that ISAAC A THOMPSON has been a member of my Co D ever since its organization, and has always been a good, faithful soldier in discharge of all his duties: Therefore would cheerfully recommend if consonant with your judgement, that he be granted a furlough for (30) thirty days in order that [he] may take his family back to their home in East Tenn. Very Respectfully, DAVID FLOERKE, Capt Co D 10th Tenn Inf.

State of Tennessee, County of Bradley (not dated, but seems to be around 1867?)
Personally appeared before me, a clerk of the court in ...said county and State LOUIS  L MOWERY, who being truly sworn according to (illegible) says he was a Private in Co F, 10th Tenn Inf. (illegible) said was well acquainted with ISAAC A THOMPSON, Private of said company; said that on or about June 17th 1862 the said ISAAC A THOMPSON was taken to Small Pox Hospital of said disease which he contracted while in camps used in the line of duty and then he was (illegible) in hospital affected by said disease until on or about the 13th of March 1864, all of which time unable to return to his comission for duty. Said I. A. THOMPSON was an obedient soldier, strictly moral, and guilty of no bad habits whatsoever that would have subjected him to the disease of SmallPox which has yet disabled him. His capts or (illegible passage); by me also the Capts of said Co D 10th Tenn Inf testify (rest of passage illegible) Signed LOUIS L MOWERY,countersigned by J C TIPTON, clerk of the Circuit Court of Bradley Co TN.
(NOTE: Louis L Mowery was the brother of James Mowery who married Avery's sister, Melvina Priscilla Thompson. Avery's wife Jerusha's  sister, Caroline Goodwin, also married John Mowery, another of Louis' brothers).

State of Tennessee, County of Bradley,
On this 22nd day of November before me clerk of the circuit Court within and for the county and state aforesaid, ISAAC A THOMPSON who being duly qualified according to law deposes and says that he is an applicant for an invalid pension and that his application is No 110680; that in reply to circular dated Nov 7th, 1867 which is herewith returned; he had to say that he has never been regularly treated for his disease since he left the United States Service by any physician; that he has applied to Dr. Boyle of Georgetown Tennessee who thought there was a fractured bone in his breast that caused the sore and wanted to cut it out, but applicant would not consent; that he also applied to Dr Mauly at Cleveland Tennessee, who proposed to burn out the sores on his breast with caustic, but applicant did not consent to that mode of treatment; that he also applied to Dr Ford of Cleveland Tennessee, affidavit is already on file in his claim, who advised him not to do anything for in stating that he thought it might heal up of itself after awhile; that these three physicians are the only ones he has ever received medical advice from since his discharge from the United States Service, and that none of them ever prescribed for him except Dr Mauly who gave him some herbs or roots to put into some liquor over time and requested him to drink it; that he is a poor man and unable to get the attention of physicians or to pay them for any services if they were rendered. He will further state here that the sores on his breast caused by the Small Pox heal over every two or three months, but that they never all heal over at the same time; that when one of the sores heals the others immediately break open and there is always one or more of them running or discharging matter all the time; that he is of opinion from his own feelings that if all sores healed up and remained so he could not live; that he does not know what to do for them, and that having received various opinions from the three physicians above named as to what treatment he ought to have all more or less conflicting, that result has been that he has received no treatment at all. Signed ISAAC A THOMPSON
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22nd day of November 1867, as I certify that I know the affidavit to be respectable and entitled to credit, I further certify that I have no interest in this matter Witness my hand and the seal of said county J C TIPTON, Clerk Circuit Court Bradley Co TN

State of Tennessee, County of Bradley
Know all men by these pursuits that I, ISAAC A THOMPSON of the 10th Civil District of Bradley County Tennessee, and late a private in Company "D:" of the 10th Regiment of the Infantry Tennessee Volunteers, hereby nominate, constitute and appoint and by these pursuits, have constituted and appointed J.CALEB MORGAN of Cleveland Tennessee my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name, place and stead to prosecute my claim No 110680 for Pension, and to do every act and thing in and about the premises for the successful prosecution of my said claim; for me and in my name as fully and completely as I might or could do were I personally present at the doing thereof. And I hereby revoke and countermand any and all authority by me heretofore given to all persons whomsoever, and particularly to G. A. EWING,for the above specified purpose. I hereby divest and request that any and all communications hereafter sent from the Pension Office in reference to my said claim be addressed and sent to my said Attorney, J CALEB MORGAN at Cleveland Tennessee. Witness my hand and seal this 13th day of April A.D. 1867 Signed ISAAC A THOMPSON Attest: C F CAMPBELL, HUGH WHITE, State of Tennessee, County of Bradley
On this 13th day of April A.D. 1867, personally appeared before me, clerk of the County Court within an for the county and state aforesaid, ISAAC A. THOMPSON, a man with whom I am personally acquainted, who acknowledged the execution of the foregoing Power of Attorney to be his act and deed for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court this 13th day of April, A.D. 1867


Nashville, Tenn March 12, 1868
State of Tenn, County of Davidson
I, RUDOLPH KNAFFL, formerly Surgeon 10th Tenn Vol was well acquainted with ISAAC A THOMPSON who was a private of Co D, 10th Tenn Inf Vol, who when in the line of duty got the smallpox, and has been transported under my personal supervision to the Smallpox Hospital, in the year 1862, on or about the middle of May. The Smallpox Hospital was at that time in charge of Dr. Hagel (Hazel?). Said Soldier was stationed in camp near Fort Yollam and in the line of duty as a soldier when he contracted the disease, and was sent to the smallpox hospital near Nashville. DR RUDOLPH KNAFFL

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