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A Friend of Friends Friday: African American Slaves Named in Deeds Spartanburg SC 1785-1827 Book G-H-I

Note: "A Friend of Friends" was a password used on the Underground Railway

A few months ago I purchased a resource book of deed abstracts from Spartanburg, South Carolina circa 1785-1827 by Albert Bruce Pruitt.  I obtained the book in order to research my colonial BRUTON/BREWTON and WOFFORD families,  who lived in that area.

As I searched through the book, I discovered that it contained much more than land deeds, although they are the majority.  Also included were deeds for estates and their dispersal, for the sale of horses & other livestock, for the dispersal of all household goods & furniture, such as when individuals were leaving for another area (usually Georgia) and some deeds  pertaining to the sale of slaves. 

Here are  deed abstracts that I found in books G-H-I that name African American slaves:

Book G 1800--1801

p 3, April 16, 1800 ARMISTEAD SHUMATE (Spartanburgh) to B D SHUMATE (same for $430 sold a Negro JAMES about 20 years old. Witness William Hopkins and Townley Redfearn. Signed ATD SHUMATE. Witness oath May 7, 1800 Tonwley Redfearn to Thos Moore REceived June 24, 1800.

p 13-14 May 25, 1798 OBADIAH WATSON (Spartanburgh) to THOMAS MOORE, merchant (Rutherford Co NC) for $1278 worth of goods sold to OBADIAH by Thomas; mortgage 250 acres where OBADIAH lives; 150 acres adjoinging bought from Obadiah Trimmier; 3 Negroes: boy ARCH, boy BILLEY, and girl HESTER; condition: mortgage void if OBADIAH pays Thomas $1278 by Nov 15, 1799; security: land and Negroes are OBADIAH's. Witness David Watson and John Amos. Signed OBADIAH WATSON. Witness Oath June 27, 1800 John Amos to H McCray. Received June 30, 1800.

p 51 July 16, 1799 JOHN WRIGHT (Spartanburg) to JOHN BARNETT (same) for $275 sold a Negro girl JENE about 14 years old. Witness Elijah Barnett. Signed JOHN WRIGHT. Witness Oath Aug 14, 1800 Elijah Barnett to I. Harrison. Recieved Aug 18, 1800.

p 78-80 Sept 20, 1800 WILLIAM McDANIEL (Spartanburg) to daughter BETSEY McDANIEL (same) for love and affection give a Negro AMBUS. Witness Joseph Barnett and John Ward. Signed WM McDANIEL. Witness oath Oct 3, 1800 Joseph Barnett to Drury McDaniel. Received Oct 7, 1800

p 84-85 Sept 20, 1800 WILLIAM McDANIEL (Spartanburg) to daughter NANCY  McDANIEL (same) for love and affection give a Negro JENEY. Witness John Ward and Polly Ward. Signed WM McDANIEL. Witness oath Oct 3, 1800 John Ward to Drury McDaniel. Received Oct 18, 1800

p 168-169 Oct 16, 1799 LAFONTE to CHARLES BARRY (Spartanburg) for $ 500 sold Negro boy PETER age 16 years old and girl 16 years old (not named). Witness John Barry . Signed LAFONTE. Witness oat jan 2, 1801 John Barry to Thos Moore. Received Feb 4, 1801

p 169-170 Feb 8, 1800 CHARLES BARRY (Spartanburg) to ISAAC SNODDY for $350 sold a Negro boy PETER.  Witness Andrew Barry and Andrew Coan. Signed CHARLES BARRY. Witness oath Jan 2, 1801 Andrew Barry to Thos Moore.  Received Feb 4, 1801.

p 192-193 Oct 3, 1797 REBEKAH ARENDELL (Spartanburg) to RICHARD ARENDELL (Rutherford Co NC) for 22 pounds 16 shillings 1 pence sold a Negro boy JACOB 16 years old. Witness Readick Arendell and Saml Sarratt.  Signed REBEKAH ARENDELL's mark. Witness oath Jan11, 1798 Readick Arendell to H McCray. Received April 3, 1801.

p 235-236 Oct 7, 1801 THOMAS WILLIAMS (Spartanburg) to daughter ELIZABETH WILLIAMS "alias MEADOWS" for love and affection give a Negro girl about 2 years old  MASSEY for Elizabeth's lifetime and then Negro goes back to "the family" unless Elizabeth has heirs in which case Negro goes to Elizabeth's heirs. Witness Joseph Smith and Lettice Smith.Signed THOMAS WILLIAMS. Witness Oath March 7, 1801 Joseph Smith to Wm Smith. Received April 25, 1801.

p 236-237 Oct 20, 1801 THOMAS WILLIAMS (Spartanburg) to daughter FANNY  WILLIAMS  for love and affection give a Negro girl NANCY  about 4 years old; Negro goes to Fanny's heirs if Fanny has heirs otherwise Negro goes to Fanny for her lifetime and then goes back to "the family".  Witness Joseph Smith and Lettice Smith.Signed THOMAS WILLIAMS. Witness Oath March 7, 1801 Joseph Smith to Wm Smith. Received April 25, 1801.

p 253-254 March 14, 1801 JOHN GRAY (Spartanburg) to MINAR WINN (same for $375 sold a Negro man STEPHEN about 23 years old. Negro is redeemable until March 14, 1803 if JOHN pays MINAR $375 by then. Witness John Fredk Harmining and james Whutley. Signed JOHN GRAY. Witness oath April 10, 1801 John Fredk Harmining to Aaron Casey. Received May 6, 1801.

p 255-256 Feb 15, 1801 ISAAC TINSLEY (Spartanburg) to GABRIEL BUMPASS; for $100 sold a negro boy JACK; sale conditioned for due and faithful discharge of bond from Isaac Tinsley to Gabriel Bumpass and tested by John James Feb 18, 1801 for $100.  Condition: if bond paid then this sale is void.  Witness Ism Foster. Signed ISAAC TINSLEY. Certified May 20, 1801 by Ism Foster. Received May 28, 1801.

p 303-305 Sept 14, 1801 CHARLES MORGAN (Spartanburg) to son ANTHONY MORGAN for love and affection give "all goods and chattels" now in his possession and delivered the ones on a list Charles Morgan made. Inventory: Negro fellow JACOB... etc etc. Witness John Arendell, Richard Arendell, and Jesse Temple. Signed CHARLES MORGAN's mark. Witness oath Sept 23, 1801 Richard Arendell to John Lipscomb. Received Sept 24, 1801.

p 355-356 Dec 30 1797 HOWARD BAILEY (Spartanburg) to ROBERT GOODGION (Greenville Co SC) for $375 sold Negro boy CATTO about 17 years old and healthy. Witness Capt William Anderson and William Rollins. Signed HOWARD BAILEY. Received Nov 10, 1801.

Book H 1801--1803

p 73-74 Jan 25, 1802 JACOB EARNHART (Spartanburg) to JOHN WRIGHT (Laurens District SC) for $3000 sold 14 Negroes: HAGER, SINDER, COLE CHARLOTE, ROSETTER (children of HAGER); ALISEY and her child; SOPHE, PHILIS and her child HANNAH; SARY, FANNY, MATT, MERINAH, and CHARLES.  Witness John Hembrick and Sarratt Wilson. Signed JACOB EARNHART.   Witness oath Jan 26, 1802 John Hembrick to A Lancaster. Receivfed Jan 26, 1802.

p 84-85 Nov 1, 1801 BRIDGES ARENDELL (Spartanburg Co) to mother REBECCA ARENDELL for love and good will give all Negroes and other property she gave him in deed Oct 3, 1797; he has given her an inventory of property.  Witness Daniel McCay and William Morgan.  Signed BRIDGES ARENDELL. Witness oath Feb 19, 1802 William Morgan to John Lipscomb. Received Feb 20, 1802.

p 113-114 March 13, 1804  REBECAH ARENDELL (Spartanburg Co) to BRIDGES ARENDELL; for 16 shillings 1 pence Virginia money sold a Negro girl name MILL about 14 years old who has been in possession of Bridges Arendell  "upwards of " 4 years. Witness Daniel McCay and Charles Hester. Signed REBECAH ARENDELL's mark.  Witness oath March 222, 1802 Charles Hester to John Lipscomb. Received April 23, 1802.

p 198-199 ZACHARIAH ROBINSON (Montgumery Co Tenn) to JOHN ROBINSON (Spartanburgh) "for value received this date" sold a Negro man AARON. Witness Diskin Grand and John Hammett. Signed ZACHARIAH ROBINSON. Witness oath Aug 18, 1802 John Hammett to A Lancaster. Received Aug 19, 1802.

p 205-206 (date not given) JAMES McELWEAN (Union district SC) to daughter AGNES STOREY; for love and affection give a Negro boy ABRAM which James McElwean delived to Agnes Storey. Witness Thomas Compton, Moses White and James Storey. Signed JAMES McELWEAN's mark.  Witness oath James Storey to Wm Smith. Received Sept14, 1802.

p 334-336 April 8, 1803 ZACHARIAH ROBINSON (Spartanburg) to son WILLIAM ROBERSON (same) for love and affection give a Negro woman KEZZA and her young child FETNEY. Witness Absalom Lancaster and John Lancaster. Signed ZACHARIAN ROBERSON. Witness oath April 9, 1803 John Lancaster to A Lancaster. Received April 28, 1803.

p 383-384 Dec 9, 1802 NANCY SIMPSON to son SAMUEL PIERCY SIMPSON; for love and affection give a Negro child LUCINDA about 8 months old and $100 with interest now in the hands of her brother Burrell Bobo; if Samuel dies before he is 21 or before marrying then the Negro goes to Nancy; if Nancy dies then the Negro goes to "my daughter and sister of him my said son, Sarah Holland; interest to $100 to be applied to schooling of Samuel. Witness Aaron Casey and John Luke. Signed NANCY SIMPSON's mark.  Witness oath May 3, 1803 John Luke to Wm Smith. Received May 13, 1803.

p 385-386 April 9, 1802 THOMAS TOD to MARTIN NEWMAN; Thomas indemnifys Martin (to secure against loss or damage) for sale of slave; Martin sold Negro boy JAMES to Thomas from expiiration by widowhood or naqtural life of Mrs MARY WILSON; Negro was taken by virtue of execution obtained by Dr ANDREW THOMSON against estate of STEPHEN WILSON deceased, and "shewed" by REUBEN WILSON, executor of Stephen Wilson's estate, to belong to the estate; Negro was advertised and sold agreeable to law and Thomas binds self and heirs to Indemnify Martin against all persons.  Witness Anthony Shands. Signed THOMAS TOD.  Witness oath April 9, 1802 Anthony Shands to Aaron Casey. Received May 13, 1803.

Book I 1803-1805

p101-102 Sept 4, 1803 JOHN ROBERSON to WILLIAM ROBERSON for $500 sold a negro man ARON (AARON). Witness John Lancaster and Curtis G Gray. Signed JOHN ROBERSON. Witness oath Sept 4, 1803 John Lancaster to A Lancaster. Received Sept 7, 1803.

p 102-103 WILLIAM ROBERSON to JOHN ROBERSON; for $500 sold a Negro woman KIZ (KEZZA) and her child FETNEY. Witness John Lancaster and Curtis G Gray. Signed WILLIAM ROBERSON.  Witness oath Sept 4 1803 John Lancaster to A Lancaster.  Received Sept 7, 1803

p 184-185 May 28, 1803 MALACHI and ELIZABETH ESKRIDGE (Spartanburg) to WILLIAM ALLEN (same) for $400 sold a Negro woman SALL. Witness Enoch Underwood and Michael Barnett. Signed MALACHI ESKRIDGE and ELIZABETH's mark.  Witness oath Oct 24, 1803. Enoch Underwood to A Lancaster . Received Nov 17, 1803.

p 324-325 May 11, 1804 ADAM SLOAN (Greenville District SC) to ESTHER SLOAN (same or Spartanburg), for $300 sold a Negro girl SARAH born and raised under his father JOHN SLOAN's direction; about 15 years old. Witness Alexr Roddy and Willey S Brown. Signed ADAM SLOAN. Witness oath MaY 12, 1804 Willey S Brown to James Burd. Received June 4, 1804.

p 338-339 May 10, 1801 GEORGE GRAHAM and JANE GRAHAM (Greenville Co SC) to ALEXANDER THOMPSON (Spartanburg) for 400 Spanish milled dollars sold a Negro woman named CLOATH about 23 years old. Witness Henry Prince and William Prince. Signed GEORGE and JANNEY GRAHAM. Witness oath June 9, 1804 Henry Prince to John Collins. Received June 13, 1804
p 339-341 April 28, 1804 ALEXANDER McKIE to three daughters SALLEY, NARCISSA AND NANCY McKIE; for good will and affection give a Negro woman WINNEY, a Negro girl RHODY, Negro girl EADY, Negro girl MARY, Negro boy HENRY, children of WINNEY; another small girl HARRIET....Witness Robert Benson and Richard Thomson. Signed ALEXR McKIE. Witness oath June 23, 1804 Robert Benson to Jacob Utley.  Received Juen 23, 1804.

p 355-356 June 26, 1798 JONATHAN NESBETT (Spartanburg) and ELIZABETH McRARRY (same); an agreement: when Jonathan dies, Elizabeth is to have all his property--a Negro wench TAN, Negro boy JACK, and all Jonathan's land and stock; Elizabeth agrees to marry Jonathan. Witness B D Shumate, JP. Signed JONATHAN NESBETT and ELIZABETH McRARRY. Witness oath July 9, 1804 John Collins recognizes B D Shumate's signature to Geor Lamkins. Rec July 9, 1804.

p 438-439 Sept 11, 1804 GEORGE STOREY (Spartanburgh) to son JAMES STOREY and daughter HANNAH STOREY; for love and affection give to Hannah a Negro girl BETT which George delivered to her. Witness Samuel Archibald, Samuel Kelso, and William Cunningham. Signed GEORGE STOREY's mark. Witness oath Sept 11, 1804 William Cunningham to William Simpson. Received Oct 9, 1804.

p 458-459 May 4, 1804 CHARLES MOORE (Spartanburg) to grandson CHARLES HAMILTON MOORE (same) for love and affection and "good causes" give a Negro boy PRINCE about 5 years old, son of PHILLIP. Witness Andrew B Moore and Charles Moore Jr. Signed CHARLES MOORE. Witness oath March 20, 1803 Andrew B Moore to Drury McDaniel. Received Oct 22, 1804

p 484 June 8, 1804 JOHN SLOAN received $475 from MICHAEL MILLER for a negro man FRANK.  Witness William Traylor and Carm Barry. Signed JOHN SLOAN.  Witness oath Oct 23, 1804 Cham Barry to Wm Kelso. Received Oct 23, 1804.

p 529-530 Sept 10, 1804 WILLIAM BETER (Spartanburg) to granddaughter BETSEY MATHERS, wife of DANIEL MATHIAS (same); for love and affection give an Negro boy Harry about 12 years old. Witness John Cooper, James McDaniell, and Susanna McDaniell.  Signed WILLIAM BETER's mark.  Witness oath jan 8, 1805 Susanna McDaniell to Drury McDaniell. Received Jan 8, 1805


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