Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: What I'm Working on Right Now

Well, it's been a very full week for genealogy research.  Especially yesterday!

1) Yesterday I discovered four new ancestors who settled in Massachusetts & New Hampshire in the 1600s, all ancestors of my grandmother RUBY BOLTON BROWN.  Three of them are immigrant ancestors from England.  Then I found three wills, two for the new ancestors, and one that has eluded me for years!

Here is the list of my "new" ancestors:

JAMES RAWLINS b abt 1612 England; died 1691 Bloody Point, Strafford Co NH; m HANNAH FRY (? maiden name unverified by me) "JAMES RAWLINS emigrated to America in the year 1632, and settled at Ipswich, Massachusetts. He did not, however, remain long at that place, for two, years later he was a resident of Newbury, Massachusetts. He is next of record at Dover, New Hampshire, where he was located as early as 1644, as he received a grant of land from the town July io, 1644. Another grant of one hundred acres was laved out for him November 26, 1656, and he received grants of land at various times. He resided in that part of the ancient town of Dover called Bloody Point (now Newington) until his death. His will was dated Dover, December 16, 1685, and gave property to his wife HANNAH, to his oldest son ICHABOD, to BENJAMIN and his other children not named in the will. The names of his children were as follows: ICHABOD, THOMAS, SAMUEL, JAMES, BENJAMIN, JOSEPH, and DEBORAH. (Thomas and Joseph and descendants receive extended mention in this article). The will was proved July 25, 1691. Mr. RAWLINS was one of the hardy pioneers of New Hampshire, a sturdy farmer, a man of practical ideas, one who thinks and acts for himself, and was truly one of the founders of the state. " SOURCE: "Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire Vol 3," Lewis Publ Co.
Thomas Rawlins/Rollins I b abt 1641 Strafford Co NH; died 1706 Exeter, Rockingham Co NH; m Rachel COX
Thomas Rawlins/Rollins II abt 1671 Exeter, Rockingham Co NH; died 1753 Stratham, Rockingham Co NH; m Phebe LAWRENCE
Tabitha Rollins b abt 1690s NH? MA?; died abt 1767 Stratham, Rockingham Co NH; m Thomas PIPER II.

MOSES COX / COXE b abt 1620 England; died May 28, 1687 Hampton, Rockingham Co NH; married 1st) Alice WISE, 2nd Prudence MARSTON; "MOSES COXE was at Hampton as early as the spring of 1640, when he was appointed the first herdsman for the town. In 1662 he was a selectman. His house stood a few rods from the mill road, on the westerly side. His wife, ALICE was lost at sea, Oct. 20, 1657, with their son, JOHN, and six others, including William SWAYNE (2) (p. 57,) whose widow, PRUDENCE, danghter of William MARSTON (1), Mr. Coxe married June 16,1658. He died May 28, 1687, aged ninetythree years." SOURCE: book History of the Town of Hampton, NH Vol 2 by Joseph Dow
(Found will of Moses Cox/Coxe of Hampton, Rockingham Co NH)
Rachel Cox b abt 1644 Hampton, Rockingham Co NH; died aft 1701 Exeter, Rockingham Co NH; m Thomas I Rollins RAWLINS

HUMPHREY WISE / WYTHE/ WYETH b abt 1590s Salisbury, Wiltshire, England; died abt 1638-1639 Ipswich, Essex Co MA; m Susan or Susannah UNKNOWN. She married 2nd to a GREENFIELD.
Alice Wyeth? Wise b abt 1620 England, died 1657 at sea; married Moses COX / COXE
2nd line of descent:
Ann Wise? Wyeth b bf 1620 England, died abt 1714 Exeter, Rockingham Co NH; m William TAYLOR

WILLIAM TAYLOR b bf 1620 England, died 1677 Exeter, Rockingham Co NH; m Ann Wise? WYETH
Mary Taylor b Oct 26, 1667 Rockingham Co NH; died abt 1720 Rockingham Co NH; married David LAWRENCE (found will of David Lawrence of Exeter, Rockingham Co NH) 
 If anyone has any further information or comments on these individuals, please let me know! To see the wills and other documentation, please see my Rootsweb online tree "New England Ancestors of Ruby Bolton Brown"

2) My second project has been helping an individual,  RM,  find out more about his TARTAS ancestors, who may be related to my husband's TARTAS ancestors, who were from Amsterdam. This surname is quite rare in the US.  I was able to find census & other records in the Chicago, Cook Co IL 1920 & 1930, but no immigration records and no definite connection to my husband's family. This will likely be an ongoing research project. Your comments appreciated!

MAURICE TARTAS b abt 1889 Holland (probably Amsterdam); died 1935 Chicago, Cook Co IL; married MARY GOLDIE GREENFIELD (Gr√∂enfeld) b abt 1895 IL, her parents born Poland. 1920 census shows his year of emigration as 1914, naturalization year 1918; family members indicate he may have emigrated earlier.  

LEO TARTAS b May 7, 1920 Chicago, IL; died 1977 Detroit, Michigan, spouse?
PHILIP TARTAS b Sept 28, 1926 Chicago, IL; died 1997 Bayamon, Puerto Rico, spouse?
LIVING TARTAS b 1923 Chicago, IL 

3)  The third interesting thing that happened to me yesterday involved my great X 3 grandfather, DAVID BRUTON b Jan 18, 1790 Spartanburg SC, died April 4, 1869 Webster Co MO and  who married NANCY LANGFORD.  

Another researcher,  Shirly Ford, who is descended from DAVID's brother BENJAMIN BRUTON b June 20, 1788 Spartanburg SC, who married GEMIMA and settled in Van Zandt Co TX,  has been corresponding with me.

Yesterday Shirly sent me the transcription of an 1855  letter  from  DAVID to his brother BENJAMIN. She also informed me that she has a copy of the handwritten original, and would email me a scanned copy. WOW!

Some days are just very, very good!  :-)


© Betty Tartas  2010


Barbara Poole said...

Betty, you Have been on a roll. I went through your NE lines with interest hoping we would share more lines, but unfortunately I can't help with these.

Betty said...

Thanks for checking, Barbara, I wondered if we might share these MA & NH ancestors!

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

James Rollins is a well known NH character, you may want to contact the group "Piscataqua Pioneers" for more information. Have you checked the NH Provincial Papers for these three ancestors. That is always my first resource for seventeenth century NH residents. Moses Cox's daughter Mary married John Godfrey, son of my 10x great grandfather William Godfrey of Hampton, NH.

Betty said...

Thanks Heather for the tip r.e. the NH Provincial Papers! I did not know they were available online! Will check out the Piscataqua Pioneers group, also!

Ryan and Diana Cleveland said...

I have been doing research about my own family lines, and am tracing my heritage to the same place as you. I was wondering if you could tell me if James Rollins and James Rawlins are one in the same. I wasn't sure why the difference in